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Casey Barnes - Set Sail     Country, Pop, Acoustic 17/09/2018
Casey Barnes is making a monumental impression on the Australian country music scene. A career defining 12 months topped off with a Golden Guitar Finalist announcement
Riding the wave of success on a string of highly successful singles in 2018, the monumental year continues for Golden Guitar Finalist Casey Barnes with the release of a sincere, deeply heartfelt ballad ‘Set Sail’.

Gina Timms - Falling In Love (Is The Nicest Kind of Fall)     Country 12/09/2018
Some artists stand on stage and sing songs. Others deliver. You can guess which category Gina Timms fits into – with this new single, she knows what she’s talking about!
“I penned this song when I was standing on a friends balcony looking over a valley realising how far I had come since the breakdown of my first marriage”.
I had recently fallen in love with a man who I fancied back when I was 15.
"He was 22 and my father would have locked me up if he knew”

Kora Naughton - Ravenswood Lane     Country, Alternative Country 12/09/2018
At just 16, Kora Naughton is reminiscent of a young Kasey Chambers and is further proof that we are witnessing one of the most exciting new talents on the scene.
"Ravenswood Lane" is the third single taken from 17 year old Kora Naughton's debut album, "Ride or Die".

The song tells the fictional tale of a murder mystery and Kora says the song brings out the inner creative writer in her as recalls how much she loved writing stories In primary school.

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Lizzie Steadman - Here We Go Again     Country 12/09/2018
Lizzie Steadman an Aboriginal singer-songwriter has the ability to tell a storey through her empowering vocals.
Co-written with a Shane Nicholson, about listening to old country songs and drinking after a break down in a relationship.

Other tracks by Lizzie Steadman:  The Road To Wonderland
Tony Cook - Life's Lessons     Country, Alternative Country, Blues, Acoustic 12/09/2018
Laidback by name, Laidback by nature Tony Cook's Music is pure, simple and uniquely Australian. Lyrically you will feel Tones messages with catchy addictive sounds and chorus' YOU'LL BE HOOKED
A feel good song written about an old man passing on his wisdom to a stranger in a bar.
This track takes you on a journey into the the outback of Australia through a modern mainstream music take and is the essence of all decent humanity proudly believed in Outback Australian.

Hayley Marsten - Coming Home     Country 04/09/2018
Equal parts sass and sincerity, Hayley Marsten wears her heart on her bedazzled sleeve with pride and humour.
There’s no missing the emotional gut punch of ‘Coming Home’, a steely depiction of Marsten’s childhood in a broken home. “‘Coming Home’ is the bravest song I have – and might ever write,” says Marsten. “It is so personal and autobiographical for me and it was very scary to write, I couldn't have finished it without Lyn."

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James Van Cooper - Goodbye My Friends     Country, Alternative Country, Roots, Rock 04/09/2018
James Van Cooper is stylish, cool and playful. There’s enough catchy hooks and twangy guitars on his debut album “Coming Home” to satisfy those that like thinking, dancing and singing.
A classic uptempo rollick, penned by Van Cooper, that captures the essence of feel good alt country & Americana stylings.

Norma O'Hara Murphy - Blood Red Rose     Country 04/09/2018
Touring internationally during the nineties and having won several Golden Guitars and numerous other Industry awards Norma is recognised as one of Australia’s finest.
This is one of Norma O'Hara Murphy's favorite tracks which looks at the life and love of a cane farmer and his wife. Talk of everyday endless washing on the line but it is a love song and in spite of the very cruel realities of life, their love keeping them strong.

Peter Senior - Cool Ride     Country, Jazz, Rock 03/09/2018
Everything from theatrical pop/country to soft rock and respectful nods to Motown, Peter Senior’s grasp of the irreverent with the genuine is one of the hallmarks of his musical prowess.
This track is a genre-busting grower bursting with subdued energy and retro finesse. Sleek and smooth vocals build into a powerhouse performance from Pete, a multi-faceted artist whose crossover style is a melting pot of country, melodic pop and jazz.

Stomperoo - I Chose You     Country, Pop, Easy Listening, Roots 01/09/2018
Stomperoo is a bluejazz and roots vehicle for songs which amuse, satirize, inform and stimulate. Influences include Arlo Guthrie, Georgie Fame, Frank Zappa and Mose Allison.
I Chose You is a waltz that describes the first love of a couple that leads to marriage. It is romantic and sincere. The song could be a good bridal waltz. The song is about freedom in commitment. It is about the relief of finding somebody who is perfect for you.

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Freya Josephine Hollick - Mister One Time     Country, Alternative Country, Folk 31/08/2018
Small town songbird, country resurgent, spellbinding messenger of heartbreak and womanhood, of another time, another world, and an eternal entity of forgotten stardust is Freya Josephine Hollick.
‘Mister One Time’ is dripping in soul, wild and futuristic pedal steel, daggy rhodes and tumbling rollicking drums, that has you toe-tapping throughout until it explodes into a frenzied and blistering guitar solo in the vein of Nels Cline or Thurston Moore.

