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Kora Naughton - Ride or Die     Country, Alternative Country, Pop 18/06/2018
At just 16, Kora Naughton is reminiscent of a young Kasey Chambers and is further proof that we are witnessing one of the most exciting new talents on the scene.
‘Ride or Die’ is the brand new single from rising Australian star, Kora Naughton.

It's edgy and cool and shows the youthful energy of this exceptional artist.

“I wrote this song about taking chances, doing the things you’re afraid of and living life to the fullest”.

Riordan Stewart-McDougall - Take Me     Country, Pop, Christian, Alternative Country 17/06/2018
A clever fusion of country, rock and pop - Riordan Stewart-McDougall uses storytelling to make her music unfold like a movie before her audiences eyes.
A beautiful fusion of country and pop, Take Me is about journeys with God through struggles. The song describes a journey with having God by your side, and being thankful that you are never alone.

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Other tracks by Riordan Stewart-McDougall:  Give Me My Heart
Brodie and the Oxy Clinic - Cool Cat     Country, Alternative Country 16/06/2018
Good time alt country rock 'n roll band
A song about taking up drinking for the first time

Other tracks by Brodie and the Oxy Clinic:  When I'm Engulfed In Flames  -  Rodeo
Megan Cooper - Running with Ghosts     Country, Alternative Country, Folk, Easy Listening 15/06/2018
Addictive melodies, extraordinary tales of common hearts and a natural affinity with twang, Megan Cooper’s music finds its roots in the best traditions of Americana and Australian Folk.
Running with Ghosts is the first single from the album Wild Mountain.

It was inspired by the imminent retirement of a local football hero, wanting to pass on advice to a new generation, but not yet ready to let go of the limelight.

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Rick Hart - Shine Your Light     Country, Alternative Country 15/06/2018
This multi award winning songwriter (2014 Songwriter of the Year, Australian Songwriters Association), seamlessly blends ingredients from country, soul, blues, rock’n’roll and folk to create a sound all his own.
Shine Your Light was written by Rick as a tribute to his good friend and guitarist Tom Fauvette, who passed away suddenly in late April 2018.

Vanessa Bourne - I Love You Way Too Much To Say Goodbye     Country 14/06/2018
I am Vanessa Bourne, an Australian Country artist and I like to keep my music 'Classic Country' and my lyrics are straight from the heart.
This song is written from the heart and its about how there are times when we find it difficult to share some things with the one we love but it's in those times we realize how much we love that one person who takes away all the pain.

Ruby Gilbert - Dearly Beloved     Country, Folk, Pop, Acoustic 13/06/2018
Ruby Gilbert embraces a moody, gothic-tinged style of song-writing. The QMA-nominated songstress is an old soul, inspired by the grittiness of Johnny Cash, whilst channelling a timeless and stylised atmosphere.
The song ‘Dearly Beloved’ is a third person view on an abusive, toxic relationship. The song is probably the most personal and confronting song on the EP. I wrote the song about a person close to me as a way of trying to understand their situation.

Delilah Rose & the Gunslingers - Big Moon     Country, Alternative Country, Rockabilly, Folk 10/06/2018
Good honest Sunday afternoon alt twang with a sprinkle of rock n roll. Upbeat rhythms, minor chords and lyrics that will tease a smile out of your skeptical heart.
‘Big Moon’ is a fun, foot-stomping rockabilly hoedown – an instantly memorable debut single. Distinguished by its earworm vocal hook, Delilah Rose’s signature lyrical wit, and a shuffling, irresistibly danceable groove, it’s a shining first taste of alt-country five-piece Delilah Rose and the Gunslingers’ forthcoming debut EP ‘Good Grief’.

Ben Mastwyk - Happiness     Country, Alternative Country, Blues, Dance 08/06/2018
Ben Mastwyk, one of those key players, the consummate sideman contributing guitar, vocals and banjo to a range of different projects prior to the arrival of acclaimed 2015 debut album
Reflecting on the struggle to achieve happiness and the effect that has on those around you. I’ve had a lot of contact with depression and it’s something really quite impervious to suggestion. This is just about accepting that you can’t fix someone’s situation and learning to sit with that feeling.

Katie Bates - Rewrite A Page     Country, Roots, Alternative Country, Folk 08/06/2018
Country and roots songstress with a rich and harmonious voice, combining traditional and contemporary elements of Americana, blues and folk music to create her own classic sound.
'Rewrite A Page' presents strong saloon roots, feeling like a Tarrantino movie meeting country, with a beat that will leave you hooked. The lyrical content of the song is about releasing yourself from toxic relationships with others, and learning from your experiences and mistakes to better yourself, making positive changes.

