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Sam Conway - Barkly Way     Country, Australian Indigenous, Blues 01/03/2019
Sam is a blues country musician. He plays guitar and piano and enjoys a sing along around the campfire.
Barkly way is about when I worked out on the Barkly Plainlands in Qld/ NT border. A place that was dry and beautifun in its different seasons. The people love their country and their culture and their cattle and their land.

Texas Strangers - Always In The Rain     Country 01/03/2019
Central Coast based Texas Strangers are a 5 piece county rock outfit. Their forthcoming album ‘Borderline' will be released through MGM.
Having received a strong response to their first single from ABC Country, this second single from the 'Strangers’ is sure to follow onto play lists. Piano and electric guitar along with strings and slide over the top of a tight rhythm section cap off the classic Nashville style production.

Kerry Kennedy - Goodnight Little Man     Country 28/02/2019
Kerry hails from Dalby, a small country town in Queensland, and his rich vocals and polished presentation of original and popular country/rock music has been selling out shows since 1989.
'Goodnight Little Man' is a beautiful ballad written by Kerry for his two estranged little boys Jack and Joe as a lullaby for them. The EP was recorded at Parkway Studio by multi award winning producer Mick Lockhart. Kerry is noted for his heart felt lyrics and anyone with children will identify with this well crafted song.

Megan Sidwell - I Got You     Country, Pop 25/02/2019
Megan Sidwell forms a unity between the sensibilities of rock and country pop. Her songs bleed infectious pop hooks and country harmonies, with an edge uniquely her own.
‘I Got You’ was written and recorded in Nashville, co-written with Anthony Snape and produced by Sam Hawksley, who has also worked with country legends The Sunny Cowgirls and Adam Brand. “It’s about following the road towards your dream, no matter how hard it is, because you have someone that believes in you, someone who feels like home.”

Jaylee Daniels - PAPA'S SONG     Country, Alternative Country, Folk, Acoustic 22/02/2019
Jaylee Daniels is a 15 year old Country Music Artist from Outback South Australia. "Papa's Song" is her Debut Single launched as part of her 2019 Whyalla Recording Scholarship prize.
“PAPA’S SONG” was written as a tribute to Jaylee's beloved grandfather, as she follows in his footsteps with a passion for Country Music.

With down-home guitar, bass and drums, fine fiddle and rolling banjo to accompany her heartfelt lyrics - traditional Country Music is in safe hands with this young performer!

Shakira Lea - I MISS YOU     Country, Pop, Easy Listening, Blues 22/02/2019
SHAKIRA LEA is an exciting young pop/country singer/songwriter with a very bright future. Hailing from South Australia's Eyre Peninsula, SHAKIRA LEA is the 2019 Whyalla Recording Scholarship WINNER.
'I MISS YOU' speaks of love, loss and finding peace. A modern country ballad with soulful vocals and strong instrumention that conveys emotional lyrics, SHAKIRA LEA wrote 'I MISS YOU' for a friend who experienced sadness and loss.

A beautiful voice sings beautiful words - a touching debut single!

The Tony Q Band - Honky Tonk Bar in the City     Country, Rock 22/02/2019
The Tony Q Band is Brisbane's leading Country Rock band performing regularly at Brisbane's own honky tonk bar, Johnny Ringo's. Favourites at B & S Balls and rodeos.
Written about the renowned honky tonk bar in Brisbane 'Johnny Ringo's' where the band got there first big show. The song encapsulates the feeling of the venue that prides its self on the "bucking good times", live music and of course, their mechanical bull. The song hints at a little Brooks and Dunn, mixed in with some Brothers Osbourne.

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Alex Tobin - Sucker For Punishment     Country, Alternative Country, Rock 21/02/2019
Alex Tobin's music resonates the reality of regular adult life in the 21st Century.
Sucker For Punishment” is a light-hearted acknowledgement of being one’s own worst enemy when it comes to certain things in life that come back to bite us.

“I started to write this song one afternoon at home as I was regretting going a little hard at the bar the night before”.

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Pat Kenny - Watch It All Come Down     Country, Roots, Folk 21/02/2019
After serving in the Australian military for five years, Pat Kenny has turned his attention to songwriting. With his husky voice, Kenny explores metaphors and insights into the human condition.
'Watch It All Come Down’ is a dark, moody, Alt-Country track about the inevitability of disaster. The lyrics give voice to the seemingly insignificant things that can lead to one’s downfall in a situation.

Darren Colston - I Saw You Smile Today     Country 19/02/2019
Darren Colston is an Australian Singer/Songwriter.
A few short months ago, the community Darren works in, experienced tragedy, with the loss of a much-loved friend. It has been a slow recovery process. "One particular kid gave a brief smile after I said something to them, several months after the initial tragedy, but the smile was all too brief. That smile inspired me to write this."

Michael Gray Griffith & Simon Walters - The Homeless Truck Driver's Prayer     Country, Folk 19/02/2019
Two composers who came together to finish off a musical and are now enjoying writing songs
Composed after talking to a homeless truck driver.

