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The Woodpickers - Play That Guitar     Country 20/03/2019
The Woodpickers are a recording project of Blue Mountains writer / musician John Murphy.
The new single 'Play That Guitar' features Rachel Hannan on vocals and Jason Roller on guitar.

Katie Jayne - Use Me     Country, Pop 15/03/2019
Katie Jayne is the fresh face of pop country, taking her Dubbo roots over to the UK and bringing home a unique musical flavour.
'Use Me' takes listeners on a journey of heartache and melancholy with a hint of defiance and survival. A story of human nature, ‘Use Me’ is a raw look at the emotional bruises we leave on each other.

Bec WIllis - Real Thing     Country, Pop, Blues, Roots 14/03/2019
When Bec sings ‘you won’t find the girl I used to be, you’ll find me’ it is the ethos as such for the entire album Other Side Of Town.
The Real Thing is inspired by just that, the real thing, that real head-over-heels compatible in every way love.

The song stayed pretty true to its original composition in the studio. “The only difference to my vision was that Bill added a rippin’ slide guitar to the track, which I love,” says Bec.

Other tracks by Bec WIllis:  Fly  -  Drive
Errol Gray - An Old Millard And A Tinny     Country, Comedy 14/03/2019
With his guitar and politically incorrect Aussie sense of humour, Errol has his audiences in stitches with his songs that reflect everyday situations and misfortunes that happen to us all.
"I met an old bloke who lives in a beat up old caravan in a holiday park on a beautiful river on the mid north coast of NSW. He reckons he’s found the ideal nursing home. This is his story". - Errol Gray

Gretta Ziller - Go On     Country, Blues, Rock 14/03/2019
With diverse roots spanning blues, rock, pop, classical, jazz, folk and bluegrass, Gretta Ziller’s sound resembles that of classic Americana.
Go On is a cool, bluesy country track about losing someone to their dreams. It's about being sad for that loss yet happy for them for pursuing what they want to do, but letting them know you're not going to sit around waiting for them to come back for you either!

Jason Owen - The Power Of Love (Unplugged Remix)     Country, Cover Version 14/03/2019
Golden Guitar and Country Music Channel award nominee, Jason Owen has kicked off the new year with a fresh approach in his music direction.
Showcasing his powerhouse vocals on one of the biggest and most recognisable ballads in the world, Jason has taken on Celine Dion’s classic hit The Power of Love and recorded it with his own unique style.

Matt Black-Smith - Wildfire     Country, Rock, Alternative Country 14/03/2019
Singer Songwriter and Producer Matt Black-Smith is a amazing solo entertainer known for live looping and world class guitar playing.
Wildfire is a catchy and uplifting song written from the perspective of those who work the land for a living. A well crafted song with bright backing vocals and a rock style solo. Matt has pledged a large portion of revenue from the song to be dedicated to assisting Farmers as they continue to struggle through fire, drought and flood!

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Sara O'Connor - Sleepwalking     Country, Alternative Country 14/03/2019
Sara O’Connor, a new face to Australian country music was introduced to the genre by her country-loving partner Ben Soutter and to the industry by none other than Melinda Schneider.
About a time when Sara was performing across Australia at casinos and convention centres; she was creatively uninspired and had fallen into a routine. Realising there are lots of things we all do where we feel that way; shopping, attending meetings, feeding the kids, paying the bills etc. Sara appreciated that everyone can relate to this at some point.

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The Viper Creek Band - Wrecked Everything     Country, Pop, Rock 14/03/2019
When they formed in 2011, The Viper Creek Band believed that Australian country music was ready for an exciting new sound. The band continues to deliver dynamic performances.
Wrecked Everything Is all about a guy who has met a girl and fallen crazy in love and can't function the way he used to because he cannot think about anything but her. She has wrecked everything for him, but in the best possible way.

Other tracks by The Viper Creek Band:  Blue Jean Jacket
Will Day - In The Real World     Country 14/03/2019
Surviving a decade as a full-time artist, providing for his family by playing more than 250 gigs each year, is an achievement that country artist Will Day is proud of.
As a full-time musician who is often on the road and away from family, the idea for the song was bred out of the yearning to know what it’s like to have a 9-5 job, be home at nights and to have a taste of what it’s like in the perceived 'Real World'.

Emily Hatton - Hades     Country, Pop 12/03/2019
Emily Hatton is an Australian Country Singer-Songwriter. A firestorm on stage, Emily’s energetic and charming presence delivers catchy hooks and personal stories with relevance and relatability.
With a catchy, upbeat hook, ‘Hades’ narrates a personal, negative life experience as something to overcome and rise from. Written by Emily Hatton, the track was recorded with Rhys Zacher at Spinlight Studio in Newcastle and produced by Tim Tricky (of Hurricane Fall). The accompanying film clip was recorded in Australia’s country capital, Tamworth.

