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Fiona Fields - Old School     Country 09/08/2019
With 3 Top 50 Country Music Channel clips as well as Top 10 spots at Toyota Star Maker two years running, Fiona releases the final single from her current album.
Her latest offering and the title track of the album, “Old School”, is a good old, sing along kinda song. So, enjoy the swinging beat and pedal steel and, while you’re at it, check out her independently produced music video below!

Kelly Winning - The Real Deal     Country, Rock, Alternative Country, Folk 09/08/2019
Kelly Winning is a Sydney-based singer, songwriter and adventurer at heart with a passion for people and this beautiful land. Kelly has a unique Aussie country/folk/gospel style.
The Real Deal has become a springboard for open discussion and expression with people coming together to share stories and heal together through the creative arts. It is a response to the increasing rate of suicide across Australia and the need for us to talk about what’s really going on.

The song is a heartbeat for connection and community.

Kylie Gale - Push Back     Country 09/08/2019
From Coonamble to Caves Beach, singer-songwriter Kylie Gale is chasing down her musical goals, releasing Push Back - the realisation of a dream since she began singing as a teenager.
From adversity comes strength and new songs, as is the case with the debut single from singer-songwriter Kylie Gale. After a particularly tough day at work teaching, she turned it into a positive, writing Push Back.

The song is about feeling that even though you’re a good person you get used and sometimes you have to push back.

Spike Flynn - Like a breeze     Country, Alternative Country 09/08/2019
Won Tamworth Song Comp (alt country) 2017. Has been compared to Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark. Third album of original songs. Narrative, story telling style. Country based but not exclusive.
"Like a breeze" is an upbeat country song. It has one minor drug reference, suggesting drugs are not needed! It's a song that is saying "It's ok, everything is ok, you don't need to worry or stress, just take it easy. It features Andrew Clermont on fiddle, Gary Brown on dobro, Tim Watts on upright acoustic bass. Inspired by Taoism.

Other tracks by Spike Flynn:  Father O'Connell  -  Smoke at the river bend
The Earl Of Grey - Hollow     Country, Alternative Country 09/08/2019
The Earl Of Grey has spent time in every corner of the wide, brown land and the sense of freedom, adventure and inevitable heart ache is on display.
Hollow was written in an old apartment in the centre of Melbourne, quite literally as the first few lines say, above a restaurant. It’s a reflection of how sometimes, self destruction might help numb the pain of loss, but to blot out the good memories with the bad can leave us feeling empty and hollow.

Cameron Milford - Feeling Like a Saturday Night     Country, Alternative Country 08/08/2019
Cameron Milford writes songs about bad weather, love and other natural disasters. His laid-back brand of “suburban roots music” wraps the sounds of Alt-Country around wry observations of ordinary life.
Cameron Milford’s latest single, ‘Feeling like a Saturday Night’, effortlessly weaves together 50’s Rock ‘n’ Roll with an upbeat brand of Alt-Country. This fun, infectious track sounds like a Chuck Berry/Alan Jackson collaboration and provides the perfect atmosphere for an evening of drinks and ‘Boot-Scoot-Boogying’.

Dianne Lindsay & Peter Simpson - Out There     Country 08/08/2019
Mention traditional Australian country music and no-one is more respected than singer/songwriter Dianne Lindsay. Peter Simpson is a well-known songwriter with a strong leaning to the Australian bush ballad style.
'Out There' was inspired by Trevor Day saying 'they don't forget you out there'. Dianne and Peter have experienced that themselves - folks in the country or out in the bush don’t forget you. Trevor is heard at the end of the song and sadly passed away just before the song was recorded.

Lonnie lee - Just a memory     Country, Easy Listening, Alternative Country 08/08/2019
Lonnie Lee one of Australia's first Superstars. From 1956 his rockabilly combo start to many #1 hits 1959 to 1965 to writing with Roy Orbison still releasing today. True Legend
Written by Lonnie when he learned family sheep property homestead was burned to the ground by drunken workers.They lit a fire, got drunk, fell asleep and the wind burned the 90 year old large timber homestead to the ground. The sheep property was started by his grandfather in Rowena, out from Narrabri between Walgett and Moree. Light of Love album

Brendan McMahon - Only Highs     Country, Pop 06/08/2019
Brendan McMahon, acclaimed singer, songwriter, guitarist, with three albums already out and a fourth just around the corner, releases the second single from In The Moment... "Only Highs".
From the delicate opening melody to the searing guitar solo and soaring two-part vocals, ‘Only Highs’ the 2nd single from singer songwriter Brendan McMahon’s forthcoming album ‘In The Moment’, shines. The song tells the story of those moments in a relationship that are powerful enough to alter its course. It’s a heartfelt appeal for starting over and embracing new beginnings.

