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Amanda Sempf - Un-scarred Innocent Hearts     Country, Alternative Country 16/11/2017
Amanda Sempf is a singer, songwriter and recording artist. She found a love for performing at an early age and is thoroughly enjoying her musical journey.
A song about a fellow who had quite a few ladies in tow. Pretty much sticking it to those greedy chaps that only want the innocent hearts/the nice ones.

Other tracks by Amanda Sempf:  Little Inspiration  -  I'm Moving On
Dan Parsons - Here Goes Nothin'     Blues/Roots, Rock, Pop, Country 16/11/2017
Singer-songwriter Dan Parsons sings of the triumphs and anxieties of the human experience, conjuring up a 1970’s West Coast landscape for the iPhone generation.
Here Goes Nothin' is the first single off the new album by Dan Parsons. Recorded live and straight to tape with his band, it's "a modern slice of old-school country funk" (Henry Wagons, Double J).

Jonny Taylor - Diamonds     Rock, Alternative Country, Country 16/11/2017
n emotionally charged musician and relentless touring machine – Jonny Taylor – has cut his teeth on the dusty roads of Australia to take his original music to the people.
Taken from the album, "Dig Deep".

"Life doesn't always go our way. Things pop up everyday to test us, even when we think we've got it all figured out. The song touches on the notion of just moving forward, no matter what's thrown our way" - Jonny Taylor

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Kevin Greaves - Daddy's Radio     Country 16/11/2017
After 15 years living and recording in Nashville TN. Plus performing all over the USA, Kevin is now sharing his time between NZ, USA & Australia.
Co-written by friend and one of Nashville’s most successful songwriters Chris Dubois and Billy Yates.
It’s almost true to life story about a father and sons relationship and the memories created through songs.

Michael Wilks - Simple Times     Country 16/11/2017
Michael entertains with both his originals and cover songs engaging with the audience in a light hearted and truly Australian witty way, leaving the crowd asking for more.
Michael has been the driving force behind many such acts as Rough Justice, Twist of Fate, Ripchord, Superstitious, and co-contributor to Solo 2 RnM. Michael has been both an ABC Music Awards finalist and semi-finalist. 'Simple Times' is the hit new country single by up and coming country artist Michael Wilks.

Jackie Dee - Little Ones     Country 15/11/2017
Jackie Dee is back with Six String Heart, her most personable album to date. Dee seems fearless in tackling some of the tougher topics and this album is no exception.
'Being a Mum will always be my greatest achievement'. Dee sits alone in her yard one Sunday morning reminiscing about the days of being a mum to young children. The bond she shares with her now young adult children is clearly evident in this track's heartfelt lyrics and nostalgic overtones.

Marlon Williams - Nobody Gets What They Want Anymore     Country, Alternative Country, Folk 15/11/2017
Hailing from New Zealand, but now wholeheartedly adopted by Australia, Marlon Williams has quite simply got one of the most extraordinary, effortlessly distinctive voices of his generation.
The lead single off Marlon Williams' sophomore album is a duet with former long-term girlfriend and solo artist Aldous Harding. Recorded via a late-night long distance phone call, the song, as with the rest of the album, captures the bliss, ache, uncertainty and bitterness that is associated with a break-up.


MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Cameron Dunsford, 3PBS, Melbourne (VIC)

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Jim Williams - Lay Me Down     Folk, Country, Alternative Country 14/11/2017
There is a deceptive simplicity to his music, but his lyrics never compromise the artistic integrity expected of a songwriter.
Moody but catchy Americana.

Other tracks by Jim Williams:  Non Returnable Gifts  -  Opinion
Kristy Cox - I Still Pray     Country, Acoustic, Alternative Country 14/11/2017
Kristy is one of the most refreshing and exciting names in bluegrass music worldwide.She is a Southern Stars and dual Golden Guitar Award winner.
"I Still Pray" is the second track from Kristy Cox's album, "Ricochet".
The song is a version of the Kasey Chambers & Paul Kelly hit and features bluegrass stars Donna Ulisse, Jerry Salley and Josh Swift.

Andrew Swift - Reckless Desires     Country, Roots, Blues 13/11/2017
It seems Swift’s days of drifting may be over. Buoyed by the passionate and supportive country music scene, shore won’t ever be so far away.
Influenced by Springsteen, Reckless Desires is the tale of a man, reflecting on how good things once were and the woman that stood beside him as long as she could, until eventually he drank it all away. It’s that classic story of not realising what you’ve got until it’s gone.

