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Gretta Ziller - Alright With Me     Country, Alternative Country, Pop, Rock 25/03/2018
With diverse roots spanning blues, rock, pop, classical, jazz, folk and bluegrass, Gretta Ziller’s sound resembles that of classic Americana.
A catchy, well written tune about accepting that someone loves you for how wonderfully imperfect you are.

Hayley Jensen - Saturday Night     Country, Pop 25/03/2018
Hayley Jensen's musical journey has been eclectic, bursting onto the scene through Australian Idol, but ultimately returning to the genre that launched her career - country.
A fun, catchy song that Jensen wrote about dreaming of escaping the nine-to-five grind to hit the town with friends. The perfect track for the girls - grab a glass of bubbly and dance around or turn it up loud with the windows down on a road trip.

Radford Jaymes Band - Queen St. Coyboy     Country, Rock 23/03/2018
Steven Jaymes and Brendan Radford have done hundreds of gigs together, Pubs, clubs, songwriters nights, campfires, festivals, you name it, chances are they have done it,
The new single 'Queen St. Cowboy' is a celebration of the urban city cowboy that loves, lives and breathes the bush, is its biggest supporter, and dreams of “going bush and one day” ... The Dolby races, burning sun on dirt, yeah I’m going back there one day.

Brad Marks - Yesterday     Country, Pop, Easy Listening 22/03/2018
Brad marks is a 26 year old singer from the Southern Highlands outside Sydney.
“Yesterday” is the song of a man giving his perception on how strong his love is for his wife. He reflects on their journey through life, explaining how at 18 and a bit on the wild side she came into his life and turned him around for the better.

John Flanagan Trio - Free John Zarb     Country, Folk 22/03/2018
John Flanagan Trio is made up of award winning songwriter John Flanagan, charismatic double bass player Liz Frencham and virtuoso guitar and mandolin picker Daniel Watkins.
Bluesy banjo track ‘Free John Zarb’ tells the story of Melbournian John Zarb who was a conscientious objector to the Vietnam War. He was imprisoned in 1968 and he became a focal point for opponents of the war in Australia.

Other tracks by John Flanagan Trio:  Last of the Casette Men
John Flanagan Trio - Something To Complain About     Country, Folk, Alternative Country 22/03/2018
The John Flanagan Trio is made up of award winning songwriter John Flanagan, double bass playing extraordinaire Liz Frencham and young bluegrass guitar and mandolin picker Dan Watkins.
‘Something To Complain About’ is the second single from the upcoming album, and is driven by punchy harmonies and rollicking fiddle. Bluegrass/folk meets rock n roll as the Flanagan takes a lighthearted poke at ‘first world problems’ and the art of complaining.

Jim Harding - Jacaranda Lane     Country 21/03/2018
Jim Harding, 2008 Queensland Masters Champion of Champion winner and 2015 Australian Songwriters Association Country Music awards finalist. ‘Dance with Me Molly’ album fully displays Jim’s amazing country voice.
A moving song of young love that endured and how they moved from the country to the city to raise a family and; went back every year to the old dairy farm where we first walked hand in hand down Jacaranda Lane beneath those purple blooms.

Other tracks by Jim Harding:  City Boys and Cowgirls  -  Nothing Compares To Your Smile
Not Good With Horses - What's Done Is Done     Country, Alternative Country, Roots, Folk 21/03/2018
Sydney quintet Not Good With Horses are a band that has an innate understanding of how to explore atmosphere and soul in their music where country and folk meet.
“A smouldering, snaking groove, richly ornamented with some subtle and evocative guitar interplay and the sultry ache of Brielle Davis’ voice surveying the ruins and aftermath of a relationship.” - Post To Wire

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Michael Waugh - Baling Twine     Country, Folk, Alternative Country, Acoustic 20/03/2018
Perceptive and insightful Melbourne-based singer and songwriter receiving extremely positive media reactions to his second album The Asphalt & The Oval, including 4.5/5 stars in The Australian.
The 3rd single from Waugh’s ‘The Asphalt & The Oval’ album celebrates dairy farmers who know how to fix anything with a soldering iron and baling twine. But also how the ‘making do’ attitude and ingenuity of the past can’t hold together life in the contemporary dairy industry.

The Little Lord Street Band - Waking Up Next To You     Country, Blues, Folk, Roots 20/03/2018
Winners of the Best Country Act at the 2017 WAM Awards, The Little Lord Street Band, are going on their first ever national tour with their new EP.
In the fun-loving manner that makes up The Little Lord Street Band, this is a light-hearted, good-humoured take on a long-term relationship that any well-connected couple can relate to and laugh at because we all have our flaws that push the other halves buttons at times.

