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Brad Marks - What If You Can     Country, Pop 31/07/2018
Brad Marks is a highly talented vocalist currently working with some of Australia's greatest songwriters. Greatly acclaimed as a performer by his peers he is on the road to success.
This is Brad Marks’ fourth single this time co-written with Jay Collie (Jonahs Road). The song bears the message that in life different things may hold you back – yourself, your worries, your fears or what people may think of you and the way they react to certain of your decisions. Strive to do that which makes you happy

Brook Chivell - Outta My Song     Country, Rock 31/07/2018
Brook is building a strong and loyal fan base with a modern country-rock sound that sits just as well in the Australian Country scene as it would in the States.
‘Outta My Song’ is a dirt-country-meets-rock anthem of good riddance to an unwanted muse. Country rocker Brook Chivell channels his inner Brothers Osborne and grinds it with Black Crowes to create a new Southern style sound recipe.

Route 33 - Showing Off     Country, Pop, Rock 31/07/2018
With music as effortlessly catchy as Route 33’s, crowd interaction seems a fait accompli. Now it’s time to hit the road and find all those good times that lie ahead.
An upbeat feel good track, this tune easily has you singing along to the young love story. 'Showing Off', a ball cap and pony tail, away from the bright lights and crowds, where she captures the attention wearing nothing but a long t-shirt.

Gary Leonard Hammond - Have You Seen Ruby     Country, Folk, Easy Listening, Pop 30/07/2018
Gary Leonard Hammond combines elements of country, jazz and blues into his music that refuses to be defined. Lyrically he speaks of desires that all individuals and communities possess.
Lyrically it tells a mysterious story of a missing person. Melodically it is captivating with three part harmonies in the chorus. The answer to the question posed in the lyrics is left open to the listeners own interpretation.

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Other tracks by Gary Leonard Hammond:  Over The Hill  -  On Rolling Hill
Shaky Stills - It Ain't Easy     Country, Alternative Country, Blues, RnB 30/07/2018
Patty Carr fronts an unmistakable sound & style, with Ed Bates on the pedal steel driving Country & Western, Rhythm n Blues & Swampy shuffles.
An ode to today's life and the challenges within the day to day and being in relationship. Recognising the opposites and looking to brighter side and getting on with it as it's about just doing stuff and making the most of it.

The Ragtone Ramblers - Shot In The Dark     Country, Roots, Alternative Country 28/07/2018
Playing in the pocket where country and jazz unashamedly mingle — a lively sound distilled from the great hillbilly/western swing acts with a hint of jug band for good measure.
Lively rhythmical gypsy jazz infused country stomper that showcases the character of the band’s vintage sound and energetic live shows.

Other tracks by The Ragtone Ramblers:  Carry Me Home  -  Midnight Highway
John Tennyson - The Ballad of Jimmie Blacksmith     Country, Folk, Acoustic, Alternative Country 25/07/2018
"The Bob Dylan of Dubbo"..."the Leonard Cohen of Newtown" or "the Gareth Liddiard of being the Murder Ballads era Nick Cave of Sydney"..."our very own folk hero" -pleb city studios
The Ballad of Jimmie Blacksmith relates the story of one of the most infamous figures in Australian history, Jimmie Blacksmith. Inspired by Thomas Kenneally's book, this song was written during my time at the Gulgong Folk Festival (where Jimmie was wed in the late 1800s) and asks 'What has changed since then?'.

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Other tracks by John Tennyson:  Taken By The Tide  -  Annabelle
Kate Hindle - Loneliness     Country, Alternative Country 25/07/2018
Kate Hindle’s warm vocal tones and raw lyrics take the listener on a journey of love, personal victory, positivity and a yet a touch of heartache.
Hindle describes ‘Loneliness’, a co-write with Felicity Urquhart, as “The bittersweet and confusing journey of love and sadness … that leads to the realisation that loneliness is just loneliness”. Once again Kate explores the theme of rising from the ashes, the understanding that the very nature of pain can often be the catalyst for growth.

Jason Owen - Apple Tree     Country, Easy Listening, Acoustic 24/07/2018
Jason Owen was raised to the tune of classic country artists and was launched onto the Australian music scene as runner up of The X Factor in 2012.
Written by cousin Matthew Young, Jason Owen's first original tune in almost two years, is a tender tale of promised love.

