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Chalkie White - Star In Your Car     Country, Rock 12/02/2019
Chalkie White is a pure entertainer, touring and performing across Australia for the past 20 years, cementing himself in the Country Music scene with his latest album.
Star In Your Car takes you to that moment where you’re either stuck in traffic somewhere or driving down that winding country road, and captures the sense of freedom and escape you get when your favourite song comes on...your cares fade away and it’s all about the track, singing it loud and becoming a star in your car.

Gina Timms - Do You Like What You See?     Country 12/02/2019
Gina Timms is an Australian Singer/Songwriter.
This is the 5th single to be released off Gina’s 2017 album, Thank You and Gina has been keeping the best until last to honour the friendship and life of her friend, Nathaniel O’Brien.

Madeline Leman and The Desert Swells - Second Line Baby Blues     Country, Alternative Country, Blues, Retro 12/02/2019
With lush vocals, playful storytelling and wild onstage energy Madeline Leman and The Desert Swells take you on a trip through 60s surf, 70spop and their unique brand of twang.
Written under an oscillating fan in Melbourne’s January heat ‘Second Line Baby Blues’ mirrors the frenzy and fervour of a funeral march while matching the riotous vibe of the Louisiana swamp city as is extolled in the hit show Treme. Adding extra cajun spice is jazz legend Adam Simmons who guests on some swingin’ sax that will make you sweat.

Natalie Henry - Apple And Pride     Country 12/02/2019
Natalie Henry is an Australian Singer/Songwriter.
The first single and title track from the debut album, Apple & Pride, is one of those super personal songs that you have to write but hesitate to share. It's vulnerable but powerful and sits perfectly alongside the last single.

Smith & Jones - Secondhand Heart     Country 12/02/2019
Smith & Jones are an Australian Duo, comprised of Abby Smith & Sophie Jones.
Secondhand Heart ​deals with the everyday frustrations: the endless search for love and emotional fulfilment, and wanting to escape the everyday but being tied to a form of unsatisfying, mundane contentment. But never does Secondhand Heart ​wallow in sorrow, and it’s this refusal to be taken in by sadness that gives ​Secondhand Heart its intensity, and ultimately its beauty.

AlfanAnt - Head In The Cloud     Country, Folk 08/02/2019
Ant McKenna and Alf are the Alt-Folk Country Samaritans bringing fun, awesome tunes and mayhem to venues throughout the land.
There’s no beating around the bush with the first single off AlfanAnt’s forthcoming “Aurora Australis” album, ‘Head In The Cloud’. The easy-breezy ditty with infectious harmonies, great guitar picking and sweet songwriting belies the underlying meaning - expecting everything to change, but doing nothing about it.

Skyscraper Stan - On Your Corner     Country, Folk, Alternative Country 07/02/2019
"Skyscraper" Stan Woodhouse lopes around the stage, 6’6” and stick thin, delivering characters and narratives in a powerful baritone flanked by his long time band.
Written in a Darwin hotel room halfway through a gruelling solo tour and recorded at Woodstock studios in Melbourne it is typical of Stan’s work - rich in imagery, honest, heart wrenching and at times a little tongue in cheek. Marlon Williams-esque in tone and instrumentation, Stan's echoey voice drifts across a moody score of percussion, guitar and backing vocals.

JD SMITH - Bury The Hatchet     Country, Pop 06/02/2019
Aussie Singer/songwriter JD Smith has a reputation of having one of the best male voices in the country. He toured internationally and nationally with the vocal group "The Ten Tenors".
Bury The Hatchet- JD Smith
Written By JD Smith

Recorded by Shane Nicholson at Sound hole studio, central coast NSW.
Drums- Ali foster
Backing vocals- Lyn Bowtell
Mastered by- Jeff McCormack
Release date 06/02/2019

Rex Dallas - Music Is Life     Country 06/02/2019
Rex Dallas is an award-winning Australian country musician, singer, songwriter, yodeller and bush balladeer.
'Music Is Life' is a song Rex wrote about the days when he and his his wife decided to make music their destiny. The hard old days of travelling and recording, raising a family, and teaching them the trade. The song goes on to tell of the new ways today with recording technology.

Heywood & Moore - Turn the Key     Country, Rockabilly, Folk, Retro 05/02/2019
New classic combining the storytelling of traditional roots music along with tight vocal harmonies and the power of edgy roots/rock guitar.
'Turn the Key’ has been described as an ‘up tempo foot-tapper’ and ‘something that put a smile on your face’ which is undoubtedly the duo’s USP. Heywood and Moore are currently working a on new album for release 2019 on Thoroughbredmusic with the working title is "Rollin' On", to follow the successful release of their last album ’Goodbye Yesterday’.