Sally-Anne Whitten - You Can't Hide From A Broken Heart     Country, Blues, Roots 18/02/2019
Tamworth born & raised, on a healthy dose of blues/rock/country. Sally-Anne was awarded Most Popular Female Artist & Most Popular Independent Album “Burgundy Street” at 2019 Tamworth Country Music Festival.
Co-written by fellow Tamworth artist, Allison Forbes, explores grief and loss. Having already booked a trip to USA, when a list of death and disasters occurred for her family, she was in two minds about going. With no refunds, the trip went ahead. The singer soon realised ‘you can't hide from a broken heart’, it will follow you everywhere.

Kirsty Lee Akers - Skeletons     Country, Rock, Alternative Country, Pop 18/02/2019
Kirsty Lee Akers is a multi-award winning Country artist who self-produced her latest and 5th studio album, Under My Skin.
Skeletons is a moody track that emphasises the fact no matter how squeaky clean someone may seem, there are always a few Skeletons lurking in their closet. At a time when people are often yelling their views from their nearest media platform, it is an extremely relevant theme. As the metaphor reads “People in glass houses should not throw stones”.

Brian Cadd - Slow Walk     Country, Blues 15/02/2019
Brian Cadd has journeyed far and wide across 50years of music, a true Statesman of songwriting and recording. Now he delivers his dream of releasing his first Americana inspired album.
Brian Cadd returns to the hallowed soil of his Nashville past. In the early 90s Brian spent 5years as a member of the Flying Burrito Brothers, the band founded by Gram Parsons in the 60s. That is represented with a remake of ‘Eye of a Hurricane’, co-written by John Beland and Gib Gilbeau. John also co-wrote ‘Slow Walk’ with Brian.

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Other tracks by Brian Cadd:  Eye Of A Hurricane  -  Quietly Rusting
Destiny - My Family And Me     Country 15/02/2019
Destiny Band Oz is the performing name of Australian singer-songwriter-musicians, Thomas & Tessa Libreri, who only released their first song to Australian radio in 2017.
A duet written and sung by Thomas and Tessa Libreri (Destiny Band Oz) reminiscing about the simple things in life when they were growing up; family values and togetherness before the technological and social media age kicked in.

JEN MIZE AND MARK SHOLTEZ - Home On The Range     Country, Jazz, Blues, Soul 15/02/2019
A brilliant reimagining of iconic cowboy songs from the golden era of American music - featuring musicians from Australia’s cream of country and jazz scenes. Unlike anything you’ve heard before.
“Mize and Sholtez both possess exceptional voices. Clearly schooled in country music, they draw on jazz, soul, blues, and folk which add to the timeless sound, whether harmonising on the iconic “Home on the Range” and “Cool Water” or taking solo flights on Mize’s soul-baring and moving rendition of “The Black Hills of Dakota” and Sholtez’s “Wand’rin’ Star.” Rhythms Magazine

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Other tracks by JEN MIZE AND MARK SHOLTEZ:  Cool Water  -  My Rifle My Pony & Me
Mulletfest Crew - Party In The Back     Country, Rock 15/02/2019
‘Party in the Back’ is the official anthem to the ‘Mulletfest’. Mulletfest is an annual Festival held in Kurri Kurri, NSW, Australia.
‘Party in the Back’ is the official anthem to the ‘Mulletfest’. Mulletfest is an annual Festival held in Kurri Kurri, NSW, Australia, to celebrate the famous hairstyle of the same name, and to raise funds for deserving charities. Proceeds from the sale of ‘Party in the Back’ will go to the Mark Hughes Foundation, for research into brain cancer.

The Grasscutters - Turn On Your Lights     Country, Acoustic 15/02/2019
'The Grasscutters' with mandolin, accordion, harmonica, ukulele, guitar, bass & percussion, we've got all bases covered for a foot-tapping, fun-loving mix of folk/country/alt country, pop, blues and everything in between.
An original featuring our beautiful 1960s Vega banjo. A classic, foot-tapping country song.

Other tracks by The Grasscutters:  Sydney From A 747  -  Car Outside The Bar
Chalkie White - Star In Your Car     Country, Easy Listening, Rock 14/02/2019
Chalkie White was one of Australian music’s best-kept secrets until 2018, when he had an ARIA #1 Australian Country Album. His 20 years touring Australia has produced an experienced singer-songwriter.
Star In Your Car, penned by Vernon Rust, takes you to that moment where you’re either stuck in traffic or driving down that winding country road, capturing the sense of freedom you get when your favourite song comes on.

There in that moment, your cares fade away and it’s all about the track, becoming a star in your car.

Michelle Walker - What I Love     Country 14/02/2019
Michelle Walker is an award winning Australian country music recording artist and song writer.
“What I Love” is about following your heart’s desires and doing what you love in life. We are here for a short time so let’s make it a good time! This track features some of Australia’s finest musicians and is produced by Lindsay Waddington of Kross Kut Records.