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Souly Us - Collided     Country, Pop, Rock 20/09/2019
Award winning country/pop duo writing songs from their heart and soul. With lyrics ‘hold your head up high, keep trying cause you’re a fighter’, they're well worth a listen.
Tells the story of two people in love that are parted at an airport. It's their love story.

Other tracks by Souly Us:  Coming Home  -  Fighter
Ashleigh Dallas - Settling Down     Country 19/09/2019
With four studio albums under her belt, Ashleigh has cemented her own footprint in the industry with her songwriting and unique sound.
Dallas' biggest heartwarming celebration was welcoming her beautiful daughter Harriet in January which really makes Ashleigh feel that the single ‘Settling Down’ embraces the next layer of her story and celebrates the love and contentment she has in her family home just outside of Tamworth.

Benny Allen featuring Renee Jonas - When I'm With You Tonight     Country, Easy Listening, Folk 19/09/2019
With a piano strapped to the back of his ute, Benny Allen isn't your typical country singer. The name of his debut album, Never Knew I Was Country, is fitting.
Multi-instrumentalist Benny Allen has joined forces with fellow singer-songwriter Renee Jonas on When I’m With You Tonight.

The duet will have listeners getting in touch with their romantic side and When I’m With You Tonight could become a wedding song favourite.

Allen said he knew he was onto something special because the song poured out in about 15 minutes.

Jacqueline Feilich - I've Got A Thing About You Baby     Country, Easy Listening, Rock 19/09/2019
Jacqueline Feilich treats us to her raw talent as an artist in her own right with Tony Joe White's, "I've Got A Thing About You Baby".
I've Got A Thing About You Baby - Original version written, recorded and released by Tony Joe White November, 1971/March 1972. Later released by Elvis Presley in 1974 on his 20th studio album - Good Times. Elvis recorded I've Got A Thing About You Baby at Stax Studios in Memphis in 1973.

Kerryn Fields - Mamma     Country, Folk 19/09/2019
Kerryn Fields grew up in New Zealand, surfing her parent’s vinyl collection, addicted to the radio, and trying to make light of the dark with her irrepressible humour.
‘Mamma’ brings honky tonk swagger to a modern day theme, based on a real life encounter with a Mother battling to save her son from addiction.

MLT Songwriting Award - NZ Country Music Awards 2019
Producer - Fraser Montgomery
Bass - Ben Franz
Drums - Joshua Barber
Backing Vocals - Sam Lohs & Rosie Burgess
Piano - Damon Smith

Lee Forster (feat. Paul Prickett) - Outback Graves     Country 19/09/2019
Lee Forster is a country singer/songwriter, and lead guitarist.
Whilst on a trip with Outback Graves, Trevor Tough and Major Paul Prickett to the Kimberley, where Ex -Aboriginal Soldiers were being awarded Army Service medals, Lee visited graves that had been and were being marked. When paying respects they pondered what really lies beneath the “Red Dust’. As they drove along, Paul wrote a poem about this visit.

The Water Runners - The Braidwood Mail     Country, Alternative 18/09/2019
The Water Runners hail from Kiama NSW and have become a popular act at pubs, clubs, festivals playing a high energy blend of folk with bluegrass, country and rockabilly influences.
The Braidwood Mail is written from the point of view of a man who decided to join the notorious Clarke Brothers who robbed and killed people across the south coast. Danita Harris, the young fiddle player, wrote the instrumental to this piece.

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Other tracks by The Water Runners:  Point of No Return  -  perceptive Man
Andrew Farriss - Come Midnight     Country, Rock, Blues, Roots 17/09/2019
Come Midnight is the first solo release ahead of a full-length album. Recorded between his home-studio and Nashville, it embodies the old-school country vibe meets 2020 that Andrew envisioned.
Come Midnight itself is an ode to Andrew’s wife Marlina and the love they share, his admiration for her. It is a nod to the inspiration she is in his life and the support she has been for him. The track highlights how midnight is the time when you reflect on the people who are the most important to you.

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Casey Barnes - A Little More     Country 17/09/2019
Country Music’s most upbeat and energetic love song for 2019 is from Australia’s most exciting and popular country rock performer, Casey Barnes.
‘A Little More’ is a shout out to everyone out there that thinks that's a load of B.S!’. When-we sat down and wrote this song, we wanted it to come from the perspective of a couple in love where one is expressing to the other that they actually love all the things they may not like about themselves the most!

LUCKY OCEANS - Ramblin' Man - Lucky Oceans, Kasey & Bill Chambers     Country 17/09/2019
Lucky Oceans assembles some of his favourite singers to capture the songs of Hank Williams on this new album including Kasey & Bill Chambers, Paul Kelly, Tex Perkins + more
A slow, brooding groove. Lucky says "Kasey and Bill always knew this was the Hank Williams song they wanted to do for the album. Kasey had the key ready and a low-pitched way for Bill to whisper the chorus. The original only has a brief steel guitar interlude but we expanded it out with a full introduction and solo."

