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Subway Monk - Wait A Minute     Country, Rock, Blues, Psychedelic 24/06/2019
Subway Monk is a 4 piece band of very experienced musicians from Perth, Brisbane, Northern NSW and Sydney. They are based in Sydney’s Inner West.
Light hearted country rock/psychedelic featuring good foot tapping tempo and light lyrics

CLIFF WISEMAN - MESMERIZED     Country, Easy Listening, Australian Indigenous, World 23/06/2019
Australian Aboriginal Country Music Songwriter/Performer composes romantic easy listening music. Awarded at the 2018 Far NQ Country Music Festival & performing at festivals locally on the NQ Tabelelands.
Australian Aboriginal Country Music.
Easy listening romantic love song.

Dan Tuffy aka SONGS FROM DAN - The Biggest Bastard Who Ever Rode The West     Country, Alternative Country, Atmospheric, Roots 23/06/2019
Cool grooves, a sultry country-ish sound and a genuinely idiosyncratic approach to making music is the finer stuff that seeps through the cracks of Dan Tuffys majestic songs.
Opening track of Dan Tuffys magnificent debut solo album SONGS FROM DAN. First released in 2017. This is a brilliant autobiographical self-reflection of the life of a touring musician. Tuffy cleverly compares his own self-centered drive for fame and fortune with that of an outlaw drifting from town to town stealing hearts and leaving a trail of misery behind. Genius

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Other tracks by Dan Tuffy aka SONGS FROM DAN:  Don't Go Crying On My Shoulder  -  Shake it Looose
Gina Jeffreys - Cash     Country, Blues, Easy Listening 21/06/2019
Gina Jeffreys won Star Maker in 1991 and became Australia’s first female country artist to sell platinum albums, perform sell-out shows across Australia and take her music globally.
The inspiration for ‘CASH’ comes from Gina’s career-launching tour in 1994 as the support act for the legendary Johnny Cash. It was a time that changed Gina’s career from singing to five people a night in a dimly lit Sydney wine bar, to opening for Johnny Cash in front of 15,000 people a night.

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Kora Naughton - So Small     Country, Alternative Country, Roots 19/06/2019
Kora Naughton is proving herself as an artist with drive and determination with some of the industry's heavyweights throwing their support behind the 17 year old singer/songwriter.
"So Small" is the fifth single lifted from the album and the one that Kora feels most passionate about. Kora says the song is about her observations of the bullying that does go on within the school system.

"I decided to focus on the 'bully' rather than the 'victim' and try and understand why they do what they do"

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Mat Black - Diamond Mine     Country 19/06/2019
Mat Black is an alt-country singer-songwriter based in Melbourne, with a tendency toward the dark and melancholic.
"Diamond Mine" is the first single from alt-country singer-songwriter Mat Black’s debut LP "Trucker Hats & Heart Attack". It draws heavily on a deep connection with Southern Rock and that 'dirt-in-your-ears' sound.

Dirty guitars and a screaming harmonica solo punctuate this track, giving it a definite country-rock feel. For lovers of Neil Young, Steve Earle and Drive-By Truckers.

Melanie Horsnell - Something To Believe In     Country, Folk, Alternative Country, Easy Listening 18/06/2019
“A promise of a softly lit afternoon in the company of Melanie Horsnell… with a voice of the utmost delicateness..” — Bernard Zuel
I wrote this song "Something To Believe In" last year, as the cold hit and I'd climbing out of the low lands, in the dark of night with all the candles glowing and lots of stars twinkling in my old windows.

Jasmine Atkins - Where I've Never Been     Country, Pop, Rock 17/06/2019
Jasmine Atkins is a vibrant new personality on the Australian Country Music landscape. This performer is quickly winning over audiences with her infectious personality and distinctive vocal delivery.
Moving to NSW recently to follow her musical aspirations, Where I've Never Been is the first step of many for Jasmine in reaching her goals. Co-written with Troy Kemp and Jeremy Barnes, the song focuses on the idea of never giving up on what you want to achieve.

Ryan Daykin - War Fair     Country, Pop, Alternative Country, Rock 17/06/2019
Victorian-based Country musician Ryan Daykin is shaking things up with a range of influences that stretch from Motown to Shania Twain, Ryan’s music is dynamic as it is are captivatin.
War Fair speaks on the breakdown of a relationship, and reaching a point between the two of you where there is no going back. 'Hope is dead and love is gone - when you don't care and I don't care - there's no way to make this war fair'. And they say all is fair in love and war.....

