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Destiny (Band - Oz) - The Thing I Like Best About You     Country, Rock, Rockabilly, Alternative Country 07/09/2017
Australian 6 piece band formed by singer/songwriters Thomas and Tessa Libreri. Distinctive, original blend of country/jazz/rock style music ranging from smooth, soulful ballads to pumpy, country rock and retro classics.
A genuine fun,catchy, toe-tapping feel-good tune from a real, live band.

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Other tracks by Destiny (Band - Oz):  Makin Music  -  One Love
Dean Perrett - Henbury Blues     Country 02/09/2017
There is an old saying “write and sing about what you know”. For an authentic traditional Australian country sound, look no further than bush ballad singer songwriter, Dean Perrett.
“Henbury Blues” written by Neville Anderson, is about his longings to spend time on his family cattle property, “Henbury Station” situated in the Northern Territory. This song is an advanced single release for Dean’s forthcoming bush ballad album produced by Dean and Michael Vidale.

Debra La Velle - Pamela     Country, Folk, Pop 02/09/2017
Stories of love, strength & reminiscence weaving through past & present. Unfolding broad influences in 1970's Country Folk Pop/R&B/Jazz & Soul music. Sweet sultry layback vocals. Melodic, rhythmic & heartfelt.
A heartfelt story about trombonist Llew & trumpeter Pam Hird who travelled the world dedicating their lives to New Orleans Jazz. Pam passed away in 2000, leaving Llew lost & heartbroken. He continued performing for 16 years without her, & passed away in Melbourne aged 87.

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Other tracks by Debra La Velle:  Just You And Me  -  Young Skin
Greg Champion and Johnny Chester - Keep This Old Truck Tickin'     Country 02/09/2017
Two of Australia's most loved Singer/Songwriters. Greg Champion & Johnny Chester.
As Greg Champion was finishing his new album in late May, he wrote a song about not bouncing back quite like you used to: Keep This Old Truck Tickin’. The new tune called for a duet, so Champs called upon one of Country’s favourite sons: Johnny Chester.

Sarah Leete - Safe     Country 02/09/2017
Sarah Leete is a singer/songwriter and full time independent musician from North West NSW.
Safe is the first single off the debut album from Sarah Leete. It explores the vulnerability of love and relationships that manages to stand out from what is currently being played on the radio today.

Time Robb - Gentle Annie Lane     Folk, Acoustic, Alternative Country, Pop 02/09/2017
Time Robb writes folk songs that are intricately fingerpicked and explore landscapes that are dark and visceral, yet the songs still contain moments of refined beauty and hope.
Gentle Annie Lane is a searching song, a song about reaching for something that is always that little bit too far away to grasp. In a more literal sense, it is a song about addiction, gold digging and visiting darker places.

Other tracks by Time Robb:  Black Crow (Christmas Breakdown, 2016)  -  Malady Melody
Mark Shay - I'm Me     Country, Pop, Rock 31/08/2017
With his strong supportive fan base and dedicated sponsors who believe in the Mark Shay Brand, Mark has been able to defy his detractors as his career continues to grow.
The new single "I'm Me" is Mark Shay's 'In Your Face' anthem. The style of "I’m Me" is a little different from Mark’s other songs, but still remains uniquely Mark Shay.

Michaela Jenke - Diamonds Outta Dirt     Country, Alternative Country, Rock 30/08/2017
Pushing boundaries of country music, and making a statement with her blend of country rock, alternative country and Americana, Michaela Jenke is an artist to watch!
Country with edge, Diamonds Outta Dirt makes a statement with its bold and slightly cheeky lyrics backed by punchy guitar twang. This is a dose of fresh country with a whole lotta attitude best turned up to full volume.


Niksta - Back to Nothing     Blues/Roots, Alternative Country, Roots 30/08/2017
I am a singer songwriter on the Central Coast. I have supported a lot of Australia's artists. My 5th Album is called Broken - Roots recorded played all instruments.
Giving everything and getting nothing in return. Showing no forgiveness or compassion towards another. Which brings you back to feeling absolutely nothingI recorded all the instruments. Production by me also and mixed & mastered by Keith Walker (who has worked with a lot of australia's top artists eg Midnight oil.)

Roadhouses - Drinkin'     Country, Alternative Country, Folk 30/08/2017
Roadhouses are a Sydney based three-piece that plays sedated rock n roll. Their sound is tremolo soaked, evoking an empty hotel bar in a Lynch film.
Dinkin' is a country/lounge music crossover that is as compelling as it is hypnotic. Equal parts slowcore and codeine country like Lucinda Williams fronting Spain.


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The Easy Stomachs - Desire     Country, Alternative Country, Country 30/08/2017
Alt/Country Country Original Singer/Songwriter
Wanting to be with someone who doesn't know you exist.

