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Laura Frank - Leave It All Behind     Country, Folk, Pop 04/02/2020
Laura Frank has begun embarking on an exciting new journey in the country world and is set to keep up the momentum moving into 2020
"Leave It All Behind", following up from "Things I'd Rather Do", both produced by ARIA Award & Golden Guitar winner, Jordan Power. Laura explains "Leave It All Behind is a song about a dwindling relationship. The kind of partnership you aren't ready to let go of but know that you'd both be better off if you left it all behind."

Mick Lindsay - Afterparty     Country, Pop 04/02/2020
2020 is set to be another banger of a year, with Mick’s calendar filling-up rapidly before seeing him head back to his second-home of Nashville to continue bringing us killer-tracks.
“Afterparty” is a sharp styled twist that creates a delicious harmony of country and pop. When attraction and connection collide, all you want is an afterparty for two, a smash song with cheeky lyrics and Lindsay’s smokin vocals.

Taylor Pfeiffer - Mind Wide Open     Country 04/02/2020
Taylor is 20 year old Banjo playing Americana artist
Heavy-hearted Americana feel

Gareth Leach - Down the Rabbit Hole     Country, Blues 03/02/2020
Gareth Leach is an Alt Country/Outlaw/Americana singer/songwriter based in Melbourne.
As schoolteacher and father, Leach has become increasingly concerned with the mental health of our kids. Growing up in an age where technology is so deeply integrated in to every life, the aftermath being a generation of people growing up with addictions to their devices, causing a scary rise in childhood depression and anxiety.

Gareth Leach - Old Crow Feather     Country, Blues 03/02/2020
Gareth Leach is an Alt Country/Outlaw/Americana singer/songwriter based in Melbourne.
Based on the early morning ramblings of Gareth’s then 4 year old son about wanting to “go outside and air his bones”, the lyrics deal with the metaphor of each feather of the old crow being a song waiting to be found or, at times, fought for and paid in money or even blood, figuratively speaking.

Hayley Jensen - Angel (feat. Beccy Cole)     Country, Pop, Easy Listening 03/02/2020
Hayley Jensen's musical journey has been eclectic, bursting onto the scene through Australian Idol, but ultimately returning to the genre that launched her career - country.
Sarah McLachlan’s ‘Angel’ is the song that made Hayley Jensen a household name in 2004 after performing it on Australian Idol. This commemorative version of the haunting, yet uplifting, ballad has been recorded as a duet with one of Hayley’s own musical idols, legendary Australian country music star, Beccy Cole, and produced by multi-award-winning producer, Matt Fell.

Philipe Schizas - Redneck Dream     Country, Rock 03/02/2020
Philipe Schizas is a songwriter from Melbourne, Victoria, known for his gruff take on country-rock writing with his vices out in front.
Inspired by Philipe’s travels through the south of the USA, Redneck Dream is country-rock to the core, a swaggering tale of denim and desire. The gravel in his vocal delivery a testament to earthy connection Philipe Schizas has to that region’s ability to inspire song.

The Woodpickers - Cowtown Shuffle     Country, Roots, Blues, Alternative 03/02/2020
The Woodpickers is a recording project of Blue Mountains musician John Murphy.This single, Cowtown shuffle, features vocals by John [Texas Jack] pledge with Steve Hinson on slide guitar.
A feel good uptempo country rock dance tune.
Hot nights, loud band, romance and foot tapping.

Applejack & Moonshine - Dog Gone     Country, Blues, Rock 01/02/2020
They’ve been described as “A freight train wrestling with an alligator in the middle of the night, in the deepest darkest swamplands of the south west”
Dog Gone is an Australian country rock song about everyday life in a cowboy story telling theme

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Fiona O'Shea & The Passengers - Walk Like A Giant     Country, Rock, Blues 01/02/2020
Sequins, neon, faded jeans and vintage tees. Fiona O'Shea & The Passengers have that kind of rocking country vibe. On full throttle right from the get-go they're contagious and catchy.
Walk Like A Giant is the anchor to a rocking six track release. A powerful song about being the best version you can be driven by its rootsy rhythm and solid vocals. A lighthouse song in times of trouble, it is hopeful and inspirational.... "shine like a diamond, sing like a siren, roar like a lion, walk like a giant..."