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Other tracks by Freya Josephine Hollick:  Earthly By and By  -  On A Mission To Kill All The Hatred In Man
Jayne Denham - Ladies Lettin' Loose     Country, Pop, Rock 31/08/2018
Jayne Denham’s impressive and relentlessly energetic live show has seen her earn performance opportunities at all major Australian country music festivals and, more recently, invited to perform in the USA.
'Ladies Lettin Loose’ is the new single by country rock powerhouse Jayne Denham. This sing along party anthem is for everyone, but especially for all those girls that work too hard and need to let loose. With that good dose of country soul that’s sure to get you up dancing the night away, its time for the ladies to let loose.

Jac Dalton - I Can Almost Taste The Rain     Country, Rock, Pop, Easy Listening 30/08/2018
Jac Dalton is an ALL KILLER / NO FILLER crusade of balls-to-the-wall, edgy melodic rock guaranteed to excite with its sonic familiarity, yet decidedly modern shape and color.
This track was written and released in August 2018 as a rallying 'call-to-action' anthem providing hope and inspiration for fellow Australians affected by the present drought.
It is hoped that the song's sentiments might provide comfort and encouragement for others across the globe challenged similarly by excessive environmental events.

Shane Josephson - Drought In The Country     Country, Rock 28/08/2018
Shane Josephson is the lead singer of Burnt Earth (Australian Bush Metal Band). This is Shanes' second solo single dedicated to the struggling farmers during this time of severe drought.
As a resident of the Central West of New South Wales, Shane Josephson is only too aware of the devastation being caused by the lack of rain throughout the state. The farmers face a disastrous situation for their livestock, crops and their families.
A heartfelt song from a man in Cobar in support of those suffering.

Ben Ransom Feat. Sharon O'Neill - Young Years     Country, Rock, Pop, Cover Version 27/08/2018
Ben Ransom is one of brightest stars on the Aussie music scene. He's a multi award winner & a highly sought out live act and at music festivals.
Ben Ransom's version of "Young Years" made it's way to Sharon O'Neill who loved it and suggested recording it as a duet.
The song holds a special place in Ben's heart - his Mum who passed away from brain cancer was looked after by the same nurse who looked after Dragon's Marc Hunter in his final days.

Brewn - That Girl     Country, Alternative Country, Rock 27/08/2018
A down to earth bunch of good blokes - Brewn sing about real life tales - that deeply resonate on a profound level with real people.
"That Girl" is the final single to be lifted from Brewn's acclaimed album, "My Town". The song harks back to 80's blue collar pub rock and tells the story of lost love. Michael Bond's rich vocal cuts through with power and emotion.

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Olivia Foy - Something 'Bout You     Country, Pop 27/08/2018
Australian-Chinese country pop artist from Melbourne. Singer/songwriter/producer
Something 'Bout You is Olivia Foy's second single - a fun country pop track written about the butterfly feeling of falling in love.

The April Family - One Trick Pony     Country, Alternative Country, Rock 27/08/2018
The April Family have been quietly working away, building a name and a steady body of work since forming in 2015, their sound a fusion of classic country and rock.
One Trick Pony features the soulfully twangy vocals of inimitable lead vocalist Kylie Whitney, the blistering lead guitar work of Casey Atkins and the insistent grooves and gritty production of Michael Carpenter, and was written by Whitney and Carpenter. The pointed lyrics support the narrative in the vocal, punctuated by production that seethes while building through to an explosive bridge.

Ben Mastwyk - Telephone Wire     Country, Blues, Alternative Country 25/08/2018
Prolific songwriter steeped proudly in country roots, Mastwyk has travelled the long highways of America’s south penning tales and poems as playful and amusing as they are dark and heartbreaking
“The phone is an omnipresent necessity that we pour all of our emotions into. There’s something mystical about the power these devices hold. They can bring us together but also tear us apart. There’s an assumed secrecy with telephone communication so people tend to pour their deepest secrets into them. But there are countless stories of people’s wrongdoings being uncovered"

The Long Johns - Hound Dog     Country, Roots, Alternative Country, Folk 25/08/2018
With the pluck of the banjo, the blast of the sousaphone and the racket of pots ‘n’ pans, topped by the sultry howl and growl of Sian Evans.
The new single driven by the pluck of the banjo, the blast of the sousaphone and the racket of pots ‘n’ pans, topped by the sultry howl and growl of Sian Evans. Making use of the literary technique assonance, the fast-paced repetition of vowel and consonants slurred together draw you in as those lyrics rhythmically roll off the banshee’s tongue.

Other tracks by The Long Johns:  Womble East