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Andy Golledge - 1170     Country, Folk, Acoustic, Alternative Country 20/09/2017
If there were to be a Sydney city Troubadour, it would be Andy Golledge. In the inner west hub of Newtown, Andy’s shows are urban legend.
1170 effortlessly displays what a great band should sound like on a record, showcasing their musical chemistry from the first chord. Also on clear display are Andy’s undeniable song craft, and his voice; one that truly stands alone. Rooted in 70’s American songcraft, channeled through the soul of an Australian.

The Blue Shamrocks - Wasn't That A Party     Country, Blues, Dance 20/09/2017
Fun Fun Fun Music - this is "theBlueShamrocks" first album, professional country music sound, Brisbane based, offers a taste of Irish style infused country tunes with a vibrant dance beat.
Party nights sometimes go to plan or sometimes a little astray depending on what people get up too, this may relate to a night out in anyones party in Australia, bright upbeat story behind the night out, good jive music

Other tracks by The Blue Shamrocks:  What Colour is the Wind  -  Hangin Out Hangin In There
Melanie Horsnell - I Learned How to Love From Love Songs     Folk, Alternative Country, Easy Listening, Ambience 19/09/2017
Melanie has been described by the Sydney Morning Herald as having a voice of ‘the utmost delicateness’, and a ‘songwriting gem’ by The Australian.
A song about life and learning - : "I learned how to live from Dylan, that's why I'm so shy - and I learned how to love from love songs - but that only makes me cry.."

The Heggarties - Wayside Chapel     Country, Folk, Alternative Country, Roots 19/09/2017
Born in the Adelaide Hills,The Heggarties are a rollicking 6-piece outfit that pump out their own brand of Australian Americana.There's country-rock,bluegrass,folk,rockabilly and more.Honest stories with catch melodies and lotsa' love.
Written mainly by Wren Heggart,this song is the heartfelt story of her parent's marriage by Ted Noffs at the Wayside Chapel in Sydney during the late sixties. Her mother,a young tearaway,left her small country town for the 'big smoke' and immersed herself in the beatnik culture.The rest is history.


Other tracks by The Heggarties:  Rollin' Ma Rollies  -  Marylou
Luke Collings - Who's Gonna Vote For Me?     Country, Folk, Alternative Country, Roots 18/09/2017
Americana/ songwriter based in Sydney.
A wry look at the quest for greatness through political power. What does it take to gain the votes of the people? And once power is achieved, will it be used for good or ill? Oh, and don't forget to join in singing the refrain!

Matt Scullion - Outta My Own Way     Country 18/09/2017
Matt Scullion is one of the most respected singer/songwriters to come out of Australia in recent years with a swag of hit songs to his credit.
‘Outta My Own Way’ is a tongue in cheek song about a guy who keeps tripping over himself and is just a little taste of things to come from Matt's highly anticipated forthcoming album.

Other tracks by Matt Scullion:  Favourite Distraction
Dianne Lindsay - The Bridge     Country 16/09/2017
Mention traditional Australian country music these days and no-one is more respected than singer/songwriter Dianne Lindsay.
'The Bridge' tells the story of the historical Gundagai Bridge, a magnificent structure of nearly a mile of giant hardwood timber, now superseded, lies dormant across the floodplains of the Murrumbidgee River. This bridge opened up road transport and was a major engineering feat of its time.

Dianne Lindsay - Uncle Harry     Country 16/09/2017
Mention traditional Australian country music these days and no-one is more respected than singer/songwriter Dianne Lindsay.
'Uncle Harry' is a true and touching story of how a bushman, in hard times, joined a family and of how he touched the lives of all by his kind nature. The song tells of fond memories of fishing and spending time together and of how he will be missed.

Peter Simpson - Josie Lee     Country, Instrumental 16/09/2017
Writing and recording with his wife, Dianne Lindsay, Peter himself is now a multi-award winning artist including several nominations for Golden Guitar Bush Ballad Of The Year.
'Josie Lee' is a happy tune written to celebrate the birth of Peter’s youngest grandchild, Josie Lee. This track features Peter’s acoustic guitar playing coloured by the lovely sound of steel guitar and fiddle while still maintaining a strong ballad feel.

The Lawnton Bowls Club - Lose Myself     Pop, Chill, Garage 16/09/2017
Alt Country Bushranger rock and blues with jangly pop thrown in...we're The Lawnton Bowls Club
Everyone has a jangly pop song in them...and this is ours. A song about summer recorded in the middle of a Melbourne Winter

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Other tracks by The Lawnton Bowls Club:  Old Man Sam  -  Sitting With My Girl
Dale Duncan - Just Like Your Dad     Country 15/09/2017
People's Choice, Male Artist of the Year Award Winner - Dale Duncan
Just Like Your Dad' was written by Manfred Vijars and Alan Caswell and when it was sent to me to listen to, It was a must. The story of the song represents strong family values which I absolutely adore.