Brad Butcher - Well Dressed Man     Country 09/11/2017
FROM THE BOTTOM OF A WELL is Butchers third album and his finest work to date cementing him at the forefront of a new generation of Australian story tellers.
Inspired by Brad's Grandfather Norman.


Other tracks by Brad Butcher:  From The Bottom Of A Well
Ben Ransom - You're The Reason Why     Country 08/11/2017
Ben Ransom is one of brightest stars on the Aussie music scene. He's a multi award winner & a highly sought out live act and at music festivals.
"You're The Reason Why" is the second single lifted from Ben Ransom's forthcoming album, "Ben Ransom 101". It follows the highly successful, "Let's Go Driving", which hit #1 for 6 weeks.

The song is an upbeat, feel good summer song, reminiscent to Keith Urban's recent work.

Melody Moko - The Wreckage     Country 08/11/2017
Sitting in the brighter side of Americana, Moko has made a record that you can feel happy listening too. Stories you can roll down the windows and sing along too.
Title track from Melody Moko's debut album The Wreckage.

Hayley Jensen - Summertime Soundtrack     Country, Rock 06/11/2017
Hayley Jensen's musical journey has been eclectic, bursting onto the scene through Australian Idol, but ultimately returning to the genre that launched her career.
Summertime soundtrack is a catchy summer anthem that will perfectly accompany a cold drink by the pool or a lazy afternoon creating memories with your crew. It's an upbeat celebration of sun, sand, friends and fun. Make sure you add it to your playlist and make it your Summertime Soundtrack!

Adam Eckersley + Brooke McClymont - Train Wreck     Country 03/11/2017
Married musicians Adam Eckersley (of Adam Eckersley Band) and Brooke McClymont (of The McClymonts) have mused about a musical collaboration for years.
While it may seem a touch bizarre for a married couple’s first single together to ponder the possible demise of their relationship, “Train Wreck” in fact tackles the subject with a maverick spirit that speaks volumes about both singers.

2018 ARIA AWARDS NOMINEE: Best Country Album

Neil Quinlan - Dance of the Heart     Country, Folk, World 03/11/2017
‘Well,’ She Said is is one of those albums that everyone who has heard it raves about it. It falls into the ‘I can’t believe it didn’t go gangbusters’ category.
Opening track to Neil's classic album - immediately bringing to mind Hothouse Flowers and Del Amitri. Neil's voice brings you in to hear the story.

Other tracks by Neil Quinlan:  Big Heart in the Sky  -  Raglan Road
Shane Nicholson - Even If You Were The One     Country, Alternative Country 03/11/2017
Triple ARIA award winning singer songwriter Shane Nicholson returns with ‘Even If You Were The One’, the new single from his brilliant new album ‘Love and Blood.’
‘Even If You Were The One’, the new single from his brilliant new album ‘Love and Blood.’

2017 ARIA AWARD NOMINEE: Best Country Album 'Love & Blood'

Other tracks by Shane Nicholson:  I Don't Dance
Steve Cheers - A Glass Half Full     Country, Pop, Rock 02/11/2017
Steve Cheers is back with The Measure Of A Man, a brand new album bubbling with catchy hook-laden country tunes.
A Glass Half Full is a positive up-tempo play on words that will get the listeners’ feet tapping. It features the pedal steel talents of guest artist Dan Dugmore, long-time member of James Taylor and Linda Ronstadt’s recording bands.

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Tyler Hudson - This Road     Country, Folk 02/11/2017
Thoughtful, fresh, easy to listen to country music, Tyler is a family man that writes from real life, in both triumph and heartache, He sings from the heart.
How long do you pursue your dreams? At what stage do you decide to play it safe and just live an average life? What are you missing out on at home while you're out playing music on the road? This Road tells the story.

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Other tracks by Tyler Hudson:  Hot Tubbing On a Monday Night  -  Making You Smile
Allan Caswell - No Longer My Best Friend     Country, Alternative Country, Folk 01/11/2017
Allan Caswell arrived in Australia as a migrant in 1966. He has become one of Australia’s most recorded and successful songwriters with over 650 of his songs released worldwide.
No Longer My Best Friend is probably his most autobiographical song ever and is written for his wife Marian. It was co-written and co-produced in Melbourne with Damian Cafarella and is the start of Allan’s classic country album Mexico, which will be released early next year.