D Henry Fenton - Pride     Country, Alternative Country, Cover Version, Rock 07/06/2018
Sydney singer-songwriter, D Henry Fenton, has released three acclaimed solo albums. His music blends country, americana, folk & indie-rock bringing to mind Neil Young & Tom Petty.
D Henry Fenton's stellar version of James Blundell's "Pride" is taken from the compilation album "30 Years of Pride - A Tribute to James Blundell".

The track features roots/country newcomer, Ingrid Mae, on backing vocals.

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Chris Callaghan - Gone Back and Goin' Again     Country, Folk 06/06/2018
Chris Callaghan is a singer, songwriter and entertainer, with an extensive and successful history in the Australian country music scene having performed locally, and toured nationally for many, years.
Gone Back And Goin’ Again was inspired by the locals in my home town.. They always asked how long I was back in town for? I would answer, I've been, I've gone, I'm back and I'm going again, which I shortened to the title Gone Back and Going Again..

Other tracks by Chris Callaghan:  The Oldest New Talent  -  One True Love
Hillbilly Goats - Old Jack's Bones     Country, Acoustic, Alternative Country, Roots 05/06/2018
The Hillbilly Goats exude an undeniable passion for mountain music, the instruments and harmonies. Their recordings paint a picture of traditional songs from 1710 with a high energy quirky edge.
We wrote this song in honour of our mate Jack Ryle, a ringer from the Cape who taught Goat Girl to play double bones. Over a drink at the Lions Den he said “Love, my mates are dropping off the perch and I need someone to carry on my trade”.

Other tracks by Hillbilly Goats:  Gypsy Girl  -  Cluck Old Hen/Chicken Reel
David Daniel - Honky Tonk Through The Night     Country, Rock 01/06/2018
David Daniel has been writing and recording original music for the last 21 years and now it's time to introduce his music to the world!
Written and recorded back in 1997 with some great musicians including Martin Cilia and the late Chris Bailey, Honky Tonk Through The Night is an upbeat country rock song that was written ahead of its time. Now is its time to shine!

Other tracks by David Daniel:  To Go On
Kylie Adams-Collier - Montevideo Maru 1942     Country, Country, Country 01/06/2018
Kylie's “Little Stone” album is world class yet unique with colourful descriptions of Australian history, places and stories. Produced by Lindsay Waddington on Kross Kut Records, featuring Michel Rose.
The unmarked Japanese prison ship Montevideo Maru was sunk by an American submarine off the Philippines on July 1, 1942. More than 1,000 Australian soldiers and civilians perished. It remains Australia's worst - and least known - maritime disaster. MVM 1942 is a tribute for her grandfather and other POW's.

Little Wigtown - You Made Up Me     Country, Jazz, Blues 01/06/2018
Little Wigtown draw on colourful backgrounds in circus, street and orchestra to bring old school blues, jazz and country back. Think Ray, Aretha, Carl and Hoagy, and the good times.
Lively original questioning the reality of a relationship - whether it was real or a dream.

Other tracks by Little Wigtown:  On Your Way Boy  -  Manhattan Island Serenade
Maddi Lyn - Scars and Memories     Country 31/05/2018
I am an Aboriginal singer/songwriter who has a deep passion for Country Music.
Scars and Memories is a song about my family home and growing up there and all the memories that we made as a family.

Other tracks by Maddi Lyn:  Ain't That Complicated  -  Let Me Be
Kristy Cox - I Can Almost Smell The Smoke     Country, Alternative Country, Folk 30/05/2018
Kristy is one of the most refreshing and exciting names in bluegrass music worldwide. She is a Southern Stars and dual Golden Guitar Award winner.
The third single lifted from "Ricochet", is both the fan and critics favourite - "I Can Almost Smell The Smoke".

It is yet another slice of classy bluegrass, delivered the way only Kristy Cox can.

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Angus Gill - Starin' Out The Back Of A Car     Country 29/05/2018
Angus Gill’s distinctive vocals and sharp observations that bind his songs, are quite possibly evidence that he may have been on this planet before.
A poignant reflection of the loss and trauma experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of the Stolen Generation. Angus co-wrote the song with highly regarded indigenous singer-songwriter Kevin Bennett and recorded it as a vocal collaboration with Kevin and fellow indigenous performer Amos Morris.

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Maddi Lyn - Scars and Memories     Country 29/05/2018
Maddi Lyn is an Aboriginal singer/songwriter who has a deep passion for Country Music. At the tender age of six, she performed for the first time.
Destined for a long and successful career, Maddi releases her new single, Scars and Memories through The Same Tune, today!