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Other tracks by Fiona O'Shea & The Passengers:  Little Red Riding Hood  -  Daisy Chain
Swamp Dawkins - Hell it's Hot Down Here     Country, Rock, Comedy 01/02/2020
Swamp Dawkins is an Australian country rock & bush band with a difference and is a creation of Michael Buining of The Roadhouse Regulars.
"Hell it's Hot Down Here" is a track with a good country feel and a very entertaining set of lyrics that'll put a smile on your dial. It's a story about a man who meets his maker only to find himself being turned away from the Pearly Gates and realises "Hell it's hot down here and it's goddam crowded tonight!"

Benny Allen - Places I've Never Been     Country, Rock 31/01/2020
Benny Allen is a multi-award winning artist, adding to his award tally at the Tamworth Country Music Festival, in preparation for the release of his single, Places I’ve Never Been.
Award-winning singer-songwriter Benny Allen is taking listeners on the road with him on his new country rock single, Places I’ve Never Been.

Benny wrote the road tripping song after thinking about the places he'd seen through playing music.

The song has listeners wanting to jump in their cars and head to places they’ve never been accompanied by the driving beat.

Juliet Vrakas - Rocky Mountain     Country, Easy Listening 31/01/2020
Australian Singer Songwriter
Climbing to the top of a mountain
Nature trees and wildlife

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Aleyce Simmonds & John Williamson - Three Sons     Country, Folk 30/01/2020
Golden Guitar Winner - Aleyce Simmonds & Australian Legend, John Williamson collaborate on a John Williamson classic, Three Sons.
2018 Golden Guitar winner Aleyce Simmonds today releases a new single and duet with ARIA Hall of Fame member and Australian icon John Williamson. Three Sons was originally released by John Williamson on his Top 10 ARIA album The Way It Is in 1999 and in 2000 John picked up a Golden Guitar for Best Bush Ballad.

Kelly Brouhaha - Benjamin     Country, Roots, Blues, Folk 30/01/2020
Kelly Brouhaha spends most of the year around a campfire in her 1992 Toyota Hiace Van called “Pamela Vanderson”.
Up-beat divorce song. Alt-country guitar driven with an excellent hook.

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Lusi Austin - Back in Town     Country, Folk 30/01/2020
Of mixed Fijian/Australian heritage, music and stories have been woven richly throughout Lusi's life. She's a wife, mother to 5 and lives in the Central West of NSW.
This track speaks to the heart of those who, having grown up in the country, leave for the Big Smoke only to return to find that the ‘country’ will never leave their heart.

Cassidy Rae Gaiter - Boy Like That     Country, Pop 29/01/2020
Hailing from Adelaide, Cassidy Rae Gaiter, grew up surrounded by all styles of music. Released in 2017, her EP, “Shake It, Don’t Fake It”, debuted at #1 on iTunes.
“Boy Like That" is the new single from Cassidy Rae Gaiter & was produced by Andy Mak (Tina Arena/The McClymonts).

“I was talking with my friends about what boys do that annoys us – turns out a lot of things. One of us said, don’t you just hate boys like that!’ We knew that was the title of the song”

Heywood & Moore - The Loaded Dog     Country, Comedy, Folk, Easy Listening 29/01/2020
The music of Anglo-Australian country artists - Dawn Moore and Brian Heywood - combines the story telling of traditional country with the power of edgy roots rock instrumentation.
This track celebrates the work of Australia's greatest story teller with an old school talkin' country blues song based on Henry Lawson's most famous short story - 'The Loaded Dog'. This is out homage to Australia's poet laureate as we approach the 120th anniversary of the creation of this classic tale (which was published in 1901).

the Blue Shamrocks - What Colour Is the Wind     Country, Easy Listening, World 29/01/2020
Professional fun upbeat country music band, delivering good vibes and beats to dance to, appeals to all ages across various communities
the song is about a little girl who is going blind at a young age, cannot see the beauty and nature of the world, with the help of her daddy's descriptions, her imagination see's the worlds simple things, like wind and sea as a descriptive colour, "What Colour is the Wind is it yellow or blue"

Andrew Farriss - Good Momma Bad     Country, Folk 24/01/2020
Finding himself in the country music industry itself is fitting; Andrew has spent the past two-and-a-half decades living on the land, on a functioning cattle and grain farm in North-West-New-South-Wales.
The new single – “Good Momma Bad” – gets better every listen and draws you in from the outset. When Andrew sings ‘I just know we just all need a Good Momma Bad’, he weaves stories of a sliding doors style existence – the good and the bad.