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Carter and Carter - Stand Tall     Country 04/04/2017
Carter and Carter are an Australian, award winning husband and wife DUO.
Stand Tall, the stunning and uplifting first single from The new Carter and Carter album, Better Day.

Mark Shay - Memories For Life     Country, Pop, Rock 04/04/2017
Mark Shay is BACK with Brand New Original Music!
Pick yourself up when you're down, get up and get out and live as you make Memories For Life!!!

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Other tracks by Mark Shay:  Dance Through Life Together  -  Long Haired Country Boy
Shaky Stills - 16 Years     Country, Alternative Country, Roots, Blues 04/04/2017
Country and Western, Swing, Rockabilly and Indi-roots with a backbone rhythm section made of pure rhythm and blues. A players band, made from Australia's finest.
Lost love that keeps reappearing

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Other tracks by Shaky Stills:  Quarter to Three  -  Alone
Hana & Jessie-Lee - Eight Tonne Shackles     Country, Alternative Country, Soul, Swing 31/03/2017
Adelaide Alt-Country duo Hana & Jessie-Lee bring melodic hooks and twangy guitars that can transport you to a dive bar in Nashville while making you thirst for that next whiskey.
Much like the weight of these shackles is the weight of the story embedded in the track that reflects on someone being used by someone who already has a partner.


MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Luke Penman, Radio Adelaide, Adelaide (SA)

2017 NATIONAL LIVE MUSIC AWARDS NOMINEE: Live Voice of the Year (SA Awards) - Häna Brenecki

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Conscious Dreamers - Hey Darlin'     Country, Folk, Roots, Blues 28/03/2017
Embracing all things Folk, Americana & Roots, Conscious Dreamers put good ol' fashioned guitar playing and harmony singing back in focus!
Time to take a stand! Tell them what you really think.....Hey Darlin' embraces a songwriters false bravado be sending out that message you never could bring yourself to deliver in person.

Other tracks by Conscious Dreamers:  Beautiful Dream  -  Sunlight Stings
Rachael Leahcar - What They Don't Tell You     Pop, Country 28/03/2017
Rachael Leahcar is an Australian artist who broke television records with her appearance on the first season of The Voice in 2012.
When you’re growing up, you’re always encouraged to do the things you love and told that the world is a great place. When you finally become an adult things don’t always go to plan. This song is about all the things you find out as you grow in life.


Other tracks by Rachael Leahcar:  Sweet Child O' Mine
The Sideshow Brides - Red Light Eyes     Country, Roots, Folk, Pop 28/03/2017
Hailing from a small town in the Hunter Valley NSW, sisters Layla and Rhianna Fibbins of The Sideshow Brides craft a haunting blend of harmonies and lyrical storytelling.
Set amidst a dark, rainy night, this song is about the descending spiral of tumultuous love. Building from a sparse intro to the haunting cry of the pedal steel guitar, the music mirrors the melancholic searching and ambivalence of the lyrics.

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Breeze Millard - I Have My Own Life     Pop, Rock, Country, Easy Listening 26/03/2017
17 years old from outback South Australia. A powerful voice, contemporary writing style and AMAZING talent. Winner of the Whyalla Recording Scholarship - ready to take on the world!
"I Have My Own Life" is a power ballad with themes of heartbreak, love, loss, and especially empowerment. A song that resonates with everyone. Fans of all ages, all styles, all walks of life - "I Have My Own Life" will relate to whatever you're going through in YOUR life.

Black Mountain String Band - Time Traveller     Folk, Country, Roots, Alternative Country 24/03/2017
The Black Mountain String Band is a fantastic celebration of old time string band music: where three fiddles and voices harmonise with infectious rhythms of banjo, guitar and double bass.
Time Traveller is an original song penned by Jacqueline Bradley and brought to life with fiddles, guitar and double bass. A light, folky song looking forward and looking back, wondering what has been and what could be !

