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Franky & Wendy - Running Away     Country, Folk, Pop, Easy Listening 03/03/2018
Franky & Wendy are a popular Sydney Duo featuring multitalented and award winning artist Franky Valentyn and his amazing partner Wendy Angel!
'Running Away' is a Country Folksy Pop tune about 'always trying to get somewhere but never quite making it, yet still being ok with the outcomes'.

'Running Away' is the 3rd single from popular duo Franky & Wendy, and is the 'kick off' track for their upcoming Self Titled album.

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Other tracks by Franky & Wendy:  You Make Me Whole
Ingrid Mae - As The Crow Flies     Country, Alternative Country, Rock 03/03/2018
Ingrid Mae makes country music with an irresistible retro vibe. Strong melodies and heartfelt vocals her message is one of honesty and grit.
As The Crow Flies opens with a driving beat and a defiant vocal. The cheeky lyric challenges the typical sentiment of the lazy country “back-road” insisting, “Gimme that highway, I’ve taken my time” in what could be described as a Joe Cocker type groove. It’s a catchy call to action.

Other tracks by Ingrid Mae:  Did You Miss Me
Justin Landers - Honey, Take Me Home     Country, Country 03/03/2018
Justin Landers is an independent country music artist based in Orange in the Central West of NSW. Artist influences include, Alan Jackson, Roo Arcus and Brooks & Dunn
A contemporary country song about a mans struggles with life's problems and how love and family help him to overcome his worry's. Steel guitar track by Lance Birrell, Violin by Amy Stevens, Finger plucked guitar by Marc Cook.

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Other tracks by Justin Landers:  Crazy Love  -  Ain't Nothin' Gonna Steal My Heart
Andre Camilleri - The River     Country, Alternative Country, Roots, Acoustic 02/03/2018
Arguably one of Australia's most prolific songwriters with 26 full length album releases, Andre Camilleri blends Country, Alternative and the Blues to create unique sonic landscapes of timeless beauty.
The River is the single from Skids On The Double, Andre Camilleri's 26th studio album. The river is a metaphor for life. It's my own personal manifesto how I want to try and live..

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Other tracks by Andre Camilleri:  That Ain't Country  -  Can't Shake The Blues
David Daniel - Long Long Gone     Country, Rock, Pop 02/03/2018
David Daniel has been written and recording music for the last 20 years. Holding true to his passion for Country Music while adding his own flair.
Long Long Gone is a story about love lost. Remembering the times together and the memories that surround you when that person has gone while always wondering if that love will return.

Other tracks by David Daniel:  Crikey, That's Dangerous!  -  Nothing's Gonna Hold Me Down
Harry Young - Aussie, Aussie, Aussie     Country, Rock, Blues, Australian Indigenous 02/03/2018
Tough Australian Country Rock Artist renown for his Unique brand of Rock, Blues and Country Originals
Country, Rock and Blues

Jayne Denham - Calamity     Country, Rock 02/03/2018
Jayne Denham has built a reputation as being a dynamic high energy Country/Rock performer in Australia. With her rebellious charm and rampaging energy Jayne writes, records and performs anthems.
Although trucking songs run through the singer’s veins, Calamity, the second single and title track of Jayne’s upcoming album, is about being attracted to the wrong person in a relationship, but is not lacking trucking references.

Ruby Boots - Don't Talk About It     Country, Blues, Alternative Country 02/03/2018
Ruby Boots is an Australia singer-songwriter who possesses just the right blend of sass and savvy with her own take on Americana music.
Don’t Talk About It charts this drifter’s odyssey, tattered passport in hand. Her commanding and versatile voice, sharp guitar playing and adept songwriting.

2018 ARIA AWARDS NOMINEE: Best Blues & Roots Album

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Sally-Anne Whitten - Watch It Burn     Country, Blues, Rock 02/03/2018
Sally-Anne Whitten was born and raised in Tamworth on a healthy dose of blues, rock and country. Over the years she has honed her very own style of ‘funky country’
All about doing life your way and not being afraid to say good bye to people or things that are no good for you. A blues rock number, it’s no surprise that Sally-Anne was listening to a lot of Robben Ford and John Hiatt just before this track was born.

Steve Cheers - Best Part Of The World     Country, Pop 02/03/2018
NSW Southern Highlands’ Steve Cheers writes from experience and from the heart, always with thoughtful lyrics that consider the human condition.
NSW Southern Highlands’ Steve Cheers writes from experience and from the heart. 'Best Part of the World’ is the second and featured single from his new album ‘The Measure of a Man.’ The anthem-like track is unashamedly Australian indie styled pop rock, perfect for commercial playlists.

