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Aleyce Simmonds & Lachlan Bryan - Heart You Saved     Country, Alternative Country 01/05/2018
Golden Guitar winners - Aleyce Simmonds and Lachlan Bryan collaborate on - Heart You Saved
Co-written together and recorded as a duet, Heart You Saved was written about finding the one who restores a little faith in love after a less than ideal series of relationships.

"Only love could change the fate... of the Heart You Saved"

Lucy Parle - Dancing With The Wrong Girl     Country 01/05/2018
14 Year Old Central Coast Singer/Songwriter
Dancing With The Wrong Girl is about a high school crush on a boy who already had a girlfriend. The song was written about being jealous of their relationship.

Mitch Lynham - Heart Of The Anzac     Country 01/05/2018
Mitch Lynham is a 24 year old from Kentville QLD. After picking up the guitar, music quickly became the biggest part of his life.
“Heart Of The Anzac” was co-written with golden guitar winning Singer/Song-Writer Fanny Lumsden. Mitch had the chance to sit down with Fanny whilst he was at the CMAA Academy of Country Music in Tamworth.

Suga Owens - Stay A Little More     Country, Alternative Country 01/05/2018
Scottie aka (Suga Owens) was born in the Burdekin in North Queensland in the back of a corner shop that his parents owned.
The debut single Stay A Little More is a light-hearted but smooth account of 2 people finding the chance to spend more time together, and not worrying about anything but just that. Inspired by Josh Turner and Chris Young sounds, the production is smooth and playful.

Chantell Alexi - She Lives Through Me     Country, Alternative Country 30/04/2018
Chantell Alexi is best described as an Alternative Country artist. Chantell is an artist of great talent and a career tattoo artist.
My mum was like my best friend and losing her felt like losing a huge part of myself. After writing a few sad and angry songs about her loss I decided I wanted to write something that honoured her life and the gifts she gave to me.

Kerry Kennedy - Mothers Day     Country, Easy Listening 30/04/2018
Kerry Kennedy is a Country singer/song writer who tells stories in song from real life events and observations. A rich, soulful voice that commands you to listen.
A dedication to mothers. A perfect song for Mothers Day. There is nothing stronger than a mothers love. to all the mums across the globe, thank you for just being the best.

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Deb Moore - Monday Night     Country 28/04/2018
Deb is venturing into new territory and has written adult songs that possibly fall into the country/folk genre. Debs main genre is childrens' songs that adults find catchy, easy listening.
Relatable, haunting element of emotion on the roller-coaster ride of relationships. 'Monday Night' has an easy listening vibe.

John Hunter Combo - Long, Long Time     Country, Folk, Acoustic 28/04/2018
John Hunter Combo draws on experience and imagination combiningine story telling lyrics with melodies in blues, country, folk and comic genres adding his distinctive readings with guitar and great harmonica.
Reflecting on an old love and hoping their love still burns and the relationship be renewed.

Other tracks by John Hunter Combo:  Waiting For Your Train  -  Never Miss A Day Of Your Love
The Glorious North - God At The Bar     Country, Alternative Country, Rock 27/04/2018
The Glorious North are a country rock band proudly from the north side of Melbourne, singing songs about the interactions of girls, love, loss and booze.
The main protagonist has drunken awakening during an extended session on the libations that lead him to a moment of clarity.

Other tracks by The Glorious North:  Old EJ  -  Fall
Matt Love - Postcard     Country, Alternative Country, Retro, Folk 27/04/2018
If you love Glen Campbell and Charlie Rich you will love this track from Brisbane musician Matt Love. Matt brings you 3 chords and the truth – and an orchestra.
Postcard is country pop reminiscent of the orchestral pop of the late 60's or early 70's. A traditional country tear jerker, starting raw and unadorned and then gradually building to a lush string crescendo. You may cry in your beer.

Simply Bushed - What About Me     Country 27/04/2018
Simply Bushed started the journey as a simple bush band but has grown into so much more than just a band for Australia day, evolving into an Australian Music experience.
Inspired by an emotional chat with a Vietnam War veteran, 'What About Me', smacks listeners with a look into the daily life of those service personnel who suffer because of their experiences, and portrays the anger and turmoil still deeply entrenched and carried by so many of our veterans.

