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Andre Camilleri - Hour Of Darkness     Country, Alternative Country 25/09/2018
Arguably one of Australia's most prolific and underrated songwriters in one, Andre Camilleri blends Country, Alternative and the Blues to create unique sonic landscapes of timeless beauty.
I've been playing this song for a while now with my band the Black Horses, and I originally wrote it to go on our our second album. That hasn't happened yet so I thought I'd better record it, in case someone else thinks of claiming it as theirs. It sounds quite different to the more straight Country Black Horses version.

Other tracks by Andre Camilleri:  Listen To Your Heart  -  Rocky Shore
Riley Catherall - Robin     Country, Alternative Country, Folk 25/09/2018
Riley Catherall is a singer songwriter from Melbourne, known for his arresting lyricism and storytelling through an early 70's style of Folk and Americana.
Patient yet arresting, Riley Catherall's 'Robin' is an ode to a lover in the form of a red-breasted bird who has their sights on far away skies. A beautiful example of a classic country/folk song, 'Robin' spotlights the partnership between surrounding lyricism and vocal harmonies from Australian music icon Kasey Chambers which help illustrate a tale of freedom and wandering.

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Carl The Bartender - Dogs & Angels     Country 24/09/2018
Carl The Bartender (Carl Murphy) Is a country singer/songwriter, travelling Australia taking his music to the people.
Dogs & Angels, was written on his parents farm in North West NSW after the recent loss of close friends and family members to unforeseen tragedies. In the midst of the grief, Carl was gifted a dog, Winnie, a miniature Australian bulldog.
The song is about moving onto bigger things without forgetting those who helped shape your life.

Liam Kennedy-Clark - Tails You Say The Same     Country, Easy Listening 24/09/2018
Hailing from the serene Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Liam is a talented multi-instrumentalist as well as a gifted singer/songwriter.
Tails You Say The Same was written after Kennedy-Clark overheard a conversation one short, an older bloke said something he'd never forget and LKC immediately knew he had to turn it into a song. “I’m gonna flip this coin. If it lands heads, you tell your wife you love her, if it lands tails, you do the same”.

Simply Bushed - Wave Your Finger     Country, Folk 22/09/2018
Bringing a new perspective and a modern edge as well as original songs that have been reviewed as “songs that will very well become classics for new generations of Australians”.
A fun track about the simple friendly bush gesture of waving your finger at the driver heading in the opposite direction. It starts somewhere between Byrock and Bourke although not signposted, it is clearly understood. It usually consists of the index finger of the hand that is on the wheel at any given time.

Copperline - Woman's Touch     Country, Alternative Country, Acoustic 21/09/2018
Copperline are an alt-country band with the utmost reverence for song writing craft. They share a commitment to twang, a love of blues, and explore frontiers where these traditions intertwine.
It’s a break up song really, but not one that's all heart-break, woe-is-me and crying into your beer. It’s also a nostalgic look back at all the little things someone did to brighten up you life. Working with Shane Nicholson on this song helped us find its beating heart and release its inner twang.

Brooks & Magee - Somewhere Down The Road     Country, Country 20/09/2018
After a forced lay off for 2 years due to Bob's Heart Transplant we are finally releasing the first single from our new CD - Somewhere Down The Road
Somewhere Down The Road, words by Denise and music by Bob, was written on the way to Tamworth, which for the first time was without our daughter, who chose to do something different that year.
As we continually passed the broken lines on the highway, Denise created the words for the song.

Dianne Lindsay - Paddy's Soul     Country 20/09/2018
Mention traditional Australian country music these days and no-one is more respected than singer/songwriter Dianne Lindsay.
This beautifully written ballad tells of an early goldminer in this country – an important part of our history, interpreted and delivered with authenticity and clarity in the way that only Dianne Lindsay can do. Written by husband, Peter Simpson, with a delightful musical arrangement, this is a stand out track.

Emma Dykes - A Drink In My Hand     Country 20/09/2018
Emma sings just as she lives her life – wanting to give to others and celebrate the stories and experiences in song.
‘A Drink In My Hand’, summing up the clichéd repetition of swearing we will never drink again, and all the reasons for these promises to ourselves, followed by breaking this promise with yet another good story to tell – blamed on the alcohol.

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Errol Gray - 80k's An Hour     Country, Comedy 20/09/2018
With his politically incorrect Aussie sense of humour, Errol has his audiences in stitches with his irreverent songs and stories that reflect everyday situations and misfortunes.
Sit back and try to not get too frustrated as you follow this grey nomad couple sauntering up the highway, holding up the traffic in their brand new caravan and 4WD without a care in the world. I’m sure we’ve all followed such a couple, or we might even be that couple!