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Tara Favell - Fast     Country, Pop 02/03/2018
Tara Favell is bringing her country-pop cross over style to the Australian musical landscape: writing, singing & telling stories about her life through her songs.
Track 1 on Tara Favell's new EP 'Wild Heart' - Fast is a song about falling for someone too quickly, being reckless in love and not thinking of the consequences when you're falling for that person.

Other tracks by Tara Favell:  Nothing Like You  -  Starting Over ft. Josh Setterfield
Tori Forsyth - In The Morning     Country, Alternative Country 02/03/2018
She's more than sweet love songs. She's real and gritty. .She's gentle but she's tough, with a love for singing whenever and wherever she can.
The song has a few different meanings to me, it was a written in a darker time of my life, but I think it's also a song that basically rides on gender equality, the idea that a woman can do everything a man can.

Adam & Brooke - Train Wreck     Country, Alternative Country 01/03/2018
Two of Australia's best country songwriters join forces on an album of lighthearted, glass-half-full love songs. It's the husband-and-wife duo's first collaborative full-length!
Adam & Brooke – who, between them have twelve Golden Guitars, two APRA Awards and two ARIAs – showcase both halves of the duo with the first single “Train Wreck”. A swaggering, soulful country rocker, “Train Wreck” delivers a hard-hitting, endearingly honest account of love at full throttle.

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Paul Costa - Best Version of Me     Country, Easy Listening, Rock 01/03/2018
Paul Costa combines a new style of country with powerful vocals & a mainstream flavour, which has seen him cross demographics and formats.
A positive & uplifting tune co-written by Paul & Matt Scullion.

"It's about a guy I relate with because his wife and family bring out the best in him everyday. He looks back on life before and now sees his blessings, likes who he is and how far he's come".

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Kristy James - Dark Sunglasses     Country, Rock 26/02/2018
Kristy James is an award-winning Newcastle-based singer/songwriter who started performing at age 11. Her sound is a little country, a little rock 'n' roll and a whole lot of attitude.
A haunting, catchy, rocking country track, Kristy James digs into the depths of her songwriting mind with a story about adultery and murder that can be spawned from being cheated on and disrespected. Imaginative and creative, Dark Sunglasses is a song about situations possible when left to our own thoughts...

Allison Forbes - Gone     Country 23/02/2018
Tamworth’s own rebel child is a breath of fresh air and an outburst of originality in songwriting. Allison Forbes is a new-age outlaw of country music.
Gone is the new single offering by Tamworth singer songwriter Allison Forbes. Taken from the EP ‘Augustine’, Allison explores the emotions of wanting to pack up normal life after disappointments and running away in the middle of the night.

Brewn - Down On The Farm     Rock, Alternative Country, Country, Cover Version 23/02/2018
A down to earth bunch of good blokes - Brewn sing about real life tales - that deeply resonate on a profound level with real people.
"Down on The Farm" is a reimagined version of the James Blundell classic. It was commissioned for the album "30 Years of Pride - A Tribute to James Blundell" which celebrates the music of this iconic Australian artist.

Tania Kernaghan - All Australian Girl     Country 23/02/2018
Tania Kernaghan is one of Australian country music's big stars with four Golden Guitars, 15 number one singles and numerous platinum and gold records to her credit.
The song is a snap shot into the lives of some of the incredibly inspiring Australian women Tania has met over the years. They are the quiet achievers who knuckle down and get the job done. They are often the unsung hero’s of our great Nation - until now.

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Aleyce Simmonds - Last Word On My Lips     Country 22/02/2018
Aleyce Simmonds is a 2018 Golden Guitar Winner and 2017 APRA Award recipient for Country Work Of The Year, Independent Artist of the Year and Independent Female Artist.
Last Word On My Lips is a heartfelt ballad co-written by Aleyce and her good friend, Allan Caswell as a gift to her sister, Karlee who was getting married to her soulmate and Aleyce’s lead guitarist and MD, Michael Cole.

Brett Clarke - Angry Too Long     Country 22/02/2018
Tamworth's Own, Brett Clarke releases the 3rd single from his highly acclaimed, debut album!
"Angry Too Long" is the third single from Brett Clarke's debut album "Standing Back”… a gentle ballad written by Nashville songwriters Dan Bobbitt, Kerry Ford & Mark Carson.