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Natalie Pearson - Plan B     Country, Pop, Dance, Rock 01/11/2019
After a winning performance on the main stage at the Gympie Music Muster, Natalie Pearson is making an impression. Petite at 5'2, but she has some big notes to deliver.
‘Plan B’ releasing 1st November is a fresh, upbeat feel-good track of sass and self-worth.

“No-one wants to be a backup option when things don’t go to plan. If someone can’t see your value as a person from the get-go, then have the confidence to put yourself first.”

Hurricane Fall - Top Down     Country, Pop 31/10/2019
Australian Country Band survive terrifying mid-air incident as “plane drops from the sky” over the Pacific. However, they responded by releasing their best-received single to date.
Hurricane Fall’s latest track ‘Top Down’ is a depiction of life when you’re in love. The lyrical metaphor: ‘it’s like cruising around with the top down baby whenever I’m with you' used to express the relaxation, the ease and the enjoyment felt when spending time with your number one. The track is easy listening, emotion provoking.

Jack Viljoen - Rain     Country 31/10/2019
Jack is a singer and songwriter from Gladstone in Central Queensland. Hailing from a diverse musical background Jack’s song writing is inspired by the music and artists that he loves.
"Grandad had a farm. For half a lifetime he poured heart and soul into it and turned it into something to be proud of. Then the drought came and he had to see it all scorched away with the flesh from the livestock and the life from the earth." - Jack Viljoen

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Rich Webb - 3 Days Missing - Live at Barrock     Country, Alternative, Folk, Easy Listening 31/10/2019
Melbourne singer-songwriter Rich Webb recently won Best Alt-Country album and Best Alt-Country single in the 2019 Independent Music Awards in New York. His songs have taken him around the world.
3 Days Missing is a gorgeous ballad that explores the dynamics of a relationship breakup, and the different sides of the person who wants to make the break and still stay friends, and the person being left who just wants to erase the whole thing and get on with their life.

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Shannon Noll - Long Live the Summer     Country, Rock, Pop 31/10/2019
One of Australia’s most recognisable names, Shannon Noll, has joined with independent record label, Social Family Records, to release this summer’s anthem, Long Live the Summer.
A catchy, high-energy, country rock belter, Long Live the Summer, is about getting out and about in the beautiful wide brown land that is Australia, from the red dirt to the coast, and enjoying every second of sunshine and holidays with your family and friends.

Angus Gill - Welcome To My Heart     Country 30/10/2019
Award-winning, singer-songwriter
A song about all the things that we do on a perfect Sunday, at home with the family.

Other tracks by Angus Gill:  ORIGINS  -  Don't Care How Long It Takes
Fanny Lumsden - Peed In The Pool     Country, Easy Listening 30/10/2019
Award-winning Australian country artist, Fanny Lumsden, is thrilled to unveil her new single, Peed In The Pool.
"Peed in the Pool, because… well, who hasn’t. It’s a classic confessional. Celebrating my eternal seeking of grace, which is becoming more apparent as time goes that it may be something that is never part of my day to day. Clumsy and manic to the end." - Fanny Lumsden

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Jade Holland - Dream Wild     Country, Pop, Rock, Blues 30/10/2019
Singer/songwriter Jade Holland hails from Townsville. She’s a vibrant, sexy, soul-bearing artist and her music has a strong theme of a strong confident independent young woman realising her worth.
Dream Wild is the epitome of the entire Dream Wild album. It’s Jade’s way of taking a chance, leaving everything in the studio, putting her heart and soul into every song and feeling every moment. This song is about living life to the fullest and just remembering that we could be gone tomorrow.

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Cassidy-Rae - Throwback     Country, Pop 25/10/2019
Cassidy-Rae - a name you’ll want to remember. Wandering songstress, acoustic singer-songwriter stunning audiences with her mesmerising vocals, larger than life stage presence & heartfelt songs about love and life.
"Throwback” is an up-tempo, country-pop love song set to make audiences fall more in love with Cassidy-Rae. Written with Katrina Burgoyne at The Tamworth Country Music Festival Academy, recorded with Michael Carpenter at Love HZ Studios, this single is about throwing it back to the good ole days where every man was a gentleman and every woman a lady.

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Tailgate Drive - Lost     Country, Pop 25/10/2019
Tailgate Drive is the merging together of well known, local Australian country artists, Troy Kemp and Damien Baguley (of the Viper Creek Band).
'Lost' is the brand new single from CMC New Talent Of The Year award winners Tailgate Drive. With an upbeat, modern pop country sound 'Lost' tells that cliche’d story, through popular song title references, of a young man falling for a girl in a bar. He makes his move, they chat, they dance and then she disappears, lost into the night.

