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Kristen Lee Morris - Eagle Sun Wolf Moon     Country, Alternative Country, Acoustic, Folk 07/12/2018
Kristen Lee Morris has forged a reputation as one of Australia’s most honest, country & blues musicians. His songs cut deep with his guitar he can tear the house down.
Eagle Sun Wolf Moon is the second single from Kristen Lee Morris' new solo record, Hillbilly Blues. Where much of the record riffs and swaggers (like the 2018 Double J Tower of Song winning lead track COWBOY) this gorgeous duet picks up straight where Eagle & The Wolf left off. All the love. All the harmonies. All the magic.

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Ell Regan - Bulldust     Country 07/12/2018
Ell Regan, formerly Ellen Amy is a country music artist originally from Bargo NSW. She now travels around Australia playing shows, and promoting outback Australian tourism.
Modern Country song about calling 'bulldust' on your boss and taking off down south to get covered in bulldust.

Left of Country - Singing Jingle Bells Again     Country, Easy Listening, Folk 06/12/2018
Left of Country are a three piece country/folk band from Wagga Wagga. We write, perform and record our own music and hope that others will enjoy it.
If you are singing "Jingle Bells" then it's Christmas time again. a happy Christmas song that bounces along reminding us of some of the good things at Christmas. Wonderful singing by Donna Goodwin.

Other tracks by Left of Country:  A Candle Burns on Christmas Eve  -  Coming Home on Christmas Eve
Justin Landers - My Old Man     Country, Country 06/12/2018
Independent vocalist with guitar, based in the New South Wales Central West city of Orange. Justin is well known for his versatility and entertainment value all over the central west.
Justin penned this song for his Dad’s 70th birthday. My Old Man is a country ballad about a sons appreciation for his fathers love and lifelong lessons learned from him.

Pedal Steel & Lead Guitar - Lance Birrell
Piano - Ray Vanderby
Fiddle - Pixie Jenkins
Backing Vocals - Matt O'Leary
Rhythm Guitar, Bass & Drums - Justin Landers

Other tracks by Justin Landers:  Honey, Take Me Home (Unplugged Remix)
The Polite Society - Darkness & Glory     Country, Rock 06/12/2018
Delivering their own brand of barroom country with intensity and undeniable swagger, The Polite Society are an outfit not to be missed.
The debut single from Perth alt-country outfit The Polite Society.

Other tracks by The Polite Society:  Feel Ya  -  Sea of Gold
Molly Millington - Daddy's Gotta Gun     Country, Alternative Country, Roots 06/12/2018
Molly is a prolific singer songwriter from the NSW Central Coast. She fuses country, folk and a little pop with her quirky lyrics to create dark but playful tunes.
Daddy's Gotta Gun so you'd better run …

Dani Young - Stepping Stones     Country, Alternative Country, Acoustic, Folk 03/12/2018
Dani Young is a Sydney singer-songwriter unafraid to bleed through deeply personal storytelling - gutsy, vulnerable, powerful, inspired.
Written by Young on a Sydney bus, Stepping Stones is a catchy country track, and sounds like Paul Kelly and The Lumineers wrote the soundtrack to a Spaghetti Western film. Featuring a cowboy whistle track, moody vocals and a deceptively joyful beat, the lyrics touch on regional and rural depression particularly among young people.

Texas Strangers - River Of Tears     Country 02/12/2018
Central Coast based Texas Strangers are a 5 piece county rock outfit.
Aussie country with a Nashville / Americana edge, this is a great first single from the bands forthcoming album. Acoustics twang, pedal steel and violin slides, Fender Rhodes tinkle, drums shuffle and Steve’s classic Johnny Cash style vocal telling a tale of alcoholism and abandonment but with a happy ending.

Ally Marks - Don't Worry About Me     Country, Folk, Acoustic, Rock 01/12/2018
Singer/Songwriter Ally Marks has her next album ready for release! Country Rock/Folk universal themes of Pain, Chronic Illness, Addiction, Depression, Anxiety, Hope and Recovery.
Don't Worry About Me explores the feelings of a chronically ill person who is strong and stubborn and holds by the stance "I can look after myself".
With a strong lead, harmonies, acoustic guitar prominent, the song is catchy and meaningful and crosses over genre lines.

Other tracks by Ally Marks:  Addiction  -  Fallen Angel
Jared Wolff - Back Road Home     Country, Folk 30/11/2018
Jared Wolff is a man of many styles. This Australian singer/songwriter plays home grown music with a country, folk, blues roots feel.
Back Road Home is a chilled acoustic song touching on the need to escape the monotonous daily grind. This song has connection to Jared's upbringing in a small country town surrounded by unsealed roads, bordered by trees and rivers. Deviating from the rat race to explore the back roads revives our connection to nature and perspective of the world.