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Jade Gibson - The Great Unknown     Country, Pop 06/03/2019
Born/raised in Wangaratta, Victoria, Jade divides her time between Australia and Nashville, Tennessee. Almost 21, Jade has been performing since she was 14 and has now played over 400 shows.
‘The Great Unknown’ is all about being young, exploring our big beautiful world and was initially inspired by Jade’s biggest musical influence, Keith Urban and his summer-tinted hits. This debut single is the title track and opener of Jade’s five track EP to be released on Friday April 12th.

Ingrid Mae - Magnetic     Country, Pop 04/03/2019
Ingrid Mae is known for her bold country sound. Where most country pop singers shy away she gives her notes a bluesy bend. Heartfelt & authentic, music with an edge.
Magnetic is the lead single of Ingrid Mae’s anticipated country album Holy Smoke.

Its syncopated pop melodies and strong vocal make this little country song a big hitter. It has an earworm effect that is pleasing to the most discerning pop connoisseur plus Ingrid’s punchy performance style which has been gaining her much notoriety in regional Australia.

Route 33 - Kryptonite     Country, Pop, Rock 04/03/2019
With music as effortlessly catchy as Route 33’s, crowd interaction seems a fait accompli. Now it’s time to hit the road and find all those good times that lie ahead.
Kryptonite's the second single from Route 33’s forthcoming album (expected second half of 2019). It signals a more intense, rock feel, in line with the ongoing energy of the album. It explores the power the right woman has over a man. Defying logic, a man will pursue her essentially making her his Kryptonite, choosing the chase over his personal protection.

Watling & Bates - In The Dead of Night     Country, Goth, Blues 04/03/2019
Watling & Bates live in rural NSW, beyond the reach of television and mobile phones. Their songs ring out on simple stringed instruments in the eerie quiet of the mountains.
‘In The Dead of Night’ emerged from the mists of the McPherson Ranges, reviving mysterious tales from the 1860s. Written by Geoffrey Bates, the song emerged as it from a dream. It was not until the discovery of some archival news articles that the song’s meaning and story became clear.

Rick Hart - Love Gets The Better Of Me (feat Elysia Gomez)     Country, Alternative Country 01/03/2019
With a voice that floats with soulful warmth and honesty, Rick is a storyteller, whose words and melodies weave through all the dynamics and extremes of human emotions and relationships.
'Love Gets The Better Of Me’ is taken from Rick Hart’s debut album ‘Let Me In’. It is a heart wrenching duet with his amazingly talented niece Elysia Gomez.

Ryan Daykin - Ain't Gonna Miss Me     Country, Pop, Alternative Country 01/03/2019
The Victorian-based country/alternative pop artist Ryan Daykin has been making waves down under, telling provocative stories that have been sun-drenched with honest expression, derived from his own life experiences
'Ain't Gonna Miss Me' is a typical anthem taking aim from the view of a scorned lover. Every step, every breath, they will be regretting their decision and wishing they hadn't done them wrong. 'Better hope you don't outlive me, cos that's the only way you ain't gonna miss me'

Sam Conway - Barkly Way     Country, Australian Indigenous, Blues 01/03/2019
Sam is a blues country musician. He plays guitar and piano and enjoys a sing along around the campfire.
Barkly way is about when I worked out on the Barkly Plainlands in Qld/ NT border. A place that was dry and beautifun in its different seasons. The people love their country and their culture and their cattle and their land.

Texas Strangers - Always In The Rain     Country 01/03/2019
Central Coast based Texas Strangers are a 5 piece county rock outfit. Their forthcoming album ‘Borderline' will be released through MGM.
Having received a strong response to their first single from ABC Country, this second single from the 'Strangers’ is sure to follow onto play lists. Piano and electric guitar along with strings and slide over the top of a tight rhythm section cap off the classic Nashville style production.

Kerry Kennedy - Goodnight Little Man     Country 28/02/2019
Kerry hails from Dalby, a small country town in Queensland, and his rich vocals and polished presentation of original and popular country/rock music has been selling out shows since 1989.
'Goodnight Little Man' is a beautiful ballad written by Kerry for his two estranged little boys Jack and Joe as a lullaby for them. The EP was recorded at Parkway Studio by multi award winning producer Mick Lockhart. Kerry is noted for his heart felt lyrics and anyone with children will identify with this well crafted song.