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Dana Crowe - Peace Of Mind     Country, Alternative Country, Roots, Pop 05/11/2018
Singer songwriter Dana Crowe grew up in Wagga and released her debut EP Everything in 2017. A modern country/americana sound evolved which has been further explored on her next releases
Peace Of Mind started from the very first line one day you will find your peace of mind. Staring out the window the rest of the song almost wrote itself. In the studio with Alessandro Stellano it blew into a toe tapping americana country rock fusion. A driving rhythm and riff to make you move.

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Aleyce Simmonds - Rejected     Country 02/11/2018
2018 Golden Guitar Winner - Female Artist Of The Year
My brother in law, Michael Cole and I, wrote Rejected. Mikey played me a riff that had been running around in his head for quite some time. The word ‘Rejected’ sprung to mind immediately for some reason.
I’d recently been through a break-up and so drew on all of those associated emotions to help write this song.

Brooke Lambert - I Don't Wanna Hate You     Country, Pop 02/11/2018
Brooke Lambert grew up intrigued by the power of words and imagery. It’s no wonder she found her place in storytelling with four chords and honesty in the Country/Pop genre.
'I Don't Wanna Hate You' was written with one of Lambert’s best friends, Nina Ward, about a toxic relationship that completely consumed Lambert for over a year and is based on the concept of looking at a bad relationship through rose-colored glasses.

Michael Weaver - Proud     Country, Folk 02/11/2018
Michael is a passionate singer/songwriter who portrays his outback experiences through his words and melodies.
"Proud' pays tribute to the heroes who often don't receive recognition for their work, tenacity, bravery and true Aussie spirit! This song inspires a true pride in the spirit that made our country great!

Ted Sutherland - For Now and Forever     Country 31/10/2018
Oldest songwriter around, having Aboriginal background (Wiradjuri) but a very anglo upbringing. A love song, humorous song and one about my background. I am not a pro singer.
This is a country love song that contains a pledge of unending love. The song is sub-titled "our wedding song" and was written to be sung as a wedding song for anyone who feels the lyrics capture their feelings and devotion to the one they love.

Other tracks by Ted Sutherland:  One Big Mob - Wiradjuri  -  Hair, Yeah!, Yeah!
Ben Leece - Rebel Alone     Country, Alternative Country, Rock 30/10/2018
Newcastle Americana singer-songwriter Ben Leece triumphs with his critically acclaimed debut album 'No Wonder The World Is Exhausted'. Expect rich vocals, deep lyrics and exceptional musicianship from the country's finest.
Stepping aside from the melancholic beauty of previous single Villains, Ben Leece hits his stride with the melodic-roots driven Rebel Alone.

With a nod to The Replacements, Rebel Alone is the 2nd single to be lifted from Ben's critically acclaimed debut album. At 3.34min, the hook laden tune is based on one of Ben's favourite films, "Can't Buy Me Love".

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Other tracks by Ben Leece:  Smoke Signals
Tyson Lucas - Lake Tinaroo     Country 30/10/2018
Growing up in the small mining town Dysart and then Townsville, Tyson is inspired by his personal story and the stories of others.
Writing a song about a young life lost too soon is never an easy task, but Tyson Lucas has risen to the occasion with his latest single, Lake Tinaroo. Written with award-winning artist Brad Butcher, Lake Tinaroo was written after the death of a friend of a friend, Aaron Burns, who died in December aged just seventeen.

Benny Allen - Day One Of Missing You     Country, Easy Listening 29/10/2018
Based in the mountains of Melbourne’s Dandenong Ranges, Benny Allen is a seasoned performer, recently discovering his real music.
Co-written with the legendary country music songwriter Allan Caswell, and produced by the award winning Matt Fell, at Love Hz Studios, Sydney, "Day One of Missing You" is about an unexpected break-up – day one of the long road trying to get over the person who has left, holding on to the hope that they’ll return.

James Van Cooper - Come Home (featuring Jaime Wyatt)     Country, Alternative Country, Blues, Roots 29/10/2018
James Van Cooper is stylish, cool and playful. There’s enough catchy hooks and twangy guitars on his debut album “Coming Home” to satisfy those that like thinking, dancing and singing.
A classic country torch song and stand out track on Van Cooper's debut album, Coming Home, Come Home features the sublime vocals of LA's Alt Country/Americana darling, Jaime Wyatt, alongside Van Cooper.

Kylie Adams-Collier - On a Sandstone Ridge     Country, Country, Country, Country 27/10/2018
Touring festival artist, Kylie Adams-Collier is a gifted storyteller and is fast becoming recognized for her illustrative songwriting in the country music industry
Country legend Smokie Dawson's gate to his homestead was rebuilt and opened in 2003. One day Kylie Adams-Collier discovered the giant gate on Mona vale road and was saddened to see just bush and weeds behind it. There use to be rodeos,pony rides, a popular TV show and much Australian country music there before it burnt down may years ago.