Other tracks by Black Mountain String Band:  Rocky Mountain  -  Black Mountain Rag
Davidson Brothers - Take A Little Drive     Country 24/03/2017
Two of Australia’s most well respected bluegrass musicians Lachlan and Hamish Davidson are fresh off being inducted into the Australian Country Music Hall of Fame with a brand new LP.
Take A Little Drive is an energetic slice of the kind of top quality, charming bluegrass that has gathered such praise and adoration for Davidson Brothers. This unforgettable earworm is the perfect hint of their forthcoming eighth LP…

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Finn MacCool - A Sailor's Song (I Rooted The Queen)     Country, Comedy, Acappella, Folk 21/03/2017
Finn MacCool are a smashing country/folk band with an overproof comedy twist. Cracking instrumentalists and original songs so funny your arse might actually fall off.
It’s all there in the title. Greg is the only member of the band who has actually met Her Majesty (so far). He tells us all about it in the only way a sailor knows, in the timeless style of a rollicking sea shanty.

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Gina Timms - Sailor Boy     Country 21/03/2017
Having spent almost 4 decades in the country scene, Gina Timms is no stranger to the masses.
Sailor Boy is a tribute to Gina's Son and all the servicemen and women, past and present.

Greg Williams - Strikin' A Blow     Country 21/03/2017
Greg Williams - Tamworth Singer, Producer
This song tells the story of the great Australian heritage and pride in our country, emerging from the early 1900’s shearing shed era, leading to recognition of the immense personal sacrifice of our Anzac diggers at Gallipoli, and ultimately describes how this spirit is now inherited by Australian youth.

Jason Ayres - Got My Heart     Country, Alternative Country, Folk, Pop 21/03/2017
Jason Ayres is a WA based alternative country artist who delivers soulful and lyrically rich songs, with a folk and Americana twist.
A song about knowing you're better than the man she's with. Featuring silky ukulele and slide guitars surrounded by gorgeous country harmonies.

Other tracks by Jason Ayres:  Note You Wrote  -  Baby Baby
Kirsty Lee Akers - Wake Me Up When You're Sober     Country, Roots 21/03/2017
Kirsty Lee Akers is a unique talent. She is the only artist in history to win a Golden Guitar, Star Maker and Road To Discovery awards.
Wake Me Up When You're Sober follows the journey of someone whose partner descends into alcoholism, sharing the challenges and pain that this pathway often causes to those around them.

2017 APRA MUSIC AWARDS NOMINEE - Country Work of the Year

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Raised By Eagles - Shape & Line     Country, Alternative Country 21/03/2017
Melbourne’s Raised By Eagles comprises Luke Sinclair (guitar/harmonica/vocals), Nick O’Mara (guitar/lap steel/mandolin/vocals), Luke Richardson (bass/backing vocals) and Johnny Gibson (drums, percussion, backing vocals).
RAISED BY EAGLES are about to kick-off 2017 with the launch of their brand new single, ‘Shape & Line’ from their forthcoming album, to be released by ABC Music. Recorded and produced by Shane O’Mara at Yikesville, ‘Shape & Line’ reflects an excitingly bigger, more electrified sound.

Sandra Humphries - Drink Things Over     Country 21/03/2017
Known as “The Real Deal”, few can bring that true country feel to a song quite like South Australian singer-songwriter Sandra Humphries.
Drink Things Over, is the first single to be released from Sandra’s brand new, 6th studio album.
The song, in Sandra’s own words, is an Up-Yours, classic break-up song, with a cool country swing feel, reminiscent of the Hank Williams era. Co-written with longtime friend Bill Chambers.

Alex & Bec Crook - Suitcase     Country, Pop, Acoustic 18/03/2017
Alex & Bec Crook are a Brisbane brother sister duo, with country folk pop influences and due to release their debut EP 21 Nights.
21 Nights opens with Alex & Bec Crook's first single 'Suitcase', a bouncing, kinetic slice of folk pop that sets the spirited tone of this release. Bec's backing vocals prove a sweet counterpoint to Alex's dynamic voice.

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Other tracks by Alex & Bec Crook:  Dead and Gone  -  Be With You
Archer - My Little Sweet Aussie Sweetheart     Country, Blues, Folk 17/03/2017
King of the gullies, singer of the great open sky, heartbreaker, kangaroo whisperer and tale teller
Archers version of little known Mike O'Malley song written in the 1950's

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Other tracks by Archer:  Daddy
Johnny Chester - Long Distance Lover     Country 17/03/2017
With a recording career that began in 1961 and continues even stronger today, Johnny Chester is one of Australia's most enduring recording artists.
Coming up to his fifty sixth year anniversary as a recording artist, his latest single will resonate with anybody whose work keeps them away from their loved ones and is a subject that is well known to Johnny as he has toured extensively in his long, long career.