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Rachel Caddy - Screws     Folk, Psychedelic, Alternative Country 19/10/2017
Rachel Caddy is a Singer/Songwriter from the Macedon Ranges of Victoria. Her music sits somewhere in the realm of Indie/Folk and she writes about personal experiences in her life.
Screws is the second single from Singer/Songwriter Rachel Caddy. Her style is typically Alternative/Folk style, though the production of Screws is a bit more powerful, borrowing from psychedelia. The song is about accepting that the blame is equal after a breakup, and admitting to being a bit crazy.

Backyard - Royal Park     Pop, Folk, Country 18/10/2017
Backyard have a penchant for creating understated tunes about life in Melbourne’s western suburbs and country Victoria.
A couple in a local motel and a person struggling to communicate in a foreign hospital; 'Royal Park' draws a parallel between these two stories by exploring the location in which they took place. The pairing of the two will reveal that a place can tie together events decades apart.

Kristy Cox - Ricochet     Country, Alternative Country, Acoustic 17/10/2017
Kristy is one of the most refreshing and exciting names in bluegrass music worldwide.She is a Southern Stars and dual Golden Guitar Award winner.
"Ricochet" is the first single taken from Kristy Cox's forthcoming new album, slated for release in January 2018.

"Ricochet" sees Kristy reunite with renowned Bluegrass producer & musician, Jerry Salley, and reaffirms herself as one of the most refreshing and exciting names in bluegrass music worldwide.

Matt Love - Thank You Sir     Country, Alternative Country, Folk, Comedy 17/10/2017
Hokum, Hillbilly and Holler"Thank You Sir" from Matt's solo album Bad Motel - raw, unadorned and funny songs. influences - Roger Miller, John Prine, Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark.
Hilariously funny track about messed up relationships. Raw and wry vocals delivered over finger picked acoustic guitar in a country folk style.
Conversational lyrics set the mood in the opening verse and then slowly develop into an inappropriate chorus which will have you laughing.
For fans of Roger Miller.

Tony Cook - That's Country     Country, Folk 17/10/2017
Tony Cook or "Laidback Tones" as he is affectionately known in North Queensland, is a country music artist with a passion for the outback.
That’s Country is the essence of Australian outback culture! With smooth acoustic guitar and subtle harmonica it distinctively enriches modern Australian country music.

Lloyd M Clarke - Great & Ancient Land     Country, Easy Listening 16/10/2017
Lloyd M Clarke – is a mature balladeer raised on easy listening, country and popular folk music which birthed a lifelong love and passion for singing.
Memories of a romantic australian outback holiday

Adam Toms - Where Were You When     Country, Rock, Pop 14/10/2017
Adam Toms has won awards, toured the land, performed at major festivals and had several radio and Country Music Channel (CMC) chart hits.
Adam Toms returns with a song set to reach the core of most who listen. Told from the point of view of Adam asking a parent the very question, ‘Where Were You When’, for all the milestone moments in a young persons’ life.

Matt Katsis - Need You Here     Folk, Alternative Country, Roots 13/10/2017
Australian Singer/Songwriter & Guitarist Matt Katsis is a Bluesman at heart and a folk balladeer of the troubadour tradition with a raw vocal and command of the acoustic guitar.
Matt revisited his original live acoustic recording for ‘Need You Here’, after his travels through the US and spending time in the southern states. The Americana/Alt Country influence is definitely something he had brought back with him, adding the comforting feeling of being home. The first single featured from EP.


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Other tracks by Matt Katsis:  All I Wanna Do Is Fly  -  Colours
Jackie Marshall - I've Been Wrong     Country, Alternative Country, Ambience 13/10/2017
Jackie Marshall has been a constant on the Australia alt country scene for well over a decade. This is the new single from her forthcoming album Lilith Shrugs.
Reverb-soaked country-tinged upbeat track about "apologetically moving on from some gnarly life choices" featuring guitar work of Leigh Ivin (from hard touring alternative Australian Country Rock band The Re-Mains) who also produced Marshall's forthcoming album "Lilith Shrugs", for release early 2018.

Kerry Kennedy - Takin' Time     Country 13/10/2017
Kerry Kennedy is an Australian Country artist who has spent many years touring Europe and Australia. Displaying a great sense of humour on stagehe portays Australian life in song.
This track, “Takin Time” is taken from his album HAVE A GOOD TIME and is the perfect kick back, forget the daily grind, have a beer and relax song. Written by Kerry it’s the ideal track to take us from spring into summer.