Troy Kemp - Beach Mode     Country 20/03/2018
With multiple Australian Country Chart #1 singles, a Golden Guitar, two CMC Awards and a decade of touring under his belt, Troy is one of Australia’s most recognisable music talents.
'Beach Mode' tells the story of a guy struggling with being back at work after being on holiday. Every time he feels the breeze he is transported in his mind back to the beach, the palm trees, the waves, the girls and the party that was his summer vacation.

Glen Mead - Man Alive     Country, Acoustic, Rock, Alternative Country 19/03/2018
Glen’s songs are acoustic based, heart felt rock country.
A reflectively written song with a solemn introduction which swells to an uplifting tempo halfway through, and creates a positive joyous fun feel. A light-hearted look at one's inner self.

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Other tracks by Glen Mead:  My Island  -  Somewhere I Want To Be
Chris Callaghan - Gone, Back and Goin' Again     Country 13/03/2018
Chris Callaghan is an accomplished country singer/songwriter from Oberon. Chris plays 'Johnny Cash' in one of the Country's most successful tribute shows.
GONE, BACK AND GOIN’ AGAIN began when Chris had returned from a tour to his home town. Locals were always enquiring how long he would be back in town. Inevitably it would only be a short time before he was gone, back on the road again.

Angus Gill - Hands Are Clean     Country, Rock 09/03/2018
"Angus is a breath of fresh air...unique, determined and devoted to his music career" - David Woodward (John Williamson, Shannon Noll Management).
'Hands Are Clean', co-written with Drew McAlister, is the second single lifted from Angus’ debut album 'Nomad'. It’s an empowering song with a message that resonates universally, “when you point your finger at me, make sure your hands are clean."

Danny Phegan - I'd Be Over You     Country 07/03/2018
Danny Phegan is a well-known Albury identity and businessman with a big heart and enormous energy.
'I'd Be Over You' is the second single from Danny's ARIA chart topping debut album 'From Where I Stand'. 'I'd Be Over You' is the story of a life's journey trying to get over a lost love.

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David Daniel - Lonely Drum     Country, Rock, Pop 07/03/2018
A man, father, husband and genuine lover of Country Music with a passion for producing the best that he can be.
Ever felt like your sitting at home alone? Call up someone, get them over and stop banging on that Lonely Drum!

Charlie's Attic - Numb     Country, Alternative Country, Acoustic, Roots 06/03/2018
Charlie's Attic is an alternative country act from the ACT who have just released their debut album Always Near, a diverse collection of songs showcasing their country/blues and rock roots.
Numb is the first track from Charlie's Attic's debut album Always Near. It's a moody and evocative song about the monotony and drudgery of everyday life which can sometimes leave you feeling empty, lost and desperately searching for something to make you feel alive again, feel anything, but Numb.

Other tracks by Charlie's Attic:  Dollar Wine  -  Waiting on Dreams
Jen Mize/Mark Sholtez - Twilight On The Trail     Country, Folk, Acoustic, Cover Version 05/03/2018
Twilight on the Trail is a beautifully rendered collection of iconic cowboy songs from the golden era of American popular music sung by Jen Mize and Mark Sholtez.
The first song and title track from the new collaboration from Jen Mize and Mark Sholtez. Twilight on the Trail is a fine example and perfect taster of the forthcoming album from these two superb vocalists and interpreters. It's evocative, melodic and beautifully rendered.

Fanny Lumsden - Elastic Waistband (Album Version)     Country, Folk, Roots 03/03/2018
Fanny is a 'breath of fresh country air' according to Rolling Stone Magazine. Second album, 'Real Class Act' debuted #1 ARIA Country Chart while her sold out tour rolls on.
"Elastic Waistband is a celebration of the mundane things that over time you learn to appreciate as precious. Such as, those moments sitting on the couch."

"I wrote this song after getting back from a couple of months on the road and having a quiet day at home" Fanny Lumsden

2018 ARIA AWARDS NOMINEE: Best Country Album

2018 AIR AWARDS NOMINEE: Best Independent Country Album (Real Class Act)

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Other tracks by Fanny Lumsden:  Elastic Waistband (Clean Edit)
Franky & Wendy - Running Away     Country, Folk, Pop, Easy Listening 03/03/2018
Franky & Wendy are a popular Sydney Duo featuring multitalented and award winning artist Franky Valentyn and his amazing partner Wendy Angel!
'Running Away' is a Country Folksy Pop tune about 'always trying to get somewhere but never quite making it, yet still being ok with the outcomes'.

'Running Away' is the 3rd single from popular duo Franky & Wendy, and is the 'kick off' track for their upcoming Self Titled album.

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Other tracks by Franky & Wendy:  You Make Me Whole