Will Day - Here To Party     Country 25/10/2019
Gritty. Energetic. Grounded. These are three words that describe rising Australian country singer-songwriter, Will Day.
Will Day’s ultimate summer anthem 'Here To Party' is a no fuss, straight up, country rock party song. A song to be ramped into overdrive with its feel good theme and one that is destined to become a crowd favourite, ensuring fans will be kept on their feet, wanting more.

Heather Fiona - Every Beginning Has An End     Country, Blues, Soul 24/10/2019
Footscray based soul-pop expert Heather Fiona maintains an engaging unpredictability that shuffles between motown, blues, country and pop. She is known for her standout vocals and heartfelt lyricism.
"The vibes of a dusty salon filled with heartache and whiskey, with a voice that cuts through the darkness like a beacon of light." Nkechi Anele (Triple J Roots 'N' All)

Written on the floor of a vacant apartment after making the first steps to leave a failing relationship. Slide guitar introduction courtesy of my friend and producer Tim Guy.

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Other tracks by Heather Fiona:  Bad Taste  -  Carry Me Gently
Lance Friend - Ned Kelly Said     Country 24/10/2019
With his music featuring high on various country charts Lance has toured Australia wide supporting and headlining many events, festivals and gigs.
‘Ned Kelly Said’ is the song that sees Lance Friend back on the airwaves after what has been an extended break from the industry. A labor of love spanning decades is now testament to a young boys school excursion to Glenrowan and the effect this visit still holds over him today.

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Left Of The Line - Didge Express     Country, Country, Blues, Blues 24/10/2019
Left Of The Line from Geraldton WA bring you a mix of Country and Blues with a twist, Add A didge, and a bit of an Irish influence.
Didge Express is very relevant at this time calling for a balance between Progress and the environment also with a message to listen more to the traditional owners of Australia.

Matt Ward - Better Man     Country, Easy Listening 24/10/2019
Delivering a soulful blend Australian Country, Red Dirt and Americana music, Matt J Ward's musical journey has been anything but typical.
Better Man is the final single off Matt Ward’s highly acclaimed debut album Heartland. Recorded at Love Hz studios with multi Golden Guitar winning producer Matt Fell, Better Man is the true story of an Australian man who loses his farm, and in the process his family, during a bad Australian drought.

Peter Coad (OAM) - Lonely Outback Moon     Country 24/10/2019
PETER COAD (OAM) was born and raised in Hawker, in the mid north of South Australia. His musical career has seen him release many albums of original material.
‘Lonely Outback Moon’ paints a true picture of drought time in the Australian outback. In a land where people, animals and wild life hang on and coexist with the drought and survival because they know that rain will come one day, someday.

Rory Ellis - Fadin'     Country, Easy Listening 24/10/2019
Rory Ellis is a highly charismatic singer/songwriter with eight nationally and internationally acclaimed albums, and a rich unforgettable voice.
At the crossroads of life and career, you see hurdles to jump and snags that tripped you on the journey. You feel like Fadin’ slowly away. “Try a little harder”, are the words of someone that loves you unconditionally. Making you realise your dreams, making YOU make them come true.

Shelly Jones Band - What She Needs     Country, Easy Listening 24/10/2019
Popular husband and wife duo, the Shelly Jones Band (Shelly and Lester) are two accomplished singer-songwriters, well known for delivering strong vocal harmonies and great musicianship.
'What She Needs' is the latest single release from husband and wife duo, the Shelly Jones Band. Written by Shelly and Lester, this classic “done-me-wrong song” portrays how things can go bad in a relationship when a woman makes choices based on romantic myths and fairytales, rather than the pragmatic qualities required to find a ‘keeper’ (what she needs!).

Smith & Jones - Running From Something     Country, Alternative, Folk 24/10/2019
Smith & Jones are one of the most exciting DUOS in the Australian Country / Americana scene.
Running From Something lets the girls' unique call-and-response style of arrangement and the sweetness of their vocal harmonies take centre stage. Running From Something both pokes fun at, as well as deeply questions the desire for love and companionship, and in the end serves as a reminder that there is joy and strength to be found in remaining solitary.

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Warren Derwent - Staring at the Sky     Country, Blues, Roots 24/10/2019
Warren Derwent is an Australian country singer/songwriter based in Canberra ACT.
Performed by Warren Derwent and co-written with Paul Fisher (Fisher/Derwent), Staring at the Sky is a song about the effects of drought in Australia. It's hard to imagine what it's like for so many Australian families struggling to survive one of the worst droughts in living memory, and Staring at the Sky was conceived in imagining.

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