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Other tracks by Jared Wolff:  Red Road Red  -  Take a Ride
The Pigs - Hillbilly Synthesiser     Country, Acoustic 30/11/2018
Having played music together in the hillbilly mountains of Australia for years, in 2004 The Pigs decided to travel from the the outback to form the band in Sydney.
The sounds of the 1980s and country music come together in The Pigs’ latest single, Hillbilly Synthesiser.
The song tells of the journey to a shack in the mountains of Australia where they find their friend building a homespun electronic instrument with moonshine flowing and the synthesiser making sounds like an old jug band.

van sereno - Old Christmas Songs     Country, Live Performance, Soundtrack (Film Related), Pop 30/11/2018
Indie urban roots... A kind of storytelling with a groove
Old Christmas Songs is a holiday tune that will make you dance! It's a simple catchy song about spending time with the ones you love at Christmas. With a Country vibe, the song pays respects to the classic tunes that grace our airwaves in the silly season, bringing joy and the Christmas spirit in our living rooms.

Other tracks by van sereno:  Christmas Eve  -  Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
Wayward Johnson and the Adjustment - Broken Dollar Dream     Country, Alternative Country 30/11/2018
Raw, honest and heartfelt rock'n'roll with a twang.
Broken Dollar Dream is the story of a man who falls in love with a pokie machine. It reflects the writer's sadness at the demise of music venues in the eastern states of Australia following the introduction of pokies, and relief that they're not in pubs in WA.

Other tracks by Wayward Johnson and the Adjustment:  Tragedy & Disaster  -  Suburban Town
Wayward Johnson and the Adjustment - State We're In     Country, Alternative Country, Rock 30/11/2018
Raw, honest and heartfelt rock'n'roll with a twang.
"The beautifully keyboard laden 'State We're In' recalls Band of Horses before evoking Gram Parsons and Keith Richards exchanging notes, separated only by their guitars and a bottle." Bob Gordon, Around The Sound

Murry Rhodes - A Million Miles an Hour     Country, Blues, Rock, Rockabilly 29/11/2018
An outback Australian Pianoman. Singing stories with powerfully soft smokey vocal and an organic piano flare. A pleasure to the ears and soul. :D
An upbeat Railroad rockin' country blues honky piani song. With a smokey shrill of vocals telling a story.
Lyrically we're invited to party it up on a train going nowhere and where it stops nobody knows. A parallel to humanity living life on this earth as it orbits the sun round and round at incredible speeds but going nowhere. :D

Other tracks by Murry Rhodes:  G'day 'n' G'dbye  -  Highway Happy Hour
Bennett, Bowtell & Urquhart - Mountain Of Pain     Country, Roots, Folk 29/11/2018
In 2015 Country Stars Felicity Urquhart, Lyn Bowtell and Kevin Bennett joined forces to present ‘Bennett, Bowtell & Urquhart’.
Bennett Bowtell & Urquhart deliver a powerful and heartfelt lament for the current moral and social direction of Trumpian America. ‘I’ve tried to pace it out, Understand what it’s all about, How could so much light fade into grey, You can’t make something great again, Building walls and laying blame, All I see is a mountain of pain’.

The Tony Q Band - Truckin' Proud     Country, Rock 29/11/2018
The Tony Q Band are a brisbane based Country Rock Band, four army guys who met while servbing in action overseas.
“Truckin’ Proud” is the first single release from The Tony Q band. The song is an energetic country tune about the life of truck drivers as witnessed by Tony when he would travel with his father, who features on the singles cover.

Phoebe Jay - Free Air (feat. Tommy Emmanuel)     Country, Easy Listening, Pop, Acoustic 29/11/2018
Young Australian Country singer Phoebe Jay joins with one of the world’s greatest guitarists Tommy Emmanuel to raise funds for Rural Aid's Suicide Prevention Campaign with Free Air.
The song is a lullaby sung to a person who through economic and emotional stress has come to the point where they believe there is only one choice, taking their own life. Air is free, so come follow me I’ll lead the way with Rural Aid providing a real solution to these heartbreaking reality that rural families face.

David Reeve - Maybe It Will Rain     Country 29/11/2018
Country Singer/Songwriter
Drought Fundraiser

David Reeve - Hay Runners     Country 29/11/2018
country singer/songwriter
Drought relief fundraiser