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Chris Callaghan - Gone Back and Goin' Again     Country, Folk 06/06/2018
Chris Callaghan is a singer, songwriter and entertainer, with an extensive and successful history in the Australian country music scene having performed locally, and toured nationally for many, years.
Gone Back And Goin’ Again was inspired by the locals in my home town.. They always asked how long I was back in town for? I would answer, I've been, I've gone, I'm back and I'm going again, which I shortened to the title Gone Back and Going Again..

Other tracks by Chris Callaghan:  The Oldest New Talent  -  One True Love
Hillbilly Goats - Old Jack's Bones     Country, Acoustic, Alternative Country, Roots 05/06/2018
The Hillbilly Goats exude an undeniable passion for mountain music, the instruments and harmonies. Their recordings paint a picture of traditional songs from 1710 with a high energy quirky edge.
We wrote this song in honour of our mate Jack Ryle, a ringer from the Cape who taught Goat Girl to play double bones. Over a drink at the Lions Den he said “Love, my mates are dropping off the perch and I need someone to carry on my trade”.

Other tracks by Hillbilly Goats:  Gypsy Girl  -  Cluck Old Hen/Chicken Reel
David Daniel - Honky Tonk Through The Night     Country, Rock 01/06/2018
David Daniel has been writing and recording original music for the last 21 years and now it's time to introduce his music to the world!
Written and recorded back in 1997 with some great musicians including Martin Cilia and the late Chris Bailey, Honky Tonk Through The Night is an upbeat country rock song that was written ahead of its time. Now is its time to shine!

Other tracks by David Daniel:  To Go On
Kylie Adams-Collier - Montevideo Maru 1942     Country, Country, Country 01/06/2018
Kylie's “Little Stone” album is world class yet unique with colourful descriptions of Australian history, places and stories. Produced by Lindsay Waddington on Kross Kut Records, featuring Michel Rose.
The unmarked Japanese prison ship Montevideo Maru was sunk by an American submarine off the Philippines on July 1, 1942. More than 1,000 Australian soldiers and civilians perished. It remains Australia's worst - and least known - maritime disaster. MVM 1942 is a tribute for her grandfather and other POW's.

Little Wigtown - You Made Up Me     Country, Jazz, Blues 01/06/2018
Little Wigtown draw on colourful backgrounds in circus, street and orchestra to bring old school blues, jazz and country back. Think Ray, Aretha, Carl and Hoagy, and the good times.
Lively original questioning the reality of a relationship - whether it was real or a dream.

Other tracks by Little Wigtown:  On Your Way Boy  -  Manhattan Island Serenade
Maddi Lyn - Scars and Memories     Country 31/05/2018
I am an Aboriginal singer/songwriter who has a deep passion for Country Music.
Scars and Memories is a song about my family home and growing up there and all the memories that we made as a family.

Other tracks by Maddi Lyn:  Ain't That Complicated  -  Let Me Be
Kristy Cox - I Can Almost Smell The Smoke     Country, Alternative Country, Folk 30/05/2018
Kristy is one of the most refreshing and exciting names in bluegrass music worldwide. She is a Southern Stars and dual Golden Guitar Award winner.
The third single lifted from "Ricochet", is both the fan and critics favourite - "I Can Almost Smell The Smoke".

It is yet another slice of classy bluegrass, delivered the way only Kristy Cox can.

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Angus Gill - Starin' Out The Back Of A Car     Country 29/05/2018
Angus Gill’s distinctive vocals and sharp observations that bind his songs, are quite possibly evidence that he may have been on this planet before.
A poignant reflection of the loss and trauma experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of the Stolen Generation. Angus co-wrote the song with highly regarded indigenous singer-songwriter Kevin Bennett and recorded it as a vocal collaboration with Kevin and fellow indigenous performer Amos Morris.

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Maddi Lyn - Scars and Memories     Country 29/05/2018
Maddi Lyn is an Aboriginal singer/songwriter who has a deep passion for Country Music. At the tender age of six, she performed for the first time.
Destined for a long and successful career, Maddi releases her new single, Scars and Memories through The Same Tune, today!

Riley Catherall - Watered Down Man     Country, Alternative Country 29/05/2018
Riley Catherall is one of Australia's most exciting new Alt. Country Singer/Songwriters.
Intimate and brutally self reflective, Watered Down Man is an Americana and Country-Folk inspired track that dives into the whiskey-stained life of regret.

