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John Flanagan Trio - Beauty On The Bottom     Folk, Roots, Alternative Country, Acoustic 29/05/2017
Killer songwriting, warm vocal harmonies and virtuoso folk/bluegrass arrangements. John has been compared to James Taylor and Paul Kelly and has been described as “one of Australia’s finest lyricists”
‘Beauty On The Bottom’ celebrates the simple moments in life while having a poke at overreaching ambition and ladder climbing. It is just a taste of what is to come when the John Flanagan Trio releases the full album in early 2018.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Cameron Dunsford, 3PBS, Melbourne (VIC)

Other tracks by John Flanagan Trio:  Bodhi Tree  -  Summer's Gone
Kerry Kennedy - Big Rigs     Country, Easy Listening 29/05/2017
Kerry Keenedy is a Country artists with rich vocals dominating his well crafted songs. Kerry has performed around the world and is now concentrating on his audience at home.
A tribute to the men and women who drive trucks up and down the h/ways around the world. A song for the drivers who have lost their l lives and the families they leave behind.

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Whiskey Business - For So Long     Country, Easy Listening 29/05/2017
Whiskey Business are a 5 piece Country Rock band noted for their 4 piece harmonies and their tight, well rehearsed stage presentation.
The Debut Single, “For So Long”, dubbed Caribbean Country, produced by Simon Johnson & Engineered and Mastered by Jeff McCormack at “The Music Cellar” on the Central Coast, defines Whiskey Business’ sublime 4 part harmonies.

The Morrison - Ruby     Folk, Country, Acoustic, Alternative Country 29/05/2017
The Morrisons are a 7 piece alt-bluegrass/folk band from Sydney's Inner West.
[Jimmy Daley] When I wrote this I was listening a lot to the Osborne Brothers and The Country Gentleman. Those bands were so good at merging the traditions of bluegrass with pop sensibility, songs like ‘Rocky Top’, ‘Matterhorn’, ‘Fox on the Run’. It’s my favourite period of bluegrass music.

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Other tracks by The Morrison:  Cumberland Plain  -  Melina
Louey Hesterman's Whimsy - The Murray River Song     Country, Folk, World 27/05/2017
There are no more loved and respected musicians in Victoria's Folk and Celtic scene than Louey Hesterman. An accomplished multi-instrumentalist and singer.
Louey's musings on growing up around the Murray River, featuring the Whimsy band and Pete Fidler on dobro.

Other tracks by Louey Hesterman's Whimsy:  Prayer For Eireann  -  Adventure Before Dementia
The Random J. Rogers Music Collective - Country'N'Wreck'Em     Country, Alternative Country, Rockabilly, Acoustic 25/05/2017
From the western desert to city streets, this artist mixes country, folk and rockabilly rhythms into a distinctive genre that speaks for itself.
The wrong side of the tracks is where this song is at, breaking out with with a funky beat and poking fun at the musical establishment while dropping a few subtle hints about social inequality and the battle against it.

Other tracks by The Random J. Rogers Music Collective:  Purple Shoes  -  Baby's Got the Backseat
Miles and Simone - She and I     Country, Alternative Country 23/05/2017
Heartbreaker alt-country duo Miles and Simone weave their lonesome seaside lullabies and ballads with restraint - two sublime voices, catchy melodies, poetic lyrics and hilarious banter.
Simone Page Jones’ wistful and theatrical vocals alongside Miles O’Neil’s courteous charm as always, makes for the perfectly balanced blend of melancholy and nostalgia. ‘She And I’ was birthed on a backstory of whimsy and happenstance when Miles discovered a battered old classical guitar in Melbourne’s Basement Discs record store.

KiddnKelly Gang - Lonesome Girl     Folk, Alternative Country, Country, Rockabilly 23/05/2017
KiddnKelly Gang are 2 guys, 2 gals, guitars, double bass, drums (brushes with suitcase), ukulele and harmonica and sweet honey vocals performing originals of country, folk, rockabilly, blues tunes.
Pleasant melodies and surprisingly clever lyrics. The melancholy Lonesome Girl is a tale about a lonesome girl (surprisingly), complete with ukulele and harmonica, which still somehow brings a smile: "He took the colour from her TV" is the smartest and most bittersweet lyric I've heard in a while.

Other tracks by KiddnKelly Gang:  Woodford  -  Little Girl in Mexico
Tori Forsyth - Kings Horses     Country 22/05/2017
Alternative Country Singer/Songwriter - Tori Forsyth. #2 Most Viral Australian Track on Spotify. KIX FM hottest track of 2016.
I started to write Kings Horses on my 18-hour drive from Brisbane to Melbourne, to catch a flight to the USA. The song wrote itself over a totally flat out time for me. To me, Kings Horses represents the beginning of a new era.