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Oskar Herbig - Live Like This     Country, Folk, Blues, Rock 13/10/2017
Oskar Herbig has been winning hearts and souls across Australia and New Zealand with his intricate lyricism and audacious guitar playing. His breakthrough EP "Oskar Herbig" has just been released.
Live Like This speaks of desperation and the acceptance of hardship. Modern entitlement is called out, and the comforting haze of ignorance is called in. Oskar's rhythmic guitar and intricate lyricism drive this track down the relatable roads of past and future.

Other tracks by Oskar Herbig:  Lord, I Ain't Your Son  -  Take Me Away From Here
Taylor Pfeiffer - Take Her     Country, Folk 13/10/2017
Taylor Pfeiffer 'The Banjo Girl' is the sweetheart of country music. She is both lovely and accomplished and both highly popular on radio and in person.
With a unique blend of instruments, banjo and brass, ‘Take Her’ playfully ridicules a relationship going nowhere. 'Take Her', written by Taylor Pfeiffer, produced by Simon Johnson and recorded in NSW and USA, lends itself to the genre of alternative country, whilst reminiscing a vaudeville style.

The Weeping Willows - Travellin' Man     Country, Alternative Country, Folk 13/10/2017
4 Time Golden Guitar Finalists and CMC Music Award Finalists, The Weeping Willows.
Travellin' Man, Co-written with Golden Guitar Winner, Lachlan Bryan, speaks of the realities of an itinerant musician and the pressures placed on those in these positions, in love. Realities that Andy and Laura manage to avoid in real life.

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Jonathan Barwick - Exasparation     Folk, Alternative Country, Acoustic, Country 11/10/2017
Songs of death, delinquency and questionable life choices adequately sum up Jonathan Barwick's singular mission of misery laid bare, performed with voice and guitar
Tackling the difficulties of relationships old versus new in a speedy, hooky manner.

Other tracks by Jonathan Barwick:  Vultures  -  Depart This Cage
The Buckleys - Run     Country, Pop, Folk 09/10/2017
The Buckleys are a sibling trio - Sarah Buckley (17yo – Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar), Molly Buckley (14yo – Vocals, Mandolin) and Lachlan Buckley (16yo – Electric Guitar, Slide Guitar).
Run is a contemporary, modern sound with ghosts reminiscent of Appalachian & Celtic rhythms. Featuring the sibling harmonies of sisters Sarah and Molly, collectively with brother Lachlan, the melodious, rhythmic and lyrical quality of the up-beat song reverberates a vibrant, youthful and charmingly optimistic tone.

Rick Hart - Sweet Emmylou     Country, Alternative Country 07/10/2017
With a voice that floats with soulful warmth and honesty, Rick is a storyteller, whose words and melodies weave through all the dynamics and extremes of human emotions and relationships.
From Rick Hart’s debut album (Let Me In), Sweet Emmylou is about being on the road and missing the ones you love. Written as an ode to his own wife (Vanessa) while away, Hart name drops his favourite female singer (Emmylou Harris) instead to compliment the song’s traditional country nature.

Josh Setterfield - Feelin' Love     Country, Rock, Pop 06/10/2017
Country Rock artist Josh Setterfield is attracting the intriguing eyes and ears of country music fans and with a fresh unique sound he is drawing attention with every release.
The song paints a tale of young love and really showcases Josh as a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and a songwriter. Possessing a popular, yet unique American country sound, it’s exactly what Australian fans want to hear.

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Other tracks by Josh Setterfield:  Hometown  -  My Kind Of Saturday Night
Danny Phegan - From Where I Stand     Country, Folk 05/10/2017
Danny Phegan is an artist with a big heart and enormous energy. He is a farmer and family man; a horseman; a publican; a published author; a popular recording artist.
From Where I Stand is the first single from Danny Phegan's (Feegan) debut album. A song about a life's journey, the importance of love along the way and trying to do the best you can from where you stand. The film clip for this track is a cracker.

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Paddy McHugh - Meanwhile in Wilcannia     Country, Alternative Country, Easy Listening 04/10/2017
Raised in Tamworth, before moving to Sydney and now finally calling Brisbane home, Paddy McHugh is an alternative singer-songwriter who uses his music to tell a story.
Meanwhile in Wilcannia – a charged music track with deep meaning, featuring a guitar solo by country music legend, Troy Cassar-Daley.

Thomson - Six Feet Tall     Country 04/10/2017
One of Australia's most exciting emerging singer/songwriters, Thomson.
Debut Single from QLD singer/songwriter, Thomson. An honest and open look into the weaknesses of a man in love, feeling Six Feet Tall around his girl who maybe isn't quite as convinced.