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Gina Timms - Men On Pause     Country 22/02/2018
Tasmanian-born songstress Gina Timms launched her 50th birthday single at Wests on day one of the 2018 Toyota Country Music Festival Tamworth.
Men On Pause is the New Age, Mature Women's theme from Country darling, Gina Timms. Released on her 50th birthday at a show including some of her Industry friends, Gina kicked off a successful Tamworth Country Music Festival with a bang.

Jodie Crosby - Man Like You     Country 22/02/2018
Golden Guitar Winner, Tamworth's own - Jodie Crosby
Man Like You is a catchy country swing all about losing a love and feeling that even if she “could find a man who looked like you/ and spoke like you/ and smiled like you” it just wouldn’t be the same!

Natalie Henry - If We Said Goodbye     Country, Alternative Country 22/02/2018
Natalie Henry is a singer/songwriter from Newcastle. Formerly part of The Wayward Henrys.
The song is produced by Bill Chambers and is a powerful message that “You can raise your babies equally as well, apart.”

TOBiAS - Left A Light Burning     Country, Folk, Alternative Country, Roots 20/02/2018
Soulful - Engaging - EnigmaticInternational artist with Indie Folk Pop Vibes, Beck meets Paul Kelly meets War On Drugs , exceptional musician who comes to life on the guitar.
'Left A Light Burning' is the sixth single released by Indie / Folk Pop artist Tobias. Featuring a dynamite list of musicians including Michel Rose (Troy Cassar-Daley, Kasey Chambers) and Caroline Trengove (Hilbuilly Goats). The song encapsulates the feeling of Tobias's tours in and around Australia.

Alexandra Gunn - Follow Through     Country, Pop 16/02/2018
Country-pop artist Alexandra Gunn, was born and raised on Southside of Brisbane, Queensland. The self-described girl from the suburbs who rides horses in her imagination writes all her own material.
'Follow Through' is all about action rather than words. Alexandra says, “This is my unconventional love song. Not the butterflies and rainbows type but love all the same. It's a bit of a last-ditch effort, get it together or I'll give you the boot”.

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Andrew Swift - Runaway Train     Country, Blues, Roots, Rock 15/02/2018
It seems Swift’s days of drifting may be over. Buoyed by the passionate and supportive country music scene, shore won’t ever be so far away.
Runaway Train examines Swift’s commitment issues, delivered with wry humour and infectious instrumentation.

Deep Creek Road - Crazy Blue     Country 15/02/2018
Deep Creek Road are rocking' country band from Melbourne. Finalists for CMC Music Awards and many more.
Discovered on a Deep Creek Road songwriting trip to Nashville in 2016, a demo of the song was presented to the band and we couldn’t NOT record it. With a stronger dance edge than anything we have previously released, Crazy Blue is the perfect soundtrack for summer.

Kristy Cox - Sweet English Rose     Country, Alternative Country, Folk 15/02/2018
Kristy is one of the most refreshing and exciting names in bluegrass music worldwide.She is a Southern Stars and dual Golden Guitar Award winner.
Sweet English Rose is the second official single from Kristy's Billboard #1 Bluegrass album, Ricochet.

The track was co-written with Allan Caswell (On The Inside) and features the creme of Bluegrass music under the helm of producer, Jerry Salley.

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NeillyRich -     Country, Rock 15/02/2018
In 2012, two paths converged when NZ born Matthew McNeilly met Kempsey girl, Amelia Richards in Tamworth. Their musical passions aligned, resulting in the formation of contemporary country duo NeillyRich. takes a light-hearted look at the world of romance and the dating scene in 2018, and articulates the quirks of the lonely-hearts scene in modern times, where the internet has changed the landscape so dramatically.

Smith & Jones - Your Achin' Heart     Country 15/02/2018
Fresh off the back of a hugely successful 2017 for alt-country duo Smith & Jones comes the third single from their debut album: the piano driven ‘Your Achin Heart.’
Featuring lead guitarist Matt Ferry, Your Achin’ Heart is a song about a broken-hearted man, suddenly alone in a world he no longer understands. Adrift and disconnected, entirely taken up by memory and long-forgotten joy, he grapples to grasp on to any small token of reality.