Jane Germain & Ian Simpson - Home on the Hill     Country, Alternative Country, Acoustic, Roots 22/05/2017
Jane Germain & Ian Simpson’s new album feature songs created in their own style - from raging bluegrass, hard driving blues, to old timey banjo duets and alt country blues.
Home on the Hill - describes life on the East Coast of Tasmania, with it's beautiful beaches, wineries, and penguins! Jane plays acoustic guitar on this track, Ian on dobro. Also includes guest harmonica player, Norm Leslie.


Other tracks by Jane Germain & Ian Simpson:  Too Much is Not Enough  -  Little Red Bird
Rory Phillips - Cars and Guitars     Country, Easy Listening, Folk, Acoustic 19/05/2017
Rory is an aspiring young guitarist/singer/songwriter who, in 2016, graduated from the CMAA Junior Academy of Country Music. At just ten years old, he has already achieved more than most.
This is Rory's life story (so far) in a travelling song. It tells the journey of how he started in music, to where it has already taken him and also where he'd like to go. At just ten years old, Rory also plays the lead guitar on this track.

Other tracks by Rory Phillips:  In The USA  -  Train Wreck Blues
Ali S - I Need A Beer     Country, Alternative Country 19/05/2017
Ali S
I Need A Beer, is a song written for every person how has ever questioned their choice of career, for every mother and father who loves their children but loves bed time too and for every person who likes to sit back, relax and unwind with a beer.


Jess Holland - Linburn Lane     Country, Folk, Blues, Roots 18/05/2017
Country sweetheart and formidable singer-songwriter Jess Holland is back with the first single from her highly anticipated third long-player.
The single – Linburn Lane – draws upon childhood, youth, family and love. Staying true to her unique style, Linburn Lane is a sassy country-blues record, a track that speaks of nostalgia and memory in a way that is universal and accessible.

Shelley Minson - Rockabilly Man     Country, Rockabilly 18/05/2017
Tamworth Based Singer/Songwriter - Rockabilly sweetheart, Shelley Minson.
Rockabilly Man is a song about a girl in love with a hip Rockabilly guitar slinger. He plays in a band but she’s his girl and has got what it takes to keep him.
Co-written by Shelley, Lawrie and Ross Wilson.

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Other tracks by Shelley Minson:  Rockability
Tania Kernaghan - Light In The Window     Country, Easy Listening 17/05/2017
Tania Kernaghan is one of Australian country music's big stars with four Golden Guitars, 15 number one singles and numerous platinum and gold records to her credit.
When I was a kid I would ride my bike around the corner to visit my Nana. She was a huge part of my family’s everyday life. Strong, kind and full of love.

Light In The Window is about the love that always shone brightly from Nana’s home.

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Conscious Dreamers - I Told A Lie     Folk, Acoustic, Alternative Country, Country 16/05/2017
With a performance style that lingers in tradition Conscious Dreamers special brand of Progressive Folk/ Alternative Country, puts good ol’ fashioned guitar playing and harmony singing back in focus.
Living in denial about being left behind is tough...but some of us are better at it than others...

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Other tracks by Conscious Dreamers:  Broken Bones
Reg Poole - Silence On The Line     Country 16/05/2017
Reg Poole has been elevated to the Roll of Renown, and received an order of Australia medal. He has been in the art of entertainment for over three decades.
We find ourselves in the presence of a performer who's displaying all the passion and intensity of a vocalist at the peak of his powers. With a bit of lyrical Aussiefication of place names the story itself slips all to easily into the Australian bush experience.

Other tracks by Reg Poole:  Music's Been Good To Me
The Fruity Whites - Getting It Together     Country, Pop 16/05/2017
Inspired by Guy Clark, Mayo Thompson and the Tall Dwarfs, the freak-pop-country of the Fruity Whites explores rural adolescence, teen drinking cultures and outer-suburban malaise.
This is a crisp country-pop jangler dominated by bright resonator and soaring violin.

Vocalist Hugh Manning says Getting it Together is about “realising that sobriety and happiness and ‘adulthood’ are all things that are gonna require constant upkeep – these kinds of stability are never going to be entirely self-sustaining.”


Hank Koopman - The Boy From The Lower Deck     Folk, Easy Listening 11/05/2017
Multi instrumentalist and vocalist. Pedal steel,dobro and harmonica. Easy listening and country music. Preference to record songs that are not that well known, but tell amazing stories.
A song about the exploits of Able Seaman Teddy Sheean. A plea to award him a posthumous VC.

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Other tracks by Hank Koopman:  The Four Horsemen  -  A Little More You and a Little Less Me
Jonny Taylor - Peace and Quiet     Rock, Pop, Alternative Country 11/05/2017
Not uncommon to be clocking up 200+ shows in a year, WA guitar slinger-songwriter Jonny Taylor reaches all corners of Australia with his storytelling brand of guitar driven pop-rock.
An upbeat slice of guitar driven pop-rock, Peace and Quiet tells the story of a man trying to find inner peace and reflecting on his life while searching for some kind of stability - somewhere to call home.


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