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Mark Lucas - The Ghost of Lost Creek Road     Country, Roots 12/10/2018
“This guy was born to write songs that you’d want to hear on your car stereo as you hit the road.”
The Ghost Of Lost Creek Road was inspired by an afternoon spent stuck with his young family in a traffic jam on the Pacific Highway, a hapless truckie having driven off the side of the road into a gully south of Bellingen. A sign on the opposite side of the highway read ‘Lost Creek Road’...

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Ryan James - Let It Burn     Country 12/10/2018
Ryan James is an up and coming star on the rise based in Sydney. Debut Single - #2 on the iTunes chart!
Let it Burn is the mid-tempo, debut offering from Ryan James.
All about the things you need to live and learn, and 'let burn' in life.

Tom Curtain - Where The Pindan Meets The Ocean     Country 11/10/2018
Tom Curtain is an entertainer, musician, horseman, businessman, entrepreneur and family-man living and working in outback Australia.
‘Where The Pindan Meets The Ocean’ is a true story about a lady who owns a cattle station in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia. With two young kids, a house she built herself from mudbricks and a small herd of cattle, Janice Bell of Barnhill Station diversified her operation by building a caravan park on the red Pindan soils.

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Montgomery Church - I'm Gonna Love Her All The Time     Country, Folk 11/10/2018
Fresh from showcasing at the prestigious AMERICANAFEST in Nashville, Montgomery Church release the stunning second single from the debut album, I'm Gonna Love Her All The Time.
"I'm Gonna Love Her All The Time" was the very last song Montgomery Church wrote for the album and is a mid-tempo harmony duet reminiscent of the Appalachian folk melodies that they love.
'I'm Gonna Love Her All The Time' also features Cielle's very first ever instrumental solo - on the BANJO no less!

Kylie Adams-Collier - Hook, Line & Sinker     Country, Country, Country, Country 10/10/2018
Kylie Adams-Collier is a Kross Kut Records touring artist, songwriter, festival host and national radio broadcaster with Good Morning Country on the community radio network.
Hook Line & Sinker is a light hearted song about Kylie meeting her soon to be husband, Mark. Kylie found out that a lady can propose to a man on the last day of the leap year. She bravely popped the question and he said yes!

SIMON MARKS - LILA     Country, Rock 10/10/2018
Reuniting with some of the country's finest musicians including Syd Green (19-Twenty) and Ben Franz (The Waifs) humble regional dwelling singer/songwriter Simon Marks offers up his latest work "Passenger".
'LILA': Relates a story of the beautiful innocence of childhood, told from the child inspired perspective of a singer/songwriter, moved by the innocence and passion for life of a child. Written roadside driving home from a show late one night along a stretch of road known as 'The Long Paddock', that runs from Victoria to Queensland.

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Adam Toms - Josephine     Country, Rock 09/10/2018
The Youth Worker by day sure knows how to mix things up musically with a style combining country, rock, blues and singer-songwriter however all songs have a distinct ‘Tomsy’ flavour.
Josephine by Adam Toms combines sounds of country rock and southern rock to present a powerful thumping track. Written and produced by Toms this is the 4th single from his 2018 album release Where Were You? and will have you singing along in no time.

Clint Wilson - The River Spoke To Me     Country 09/10/2018
Clint Wislon's music is real, raw and honest and paints a magnificent picture into suburban Melbourne.
Clint Wilson's debut offering "Dark Water" tells a distinctly Australian story. With a nostalgic, alt-country sound. Lead single "The River Spoke To Me" tells a tale of lost youth - a fictional insight into the Bright river drownings in the early 90s..
The tune captures Wilson's unique delivery and the very essence that makes this troubadour so refreshing.

Jeff Brown - After January Rains     Country 09/10/2018
Jeff Brown has been involved with the Country Music Industry since he was 18, releasing seven albums to date and winning two Golden Guitars.
'After January Rains' was a poem penned by the unique writing team, Kelly and Marion Dixon with Jeff Brown adding his melody. The story is told through the eyes of a retired drover now living in the confines of the city, reminiscing his days moving the big mobs out west.

Melissa Robertson - Little Country Life     Country, Alternative Country, Folk 09/10/2018
The growing success for Melissa Robertson’s music not only reflects her ability to connect to her audience because of her songs and music, but also because of her heart.
'Little Country Life’ is the title track to Melissa’s brand new all original album which will be launched this weekend. Melissa wrote this song to celebrate the beauty of her and her husband’s life together in the picturesque town of Cowra. Produced and Mastered by Simon Johnson of Hillbilly Hut.