Georgia State Line & Patrick Wilson - What I Know Now     Country, Alternative Country, Folk 14/06/2019
'What I Know Now' is the new single by country-steeped melancholists Georgia State Line and Patrick Wilson; thoughtfully cradled by a warmth of introspect fit for the change of season.
"At the time of writing [the song], I [Delves] found myself wondering how much better life could be if we all acted with just a little bit more curiosity and compassion for each other."

The release’s rich instrumentation and lyricism reveal new layers at every listen, highlighting the mastery with which the duo examine such questions of human nature.

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Anita Ree - Sweet Sugar Cane     Country 13/06/2019
Born into a country music family Anita grew up on a cane and cattle farm in Queensland. Growing up in the bush gave Anita a unique perspective on Australian life.
The days of smaller farms and tractors have been taken over by big operators and big machines, as is the case with most of our families farming land. This song is in fond memory of our days in sugar cane, when our family and our neighbors helped each other burn, bin out, cut, cart, crush and grow the sugar cane.

Benn Gunn - I'm A Queenslander     Country, Rock 13/06/2019
Benn Gunn is a true blue Aussie playing his own unique brand of Aussie heartland rock combined with his Aussie humour.
I'm A Queenslander is the unofficial uptempo rock State Of Origin anthem for Queenslanders.

Benn Gunn - We're From New South Wales     Country, Rock 13/06/2019
Benn Gunn is a true blue Aussie playing his own unique brand of Aussie heartland rock combined with his Aussie humour.
We're From New South Wales is the rousing uptempo State Of Origin anthem for everyone who loves this great state from Broken Hill to Bourke.

Della Harris - Roll Of A Dice     Country, RnB, Easy Listening, Alternative Country 13/06/2019
Della Harris is a singer songwriter, born in the heart of Victoria and now living in Melbourne. Her authentic stories come from real life and resonate happily with her audiences.
Roll Of A Dice has a hypnotic feel that hooks you in with a lyric that everyone can relate to. “After a friend of mine’s brother was involved in a freak accident, I realised how quickly life can change. We never know what the future holds and it can all just change with the ‘Roll Of A Dice’.” Della Harris

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Della Harris - Roll Of A Dice     Country, Blues 13/06/2019
Della Harris is a singer, songwriter, wife and mother, born in the heart of rural Victoria and now living in Melbourne raising her family.
‘Roll Of A Dice’ has a hypnotic feel that hooks you in with a lyric that everyone can relate to. “After a friend of mine’s brother was involved in a freak accident, it made me realise how easily life can change with the ‘Roll Of A Dice’.” Della Harris

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John Hunter Combo - Can't Forget You     Country, Alternative Country, Easy Listening, Jazz 13/06/2019
John Hunter Combo brings 40 years of singing originals and harmonica playing to his Blues, Country and Folk songs, each with powerful story telling lyrics, emotion and humour.
Remembering a love that just won't let go of you.

Kevin Sullivan - No Saxophone     Country, Pop 13/06/2019
Former forensic crime scene investigator turned singer-songwriter Kevin Sullivan returns with his new single, 'No Saxophone' – a song full of heart, with one hell of an ending.
No Saxophone tells the story of the various musicians and their instruments vying for a position in a country band. It has a catchy, foot tapping country tempo, building up to the saxophone’s triumphant rebellion.

Rich Webb - Me and my Horse Trigger (Radio Edit)     Country, Alternative Country 13/06/2019
Rich Webb is an alt-country singer-songwriter from Melbourne. His 'Le Rayon Vert' is up for three awards in this year's Independent Music Awards in New York, including best alt-country album
'Me and my Horse Trigger' is about someone out of time and wanting things to go back to how they used to be. It's a political song about those behind the tag lines: "Let's make the US/UK/Australia great again". The surprise ending (Brexit soundscape?) represents the colossal mess they are leading us into.

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Strawberry Lane - Deloraine     Country, Pop 13/06/2019
We are two piece recording act based in Melbourne. We write and record songs in the pop/country genre.
Song set in the Tasmanian town of Deloraine. About a person who struggles to make a living on the land and eventually loses everything. He leaves and heads east looking for a better life.

The Teskey Brothers - Man Of The Universe     Country, Blues, Soul 13/06/2019
The Teskey Brothers have released their new single & video, ‘Man Of The Universe’ from their upcoming second record Run Home Slow, scheduled for release on Friday 2 August.
‘Man Of The Universe’ touches on the dislocation you can feel when you’re constantly on the move, not sure where you call home. “The simple subject of the song is, stop trying to label everything, and say we’re from here, or this place is better than that or these people are better than those,” singer and guitarist Josh Teskey says.