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Conscious Dreamers - I Told A Lie     Folk, Acoustic, Alternative Country, Country 16/05/2017
With a performance style that lingers in tradition Conscious Dreamers special brand of Progressive Folk/ Alternative Country, puts good ol’ fashioned guitar playing and harmony singing back in focus.
Living in denial about being left behind is tough...but some of us are better at it than others...

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Other tracks by Conscious Dreamers:  Broken Bones
Reg Poole - Silence On The Line     Country 16/05/2017
Reg Poole has been elevated to the Roll of Renown, and received an order of Australia medal. He has been in the art of entertainment for over three decades.
We find ourselves in the presence of a performer who's displaying all the passion and intensity of a vocalist at the peak of his powers. With a bit of lyrical Aussiefication of place names the story itself slips all to easily into the Australian bush experience.

Other tracks by Reg Poole:  Music's Been Good To Me
The Fruity Whites - Getting It Together     Country, Pop 16/05/2017
Inspired by Guy Clark, Mayo Thompson and the Tall Dwarfs, the freak-pop-country of the Fruity Whites explores rural adolescence, teen drinking cultures and outer-suburban malaise.
This is a crisp country-pop jangler dominated by bright resonator and soaring violin.

Vocalist Hugh Manning says Getting it Together is about “realising that sobriety and happiness and ‘adulthood’ are all things that are gonna require constant upkeep – these kinds of stability are never going to be entirely self-sustaining.”


Hank Koopman - The Boy From The Lower Deck     Folk, Easy Listening 11/05/2017
Multi instrumentalist and vocalist. Pedal steel,dobro and harmonica. Easy listening and country music. Preference to record songs that are not that well known, but tell amazing stories.
A song about the exploits of Able Seaman Teddy Sheean. A plea to award him a posthumous VC.

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Other tracks by Hank Koopman:  The Four Horsemen  -  A Little More You and a Little Less Me
Jonny Taylor - Peace and Quiet     Rock, Pop, Alternative Country 11/05/2017
Not uncommon to be clocking up 200+ shows in a year, WA guitar slinger-songwriter Jonny Taylor reaches all corners of Australia with his storytelling brand of guitar driven pop-rock.
An upbeat slice of guitar driven pop-rock, Peace and Quiet tells the story of a man trying to find inner peace and reflecting on his life while searching for some kind of stability - somewhere to call home.


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Jase Lansky - Ain't Thinking About Monday     Country, Alternative Country, Rock, Pop 10/05/2017
Jase Lansky is an Australian independent country rock artist, singer, song writer. With a passion for both Australian and American music his debut album “Rip it up!” is gaining ground.
An uplifting summer anthem song all about looking forward to the weekend, taking off and having a great time with friends, and not having to worry about the working week.

Other tracks by Jase Lansky:  Drunk Every Sunday  -  Whiskey and Wine
Eagle & The Wolf - Lost But Not Alone     Blues/Roots, Acoustic, Country 10/05/2017
Sarah Humphreys & Kristen Lee Morris met and decided to make a life and music together. There’s nothing fancy or fake here, just open hearts, great songs and the truth.
‘Lost But Not Alone’ manages to be sombre, uplifting and beautiful all at the same time.
"I wrote this just after I'd lost basically everything except my guitars,” says Kris. "The one thing I had to cling onto was a special love I'd found in my Wolf.”

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Georgia State Line - Older Than I Am     Country, Alternative Country, Folk 08/05/2017
Georgia State Line banded together over that sweet sound of country twang. Like an Emmylou or Dolly song, their music exemplifies the essence of old time country innocence.
‘Older Than I Am’ is the first single taken from Georgia State Line's forthcoming EP. It's an upbeat Americana song written by band leader Georgia Delves about the tiresome exercise that becomes when you are tied to a preconceived idea of your age bracket.

The Weeping Willows - The Pale Rider     Country, Alternative Country, Folk 05/05/2017
Four time Golden Guitar Nominated Country-Folk Duo, The Weeping Willows.
The Appalachian-inspired banjo heard in the Pale Rider, intrudes into the surrounding mix like the footfalls of the unflagging, pursuing horseman, unspoken dread lurking behind Laura and Andy’s hushed vocal as they lead us toward an inevitable outcome: the pale rider has found me…


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Other tracks by The Weeping Willows:  Fallen Ring  -  River of Gold
Jen Lush - The Night's Insomnia     Country, Folk, Acoustic, Alternative Country 04/05/2017
Indie folk singer Jen Lush has set 12 contemporary Australian poems to song in her new album The Night's Insomnia. Dark and startling, a slingshot to the heart.
This song's poetry comes from Kevin Brophy from his collection in 'Radar'. "If the night is the one who won't leave you, close your eyes, and put your head just here where my own poor heart has learned that the night, poor night must cling to you it's only companion."