Sophie Rainbow - For Jess & Billy     Country 09/10/2018
The girl who hopes her music will be as memorable as her last name; Sophie Rainbow is a spirited performer and storyteller hailing from the country’s capital, Canberra.
Sophie Rainbow’s debut single is a heartfelt dedication to the example of love she grew up watching between her Sister and (now) Brother-in-law. ‘For Jess & Billy’ was written before the couple’s wedding in 2017 and has become a favourite among audiences ever since for it’s nostalgic and joyful nature.

BUD ROKESKY - San Francisco     Country 06/10/2018
A country singer with an edge for songwriting. With resemblance to Townes Van Zandt & Kris Kristofferson.
San Francisco

A story, a place, a time.

Other tracks by BUD ROKESKY:  Oars  -  Louie
Shanley Del & Lachlan Bryan - I've Got All The Time In The World     Country 06/10/2018
ARIA Award Winner Shanley Del and Golden Guitar Winner Lachlan Bryan team up for "I've Got All the Time In The World".
It’s been a long time between White Russians for Shanley, whose last release was an album called The Other Side in 2001, But the moment you hear her voice on "I’ve Got All The Time In The World" the space between releases will evaporate. Shanley is back.

Troy Kemp & Jayne Denham - Hung Up On You     Country, Pop, Rock 06/10/2018
Australian Country Artists Troy Kemp & Jayne Denham have paired up to record and release the catchy new “cross-over” duet, 'Hung Up On You'.
'Hung Up On You' is a song about regrets after a break-up. About a guy who has said some things he wishes he could take back and the girl that is waiting for him to do so. Think of classic duets from the past then add a modern country spin, flawless vocal performances, and a catchy hook.

Delilah Rose & the Gunslingers - Great Eastern Highway     Country, Alternative Country, Folk 05/10/2018
Delilah Rose & the Gunslingers play a distinctly Westralian brand of alt-country folkabilly. Delilah's lyrics conjure our landscape and characters with an emotional honesty and a razor-sharp sense of humour.
The ultimate driving tune, the song explores a change in season, life, space and place. As hot summer Westralian easterlies blow through your car window, Delilah’s earthy tones and Francis’s signature honey-baked harmonies sing of childhood memories while Darryn’s soaring guitar solo is laid over sweet, nostalgic organ chords.

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Michael Weaver - Won't You Dance With Me ?     Country, Folk 04/10/2018
Michael is a passionate songwriter with a deep understanding of the people he has met through his travels throughout Queensland and NSW.
Won't You dance With Me? is about a ringer who has been working for 3 months straight and finally comes to town and meets the love of his life at the dance!

Other tracks by Michael Weaver:  I'm So Lonely
Sinead Burgess - Praising God, Raising Hell     Country, Alternative Country, Acoustic, Folk 28/09/2018
Sinead Burgess is a multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter currently living in Nashville. TN. She has toured extensively in Austraila, supporting artists like Don McLean, James Bay and The Script.
"Praising God, Raising Hell" is a song of the silent heartbreak & torment of a relationship after an indiscretion.

“It’s basically when someone says one thing and does another. The complete opposite in fact. This is something that’s never easy to write about, but it had to be done.” -Sinead Burgess

Peta Mai - Fire     Country, Pop, RnB, Rock 28/09/2018
Inspired by country, rock and R&B, Peta Mai blends driven grooves with soaring melodies and classic instrumentation for a bold sound that's rich and engrossing, without sacrificing catchiness or mass-appeal.
‘Where there’s smoke there’s always fire’. As people, we seem to love investing in the wrong person and ignore all warning signs. I’ve always felt connected to fire as a symbol - it’s mesmerising, but if you get too close, it’ll burn you. This song is about the push and pull between the fantasy and reality of a toxic relationship.

Other tracks by Peta Mai:  We Could’ve Been More  -  Thank You For Goodbye
Brendan Smoother - Gypsy Girl     Country 26/09/2018
BRENDAN SMOOTHER has made a mark for himself over the past few years as a storytelling songwriter with styles including Australiana, Bush Ballad and Alt-Country releases.
A story of “Imaginary Infidelity” at a local “Faithful Cafe”. It’s a driving song with punch from the rhythm section and ear catching hooks from a B-bender Telecaster all under the masterful production of Michael Carpenter at Love Hz Studio Sydney. Already pick out from the album by many broadcasters as a standout track.

The Long And Short Of It - When I'm Gone     Country 26/09/2018
The Long And Short of It are an ARIA charting, multi-award-winning duo from Melbourne, whose superb harmonies have been described as “honey coated chocolate”.
The Long And Short Of It are an ARIA charting, multi-award-winning duo from Melbourne. 'When I’m Gone' is their latest single release from their ARIA charting album, 'The Night Of Our Life'. The song imbibes the positive message that they want to leave behind for loved ones and future generations.