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Chelsea Berman - Wherever I Go     Country, Pop 05/08/2019
Chelsea Berman is a young singer-songwriter from the NSW Central Coast and was a finalist in 2019 Toyota Star Maker.
Wherever I Go is a catchy country pop track co-written by Berman with Melanie Dyer and Dean Ray, and it reflects some major changes as Berman ventures forward on her life’s about leaving home for the first time, but the wider theme is wherever you go in life, your home is always there...most often where your heart lies.

George Royter - My Name is Henry Lawson     Country, Easy Listening, Folk, Acoustic 05/08/2019
Singer/songwriter of songs about the people, places and times of Australia. People describe George as "The Australiana Ballader"
Song about the life and times of Henry Lawson

Other tracks by George Royter:  Doreen  -  Waltz Me Around Again
Aaron Jurd - Changed     Country, Easy Listening 02/08/2019
Aaron Jurd is a top 5 iTunes charting country artist who has performed at the Golden Guitars and official opening of the Tamworth festival, and written with award-winning artists.
Changed has Lake Macquarie singer-songwriter Aaron Jurd reflecting on some of the worst times of his life, from a new and much happier perspective. The single shows a change in mindset and the silver lining that is a reminder that even though you have rough days, they give you a different outlook and appreciation of life.

Alisha Smith - Tippy Toes     Country, Instrumental 02/08/2019
Alisha has toured right around Australia four times with her partner Keith Jamieson and their daughter Caitlyn.
A great catchy instrumental which was written by an american lady called Boots Faye in 1963. Keith Jamieson and Alisha found this song on Facebook being played by Ed Peekeekoot from Canada and loved it so Alisha decided to record it with Caitlyn playing some great fiddle.

Caitlyn Jamieson - Auctioneer     Country 02/08/2019
Caitlyn Jamieson tours with her Dad Keith Jamieson and Mum Alisha Smith, doing regular tours throughout Queensland and right down to the southern states and into South Australia.
Keith Jamieson and Alisha Smith took Caitlyn to see the Flying Emus Reunion concert in Tamworth a few years ago where she heard this song and has been singing it ever since. A great song penned by John Kane of the Flying Emus which was a big hit back in the 1980’s. Caitlyn sung her own harmonies and also played fiddle.

Keith Jamieson - Memories Within     Country 02/08/2019
Keith leans towards the bush ballad style of writing and recording, following in the footsteps of pioneers such as Stan Coster, Slim Dusty, Tony Brooks, Tom Oliver and Joe Daly.
The title track for the album was written by Bill Brummell who has written songs for Jeff Brown and Ashley Cook. The song captures a bit of history about some of our pioneering bush ballad songwriters and recording artists, namely Slim Dusty, Stan Coster, Ray Rose, Wally Brummell, Kelly & Marion Dixon, Wave Jackson.

Tennessee Ham - Guy Like You     Country, Alternative Country 02/08/2019
The Tennessee Ham band is a good yarn over a hot cuppa, early morning drives down the coast and an alt-country misadventure through the small town australia.
Guy Like You is the first released single from the soundtrack of the forthcoming alt-country musical, Slaughterhouse Road. In a small coastal town on Australia's East Coast, we follow the budding romance of Tam and Jim (played by Sydney musicians Annie Hamilton and Mark Harding) against the backdrop of a jaded small town built around an abattoir.

Benson and the Outlaws - Something On The Wind     Country, Blues, Roots, Rock 01/08/2019
Since returning from roaming the desert and taming rattle snakes, Benson has rounded up a gang of Outlaws to tell her tales of wild horses and the southern land.
"Something On The Wind" was written in Tuscon, Arizona. After travelling for months on tour with The John Butler Trio, Benson ended up in Saguaro National Park starting at a sea of Cactus and dirt. "Something on the Wind" stirs that mysterious feeling of silence, as a warm breeze blows over the desert landscape.

Niksta - I'm Still Here     Country, Alternative Country, Christian 01/08/2019
I am a singer songwriter who has been in the industry for 30 years. I have 6 albums available and perform on guitar and keyboard at various venues and festivals.
I am still here is a testimony that it’s a miracle with what i have been through.

Other tracks by Niksta:  Who I Am
Jade Hurley - CHISELED IN STONE     Country, Cover Version 30/07/2019
Piano playing singer entertainer known professionally as "AUSTRALIA'S KING OF COUNTRY ROCK" Jade Hurley
Medium paced Country song

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The Earl Of Grey - Hollow     Country, Alternative Country, Folk 30/07/2019
The Earl Of Grey is an Alt. Country singer songwriter based in Queensland Australia.
Hollow is the debut release for Alternative Country singer songwriter The Earl Of Grey. Channeling 70's country sounds like Kris Kristoffersen, it takes the listener on a journey of heartache and regret.