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Other tracks by LUCKY OCEANS:  Alone And Forsaken - Lucky Oceans and Paul Kelly
Kristy James - Independent     Country, Pop, Rock 16/09/2019
2019 is a big year for Newcastle singer/songwriter Kristy James as she prepares to release the first single from her forthcoming record “Independent”.
A fun party song with a strong message, Independent is a story of a woman that has had the man, he didn’t treat her as the woman she is and she recognised it. Upbeat, cool, rocky and fresh!

Stephen McCulloch - Hello Black Dog     Country, Blues, Roots, Folk 14/09/2019
McCulloch rides his own emotional highs and lows with an honesty and vulnerability that is compelling.
Hello Black Dog is the first single from the self-produced artist's second solo album 'Like Sunlight' and features Stephen's dirty whaling blues electric and driving acoustic guitars, it also features Ivan Khatchoyan (Cookin on 3 Burners) on drums and is due for release 24th July. It's an upbeat song of introspection, delving into the subject of depression, anxiety, and addiction.

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Jay Santilli - Purple     Country, Pop, Roots 13/09/2019
Jay Santilli is a gypsy when it comes to her music, she doesn't believe in limiting herself to one style. She plays what she loves and writes what she feels.
A love story that was actually written as the aisle song for a close friends wedding. It is about finding the one that makes you realise that you can be vulnerable and let love take over.

Josh Setterfield - The Way God Made Me     Country, Rock, Pop 13/09/2019
Pushing boundaries and challenging the norm, Josh Setterfield brings country up a notch with his unique blend of catchy, country pop/rock tracks! Heavily influenced by the American stadium country rock.
They say Country Music is all about the truth. So I wrote the truth. 'The Way God Made Me' is about my struggle with depression and not knowing how to get out or explain it to people when they ask. I hit rock bottom one day and thought it was time to address it.

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Kevin Sullivan - Belonging     Country, Pop, Rock 13/09/2019
A natural storyteller and family man, Kevin's songs explore his own connectedness to his history as well as the stories of every day Australians, often capturing love, tragedy and hope.
Singer-songwriter Kevin Sullivan returns with his fourth single, Belonging – the final track from the same-titled Album, Belonging. Belonging tells the story of how Kevin and his two eldest daughters, used music and songs to cope, following the separation and break down of his first marriage.

Melanie Gray - Drive Slow     Country, Pop, Easy Listening 13/09/2019
With a heart filled with adventure, a soul inspired by the Australian landscape and a voice that soars, Melanie Gray is putting a modern spin on Australiana music.
Put together with some of Australia's leading music experts, Drive Slow will have you chomping at the bit to escape to the great outdoors for a romantic adventure!

"...I know a little place where we can go..."

Being heavily influenced by the NT, Drive Slow has a summery, laidback feel that will bring warmth to listeners no matter the season.

Sherrie Shines - Everyone Has A Mum     Country, Folk 13/09/2019
I'm a country lady who has written a few songs about my dearest mother and my life.
This song was written at a time that was very precious to me, when I'd recently lost my dear mother Fay. It's a heartfelt song that everyone can relate to.

Other tracks by Sherrie Shines:  My Loving Looks Good On You
The Earl Of Grey - Prince Charming     Country, Folk, Alternative Country, Rockabilly 13/09/2019
The Earl Of Grey is an Alt. Country singer songwriter based in Queensland Australia.
Prince Charming is a self effacing look at a lover who thinks he is with someone way out of his league.

Other tracks by The Earl Of Grey:  Port From A Pint Glass  -  Northern Lights
The Silverline - Let The Rain Fall     Country, Rock, Blues 13/09/2019
The Silverline deliver beautifully crafted songs that capture the imagination. "Let the Rain Fall" is their debut single that is 'country with a cause' that grapples heartache, yet evokes hope.
LET THE RAIN FALL is a powerful country-rock single recorded at Hillbilly Hut and mastered at Sterling Studios by renowned engineer Randy Merrill who mastered "A Star is Born" soundtrack. LET THE RAIN FALL is "country with a cause" dedicated to Australia's rural communities who are our real life heroes. Proceeds from the song are being donated to Rural Aid.

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Emma Jene - Feels So Good     Country, Pop 12/09/2019
Spreading positive messages continues to be the driving force behind Shoalhaven singer songwriter Emma Jene’s music career.
Feels So Good is about moving on from your past relationship which caused misery, enjoying moments without them & finally feeling good about yourself.