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The Deadwood Pioneer - Dirty Money     Country, Rock 15/12/2017
Wild western hard rock for hillbillies and country punk for drunks.
Dirty Money is the second single from The Deadwood Pioneer’s self-titled debut EP. For a hard rockin’ hillbilly this is slower and moody, and carries an updated western movie feel in a modern country rock song.

Crawfish Stew - Oncoming Tide     Country, Rock, Blues 14/12/2017
The ‘Stew’ is fronted by Todd Stewart on vocals and guitar. The rhythm section comprises of Shaun McCready on bass and backing vocals, and Gerard "Dokko" Payne on drums.
'Oncoming Tide' is the title track of Crawfish Stew’s debut album. A song about resilience, determination & inner strength, encapsulated in a 'summer beach party' blues format.

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Andre Camilleri - Ten Cuidado     World, Alternative Country, Pop 13/12/2017
Arguably one of Australia's most prolific and underrated songwriters, Andre Camilleri blends Country, Alternative and the Blues to create unique sonic landscapes of timeless beauty.
This is the title track of the album, the bulk of which I wrote in July 2017 whilst travelling around Southern Spain.

Other tracks by Andre Camilleri:  Don't Let It Bring You Down  -  A Little Bird Told Me
Alison Ferrier - Waiting For The Rain     Country, Folk 09/12/2017
London-born, Melbourne-based musician Alison Ferrier is a prolific songwriter and talented guitarist, performing regularly in Melbourne with some of the town’s best musicians.
One to include on your next road-trip playlist, 'Waiting For The Rain' has all the hallmarks of a great country rock 'n' roll song, with its driving chorus, killer pedal steel and laid-back grooves...

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Arna Georgia - Broke and Single     Country 09/12/2017
Arna Georgia is a country music singer/ songwriter born and raised in Sans Souci in the city of Sydney and is now located in Newcastle.
Broke and Single the second single off Midnight Carousel and was co-written with singer/songwriter Michael Carpente. It's a light-hearted approach on the ups and downs of being in your 20’s, spending all your money on wine and clothes and spending Saturday nights at home with your cat.

Simply Bushed - No More Holdens     Country 09/12/2017
Simply Bushed (Paul Grierson and Chris Rieger) is known to deliver songs that really cut to the heart of the Australian Psyche.
When the last Australian made Holden rolled off the production line in October this year, Holden fans mourned the loss of car manufacturing in the country. This played on the minds of Simply Bushed frontmen Paul Grierson and Chris Rieger and No More Holdens was born.

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Carpenter Caswell - Too Young, Too Cute, Too Pretty     Country, Alternative Country 06/12/2017
2 of Australia's most celebrated and decorated singer/songwriters.
The track discusses the plight of the ‘mature’ performer who inadvertently attracts attention during a gig. Is it real, or make believe? Does it even matter?

Paula Standing - Pity Me     Country, Folk, Alternative Country 06/12/2017
Classically trained, turned Folkie - Paula Standing
The lyrics tell the story of a dysfunctional relationship bust up. This wasn’t the first time, so she saw it coming and predicted it was probably the last time.

The War of Ideas - The Beauty of Solitude     Rock, Folk 06/12/2017
The War of Ideas are a five piece outfit who successfully blur the lines between singer-songwriter, alternative, indie-folk, rock and pop altogether evading any categorisation.
Petrie wrote this song the day after watching "Searching For Sugar Man". "One of my take-aways from the film, is that it's easy to forget to make time to sit and reflect. To enjoy what you have, and not to worry about what you don't have."

Other tracks by The War of Ideas:  A Stranger to Wisdom  -  The Bitter End
Norma O'Hara Murphy - Sarah's Memory     Country 30/11/2017
Over the last thirty years Norma O’Hara Murphy has written many fine songs. They have ranged from contemporary, country, bush ballads, comedy & more recently Celtic & folk.
Described as one of the most beautiful country songs ever recorded and featuring Tommy Emmanuel on guitar with Larry Mahoborac on Piano. Recorded at Festival Records at the famous Pyrmont Studios and now released on this wonderful collection 'Sweet Love'.