Shaza Leigh - Land Of Our Kin     Country, Folk 20/09/2018
Shaza has a powerful, driven, methodical personality with a deep seated love for life and laughter. She’s a rare individual as well as an extraordinary talent.
At a time when our farmers need inspiration to survive in their beloved industry, this fantastic song is a timely reminder of all that is great about their life; why it is imperative they retain hope and focus on their dreams for the future.

Troy Cassar-Daley - Wouldn't Change A Thing     Country, Blues 20/09/2018
Throughout his thirty years of making music, Troy has been awarded numerous accolades including 4 ARIAs, 36 Golden Guitars, 2 APRA Country Song of the Year awards.
Alongside 42 singles and signature album tracks, Troy has also included two new tracks, including the new single ‘Wouldn’t Change A Thing’, a testament to Troy’s enduring vitality as a songwriter.

Zoey Mills - Only The Devil     Country, Alternative Country 20/09/2018
Zoey is indeed a ‘Gypsy Girl’. With her uplifting and free spirit personality, she has created an EP filled with catchy tunes, sing along melodies and expressive story telling lyrics.
Produced by one of the biggest names in Australian country music, Catherine Britt, the great easy listening, alternative country track was written by Zoey Mills and Jeremy Edwards. This song offers a taste of what to hear on Zoey's debut self- titled EP.

Other tracks by Zoey Mills:  Bittersweet  -  Easy Road
Souly Us - Meant to Be     Country, Pop 18/09/2018
Ben & Kate have a unique, soulful sound. This amazing, self-taught young duo radiates chemistry and connection. Kate’s warm angelic voice & Ben’s artistry on guitar form a poetic sound.
An up-beat, catchy, summer love song.

Casey Barnes - Set Sail     Country, Pop, Acoustic 17/09/2018
Casey Barnes is making a monumental impression on the Australian country music scene. A career defining 12 months topped off with a Golden Guitar Finalist announcement
Riding the wave of success on a string of highly successful singles in 2018, the monumental year continues for Golden Guitar Finalist Casey Barnes with the release of a sincere, deeply heartfelt ballad ‘Set Sail’.

Gina Timms - Falling In Love (Is The Nicest Kind of Fall)     Country 12/09/2018
Some artists stand on stage and sing songs. Others deliver. You can guess which category Gina Timms fits into – with this new single, she knows what she’s talking about!
“I penned this song when I was standing on a friends balcony looking over a valley realising how far I had come since the breakdown of my first marriage”.
I had recently fallen in love with a man who I fancied back when I was 15.
"He was 22 and my father would have locked me up if he knew”

Kora Naughton - Ravenswood Lane     Country, Alternative Country 12/09/2018
At just 16, Kora Naughton is reminiscent of a young Kasey Chambers and is further proof that we are witnessing one of the most exciting new talents on the scene.
"Ravenswood Lane" is the third single taken from 17 year old Kora Naughton's debut album, "Ride or Die".

The song tells the fictional tale of a murder mystery and Kora says the song brings out the inner creative writer in her as recalls how much she loved writing stories In primary school.

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Lizzie Steadman - Here We Go Again     Country 12/09/2018
Lizzie Steadman an Aboriginal singer-songwriter has the ability to tell a storey through her empowering vocals.
Co-written with a Shane Nicholson, about listening to old country songs and drinking after a break down in a relationship.

Other tracks by Lizzie Steadman:  The Road To Wonderland
Tony Cook - Life's Lessons     Country, Alternative Country, Blues, Acoustic 12/09/2018
Laidback by name, Laidback by nature Tony Cook's Music is pure, simple and uniquely Australian. Lyrically you will feel Tones messages with catchy addictive sounds and chorus' YOU'LL BE HOOKED
A feel good song written about an old man passing on his wisdom to a stranger in a bar.
This track takes you on a journey into the the outback of Australia through a modern mainstream music take and is the essence of all decent humanity proudly believed in Outback Australian.

Hayley Marsten - Coming Home     Country 04/09/2018
Equal parts sass and sincerity, Hayley Marsten wears her heart on her bedazzled sleeve with pride and humour.
There’s no missing the emotional gut punch of ‘Coming Home’, a steely depiction of Marsten’s childhood in a broken home. “‘Coming Home’ is the bravest song I have – and might ever write,” says Marsten. “It is so personal and autobiographical for me and it was very scary to write, I couldn't have finished it without Lyn."

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