Rose Zita Falko - A Town Called Lonely     Country 29/05/2018
Rose Zita Falko is an emerging Alternative Country singer from Melbourne, Victoria.
This rhythmical tale noir will draw the listener into a story they are all familiar with and can relate to - Loneliness. With a semi-finalist’s nomination from the 2017 International Songwriting Competition already credited to its name, ‘A Town Call Lonely’ is ready to hit the airways.

The Redneck Gentlemen - Four Shots Down     Country, Rock 29/05/2018
The Redneck Gentlemen are Australia's hottest new Country-Rock, Party band!
“Four Shots Down” is the latest Single release by Australian Country Rock band The Redneck Gentlemen!

Featuring a Brand new Clip by Stagefright Productions, filmed in the band’s home town of Tamworth at the famous SSS Bar, “Four Shots Down” is sure to get you rocking!

Zoey Mills - Gypsy Girl     Country, Alternative Country 29/05/2018
Zoey is a blast of fresh air, quickly making her presence known in the country music scene and will be touring the EP around Australia so keep your eyes open.
"I am forever grateful to have been able to co-write this tune with the wonderful Amber Lawrence and Kevin Bennett who both made this song come to life. This song is a quirky, catchy, yet still quite personal tune that I am super proud to be releasing as my debut."

Gareth Leach - Turn Back Jimmy Creek     Country, Alternative Country, Folk 27/05/2018
Gareth Leach is an alt country/Americana singer/songwriter from Echuca, Victoria.
Written just after Gareth’s 2017 pilgrimage to the Tamworth Country Music Festival, Turn Back Jimmy Creek is about the long drives and sleepless nights as a travelling musician. The heavy laid banjo and driving acoustic guitars give the old-country sound of Turn Back Jimmy Creek a timeless feel.

Kirsty Lee Akers - Under My Skin     Country, Pop, Alternative Country 27/05/2018
Kirsty Lee Akers is a multi-award winning Country artist with her fifth album coming out in mid 2018.
Under My Skin was written in Nashville by Akers with Phil Barton and Bruce Wallace and tells the story of a relationship that starts out a little one-sided, a lust that may be love, a connection that wasn't really expected or even wanted...

Left of Country - Blow the Wind Blow     Country, Folk, Easy Listening 26/05/2018
Left of Country is a trio based in Wagga Wagga. Their music is country with influences from folk and popular music. All songs have been written by band members.
Quintessential sounds, images and feelings of the wind are evoked by the words, music and instrumentation in this song by Peter Murphy. Great riffs by Wagga guitarist Colin Anderson and harmonica by Melbourne-based Alan Bowles.

Other tracks by Left of Country:  You Gotta Move On  -  Where the Journey Ends
Sarah Leete - My Happiness is Misery     Country 25/05/2018
Sarah Leete is an independent country artist from North West NSW. Her Debut EP was produced by Catherine Britt and released in November, 2017.
My Happiness is Misery is the second track to be lifted from Sarah Leete's debut EP. The song was written solely by Sarah, after watching an Australian Story on Melody Pool.
The song's sweet melody and airy production, present the lyrics which are themed about a struggle with depression.

Karen Craigie - Lonely Town     Country, Alternative Country 23/05/2018
Karen’s music has been featured in film and on TV, and enjoyed International radio play, widespread in-store rotation across Europe and America and solid award-recognition.
Karen states "I wanted to write a western-style song, with lyrics, storytelling and sounds that conjured a classic American western movie. A lot of effort was put into creating country-western sounds incorporating everything from the fiddle to backing vocals that emulate the singing of the first nations people of America."

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David Reeve - Diana     Country, Folk 21/05/2018
A Songwriter, Singer, Recording and Live Performance Artist. Has worked in many genres. Loves Country. Plays keyboards and guitar.
My new song “Diana” is not about me, it’s about a couple I knew many years ago. Sometimes life can turn tragic. When listening, I hope you'll feel both a sadness for this couple and a feeling of gratitude for the lives most of us live.

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Other tracks by David Reeve:  It's Good To Be Alive Today  -  Black Dog Is Barking
Kristy James - Cinderella     Country, Rock, Pop 20/05/2018
Kristy James is an award-winning Newcastle-based singer/songwriter who started performing at age 11. Her sound is a little country, a little rock 'n' roll and a whole lot of attitude.
This beautifully crafted track tells the story of a hurtful truth, a relationship that’s not all as was promised. Reminiscent of loving times only to realise the cold, hurtful reality soaked in deceit. The Cinderella story is one well known and loved, but not one that we can all have.