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Miguel Cruze - To You In Time     Country, Pop, Chill 22/10/2018
Miguel Cruze - smooth vocals, catchy guitar, meaningful lyrics and a message in each song. Australian grown Portuguese-Indian artist.
This song is about time, an amazing girl, a magical place called (ATX) Austin Texas and the memories we made. The song is a reminder to say what you want to say before the moment escapes you.

Fanny Lumsden - Real Men Don't Cry (War On Pride)     Country, Folk, Acoustic, Alternative Country 20/10/2018
Raised in Western NSW, Fanny Lumsden is a ‘breath of fresh country air’ according to Rolling Stone Magazine & is hitting new highs with her second album ‘Real Class Act’.
“Real Men Don’t Cry (War On Pride)” is the third single from Fanny Lumsden’s, #1 ARIA Country Album chart album “Real Class Act”. It follows “Roll On” and “Elastic Waistband” which have spent a combined total of 42 weeks on The Music Network Country Airplay chart and both reached #1 on the Country Music Channel Top 50 video chart.

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The Crown Royal Band - The First Time     Country, Rock, Alternative Country, Pop 20/10/2018
Coming from SthEast Melbourne, Cam, Aaron and Ryan are The Crown Royal Band a pop/rock/country band with funky grooves and catchy hooks that will be in your head for days!!
The First Time is a song about love at first sight and the struggle with realising it to be true but not wanting to believe that it really exists!

Other tracks by The Crown Royal Band:  Never Give You Up  -  Can't Keep Me Down
Jack Robins - If     Country, Acoustic, Folk 19/10/2018
Jack Robins has been writing songs since he was 13. He thinks he's getting the hang of it now. He plays guitar, sings and is occasionally a very silly boy
A bittersweet study in miniature of petulant regret drawing on influences as diverse as Willy Nelson and Jacques Brel, 'If' is the first single from Jack Robins' upcoming album, 'This page intentionally left blank', which is scheduled for release late 2018/early 2019.

'If' has nothing to do with the Rudyard Kipling poem of the same name. Not a sausage. Buggerall.

Melvyn Moll - The Distance Between Us     Country, Country 19/10/2018
Melvyn, a traditional Australian country songwriter, retired farmer, beaten by drought, now just wants to record and play his original music when and where the opportunities arise.
The distance between us is a truck drivers lament and acceptance of the downfall of his homelife as a result of his being on the road so much. Nicely produced by Steve Newton with superb backing from Lawrie Minson and others it is a trucking song with a difference.

Other tracks by Melvyn Moll:  God Went On Vacation  -  No Hurry No Worry
Michael Meeking And The Lost Souls - Me And Lucinda     Country, Alternative Country, Roots, Rock 19/10/2018
Michael Meeking plays country rock music with plenty of passion and soul. Think of Springsteen, big songs with rollicking choruses sung with a warm and powerful voice.
"Me and Lucinda" is a love song to Michael Meeking's favourite Americana artist Lucinda Williams. The song tells a story of a lonely driver on a country road heading away from his past with only the music of Lucinda to help him through the darkness.

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Shelly Jones Band - My Angel     Country, Folk, Acoustic, Alternative Country 19/10/2018
Popular husband and wife duo, the Shelly Jones Band are two accomplished singer-songwriters, well known for delivering strong vocal harmonies and great musicianship with a style covering Country to Rockabilly.
MY ANGEL is the second single release from the Shelly Jones Band’s new album HIGHWAYS. Co-written by Shelly Jones, Lester Treuer and Stacy Treuer, MY ANGEL is based on a true story about a lifelong relationship between a girl and her first horse and the highlights the special bond they develop. Grab the tissues!

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Jodie Crosby - History Of Us     Country 18/10/2018
Golden Guitar Winner from Country Music Capital - Jodie Crosby.
‘History Of Us’ is the followup to the international #1 hit ‘Hello’ and top 10 songs ‘What A Shame’ and ‘Man Like You’ from the album that is soaked in the traditional sound of country music and the emotions that follow heartbreak.
The song is laced with the flavours of acoustic instruments – guitar, fiddle and resonator guitar.

Laura-Therese Davis - Forgotten Town     Country 18/10/2018
Singer-songwriter, Laura-Therese Davis is a trained pianist and self-taught guitarist from NSW Northern Rivers. Her connection to the land and love of horses have helped bring her to country music.
The autobiographical tale of a new highway being built near Laura's home in Maclean NSW. While the author lives on the NSW Northern Rivers this story could be about so many towns, it’s the same sad tale. With roadwork ten minutes from her home, everyday Laura would drive through and see the beautiful landscape literally changing before her eyes.

