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Suz Dorahy - The One     Country, Folk 10/08/2017
Multi-Instrumentalist and singer/songwriter, Suz Dorahy.
"’The One" is the story of me since I was too young to really remember,” Dorahy explains. “But the one thing I will always remember is, my next door neighbour was a little bit older than me and we were just the ultimate best friends from such a young age.

Casey Barnes - Keep Me Coming Back     Country, Pop, Rock 09/08/2017
Casey’s music has made an impact around the world. He’s had hits in Europe, recorded in America, and played alongside many stars including Mariah Carey, Lady Antebellum & Bryan Adams.
Keep Me Coming Back is the follow up single to Casey's number 1 previous release 'The Way We Ride'


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Other tracks by Casey Barnes:  The Way We Ride
Gretta Ziller - Queen of Boomtown     Country, Alternative Country, Blues 07/08/2017
With diverse roots spanning lues, rock, pop, classical, jazz, folk and bluegrass, Gretta Ziller’s sound resembles that of classic Americana.
Ziller’s radiant tune, title track of her debut album, Queen of Boomtown, paints a picture of isolation, standing tall in a metaphorically abandoned town.

Other tracks by Gretta Ziller:  Slaughterhouse Blues
Belle Harvey - Crescent City     Country, Alternative Country, Blues 03/08/2017
Over the past decade, Country singer-songwriter Belle Harvey has performed under a handful of acts and she is finally releasing her own solo debut album (produced Bill Chambers).
‘Crescent City’ was co-written and produced with Country great, Bill Chambers. It's a sly, country/ blues track fore-fronting some Tom Waits-esque Trumpet, smooth overdriven guitar twang with some mellow tremolo, brushes on the kit, and of course Belle’s cunning vocal chants.

Noeleen Smith - The Bottle     Country 03/08/2017
Born and bred in North Queensland, Noeleen grew up watching her Dad sing and play guitar to Merle Haggard, Charlie Pride and many more. Now it's her turn.
The Bottle is a really special song written for another close person in Noeleen's life. Seeing her suffer from the effects of an alcoholic partner was a life she lived for over 20 years until one day she said "I'm done". Noeleen hopes that the lyrics speak for themselves.


The Maggie Darlings - Modern Love     Folk, Country, Alternative Country, Acoustic 31/07/2017
The Maggie Darlings is an Australian folk-noir project from Mandy Connell (Stray Hens), Layla Jean (The Sideshow Brides) and Alysia Manceau (Ravenswood). A collaboration resulting in 2017 album 'Wishing Well'.
Modern Love is a commentary on finding love and negotiating relationships in a progressive, metropolitan world. Recorded at Thirty Mill Studios by Colin Wynne. Liked by Double J on Soundcloud before anyone else knew it was there.

You can find other work from Alysia Manceau at

Other tracks by The Maggie Darlings:  About Your Business  -  Music Man's Wife
Allan Caswell - Drunks Like Charlie     Country, Alternative Country, Folk 29/07/2017
Multi Award Winner and Independent Artist of the Year - Allan Caswell
Caswell wrote Drunks Like Charlie with his friend Manfred Vijars, with whom he shared the 2016 Bush Ballad Of The Year Golden Guitar. “Manfred is my go to co writer when I write bush ballads … he is a great bush poet and he gets me”

Melanie Dyer - Save My Cents     Pop, Country 28/07/2017
Melanie Dyer is a singer-songwriter who is uniquely able to harness the endless musical possibilities of 2017 and beyond.
Save My Cents ranks among the most captivating songs on the new album. From it's glorious vocal harmonies to a chorus that’s an all-clapping, all-stomping call-and-response breakout, Save My Cents is pure, blissed-out pop perfection. It’s a tune that will resonate with fans of The Lumineers to Taylor Swift.

Norma O'Hara Murphy - I Won't Cry     Country 28/07/2017
Touring internationally during the nineties and having won several Golden Guitars and numerous other Industry awards Norma is recognised as one of Australia’s finest.
From the heart of Australian country we present another classic country original from one of Australia’s finest songwriters & Golden Guitar winners Norma O’Hara Murphy. This is the first single release lifted from Norma's forthcoming album Sweet Love, a romantic little song from a broken hearted point of view.

Patrick Wilson - Nobody     Country, Alternative Country, Folk, Soul 28/07/2017
Rural-turned-suburban genre-bending country Americana artist Patrick Wilson writes music around the trials and tribulations of rural life, combining groove and soul, with both classic and alternative country lilts.
‘Nobody’ harnesses the pure story telling of traditional heart-on-your-sleeve style Americana with rockabilly tropes that are both playful and uplifting. A sing-along number that could just as likely have been lifted from a ‘60s ballroom dance floor as it could a modern day country folk festival set list.

Ross Seddon - You're the Reason     Pop, Rock, Blues, World 28/07/2017
Song Writer who began his association in music from mid 60's. Ross is an example of a creative songsmith able to delve into different genres with ease
Track is a pop rock anthem style. Focusing our search for reason via alternative person or religious type of outcome.

Other tracks by Ross Seddon:  Coming Home  -  Not Sure Anymore
Sandra Humphries - Walk In Circles     Country 28/07/2017
South Australian, Multi-Award Winning Country sweetheart - Sandra Humphries.
Walk in Circles is the title track from Sandra’s new album, the song was penned by upcoming country music talent Matt James. The song encompasses everything that is country and everything that Sandra knows how to deliver. Love, leaving and unmistakably honest riffs.

Smith and Jones - Small Town Woman     Country, Alternative Country, Blues 28/07/2017
Smith & Jones are a duo hailing from Bathurst and Tamworth respectively. Made up of keyboard player and vocalist Abby Smith and guitarist, harmonica player and vocalist Sophie Jones.
Small Town Woman is a subtle and intimate peek into the dreams and desires, as well as the pain, of a woman living and working in the country. Raw and quietly elegant, this single is a contrast to their lively debut, Baby Blue, but holds the listener with its honesty.

Ell & Hart - My Favourite     Pop, Country, Ambience, Easy Listening 26/07/2017
Swedish-Australian duo, Ell & Hart, bring a fresh approach to meaningful ambient pop music, with a focus on tight vocal harmonies and a peppering of saxophone.
'My Favourite' is the first co-write by both girls in Ell & Hart, drawing upon the sense of embarking on an unwritten novel with a newly discovered companion. It features the live music skills of multiple artists in both Sweden and Australia, including violins from Melbourne-based violinist, Jane Patterson.

Other tracks by Ell & Hart:  Go Silent  -  Hotel Of Hearts
Liam Bryant & The Handsome Devils - Conflict     Rock, Folk, Alternative Country 21/07/2017
Drawing inspiration from both classical guitar training and a love of progressive rock, Liam has brought a distinct new sound to the singer-songwriter genre.
“Conflict” is the second single from The Pessimist & The Optimist. It was written in a time of melancholy for Liam and delves into themes of loneliness, not fitting in and feeling uncertain about ones life and direction.

P.C. & The Biffs - Down The Road     Rock, Alternative Country, Rockabilly, Blues 21/07/2017
Foot stomping, toe tapping, skirt swinging, glass breaking, dirty Deep South rock and blues – taking cues from the sounds of a modern Lightning Hopkins and Elvis' Lovechild.
P.C. & The Biffs’ new single, "Down The Road" is a nod to Lefty’s. It tells the story of band being kicked out of a pub, heading down the road and finding a venue where they could keep ‘dancing to the light of day’ to the sounds of Lightning Hopkins.

Pete Cullen - Black Mountain     Blues/Roots, Alternative Country, Acoustic, Live Performance 21/07/2017
Every now and then you discover an artist who’s flown under the radar. Brisbane’s Pete Cullen one of Australia’s hardest working artist/musicians, but have you heard of him?
The first single off Cullen’s solo album is “Black Mountain”. Its old time sound takes you back to a distant past telling the story of a troubled man climbing a mountain with a fear of crashing down before reaching the peak.


Raised by Eagles - Heartbreaker     Country, Alternative Country, Rock 21/07/2017
With two acclaimed albums already under their belt, Raised by Eagles have recently released their third album, I Must Be Somewhere, - once again to unanimous rave reviews.
Heartbreaker, and its tale of a man afraid to love, showcases Sinclair’s knack for a turn of phrase that’s been obvious since his previous band the Idle Hoes, influenced as much by hip-hop as that of country giants such as John Prine, Doug Sahm and Jerry Jeff Walker.

2017 THE AGE MUSIC VICTORIA AWARDS NOMINEE: Best Country Album 'I Must Be Somewhere'

Emily Joy - Karma’s Gonna Catch Me     Country, Pop, Rock 19/07/2017
Emily Joy is a country-pop artist that captures the heart of songwriting with her unique sound, relatable storylines and glowing presence
New single ‘Karma’s Gonna Catch Me’ is a fun, cheeky and energetic song about the moments in our lives where we think “Uh oh, 'karma’s gonna catch me for that… it’s gonna catch me real good'.

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Other tracks by Emily Joy:  Barricade
Georgia State Line - Way Back When     Country, Folk 19/07/2017
A seasoned six-piece of ole twang-loving musicians, lead by Georgia Delves, praised as one of Australia’s best up-and-coming Country/Americana acts.
A slow crooner, Way Back When is a story of love and woe; of a homesickness and lust for the simplicity and ease of times bygone.

Other tracks by Georgia State Line:  Heaven Knows