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Hayley Jensen - Summertime Soundtrack     Country, Rock 06/11/2017
Hayley Jensen's musical journey has been eclectic, bursting onto the scene through Australian Idol, but ultimately returning to the genre that launched her career.
Summertime soundtrack is a catchy summer anthem that will perfectly accompany a cold drink by the pool or a lazy afternoon creating memories with your crew. It's an upbeat celebration of sun, sand, friends and fun. Make sure you add it to your playlist and make it your Summertime Soundtrack!

Adam Eckersley + Brooke McClymont - Train Wreck     Country 03/11/2017
Married musicians Adam Eckersley (of Adam Eckersley Band) and Brooke McClymont (of The McClymonts) have mused about a musical collaboration for years.
While it may seem a touch bizarre for a married couple’s first single together to ponder the possible demise of their relationship, “Train Wreck” in fact tackles the subject with a maverick spirit that speaks volumes about both singers.

2018 ARIA AWARDS NOMINEE: Best Country Album

Neil Quinlan - Dance of the Heart     Country, Folk, World 03/11/2017
‘Well,’ She Said is is one of those albums that everyone who has heard it raves about it. It falls into the ‘I can’t believe it didn’t go gangbusters’ category.
Opening track to Neil's classic album - immediately bringing to mind Hothouse Flowers and Del Amitri. Neil's voice brings you in to hear the story.

Other tracks by Neil Quinlan:  Big Heart in the Sky  -  Raglan Road
Shane Nicholson - Even If You Were The One     Country, Alternative Country 03/11/2017
Triple ARIA award winning singer songwriter Shane Nicholson returns with ‘Even If You Were The One’, the new single from his brilliant new album ‘Love and Blood.’
‘Even If You Were The One’, the new single from his brilliant new album ‘Love and Blood.’

2017 ARIA AWARD NOMINEE: Best Country Album 'Love & Blood'

Other tracks by Shane Nicholson:  I Don't Dance
Steve Cheers - A Glass Half Full     Country, Pop, Rock 02/11/2017
Steve Cheers is back with The Measure Of A Man, a brand new album bubbling with catchy hook-laden country tunes.
A Glass Half Full is a positive up-tempo play on words that will get the listeners’ feet tapping. It features the pedal steel talents of guest artist Dan Dugmore, long-time member of James Taylor and Linda Ronstadt’s recording bands.

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Tyler Hudson - This Road     Country, Folk 02/11/2017
Thoughtful, fresh, easy to listen to country music, Tyler is a family man that writes from real life, in both triumph and heartache, He sings from the heart.
How long do you pursue your dreams? At what stage do you decide to play it safe and just live an average life? What are you missing out on at home while you're out playing music on the road? This Road tells the story.

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Other tracks by Tyler Hudson:  Hot Tubbing On a Monday Night  -  Making You Smile
Allan Caswell - No Longer My Best Friend     Country, Alternative Country, Folk 01/11/2017
Allan Caswell arrived in Australia as a migrant in 1966. He has become one of Australia’s most recorded and successful songwriters with over 650 of his songs released worldwide.
No Longer My Best Friend is probably his most autobiographical song ever and is written for his wife Marian. It was co-written and co-produced in Melbourne with Damian Cafarella and is the start of Allan’s classic country album Mexico, which will be released early next year.

Dana Hassall - Like Snow     Country, Alternative Country, Folk, Roots 27/10/2017
Dana Hassall’s music harks back to a time where songwriting was simply about writing great songs. Airy earthy vocals and a cool mix of roots, folk and country.
Like Snow explores the wintery wonderland of a snow globe and compares it to the real world. It was written with Golden Guitar winner Luke O’Shea.
Dana comments, “For me, the idea is life is most beautiful when it's shaken up and aren’t going to plan- that’s when magic happens”

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Kiera - Make You Mine     Country, Pop, Rock 27/10/2017
Kiera is an Australian singer/songwriter who is living her dream as a musician, travelling the world and playing music.
Make You Mine is a song based on travels and making memories with old friends and new. The lyrics are indicative of excitement and revelation of how far Kiera has come, from a small town girl in country Australia, to the city of LA where she now records her music.

Natalie Pearson - Mr Wrong     Country, Pop, Rock 26/10/2017
Natalie Pearson is mesmerizing with her captivating vocals, delivering infectious country/pop tunes combined with an engaging live performance means she is certainly a performer with an exceptional future.
Mr Wrong is a powerful country-pop-rock track describing the seemingly perfect man... but he's married.

