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Stu Larsen - Paper Sails     Folk 10/05/2011
Stu Larsen has no fixed address, no job, few possessions and little money - just a lot of generous friends who let him sleep on their floor/couch as he travels.
Written in a tent on the beach in millipede infested Robe, South Australia about sailing in the ocean...but actually it's about the challenge of maintaining a long distance relationship!

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Other tracks by Stu Larsen:  This Train  -  Seaforth Mackenzie
Mark Gardner - The Great Divide     Country, Alternative Country, Rock, Pop 07/05/2011
Mark Gardner is the only unsigned artist to have an Iphone/Ipod touch/Ipad APP and have a Top 10 charting song in Reverbnation Australian Country Chart, No. 2 on
A song about the environment and the longest running land mark in Australia that weathers well and hard for a farmers during flood , drought and fire but we must protect it in every way.

Other tracks by Mark Gardner:  Take Me Home  -  The House Of Love
The Corbys - Roadtrippin'     Country, Folk 13/04/2011
The Corbys are a family band from country NSW. Their self titled debut album delivers a fresh sound, gently fusing country, folk and rock together.
This is a fun, cruisey, sing along, windows down, wind in your hair kind of song about roadtrippin' across Australia. We have such an amazingly beautiful and diverse country here and what better way to truly appreciate it then by roadtrippin'.

Other tracks by The Corbys:  My Small Town  -  You're Breaking Some Hearts
Steve Shorten - Other Anzac Day     Country, Folk, Alternative Country 13/04/2011
Steve Shorten has performed for over 20 years as a soloist, and in bands performing a wide range of popular music throughout Victoria. Other Anzac Day is my debut single.
Other Anzac Day tells the story of the 1918 battle in Villers Brettoneux in which Australian troops prevailed against all odds.
Many Australians are unaware of the significance of this battle in our history, hopefully people who hear this song will want to find out more about it.

Other tracks by Steve Shorten:  Sister Goldenhair  -  Pretty Woman
John O'Dea - Two Dollars for a Blanket     Country, Folk 06/04/2011
John O’Dea,singer songwriter, writes songs about Australia and its people.Storyteller aptly describes this award winning singer songwriter who lives in Orroroo in the Upper North of Sth Australia.
A bloke walks the streets of Melbourne wants 2 dollars to help buy a blanket for the night ,gets the money,but they have different views on the blanket.

Other tracks by John O'Dea:  Play Clair De Lune  -  Ram in the Dam
Rob Black - Every Days a Good Day     Country, Rock 06/04/2011
Rob Black has been described by Lee Kernaghan as "One of the hottest singer/guitarists to rock Australian country since Keith Urban".
This track is about getting out and enjoying life. Taking each day as it comes and thinking positively.

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Other tracks by Rob Black:  Southern Texas  -  Bible and the Bottle
Tori Darke - Someone Else’s Baby     Country, Rock 06/04/2011
her strong vocals and mature voice her debut album ‘Dreams & Chances’ reflects her journey of growing up, falling in love, feeling pain and dealing with heartbreak and enjoying life
one of two songs co-written with two of Nashville’s finest songwriters. Michael Davey who produced my album and John Bettis, recently ducted into the Hall of Fame. The story came alive and the song captures the idea of meeting someone kinda cute and wondering if he is someone else’s baby

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Other tracks by Tori Darke:  No You No Me  -  Coming Home
Connie Kis Andersen - Steamy Dreams     Country, Roots 06/04/2011
Connie Kis’s reputation as one of the finest country music artists to emerge from Western Australia is secure with awards such as; 2011 Best Female Country Music Artist for W.A
This 'toe-tapper' with its infectious hook and lyric has a contemporary, swampy edge,
embodied in a traditional roots/country music delivery

Other tracks by Connie Kis Andersen:  A Man in Boots  -  Where My Heart Was Born
Markus Meier - My Patch Of Dirt     Country, Rock 06/04/2011
Territory raised with red dirt in his veins. Respectful of our proud tradition but stepping forwards, breathing his energy into the music he loves. His stories are anchored deep
Following on from the first two hugely successful singles off Markus' second album, the ARIA Chart topper ‘A Different Land’, comes My Patch Of Dirt, an inspirational song about a lifetime on the land.

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Other tracks by Markus Meier:  Rope A Cowgirl  -  A Different Land
The Harmonators - Woohoohoo     Country, