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Main River Band - Wet Season     Country, Rock, First Nations, Roots 25/03/2020
Main River Band write songs that describe the love for their country, people and families.
Wet Season is the first single from WAM's (WA Music's) forthcoming "Sounds of The Kimberley" release. It is from one of the Kimberley’s most loved current acts, Main River Band.

Wet Season paints a picture of the spectacular and dramatic changing landscape during the tropical wet season in the region.

Neville Anderson - The Facebook Song     Country 24/03/2020
Neville Anderson's Bush Ballads are right at home among Australian Country while his other ballads sit comfortably within the American tradition.
Multi-award-winning country singer songwriter Neville Anderson releases his new single ‘The Facebook Song’, a somewhat tongue in cheek take on virtual relationships, lifted from his new album ‘Old Country’s New Clothes’.

Taylor Moss - Third Time Lucky     Country, Pop 23/03/2020
Taylor Moss has come a long way in a short time, but this exciting young artist has found her stride in the Country arena.
Third Time Lucky is about all the things that seem to come in threes. Life is full of fall in love three times, life’s tragedies and wins come in threes, etc, and the song poses the question, do you need three tries at finding "that" person before you get there? Time will tell...

El Cosgrove - Some Fools     Country, Folk, Alternative 21/03/2020
El's most recent single “Honey” has already gained its place in the AMRAP Top Ten Regional Charts and The Music Networks Country Top 50 Charts
"Some Fools is a reflection of my own life in a lot of ways by owning the mistakes that I may have made along the way because of the acceptance that these experiences are simply what make me exactly who I am. The people I have grown to love most have always been able to share a great story."

Aaron Jurd - If You Were Mine     Country, Pop, Easy Listening 20/03/2020
FROM playing major music festivals to winning a top songwriting award, to writing with Golden Guitar winners and releasing chart topping singles, Aaron Jurd has achieved it all.
If You Were Mine was a collaboration at the 2018 CMAA Academy of Country Music between award-winning songwriters Aaron Jurd and Kevin Bennett, with Aaron's fellow students Ainslie Allen and Maddi Collier.

The single is a fun take on when you see that person who might be unreachable, but you envision what life with them would be like.

Emily Soon - Love Is the Loneliest Place     Country, Folk, Soul, Pop 20/03/2020
Like toasted marshmallows over a campfire, singer-songwriter Emily Soon will warm your heart.
A reflection on a close friend's break up and a lesson on "the importance of empathy, patience and time".

Let signature smooth vocals, tasteful howling guitars and cathartic rhythms propel you across a spectrum of loneliness and just maybe, into a newfound place of solitude and contentment.

Produced by Henry Wagons and mixed in Nashville by Jordan Lehning.

Allan Caswell - Hard Times and Struggle     Country, Easy Listening 17/03/2020
Allan Caswell is Australia's most recorded song writer with over 750 of his songs recorded by other people. Winner of 8 Golden Guitar awards. Wrote theme to TV's "Prisoner".
The story of "Hard Times and Struggle" comes for the collaboration of Allan Caswell and 8 Ball Aitken telling a story only such a working relationship between these two incredible song writers could tell. A circus worker, a bare back rider, a strong man and a card game can only lead to trouble.

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Brad Johns - Tailgating     Country, Rock, Pop 17/03/2020
Brad Johns is a singer/song writer and an acclaimed guitarist who has played for many years behind some of Australia's biggest artists, now making a career of his own.
“Tailgating” is basically a popular form of people initiating good times at major events such as NFL games and large stadium concerts to create their own fun. Car parks become full of people rolling up in their vehicles and opening up their tailgates to set up barbecues cooking ribs, steaks, and eski’s (ice-boxes) full of booze, drinks and the like.

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Abbie Ferris - Love Up On Me     Country, Pop 16/03/2020
Abbie Ferris is the definition of a true-blue country girl. She fell in love with music from an early age and started honing her craft as a singer-songwriter.
Co-written with Troy Kemp and produced by Michael Carpenter at Love Hz studio, Love Up On Me is about that one person you can’t stay mad at purely because of your underlying love and affection. It relives the exciting, flirty and often bumpy nature of a first relationship.

AUDIO VIXEN - Another Minute     Country, Pop, Folk, Rock 16/03/2020
Sibling singer-songwriting trio from Sydney with unparalleled harmonies
Shania Twain style, modern contemporary country song

Other tracks by AUDIO VIXEN:  Heart of Mine  -  Walk
Pete OBrien - Son Of Mine     Country, Folk, Blues, Indie 16/03/2020
Pete OBrien has 3 Albums out. Music written from the heart. Good Times, Bad Times all are real times.
'Son Of Mine' is about how Proud Fathers are of their Adult Sons.

Our Little boys grow into men, they have good-times and Bad-times. But they are our Sons, we watch them grow through every Situation.

Other tracks by Pete OBrien:  Long Road  -  Heros
the Blue Shamrocks - Sadie's Got her New Dress On     Country, World, Dance, Easy Listening 16/03/2020
theBlueShamrocks will perform live soon, delivering fun country uplifting tunes with a good strong beat throughout. theBlueShamrocks goal is to be in the country charts 2020.
Sadie has become of age at 21!, where she is now allowed to go to the dance and mingle with the boys, with her mothers blessing to find a partner and move forward with her life, Sadie was going to be a little picky and not fall for the first boy that comes along. Good Girl.

The McClymonts - I Got This     Country, Pop 16/03/2020
Australia’s best-loved and most successful country music trio, The McClymonts, return to the scene with their latest anthemic slice of country-pop, 'I Got This'.
'I Got This' is the first new music from the trio in over three years and shines a message of hope for all those dealing with life’s challenges. In a world full of mayhem and ever-growing pressure, music remains one of the few sources of assurance that we’re not in this on our own.

Joel McKay - Living To Survive     Country, Alternative, Folk 14/03/2020
Joel McKay is an Australian Storyteller and CMAA Graduate. The Real Deal.
Living To Survive is the leading single from the debut EP of rising-star, storyteller, Joel McKay. With experience beyond his years, Joel's songs speak straight to the heart of the listener.

Sarah McAdams - Train Wreck Hearts     Country, Alternative, Roots 14/03/2020
CMAA Senior Academy Graduate - Future rising star of Australian Country Music.
Train Wreck Hearts is the leading single from Debut artist - Sarah McAdams. Train Wreck hearts displays a mature voice and singer/songwriter, definitely on the right track.

Carolyn Michelle - Let's Live In Peace     Country 13/03/2020
Carolyn's writing and producing skills are truly heartfelt with messages resonating through her lyrics, with her beautiful sugary warm tones, her music will linger in the minds of her audience.
Let's Live In Peace is dedicated to children who are presently living in WAR torn countries.

Soldiers who are currently fighting in WAR.

Family and friends who have suffered loss through WAR.

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Lucille - Come On, Fly     Country, Pop, Folk, Alternative 13/03/2020
There’s a certain, almost indefinable something about Melbourne singer-songwriter Lucille. She doesn’t sound like anyone else, her beautiful, yet curious voice stands out on first listen.
“Come On, Fly” was inspired both by Lucille’s birthplace of Berlin to the current literal and metaphorical walls being built, from Mexico and the USA to Palestine and Israel, to divide and incite fear and misunderstanding. The song emphasises that humanity seems incapable of learning, the destructive cycles continue on, but if one learns to fly, walls lose their meaning

Other tracks by Lucille:  Wise Man  -  Last Release
Tim Guy - Against The Wind     Country, Folk 12/03/2020
'Against The Wind', the bare bones down to the wire opening track from TG's upcoming 'Globe Transistor EP'. 6 albums in to a durable career, this music takes another turn.
The opening track from Tim Guy's forthcoming 'Globe Transistor EP'.

Recorded by Fabian Hunter in his Northcote Studio 'Fishbones Tone Shack'.

A vocal from the depths and some of the sparsest guitar playing you will hear.

Counting Backwards - Blame It On The Sun     Country, Folk, Indie 11/03/2020
Counting Backwards was founded in 2018 as a creative outlet to raise awareness of the immense challenges that lie ahead, while also having a bit of fun on the side.
A song about greed, climate change denial and the end of life as we know it.

Shane Dickson - Lisa's Song     Country, Alternative, Pop 11/03/2020
Shane Dickson is Boyup Brook born and bred, Country Music has pumped through her veins since birth. Shane's music style is unique modern country with a funky twist.
A song about friendship at a special time of your life.

Other tracks by Shane Dickson:  Small Town  -  Come On Baby