Ali Shield - City Of Dreams     Country 16/10/2018
Rising star Ali Shield released her Debut EP 'The Lounge Room Sessions' recently. The EP is inspired by the lounge room performances she did as child to her family.
City Of Dreams is about chasing a dream that seems so far away yet knowing without giving it a shot you would regret it. It’s about hoping that there is a short cut to your city of dreams, realising you have to enjoy the journey & that maybe you’ll have enough ‘fight’ to achieve anything.

Ashley Cook - The Murranji     Country 16/10/2018
Ashley Cook has established himself as one of Australia's best and brightest, specialist bush balladeers
Ashley is one of Australia’s finest Independent Bush Balladeers as he understands the meanings behind the songs that he sings and loves keeping the past alive. 'The Murranji' is Ashley’s second single off his upcoming album due out in January 2019. 'The Murranji' was written by Rick Gay with a modern feel to a very good Bush Ballad.

Destiny - Hours In A Day     Country, Rock 16/10/2018
Destiny Band Oz is the performing name of Australian singer-songwriter-musicians, Thomas & Tessa Libreri.
Destiny are proud to present the first single from their forthcoming new album called ‘Hours in a Day’ – Something we can all relate to, as there never seem to be enough! This hectic, rockabilly song will really get you rockin’ along! Sung by Tessa Libreri; bass, rhythm and lead guitar by Thomas Libreri; keyboards by Chris Gale and drums by Darryn Farrugia.

Emily Markham - Right Where You Are     Country 16/10/2018
Emily Markham is a singer, a songwriter, as well as an accomplished guitarist and keyboardist.
Co-written in Nashville with Bill DiLuigi in 2016, Right Where You Are is about realising that everything in life happens for a reason and while you may feel overwhelmed and lost, you are exactly where you are meant to be.

Rex Dallas - Kitchen Table     Country 16/10/2018
Rex Dallas is an award-winning Australian country musician, singer, songwriter, yodeller and bush balladeer. His albums also include selections of horse songs, war songs, mother songs and even on coalmining.
'Kitchen Table' is a true story written by Rex Dallas and Stan Coster's Granddaughter Aileen Manicaros. The big table, with legs as big as kegs, was lugged out from Scotland by Aileen's Great Granny. The big table became part of the Coster family heritage. Many happy hours, with family and friends, were spent at the old kitchen table.

Brittle Sun - Sister     Country, Alternative Country, Acoustic 15/10/2018
Brittle Sun are a bluesy, psychedelic garage folk band from Melbourne.
A love letter for daughters everywhere.

Other tracks by Brittle Sun:  Pavement  -  Give Don't Break
Emma Beau - Wild Heart     Country, Alternative Country, Folk, Roots 15/10/2018
As well as being a multi instrumentalist, Emma is an award winning singer-songwriter on the rise.
Wild Heart depicts a tale of push and pull between right and wrong without resolve – just a moment in that space of unknown romance.

Jasmine Atkins - Get Gone     Country, Rock, Pop 15/10/2018
Jasmine Atkins is a vibrant new personality on the Australian Country Music landscape. This performer is quickly winning over audiences with her infectious personality and distinctive vocal delivery.
Get Gone, co-written by Atkins with GG winner, Kirsty Lee Akers, features the strong, raw vocals of Atkins and distinctive production stylings of Michael Carpenter. It's the first single to be released since Atkins’ debut EP and single in June 2017, and demonstrates her evolution as an artist, showing how much she has grown in the past 18 months.

Kirsty Lee Akers - Blue Christmas     Country, Cover Version, Pop, Blues 15/10/2018
Kirsty Lee Akers vocal delivery is often described by those who hear her sing as sitting somewhere between Dolly Parton and Loretta Lynn...
With Christmas being Kirsty Lee Akers' favourite time of year, she couldn't resist doing a cover of Christmas classic, Blue Christmas, made famous by Elvis Presley in the 60s. Merry Christmas 2018 everyone!

Kirsty Lee Akers - I Never Want Christmas To End     Country, Alternative Country, Pop, Rock 15/10/2018
Kirsty Lee Akers vocal delivery is often described by those who hear her sing as sitting somewhere between Dolly Parton and Loretta Lynn...
A favourite time of year for Country singer, Kirsty Lee Akers, she decided it was time to pen a new Christmas song, so getting together with fellow Golden Guitar winner, Matt Scullion, they penned I Never Want Christmas To End. Merry Christmas 2018!

Tobias Wonderdog - Not Bliss     Country, Rock, Blues, Alternative Country 15/10/2018
Tobias Wonderdog debut with a dynamically rich and emotionally stirring alt-country number that bursts with that timeless Australian country, light-hearted disposition.
‘Not Bliss’ flows from soft and sparse verses into sparking choruses with layers of lush tones from guitars and organs held together with a steady rock beat. It all culminates into a tidy rock ballad about simplicity that lets the imagination run wild across the vast countryside and over the mountaintops.