Errol Gray - That's Be Your Mum     Country, Easy Listening 16/04/2018
With his guitar and politically incorrect sense of humor, Errol has audiences in stitches with his songs and stories that reflect everyday situations and misfortunes that happen to us all.
With Mothers Day approaching, singer/songwriter and teller of tall stories Errol Gray has released his heartfelt tribute to mothers everywhere, That's Be Your Mum. Based on his own personal memories, this sentimental ballad will have you reaching for the tissues. The perfect song to play on Mothers Day.

Imogen Clark - Your Anything At All     Country, Alternative Country, Easy Listening 16/04/2018
In the last few years, Imogen Clark has been touted as one of the most promising emerging singer/songwriters in Australia. Her new album is produced by Mark Lizotte (Diesel).
‘Your Anything At All’ was written as a confident, defiant rebuke to ‘a recently ended, almost relationship.’ Pushing heartbroken subject matter aside, director Jeremy Dylan - collaborator on all of Imogen’s music video releases to date – has delivered an infectious, quirky narrative.

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Other tracks by Imogen Clark:  Collide
Hurricane Fall - Wheels Up     Country, Rock, Pop 14/04/2018
Tamworth born and raised and now based in Newcastle, Hurricane Fall is comprised of Jesse Vee, Pepper Deroy, Jimmy Hick and Lachlan ‘Dusty’ Coffey.
'Wheels Up' is a song that highlights the enjoyment the band has in travelling together and performing their music to live audiences. With their strong vocals embellished by a solid rhythm section the song has all the makings of being a classic hit.

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Lucy Parle - Dancing With The Wrong Girl     Country 14/04/2018
‘Dancing With The Wrong Girl’ is the second single release from 14 year old Central Coast singer songwriter, Lucy Parle.
Dancing With The Wrong Girl is about a high school crush on a boy who already had a girlfriend. The song was written about being jealous of their relationship.

Rick Hart - Little Pieces (ft. Vanessa Hart)     Country, Alternative Country 14/04/2018
With a voice that floats with soulful warmth and honesty, Rick Hart is a storyteller, whose words and melodies weave through all the dynamics and extremes of human emotions.
Little Pieces is a duet between Hart and his wife and backing singer Vanessa Hart. It is stripped back, melancholy, country tale of trying to get over someone but always encountering little reminders that make forgetting so hard. It is a heartfelt duet that remains true to its country traditions.

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Pixie Jenkins - Alone Again     Country 13/04/2018
Golden Guitar Winning, Fiddle playing extraordinaire, Pixie Jenkins.
"Alone Again" is a song about a morose subject, suicide, but itʼs also about family and the loss associated with love and longing. When I first heard this song in my teens, I thought it a beautiful melody but the words didnʼt really speak to me as they do now.

Cat Canteri - The Only One     Blues/Roots, Alternative Country, Rock 10/04/2018
Poignant and poetic lyrics and a bold slide guitar style; renowned songwriter Cat Canteri encapsulates her verve and passion into her sound recordings, often with brave, personal and candid honesty
In a desperate act to heal old wounds and re-ignite a flame, a mid-night rambling love letter is recomposed into song; hard-hitting verses, an introspective chorus and a ballsy slide guitar solo.

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Dave Prior - I Cried The Day Merle Haggard Died     Country 10/04/2018
Dave Prior is a well-known comedy entertainer who can also sing a mean country song.
"John O'Dea & I were talking about the day Hag died. I said “I Cried the Day Merle Haggard Died”. We tossed around some ideas and John came back with the song. Stuie French had a little play with it and here it is."

The Weeping Willows & Allan Caswell - The Roses Fall     Country, Alternative Country 10/04/2018
Golden Guitar and CMC Finalists, The Weeping Willows & Golden Guitar Winner, Allan Caswell have teamed up to write and record the poignant, The Roses Fall.
At its heart “The Roses Fall” is a love song and a story song. The couple in the song was created to tell story of the effect that the War had on ordinary Australian people. Damian Cafarella produced “The Roses Fall” at his End Of The Road studio in Melbourne.