Imogen Clark - Collide     Country, Alternative Country 15/09/2017
Touted as one of the most promising emerging singer/songwriters in Australia, Imogen's debut album Love & Lovely Lies (2016) charted #15 on both iTunes Singer/Songwriter Chart and ARIA Country Chart.
Steeped in rhythmic, alt-country production with a gritty, rock edge, ‘Collide’ is the first single from her forthcoming sophomore album due in 2018, produced by Mark Lizotte (Diesel). ‘Collide’ showcases Imogen’s deep, soulful vocal tone and displays her wisely crafted lyrics, alluding to taking risks and getting in trouble.

James Hickey - Moon and You     Country, Alternative Country, Blues, Acoustic 15/09/2017
James Hickey plays acoustic styled blues music in rain, hail or sweet sunshine. Watch the pop-groove flow down the sidewalk, feel your toes tap out the inner urban rhythm.
It can be hard to decide between sticking it out or moving on, especially when you suspect your love is up to no good.


Other tracks by James Hickey:  Last Sucker in Town  -  Is It Right?
Kylie Ryan - Slow Me Down     Country, Rock, Pop 15/09/2017
Queen, Fleetwood Mac, Johnny Cash & Dolly Parton are Kylie's early influences. This now reflects Kylie’s sound – remembering when there weren’t as many genres/classifications, good music was good music.
According to Kylie's husband, this track is autobiographical. When a storm is brewing it’s a bit of a mess, collecting bits and pieces of energy/matter it needs to really build up steam but once it has direction and the right elements there’s no stopping it until it’s run its course.

Matt Cornell - It's Only Midnight     Country, Pop 15/09/2017
Matt Cornell has been welcomed into the country music fold, being a 2014 CMC Music Awards New Oz Artist of the Year and 2017 Male Artist Of The Year finalist.
There’s no better feeling when you first start seeing someone - that first kiss, the first time you hold hands, the excitement, the passion; it makes you feel so alive. It’s Only Midnight sums up all these feelings - although it’s midnight, he doesn’t want this date to end.

Tania Kernaghan - Onto Something     Country, Easy Listening 15/09/2017
Tania Kernaghan is one of Australian country music's big stars with four Golden Guitars, 15 number one singles and numerous platinum and gold records to her credit.
"Onto Something" is the third radio single taken from Tania Kernaghan's acclaimed album, "All Australian Girl".

It's a happy song co-written by Tania along with Fiona Kernaghan & Matt Scullion. "Onto Something is up there as one of my favourites. It's about finding 'the one'", says Tania.

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The Woodland Hunters - Meteor To My Heart     Country, Alternative Country, Psychedelic, Rock 15/09/2017
Melbourne-based alt-country, psychedelic-tinged four-piece band. Let's Fall Apart is their debut album, produced by Shane O'Mara. Nine original songs that critic Bernard Zuel suggests are more Rolling Stones than Beatles.
A slice of jangle pop with nods to the The Byrds and Big Star. Singer Andrew Tanner says the track is ‘either about the first flush of new love – or the stoic acceptance that happiness is an often random event beyond our control. I can’t work out which one’.

Carter and Carter - World Full Of Angels     Country 12/09/2017
Carter & Carter have so many runs on the board that there should be no argument about describing them as Australian Independent country music artists of the decade.
World Full Of Angels follows the inspiring hit single Stand Tall.
Another uptempo track, with Carter & Carter's signature melodies, harmonies and songwriting, it deals with life's rollercoaster of ups and downs and the feeling that that mountain ahead is just too much to climb.

Caitlyn Shadbolt - Bad     Pop, Alternative Country 12/09/2017
A naturally gifted singer, accomplished guitarist and dynamic live performer, Caitlyn has all the qualities that form the basis of a credible and long-lasting career in music.
‘I wrote this song in Nashville with two incredible females. Danielle Blakey (Stan Walker/Vera Blue) & Emily Shackleton. We wanted to have some fun with this one but also keep in with the theme of being a strong female. It’s always been a personal favourite of mine!’ - Caitlyn.

2018 AIR AWARDS NOMINEE: Best Independent Country Album (Songs on My Sleeve)

Destiny (Band - Oz) - The Thing I Like Best About You     Country, Rock, Rockabilly, Alternative Country 07/09/2017
Australian 6 piece band formed by singer/songwriters Thomas and Tessa Libreri. Distinctive, original blend of country/jazz/rock style music ranging from smooth, soulful ballads to pumpy, country rock and retro classics.
A genuine fun,catchy, toe-tapping feel-good tune from a real, live band.

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Other tracks by Destiny (Band - Oz):  Makin Music  -  One Love