Other tracks by Natalie Pearson:  Strangers
Will Day - This Country Life     Country, Rock, Pop 26/10/2017
Singer songwriter Will Day has had an exciting start to his career and achieved a swag of impressive milestones as well as touring with some of our industries biggest names.
‘This Country Life’ is an upbeat country rock track about escaping the city for the weekend, hitting the open road and getting a taste of a country life. This track was produced and recorded by Benjy Pocock at Vibetone Studios and co-written with Troy Kemp, Col Finley and Damien Baguley.

Ashie Noey - Love To Burn     Pop, Country 25/10/2017
Ashie Noey is a young artist with 3 singles to her credit, the last reaching #3 on the Australian Country Tracks Top 40. She is currently recording her EP.
“Love to Burn is a song that is very close to Ashie's heart. It’s such a powerful song full of emotional rollercoasters that everyone has been through at one point or another. Discovering your self-worth and realizing that you are in control of your fate is very important in life.

Emily Markham - Got Me Fallin     Country 25/10/2017
Emily is a singer/songwriter, as well being accomplished on the guitar and keyboard. She is also an Academy Of Country Music graduate, in both the Junior & Senior courses.
This self-penned track is all about the beginning of a relationship. The single explores that time when you are starting to develop feelings for someone but don’t want to have your heart broken if it doesn’t work out. This is one of only a few love songs Emily has written.

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Lachlan Bryan and The Wildes - The Basics of Love     Country, Alternative Country, Easy Listening 25/10/2017
One of Australia’s finest country bands, Lachlan Bryan and the Wildes have been bridging the gap between country and alt-country/Americana music for the past eight years.
It’s kind of like a scene from an old film – just a moment in time where a couple of characters are replaying all their mistakes in their heads. They’re at the bar together, but they’re very much alone – for now

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Peasant Moon - Our Timing Was Wrong     Country, Alternative Country, Folk 25/10/2017
Americana duo Peasant Moon play melancholic alt-country and late-night folk. They have built a reputation for heart-on-sleeve songwriting with songs that remain dark, moody and steeped in heartbreak.
This simple heartfelt track is exactly what you want in a classic country duet, and Peasant Moon delivers beautifully. A timeless story of two lovers meant to be together but circumstances keep them apart.

Other tracks by Peasant Moon:  Over Again  -  Party
T.K. Bollinger - Offside Landing     Country, Alternative Country, Pop, Folk 25/10/2017
The literate and plaintive songs of t.k. bollinger are a sweetly tortured fusion of Doom Blues, Gothic Country and post apocalyptic Gregorian Chant.
If you have ever been in a relationship that was 10% wonderful and 90% horrrible you will enjoy singing along to the epic refrain at the end of this sad and stirring alt-pop inspired builder. Built around 3 chords it moves from acoustic to string laden glory over 4 minutes.

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Other tracks by T.K. Bollinger:  A Life of Fear  -  The Mess I've Made
Patrick Wilson - Come Closer     Country, Soul, Acoustic 21/10/2017
Combining groove and soul, with classic and alternative country lilts, Patrick Wilson's eclectic sound is old twang and doo-wop, with subtle nods to ‘50s and ‘60s rock and roll.
Kick back and enjoy the slow ballad of 'Come Closer' one of the only slower tracks from 'Anywhere With A Rooftop'. sees 'Come Closer' sees Patrick Wilson harnessing the pure story telling of traditional heart-on-your-sleeve style Americana.

Other tracks by Patrick Wilson:  One Single Moment
Eaten By Dogs - Rain Won't Come     Country, Rock, Pop, Folk 20/10/2017
Eaten By Dog’s second album Anxiety Ain’t No Currency sounds like something Nietzsche and Brian Eno might have come up with if they tried to make a country record.
This summer's biggest hit! As is their way, there’s a smirk amongst the blunt sombreness here "prison cells, at least they have tv". Extenuated by the accompanying clip, a day-in-the-life dramedy that draws parallels between the despair of drought and a bickering too-much-time-together relationship.

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Other tracks by Eaten By Dogs:  Only You  -  Over Now
Jarred Taylor - Songs We Know     Country, Rock 20/10/2017
Jarred Taylor is a fresh new Singer/Songwriter based in Country Music Capital.
An upbeat party track telling the story from both sides of a night out from a band and from the audience aswell, following a lead singer telling you about what he's use to seeing every weekend and how it all goes down exactly how he says it will.

Jenny Taylor and 'Lipstick and Spurs' - Whistlin' Dixie     Country, Folk 20/10/2017
Jenny Taylor and “Lipstick and Spurs” is a choir of grown up boys and girls, with choralography, costumes and camaraderie.
Jenny and Lipstick and Spurs happily, send out to the world “Whistlin Dixie” a little song of love lost and life found. A great Valentines day song for the disenchanted.