Ashleigh Dallas - Be Like You     Country 14/02/2018
Golden Guitar winner Ashleigh Dallas is a vibrant young country music singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has just released her third album, award winning 'Lighthouse'.
'Be Like You' is a self penned song from Dallas and pays tribute to those loved ones lost that we idolize and carry on traits in their honor. We carry on with their traditions to always feel their presence and love still around us.

Destiny (Band Oz) - Sorry     Country, Easy Listening, Soul, Chill 14/02/2018
Destiny (Band Oz) has burst onto the Australian country music scene with amazing chart successes of their variety of 'true to life' original songs with great vocals. Check these out!
We all say and do things we don't really mean. You can't take them back but a 'Sorry' can go a long way. An emotion-filled apology when mere words just weren't enough.

Other tracks by Destiny (Band Oz):  Kuragg Kbir  -  Streets of Old Kilsyth
The Wolfe Brothers - Ain't Seen It Yet     Country, Rock, Alternative Country 14/02/2018
The Wolfe Brothers - one of the most exciting country rock bands to emerge out of Australia
The video for Ain’t Seen It Yet was filmed in the band’s hometown of Tasmania on the ‘Wolfe Brothers Berry Farm’ – the family farm of over 120 years – and is available to view now.

2018 ARIA AWARDS NOMINEE: Best Country Album

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Casey Barnes - Ain't Coming Home     Country, Pop, Rock 10/02/2018
2018 Golden Guitar Finalist Casey Barnes is making an monumental impression on the Australian country music scene.
Australian Golden Guitar finalist Casey Barnes returns with a highly anticipated new single 'Ain't Coming Home' which will be the lead single off his forthcoming exciting new album 'The Good Life' due for release on March 9th. Ain't Coming Home is out Feb 16th

Georgie Taylor - Insane     Country, Pop 01/02/2018
Georgie Taylor is a 16 year old award winning vocalist, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Thornlands , who has an increasing passion for country music and musical theatre.
Insane is about relationships drifting away, unknowingly and over time, until there are only fragments left of what was once precious! The song covers the journey through the pain, the deep emotional turmoil experienced and the things that really drive you Insane in the process of self-discovery

George Sich - Right Here     Country, Rock, Blues 01/02/2018
George Sich is an award winning Sydney based singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer.
'Right Here' is a tribute to all the hard working, gigging performers, travelling between all the one-pub towns and singing away their souls, because they love it.

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Liam Brew - Shotgun     Country 01/02/2018
Liam Brew made his musical mark in January 2009 when he was named the 30th Toyota Star Maker. Debut album “Wild Heart” was released in 2009 and "Faster" in 2013.
Released just in time for Tamworth Country Music Festival 2018, this is the ultimate summer party anthem. Infectious and catchy 'Shotgun' is fast becoming a live favourite with fans.

Kate Hindle - Ready For The Ride     Country 01/02/2018
Kate Hindle has a musical knowledge beyond her years, a small town country girl with a dream and a determination to make that dream come true.
“This single is about showing others what I’m doing and sharing my journey with my listeners,” Kate said. “It shows that no matter how much heartache you have or what bad experiences happen to you, there are always going to be positives out of it.”

James Blundell - Way Out West (2018)     Country, Alternative Country, Roots 01/02/2018
Acknowledged as the act single-handedly responsible for turning a younger demographic of Australians onto country music who impacted the charts & for years was the nation’s highest selling country artist.
Originally released as a duet with James Reyne in 1992 reaching #2 on the National ARIA mainstream singles chart. The 2018 version features some of Australian Music’s best loved names - Adam Brand, Tania Kernaghan, Paul Costa & Bec Lavelle - and hot rising stars Brewn & Ben Ransom.

The Smog Brothers - I Don't Like Music     Country, Blues, RnB, Rockabilly 01/02/2018
The Smog brothers, always looking for the ultimate riff.......they've found it! Now people who don't like music have 'The Smog Brothers' not to tap their feet too!!
A tounge in cheek ditty thats light and breezy with a killer harmonica break!

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Other tracks by The Smog Brothers:  The Insurance Rant