Louise D'Arcy - Hear That Sound     Country, Folk, Rock 24/07/2018
Louise D'Arcy is an Australian Singer-Songwriter who tackles sensitive themes through crafty storytelling and thoughtful arrangements. Similar to artists such as Jewel, Joan Baez and Bob Dylan.
'Hear That Sound' was a direct response to constantly seeing news stories on TV where kids were dying overseas from gun related incidents. The fictional story tackles the subject of Gun Culture and it's adverse effects.

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Matt Scullion - Roadside Cross     Country, Easy Listening 22/07/2018
Matt Scullion is one of the most respected singer/songwriters to come out of Australia in recent years with a swag of hit songs and Golden Guitar to his credit.
Roadside Cross. Something we see too often. "Does X mark the spot where you drew your last breath"?

Allan Caswell - Knowing That You're There     Country, Alternative Country 20/07/2018
Multi Golden Guitar and Independent Country Music Award Winner, Allan Caswell was inducted into the Galaxy of Stars in January 2018.
Knowing That You’re There is a “love song for a long and beautiful relationship”…
“When we wrote it, we were trying for a song to sing at a wedding anniversary but people are seeing as a really involving love song for any couple who have been together for a while.”

Georgia State Line - Dry My Tears     Country, Alternative Country, Folk 20/07/2018
Fronted by singer songwriter Georgia Delves, the group blend vintage and contemporary sounds to create songs that feel warmed and lived-in, with a nod to old-time traditions alongside introspective lyricism.
"This single was written after taking a trip back to my hometown and gaining perspective after a boozy night. It’s about navigating through old friends and passed times, celebrating an ending and feeling grateful for times changing. I don’t think we stop and give ourselves enough credit for constantly moving forward and adapting. We should celebrate our efforts more."

Tania Kernaghan - Love's Gonna Find You     Country, Easy Listening 20/07/2018
Tania Kernaghan is one of Australia country music's big stars with four Golden Guitars, 15 number one singles and numerous platinum and gold records to her credit.
"Love's Gonna Find You" is the 5th single taken from Tania Kernaghan's ARIA Top 10 album, "All Australian Girl".

"Love's Gonna Find You" is an up-tempo feel good song that gives hope to all of those folks out there looking for love.

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Keith Urban - My Wave (feat. Shy Carter)     Country, Pop 19/07/2018
After nine studio records, four GRAMMY® Awards, and millions of albums, songs, and tickets sold worldwide, Keith Urban continues to explore.
Keith Urban returns with the ultimate antidote, the rhythmic, reggae infused good vides of his news single My Wave (feat. Shy Carter)

The track is a celebration of freedom and finding himself, channeling his love for the Caribbean and featuring a classic line which he attributes to Australian actor Ben Mendelsohn, “You gotta watch out for the shine blockers”

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Kiara Rodrigues - Pretty Baby Blues     Country 19/07/2018
Over the last twelve years, Kiara Rodrigues has dedicated her time to captivating country music audiences across Australia.
'Pretty Baby Blues' is a mix of country with deeply embedded elements of swing and blues. With its clever and catchy lyrics, you simply won’t be able to get this tongue twister of a song out of your head!

Anthony Taylor - Pastors Daughter     Country, Country, Country, Country 16/07/2018
Anthony Taylor has lived the life he sings in his songs. Country Music runs in his blood and "Music Man" is his debut release.
Pastors Daughter was written for me, about my life, by Peta Peters. If you want to know me, listen to this song.

Other tracks by Anthony Taylor:  Beautiful Thing
Abbie Ferris - For A Moment     Country, Pop 15/07/2018
Abbie Ferris is an 18 year old true blue country girl who has already written with some of the finest songwriters in Australian country music.
For A Moment is the debut single from Abbie Ferris. Co-written by Ferris with her producer Michael Carpenter, and Canadian artist, Amy Nelson, the modern country track is all about the fun and freedom of being a teenager, telling the story of youthful excitement, passion and love that depends on a single moment to be or not to be.

Adam Toms - Say You Love Me     Country, Rock 13/07/2018
Adam Toms is known for his big voice in his live shows as well as his mixed banter and sense of humour.
The third single from his forthcoming album, Adam Toms delivers what he calls a ‘love hate’ power ballad. This one is for those people who have ever been stuck in a broken down relationship but still went through the motions long after the love had disappeared.

Jenny Trindall - Why Does Love Get In The Way     Country, Alternative Country, Country 06/07/2018
I'm a singer/songwriter recording artist.
A great track about wanting romance and fun but being afraid to fall in love