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Route 33 - Hands of Time (feat. Sarah McLeod)     Country, Rock, Pop, Easy Listening 15/07/2019
With music as effortlessly catchy as Route 33’s, crowd interaction seems a fait accompli. Now it’s time to hit the road and find all those good times that lie ahead.
A beautiful country rock ballad featuring Sarah McLeod (The Superjesus), Hands of Time explores a sadly growing issue in modern society, that of suicide. Based on a real situation of involving close friends of the band, the track delves into the effect that the suicide had on a those left behind. In this case the remaining partner.

The Woodpickers - One True Love     Country, Alternative Country, Acoustic, Folk 15/07/2019
The Woodpickers are a recording project of Blue Mountains writer/musician John Murphy. Country/Roots influenced songs featuring a variety of Australian and overseas artists
One True Love is a song about falling in love. The wonder, excitement and magic of finding your life's partner

Emily Hatton - Smoke And Mirrors     Country, Pop 12/07/2019
Emily Hatton is an Australian, Country Singer-Songwriter, based in Melbourne. A firestorm on stage, her energetic and charming presence delivers catchy hooks and personal stories with relevance and authenticity.
Bursting with energy, charisma and sass, 'Smoke And Mirrors' reinforces that while facades of insincerity fade, the real value and worth of every person has nothing to do with the money to their name.

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Paladin - The Beaches of Cheyenne     Country, Alternative Country, Easy Listening, Pop 12/07/2019
Paladin an Australian singer/songwriter who releases his own music independently. He is a multi-instrumentalist who plays drums, guitars, bass and keyboards.
The song describes the heartbreak of a woman who is overcome by grief because her last words to her husband were "I don't give a damn if you never come back from Cheyenne", after he told her he was riding in the rodeo in Cheyenne against her wishes.

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River Lane - Ghost Of A Girl     Country, Alternative Country 12/07/2019
Hailing from the regional South Australian town of Mannum, River Lane isn’t your run of the mill musician. River started working life on the tools as a tradie.
‘Ghost of a girl to me is about growing up and leaving my innocence behind. It's about accepting who I am now and the decisions I have made whether right or wrong but never forgetting where I've come from’ - River Lane

Andre Camilleri - Big Old Train     Country, Alternative Country 10/07/2019
Arguably one of Australia's most prolific songwriters, Andre Camilleri blends Country, Alternative and the Blues to create unique sonic landscapes of timeless beauty.
When I had the idea to record an acoustic solo album with some of my favourite tunes this song was the very first one I picked. I wrote it more than 20 years ago, but it seems to have aged pretty well.

Other tracks by Andre Camilleri:  Redemption  -  Long Black Train
Jamie Lindsay - Ya Gotta Go There To Come Back     Country, Blues, Rock, Country 10/07/2019
'Chameleon" comes to mind when talking about Jamie Lindsay's 20+ year musical journey.    From Tasmania, the Sydney based singer, songwriter, musician & performer has written and released tonnes of music. 
“Ya gotta go there go to come back" is about getting off the couch and getting out there and experiencing life to the fullest.

It's about the discovery of oneself through travelling and knowing where you’ve been, what you’ve done, what you’ve learned, so you can come back with the knowledge and understanding of what life means to one's self.

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Kristy Cox - Yesterday's Heartache     Country, Alternative Country 10/07/2019
Kristy is one of the most refreshing and exciting names in bluegrass music worldwide. She is a Southern Stars and three time Golden Guitar Award winner.
Kristy Cox unleashes the first single from the long awaited follow up to her Golden Guitar winning album,“Ricochet”.

Written by Jerry Salley, Kelli Kingrey and Bruce Carpenter - “Yesterday’s Heartache”, is a fun, up-tempo tune that touches on the tale of holding on.

“The first time I heard it I knew it was for me”, says Kristy.

Clint Wilson feat. Jen Mize - One button at a time     Country, Folk 08/07/2019
Clint Wilson is an acoustic troubadour part of the new wave of Australiana artists who's influences draw from folk, Americana and alt country. Influences - Paul Kelly and Johnny Cash
“A romantic song about really good friends who both understand how important their relationship is, realising they may need to take it slow to get it right”

Written by Clint Wilson, Jen Mize and Lola Brinton at The DAG songwriters retreat in November.

Recorded at Newmarket studios in North Melbourne, produced by Guus Hoevenaars (2x Emmy winning and Bafta nominated)

Megan Sidwell - Piece of Me     Country, Pop, Rock 08/07/2019
Megan Sidwell forms a unity between the sensibilities of rock and country pop. Her songs bleed infectious pop hooks and country harmonies, with an edge uniquely her own.
Piece of Me is about when only one person in a relationship is ready to take the next step while the other is hesitant and continues to deny the chemistry and the reality of the situation.