Other tracks by The Easy Stomachs:  Our New Song  -  Call It Friends
Tori Forsyth - Grave Robber’s Daughter     Country, Alternative Country 30/08/2017
Lost Highway Australia is thrilled to announce the signing of rising 22-year old Hunter Valley alt-country singer-songwriter Tori Forsyth.
Written by Tori on a plane between Nashville and Texas, the song observes the world around us and the pressures of power and social norms. Produced by ARIA/APRA/Golden Guitar Winner Shane Nicholson, the track offers a taste from Tori’s eclectic mix of self-penned songs for her forthcoming album (early 2018).

King Curly - Calling For Fire     Folk, Alternative Country, Acoustic 26/08/2017
"King Curly" is born of the desire to right wrongs and punish evil. In that respect, his spiritual forefathers are Robin Hood, Batman, Moses etc. Good Medicine for us all.
After a long absence from the stage, building alternative-design mud houses, Steve Appel has re-emerged to showcase a new King Curly EP, “Calling For Fire”: songs imbued with apocalyptic foreboding, inspired by the inflammable nature of the Australian bush in his native Blue Mountains and the wider world at large.

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Little Wise - 100 Degrees     Rock, Roots, Alternative Country, Blues 26/08/2017
“Little Wise is destined for big things. Sophie Klein sings with the wisdom of an old soul'’. – Nkechi Anele, Triple J
A slow-burning, gritty, guitar-driven Roots-Rock number with a good dose of Melbourne swagger.
The rendition captures the energy of band, with a nod to Jam Bands like The Grateful Dead, The Allman Brothers and Tedeschi Trucks. Fans of Alabama Shakes, Lucinda Williams and The Black Keys are set to enjoy.

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Bec Schofield and Dave Mann - Love is a Flood     Country, Soul, Blues, Acoustic 25/08/2017
Acoustic country soul music inspired from a nomadic and off-grid life on the road. Bec and Dave awaken a campfire in the hearts of audiences wherever they go.
Love is a Flood was inspired after the birth of Bec and Dave's twins. The moments of all encompassing excitement, joy, pride, fear, anxiety and exhaustion twist and swirl into a flood of an unforgettable moment. The first breath.

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Other tracks by Bec Schofield and Dave Mann:  Lead into Gold  -  Moreton Bay
Fiona Fields - This Is Music Now     Country 25/08/2017
Fiona is a high school teacher by day. So “Old School” is a fitting title as it encapsulates her love of traditional country music as well working in education.
“This is Music Now”, documents music’s changing format over time, from vinyl records, to cassette tapes, to CDs and now, electronic media.

Smiley Martin - 8.03 to 8.30 (Eight o three to eight three o)     Country, Folk, Easy Listening, Roots 25/08/2017
Sydney singer/songwriter Smiley Martin captures the emotion of life with stories of change, contrasting the beautiful NSW coastal east with scenes from the big city in his folk/contemporary songs.
8.03 to 8.30 harks back to the good old times when life was much simpler. No TV, but the enjoyment of hard work and leisure time enjoying music on the radio. Shared moments with family, tuning the wireless to your favourite show and singing along with the big artists broadcast.

Other tracks by Smiley Martin:  Turn Me Around  -  Jacaranda
The Bushwackers Ft. John Williamson & Sara Storer - Waltzing Australia     Country, Folk, Alternative Country 25/08/2017
The Bushwackers are Australia’s best-known, best-loved bush band. In 2017 The Bushwackers are celebrating their 46 years of performance.
The Bushwackers asked Colin Buchanan to contribute a song to the new album, ‘The Hungry Mile’. He responded by writing ‘Waltzing Australia’ a song about the migrant experience, which has been a powerful narrative for Australia, featuring his friends Manuel and Anne who are migrants from Portugal and Vietnam respectively.

Clint Wilson - Don't Stir Your Coffee If It's Cold     Folk, Acoustic, Country, Alternative Country 24/08/2017
Drawing influences from Paul Kelly and The Church, Clint's sound is a equal parts Josh Pyke and Pete Murray with his own signature melodic nuance and unique voice.
Don't Stir Your Coffee, is a bitter sweet story of the breakdown in communication happening at the end of a relationship. It's sad but the melody is so sweet it's hard not to sing along to. Clint's unique vocal style and melodic structures make this very pleasurable to listen to.

Lyn Bowtell - He Burns     Pop, Cover Version, Alternative Country 24/08/2017
Lyn Bowtell is a Toyota Star Maker winner, MO Award winner, a six-time Golden Guitar winner, and a APRA Song of The Year finalist.
Lyn delivers a dramatic and powerful reinterpretation of Foy Vance’s ‘She Burns’ as if it’s her own. ‘I can’t help but resonate with the way Foy describes love as ‘petrol soaked paper and fire works’... that kind of passion is what I feel for my music and in my heart.