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Josh Setterfield - Feelin' Love     Country, Rock, Pop 06/10/2017
Country Rock artist Josh Setterfield is attracting the intriguing eyes and ears of country music fans and with a fresh unique sound he is drawing attention with every release.
The song paints a tale of young love and really showcases Josh as a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and a songwriter. Possessing a popular, yet unique American country sound, it’s exactly what Australian fans want to hear.

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Other tracks by Josh Setterfield:  Hometown  -  My Kind Of Saturday Night
Danny Phegan - From Where I Stand     Country, Folk 05/10/2017
Danny Phegan is an artist with a big heart and enormous energy. He is a farmer and family man; a horseman; a publican; a published author; a popular recording artist.
From Where I Stand is the first single from Danny Phegan's (Feegan) debut album. A song about a life's journey, the importance of love along the way and trying to do the best you can from where you stand. The film clip for this track is a cracker.

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Paddy McHugh - Meanwhile in Wilcannia     Country, Alternative Country, Easy Listening 04/10/2017
Raised in Tamworth, before moving to Sydney and now finally calling Brisbane home, Paddy McHugh is an alternative singer-songwriter who uses his music to tell a story.
Meanwhile in Wilcannia – a charged music track with deep meaning, featuring a guitar solo by country music legend, Troy Cassar-Daley.

Thomson - Six Feet Tall     Country 04/10/2017
One of Australia's most exciting emerging singer/songwriters, Thomson.
Debut Single from QLD singer/songwriter, Thomson. An honest and open look into the weaknesses of a man in love, feeling Six Feet Tall around his girl who maybe isn't quite as convinced.

Swamp Fat Jangles - You Only Say I Love You When You're Drunk     Folk, Alternative Country, Rock 30/09/2017
Watery scapes of guitar pedals and bowed banjo, driving drums, articulate bass and the three-part harmonies of whisky drinking ladies.
Who brings you a pair of sunnies at sunrise? Or rolls down a hill with you, howling and laughing at the drunken moon? Its not your bloody grandma but i’m sure you tell her you love her more than you tell your mates. And thats what this song is about.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Amelia Jenner, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)

The Long & Short Of It - Just One Moon     Country 30/09/2017
The Long and Short of It are a multi-award winning duo from Melbourne whose well-rounded country sound consists of smart songwriting, honest lyrics and superb harmonies.
David sings, with his smooth tenor voice, “It circles the whole wide world from China to Peru, ain’t it amazing how it found me and you, when there’s so many lovers and just one moon”. Poignant really, as this describes the happenstance surrounding how David met his song-writing partner, Patsy.

Brooke Russell and The Mean Reds - Take A Little Time     Country, Alternative Country, Pop, Folk 29/09/2017
With songs about boozy nights, bad decisions, broken hearts and the best intentions, Brooke Russell and The Mean Reds blend vintage Americana with widescreen, dark country.
A tale of love found amongst pretty bad circumstances, 'Take A Little Time' is about letting go of someone in order to do the best thing for each other. The second single from the new album ‘The Way You Leave’, out 18th October.

Other tracks by Brooke Russell and The Mean Reds:  Loose Change  -  (How Do You) Feel About Fallin'
Benny Allen - Yellowstone     Country, Alternative Country, Pop 29/09/2017
Benny Allen's piano playing approach to Modern Country music provides a different take, on the largely guitar based modern country music scene.With catchy tunes, and heartfelt lyrics you'll love.
In Modern Country style, Yellowstone provides a catchy tune, with heartfelt lyrics; capturing Benny's wish to escape the city, and head to the sanctuary of Yellowstone National Park.

The inspiring energy of the song make it great driving music or simply a way to put a pep in your step.

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Carpenter Caswell + Felicity Urquhart - Want That Back Again     Country 29/09/2017
Carpenter Caswell release their fourth release, “Want That Back Again”, a duet with legendary Australian Country Music personality Felicity Urquhart on Sept 22, 2017.
“Want That Back Again” was another equal collaboration between the two experienced writers. Carpenter and Caswell explored the fleeting nature of enduring love and romance in long term relationships, and the longing of that initial attraction to someone, mixed with the ‘normality’ of familiarity.

Jook Joint Band - What's The Matter With The Mill     Blues/Roots 29/09/2017
JJB's roots are in the jug band and country blues genres. The songs are in the style of the 1920’s songsters and by modern day exponents.
A story about a town where the mill is the centre, the economic engine that provides jobs and puts food on the table. The mill done broke down, and the townsfolk are wondering what to do.

Other tracks by Jook Joint Band:  Gotta Shake That Thing  -  TV and Leftovers
Melissa Robertson - He's A Writer Of Songs     Country, Folk, Acoustic, Alternative Country 29/09/2017
“Melissa’s music is probably best described as Country with a folk lilt – it is gentle, beautiful and heartfelt. It is also very real and has rare warmth to it.'
‘He’s a Writer Of songs’ is a song to celebrate and sing up one of Australia’s truly inspirational country singer/songwriters and storytellers, LUKE O’SHEA. Like other exceptional storytellers of old and new he shares the innate ability to capture his listeners’ hearts and imaginations through his stories of song!


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Paul Crowder - It's Not Easy     Country 29/09/2017
Paul Crowder is a singer/songwriter, loving father and husband from Lithgow, NSW.
The inspiration for It's Not Easy came to Paul on White Ribbon Day (International Day For The Elimination of Violence Against Women), but the catalyst for the actual writing came with the news a couple of days afterward of another fatal “1 punch attack” on our streets.

The Spurs - Stampede     Country, Instrumental 29/09/2017
Michael Cole, Jared Adlam, Reece Baines, Zachary Miller and Karlee Cole have traveled the country time over again playing for some of our leading Australian Country Artists.
Stampede highlights the musicians' diverse musical influences, ranging from the tasteful twang of Brad Paisley to the laidback chill of a John Mayer tune.

Katie Brianna - Thorn In Your Side     Country, Alternative Country, Pop 28/09/2017
Two-time Golden Guitar finalist Katie Brianna’s roots are undeniably country, while the nuanced adult tension of her latest offering, Victim or the Heroine, explores new sonic territories.
Thorn In Your Side is the stunning new single from Katie’s album ‘Victim or the Heroine’, produced by award-winning musician and producer Shane Nicholson. Mournful vocals float along a dreamy ebb of Americana-pop in the vein of Aimee Mann with the rawness of Lucinda Williams.

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Brewn - Top Gear     Country, Rock, Alternative Country 27/09/2017
A down to earth bunch of good blokes - Brewn sing about real life tales - that deeply resonate on a profound level with real people.
Hot on the heels of "Carolyn" comes Brewn's brand new single "Top Gear".

It's a scorching Aussie anthem ready to set alight stereos across the country.

It's high octane guitars welded together with brute force rhythms and powerhouse vocals. It's raw, gritty and flying at top speed but best of all it's good fun!

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Sadie and Jay - Red Red Dirt     Country, Folk, Alternative Country, Roots 27/09/2017
Unpredictable, at times playfully mischievous and varying from thestandard, the ‘rogue’ in Sadie and Jay has inspired some wonderfullycreative and entertaining wayward folk songs!
Ode to that which is uniquely Australian. Celebration of the land and the people who live on it

Other tracks by Sadie and Jay:  Rogue Folk  -  Bounce
Andre Camilleri - Fade Away     Blues/Roots, Country 23/09/2017
Singer/songwriter based in Canberra.
This song sets the melancholy mood for the entire album and is my favourite. We also did a music video at a dead lake near Donald in Victoria.

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Other tracks by Andre Camilleri:  Getting Out Of Here  -  No Guarantees
Johnny Chester - Too Close To The Edge     Country 23/09/2017
With a recording career that began in 1961 and continues even stronger today, Johnny Chester is one of Australia's most enduring recording artists.
From his award winning album (not really but it would have been nice!) comes a brand new radio single. Now available for you to play like it’s your absolute favorite song. 'Too Close To The Edge' ... A sort of love song.

Lo Carmen - Sometimes Its Hard (featuring Bonnie 'Prince' Billy)     Blues/Roots, Alternative Country 23/09/2017
Lo Carmen writes songs that are timeless, radiant, kaleidoscopic, grounded in a kind of rustic, atmospheric Americana world of her own, and sings them in her sultry, honeyed tones.
'Sometimes Its Hard' is an anthemic duet between a man and a woman about sticking together and getting through difficult times.

Other tracks by Lo Carmen:  Last Thing I'll Remember  -  You Never Learned How To Dance
Davidson Brothers - All You Need Is Music     Country, Acoustic, Folk 22/09/2017
Three-time Golden Guitar winners, the Davidson Brothers have released eight albums and are best known on the National music scene for their high powered pickin, fine vocals and outstanding musicianship.
The title track, written by brothers Hamish and Lachie, highlights the power of music to take away the stresses of everyday life. Recorded in Nashville with some of their favourite musicians the Davidson Brothers have created an iconic contemporary acoustic bluegrass sound. Listen out for Grammy-nominated Claire Lynch on harmonies.