Kate Hindle - Heart Bleed     Country, Alternative Country, Folk, Pop 04/02/2019
Kate Hindle’s warm vocal tones and raw lyrics take the listener on a journey of love, personal victory, positivity and a yet a touch of heartache.
Heart Bleed is the latest honest, catchy and sassy single from singer-songwriter, Kate Hindle, the production and storyline coming together with a beautifully raw and real feel that brings the song to life, with producer, Josh Schuberth, capturing the hooks and emotions with perfection.

Short & Curly - Fugitive Soul     Country, Folk, Alternative Country, Roots 02/02/2019
A country/blues/folk duo comprising two voices, guitar and harmonica, who play lively originals plus covers ranging from cast-iron classics to lesser-known gems unearthed and reinterpreted in a rootsy style.
Title track Fugitive Soul was inspired by Short & Curly’s move in 2007 from the big city (Sydney) to a small town (Bridgetown); from four million people to four thousand.

Other tracks by Short & Curly:  Three Stories to the Truth  -  Reverse Engineering
Madeleine Gray - Travelling     Country, Folk, Alternative Country 01/02/2019
Songs of love, death, sex and depression fueled by a passion for words and sound.
Travelling is an exploration of themes loneliness and isolation surrounding death. It uses the sympbolism of a journey to describe the feeling of time slipping away and powerlessness to stop it.

Aaron Jurd - Set Me On Fire     Country 31/01/2019
Strong vocal abilities set Lake Macquarie's Aaron Jurd apart from other artists and his self-penned debut release reached No. 5 on the iTunes chart.
WHEN you hit rock bottom, the only way is up, which is the message singer-songwriter Aaron Jurd is spreading with his new single, Set Me On Fire.

The single came from the artist's lowest point of his life to date when his home life wasn’t happy, he’d been burned by people he trusted and he wasn't achieving his musical goals.

Pav - Big Old Yellow Moon     Country, Acoustic, Pop 31/01/2019
Pav is Phil Paviour (rhymes with saviour). He is an experienced published songwriter, co-writing two charting songs with artist Steve Cheers. He likes cats and bacon. Not together.
Big Old Yellow Moon is a song of reflection as we look up to the amazing grandeur in the night sky and think about life and love.

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Souly Us - Walk Away     Country, Pop, Rock 30/01/2019
Finalist in TSA APRA AMCOS New Songwriter of the Year and Lyric Writer Award, their EP 'Hello World' debuted at No.5 on the iTunes Country Music Charts.
A power ballad telling the story of a relation that ended. At the time it broke her heart, but then she met someone new, and she realises she's glad that he walked away, because she met a better man.

Other tracks by Souly Us:  When My Heart Can't Handle It  -  Thankful
The Viper Creek Band - Australian Girls     Country 30/01/2019
When they formed in 2011, The Viper Creek Band believed that Australian country music was ready for an exciting new sound.
From the stay at home mum to the elite fighter pilot or even a brain surgeon, the ability and commitment of women is an integral part of Australian society and culture. The new track ‘Australian Girls’ by The Viper Creek Band celebrates the women of this wide brown land and their passion and ability to move the nation forward.

Chelsea Berman - Kiss Me Like You Miss Me     Country, Pop 29/01/2019
Chelsea Berman is a young singer-songwriter from the NSW Central Coast and was a finalist in this year's Toyota Star Maker.
Kiss Me Like You Miss Me was co-written by Berman with Golden Guitar winning artist Troy Kemp. A fresh track with a youthful country feel and catchy hook that will stay in your head for days, it's a song about the beginnings of a relationship.

The Mason Boys - This Land     Country, Rock 26/01/2019
The Mason Boys (TMB) aren’t your usual country band. They will shake the foundations with pure energy and the excitement of modern Country/Rock.
This Land takes the listener through a journey of claiming This Land as yours; painting a picture of the hardships faced by people on This Land; wondering what has gone wrong; then putting the call out to band together to help each other out. Together we can make it better, and keep This Land ours.

The Viper Creek Band - Australian Girls     Country, Pop, Rock 25/01/2019
'Australian Girls' is the second single from the upcoming album ‘Beautiful Destruction’.
Australian Girls is the 2nd single from the upcoming album ‘Beautiful Destruction’