Other tracks by Jen Lush:  Wild Flowers  -  Blazer
The Long And Short Of It - Gypsy Whitemoon     Country, Rock 03/05/2017
The Long and Short of It are a multi-award winning duo from Melbourne whose well-rounded country sound consists of smart songwriting, honest lyrics and superb harmonies.
Gypsy Whitemoon is a moving mystical song infused with fiddle and piano-accordian which relays the story of a woman roaming the countryside leaving a trail of broken hearts behind for fear of commitment.

Brendan Smoother - Behind The Seen     Country 02/05/2017
Brendan Smoother is an Award Winning Singer/Songwriter.
Behind The Seen is a powerful country ballad with a view from within the mind of front line emergency workers. The 2nd pre-release single from Brendan Smoother’s highly anticipated debut album, ‘Behind The Seen’ was written from a perspective that Brendan knows all too well.

The Jay Seeney Band - Tread Gently Ft. Hayley Jensen     Country, Easy Listening 02/05/2017
When you’ve seen Jay Seeney and his band perform, you know it; vibrant, tasteful, bursting with energy & one of a kind.
An emotional ballad through and through, this is a track that pulls on the heartstrings through the story of a relationship in trouble. Rich in its sonic tapestry, the music is linked deeply with the melody. This is The Jay Seeney Band like you’ve never heard them before.

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Other tracks by The Jay Seeney Band:  Think Again  -  Ride It Out
Wil Massey - Planets     Rock, Country, Pop, Roots 02/05/2017
Roots rock artist Wil Massey creates a magical driven acoustic set of all original material, 70's flavoured pop hooks, a sprinkle of Latino influence and a unique vocal style.
Clever and quirky vocals, great pop lyrics retro guitar sounds. A great pop rock acoustic riff with classic lead riffs.

Other tracks by Wil Massey:  Brumbies  -  She Goes Out
Cookie Baker - The Summer     Folk, Alternative Country 01/05/2017
Sublime contemporary-folk and alt-country heartbreakers encompassing bullet-to-the-heart stories, and a sugar-velvet voice, South Australia-born, Melbourne-based singer/songwriter, Cookie Baker, is a pint-sized melodic force to be reckoned with.
The Summer - feat.Tim Rogers of beloved Australian rockers, You Am I - explores themes of loss, longing, isolation &displacement; the gritty opening drone of the organ, the deliberate slow-release percussion, the wail of swelling guitars, the tick-tock of the 6-string banjo motif carry the obvious heartache in the narrative.

Other tracks by Cookie Baker:  Little Engine
Scarlet's Way - No Fire, No Flames     Country, Rock, Alternative Country, Pop 01/05/2017
'Scarlet's Way' is a bands venture into Country Rock, with elements of Classic Rock and Acoustic Folk. Hailing from Perth, WA, Influences include The Eagles, Shania Twain, Faith Hill.
Country/Rock/Pop style track, influenced by Nashville's current country sound and production.
This single was released at the end of March and reached #7 on the iTunes country music charts.

Other tracks by Scarlet's Way:  Simple Life  -  Let the Devil in
Jim Brodie - The Best Man     Country, Acoustic, Easy Listening, Alternative Country 01/05/2017
I look forward to sharing my music with you and hope you feel the songs like I do. If so, I know I will have achieved my goal
The Best Man is a song written about my father and the relationship I have with my sons. It will inspire feelings you have with your own father and family.

Other tracks by Jim Brodie:  Hold My Hand  -  Feel Fine
Amber Lawrence - The Lucky One     Country 28/04/2017
Amber Lawrence is an award-winning singer-songwriter. In 2015 she won CMAA's Golden Guitar “Female Artist of the Year” and CMC's “Oz Female Artist of the Year” in 2015 & 16.
The Lucky One, co-written with Allan Caswell, captures the tough, bittersweet times Amber’s family experienced with the loss of her father to leukaemia and recognising that they’ll always live in her songs.

Other tracks by Amber Lawrence:  Cheers to the Girls (feat. Catherine Britt & Fanny Lumsden)  -  Happy Ever After
Jen Mize - Forget Her (featuring Duncan Toombs)     Country, Alternative Country, Roots 27/04/2017
‘Jen Mize is more than a great singer-songwriter... she’s a true artist. From the first time I heard her sing, she gripped my heart with raw honesty and deep soul.’
Forget her is the stunning second single from Jen Mize's album - Warnings and Wisdom. Produced by ARIA, APRA and Golden Guitar Winner, Shane Nicholson.

Jeanie - My Story Cries No More     Country, Alternative Country 25/04/2017
Jeanie are a country band based in Melbourne, Victoria.
“Swamp Beats meets Horror Movie” welcomes you with the brand new Jeanie single “My Story Cries No More”. Singer / Songwriter and Multi-Instrumentalist Aaron D’Arcy once again plays with the concept of a “Road Movie” theme, inspired by the countless adventures had traveling up and down the coast touring.