NeillyRich - Firewood     Country, Rock, Pop 08/07/2019
In 2012, two paths converged when NZ born Matthew McNeilly met Kempsey girl, Amelia Richards in Tamworth. Their musical passions aligned, resulting in the formation of contemporary country duo NeillyRich.
Recorded in Nashville, Firewood is a catchy high-energy crowd-pleaser co-written by NeillyRich and Troy Kemp, and paints a picture of what it was like for the duo in the burgeoning stages of their personal relationship. It's a modern upbeat honky tonk, embodying the Nashville sound the band was immersed in at the time of recording.

Paladin - The Brightest Star     Country, Alternative Country, Pop, Easy Listening 08/07/2019
Paladin an Australian singer/songwriter who releases his own music independently. He is a multi-instrumentalist who plays drums, guitars, bass and keyboards.
A lonely traveller describes his longing to return home and he only needs the brightest star in the night sky as his guide.

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Other tracks by Paladin:  Slipping Away
Scarlet's Way - Move Your Body (Woah Oh Oh)     Country, Rock, Soul, Alternative Country 08/07/2019
Fronted by soulful vocalist, Katey Gabel, Scarlet's Way hail from Perth, where the duo perform regularly, between regional and interstate shows, making their mark on the country music circuit.
A vibrant neon glow with live music pumping onto a crowded street, Scarlet’s Ways new single “Move Your Body” is a salute to Nashville’s honky tonk highway. A rockin’ night out… and the morning after.

GAV BROWN - NASHVILLE     Country, Alternative Country, Acoustic, Roots 05/07/2019
Gav Brown's Road Less Travelled is the follow up Album the Sound Circus Album which had number 1's on plaympe chartsand single chart success with Artist Dream Peter Pan Tracks.
Nashville is debut single from Road Less Travelled by featuring some of Perths finest musicians. Joining Gav on vocals is talented singer Kaitlyn Keegan, with solos from Kristian Borring, Paul Millard and Mark Constable. It is a tale of experiencing Nashville for the first time.

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Other tracks by GAV BROWN:  Railroad Track  -  Road To You
Paladin - It Never Rains In Southern California     Country, Alternative Country, Cover Version, Easy Listening 05/07/2019
Paladin an Australian singer/songwriter who releases his own music independently. He is a multi-instrumentalist who plays drums, guitars, bass and keyboards.
A cover by Paladin of a song from one of the songwriters who has influenced him. The song describes the struggles of an aspiring actor who moves to California to pursue a career in Hollywood but does not have any success and who struggles to get by.

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Cassi Marie - Cupid     Country, Alternative Country 03/07/2019
Cassi Marie is a 17 Year old Queensland-based award winning Singer/Songwriter.
"I have learned in my short 17 years of life that boys can either break your heart, or they can like you a little too much, almost to the point where it gets a little bit awkward. That's exactly what this song is about."

Other tracks by Cassi Marie:  Scars On My Heart
Lachlan Bryan & The Wildes - The Road     Country, Alternative Country, Acoustic, Easy Listening 02/07/2019
Award winning Country/Alt Country outfit Lachlan Bryan & The Wildes return with THE ROAD, the first single to be lifted off their forthcoming fifth album.
Lachlan Bryan takes you down 'the road' which is, by his own admission, an autobiographical song, in stark contrast to the often character-driven stories for which the Award-winning Melbourne-born singer-songwriter and his band The Wildes are best known.

2.55 minutes long of finger pickin' guitar goodness, complete with bass, lapsteel and Lachlan's road-weary sounding vocals & honest lyrics.

Other tracks by Lachlan Bryan & The Wildes:  Take It Out On Me
MOSS - Belle (Will you still love me when I change)     Country, Pop, Downbeat, Easy Listening 02/07/2019
MOSS is a five (5) piece original Rock Band, writing social / political songs aimed to get messages important to us out there while you rock.
“Belle”; Was inspired by Isabelle Lake. Isabelle entered the world as Nicholas, but died aged 21, as Isabelle. At 19, Belle recognized and understood the gender dysphoria that had plagued her life and formally identified as a woman. A passionate advocate for tolerance, sadly, just as Belle was fully embracing her new found self, acute Myeloid Leukaemia took her.

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Sherrie Fay Carter - Everyone Has A Mum     Country, Folk 02/07/2019
I'm a country lady who has written a few songs about my dearest mother and my life.
This song was written at a time that was very precious to me, when I'd recently lost my dear mother Fay. It's a heartfelt song that everyone can relate to.

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Other tracks by Sherrie Fay Carter:  Love And Support Of Our Friends
Paladin - Light in The Dark     Country, Pop, Alternative Country, Rock 01/07/2019
Paladin an Australian singer/songwriter who releases his own music independently. He is a multi-instrumentalist who plays drums, guitars, bass and keyboards.
An upbeat track celebrating a friend/partner who is always there for you and sometimes act as a beacon of hope.

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Other tracks by Paladin:  Born An Outlaw  -  Call Me Crazy