Other tracks by Kylie Adams-Collier:  Ferry Over The Clarence  -  Moonshine
Madeline Leman and The Desert Swells - Lay Me Down     Country, Folk, Alternative Country, Roots 27/10/2018
Melbourne band Madeline Leman and the Desert Swells create a retro Americana sound that is sinful and soulful, heartbreaking and leg shaking
'Lay Me Down' is a 70s inspired Americana classic. It is a love song for Melbourne brought to life by some of its best female vocalists in Tiaryn, Kelly Day, Leah Senior, Georgia Delves, Brooke Russell and Cookie Baker. 'I think as women, the connection we have to other women is the one thing we've got over the patriarchy.'

Cathy Dobson - Jericho Rose     Country, Folk, Roots 26/10/2018
Melbourne Singer/Songwriter Cathy Dobson draws her influences from artists such as Janis Jopplin, Creedence and Wilie Nelson, captivating audiences with her stories and song.
Jericho Rose tells the story of a neglected child who survives a difficult childhood. Using the metaphor of a Jericho Rose, a desert flower that can survive harsh conditions, where a little rain will keep the rose from turning into a tumble weed.

Other tracks by Cathy Dobson:  The Borderline  -  Nobody's Business
Benn Gunn - Only In Australia     Country, Rock 26/10/2018
Benn Gunn is a true blue Aussie playing his own unique brand of Aussie heartland rock combined with his Aussie humour.
Only In Australia is Benn Gunn's uptempo, inspiring tribute to Australian icons from the Ettamogah Pub to the roaring crowds of the MCG.

Danny Phegan - Little Man     Country, Folk 26/10/2018
Danny is a farmer; horseman; published author and family man who is a larger than life character that typifies the image of a hard working, all rounder, Aussie bloke.
While his last single "What A Life" celebrates the lighter moments of country living and moments to be grateful, his current single "Little Man" is a reminiscent ballad in keeping with hands to hands of generational farming and a fathers efforts to protect his family from the pressures of life on the land.

Lot56 - In The Country     Country, Rock, Rockabilly 25/10/2018
Lot56 entice and entertain with original country rock n roll anthems that celebrate the irony and bittersweet taste of everyday life.
In the country is an upbeat song that describes living in country Australia. A song layered with rocking guitars, pedal steel and enough nah nah nah's to get everybody dancing and singing along

Little Georgia - Stoned     Country, Blues, Roots, Alternative Country 24/10/2018
No strangers to the road, Australian folk-rock duo Little Georgia have spent the last 3 years touring relentlessly and sharing their music all around the globe.
"Stoned was written in a moment of solitude at Justin’s farm in SouthWest Victoria. The theme of the song is a choice of escape from the chaos and selfishness of the fast paced world we are living in."

Paul Costa - Road Train     Country 23/10/2018
One of Australian Country Music’s premium vocalist and live performers, Paul’s had an amazing response since the release of his 5th album Whisper In The Crowd.
“After performing at the Lights On The Hill Trucking Memorial Concert in Gatton a couple of years ago I was heading towards the signing tent and man said “G’day Paul, I loved your set” Then put his hand out and said, “They call me Road Train” … This is his story.

Skyscraper Stan - Tarcutta Shade     Country, Rock, Alternative Country 23/10/2018
Skyscraper" Stan Woodhouse lopes around the stage, 6’6” and stick thin, delivering characters and narratives in a powerful baritone flanked by his long time band.
Tarcutta Shade' is the latest single from rock n' roll troubadour Skyscraper Stan and his band The Commission Flats. Recorded at Woodstock Studios in Balaclava by Richard Stolz (Husky, Paul Kelly, Joe Camilleri) 'Tarcutta Shade' is a sonic depiction of one long, hot and sweaty day at a Riverina truckstop - where it's "40 degrees in the Tarcutta shade".

Adrian Thomas - Working Poor     Country, Pop, Roots 22/10/2018
Adrian Thomas latest release "Working Poor" is a heartfelt depiction of struggle and navigating our current social climate, Produced by ARIA award winning Nigel Pegrum, with Ben Hakalitz (Yothu Yindi)
"Working Poor" is a gripping portrayal of one man's struggle to make sense of the system and his fight to be something more than what he was given.

Chris Williams - City Lights     Country, Rock 22/10/2018
Country Rock Singer-Songwriter Chris Williams is stirring up waves on the Australian country music scene. Chris Williams' country rock songs are catchy and purposefully geared to lift your spirits.
Chris’ brand new single, CITY LIGHTS is a catchy country rock pop song that reflects on the everyday stresses of modern day life and the inspiration to achieve bigger and better things. It is a song about the affinity for the city lights as the inspiration to achieve your dreams.