Bronwyn Æather - Second Line     Folk, Jazz, Blues 29/11/2017
Born in Tasmania, Bronwyn Eather came to Sydney to study acting, following her pioneering work as a linguist in Arnhem Land. Her songwriting shows a love of language and performance.
A fictional tale featuring the mother of the kingpin, recently deceased, and the spectacle of his New Orleans-style funeral. Story told from the perspective of someone from the outer circle. The mother, as an older woman, is fierce, proud and strong, and emerges as the Queen of the Scene.

Other tracks by Bronwyn Æather:  Crooked Tree  -  Rhyme and Reason
Luan Baldwin - For the M.E.D.s     Folk, Country, Acoustic, Alternative Country 29/11/2017
Luan is a uniquely Australian story-teller who writes from his experiences in life, love, loss and years spent at sea. Modern Australian country folk music
A ballad; day in the life of a chief engineer working off the east coast.

Other tracks by Luan Baldwin:  Blow My Way  -  Long Way Round
Kora Naughton - I Don't Wanna Grow Up     Country, Pop 28/11/2017
At just 16, Kora Naughton, is reminiscent of a young Kasey Chambers and is further proof that we are witnessing one of the most exciting new talents on the scene.
"I Don't Wanna Grow Up" is the new single from 16 year old Southern Stars Rising Star winner, Kora Naughton. The tune is reminiscent of a young Kasey Chambers or Catherine Britt and proof that we're witnessing one of the most exciting new talents on the Australian Country Music scene.

Liam Kennedy-Clark - Smile Like That     Country, Rock, Easy Listening 27/11/2017
Hailing from the serene Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Liam is a talented multi-instrumentalist as well as a gifted singer/songwriter.
Smile Like That is a catchy country track that brings to life the magic of a girls smile and falling for her over and over again.

Brendan Smoother - Big Black Car     Country, Folk 25/11/2017
Combining heartfelt songwriting and an eye for a story, Brendan Smoother prides himself on songs that count for something.
Brendan Smoother is back with another captivating story song, Big Black Car. Co-written with one of the loveliest ladies of song, Lola Brinton and produced by the multi talented Michael Carpenter. Big Black Car is a mysterious tune set at the ‘Alternate’ end of Australian country music.

The Quick & The Dead - Chapter I     Rock, Rockabilly, Country, Alternative Country 25/11/2017
The Quick & The Dead combine elements of hard rock with a blues sound to deliver a masterpiece musical fusion. This is an act unlike any other in Australia.
Chapter I sends you back to the old west. A time when violence became intertwined with love, faith &alcohol. The country-inspired hooks roll off the riffs like whiskey from a tumbler as the vocals set the scene for our hero. It produces a fusion as exciting as the west itself.

Chris Williams - Live In The Moment     Country, Rock 24/11/2017
Country Rock Singer-Songwriter Chris Williams is stirring up waves on the Australian country music scene. Influenced by Fleetwood Mac, Keith Urban and Tom Petty, Chris' songs will lift your spirits.
Chris’ brand new single, LIVE IN THE MOMENT is a catchy guitar driven song that has a great summer feel to it. The song is about leaving your worries and stresses behind and living in the present with friends and family and taking time to enjoy life.

Henry Wagons - Tower of Song     Country, Alternative Country, Cover Version 22/11/2017
Henry Wagons is an Australian singer/songwriter, musician, radio & TV personality and front-man of the outlaw country rock band, Wagons who have released six albums in Australia.
Fresh from his AIR Award win for ‘Best Independent Country Album’ for his album “After What I Did Last Night’, Henry Wagons drops captivating rendition of Leonard Cohen classic ‘Tower of Song’.

Lee Kernaghan - Drive On     Country 22/11/2017
CMC Hall of Fame inductee, Lee Kernagha, is no doubt one of Australia’s most successful music artists of all time.
The Boys From The Bush 25th Anniversary Tour features all of Lee’s classic hits, ballads and rural anthems that have won him a nationwide legion of fans that he prefers to call ‘mates’.

2018 AIR AWARDS NOMINEE: Best Independent Country Album (The 25th Anniversary Album)

Anais - To Our Home     Country, Folk, Pop 17/11/2017
From festivals to competitions, Anais has won her audiences over with her heartfelt lyrics and spirited stage presence. Anais' mature and relatable songwriting is unique for artists her age.
'To Our Home' stemmed from a place of adventure and free spirit, that little bit of curiosity that we all have inside of us. It encourages listeners to live life boldly and without regret. This tune is uplifting and fun, just like life should be.

Other tracks by Anais:  My Veins  -  Push Through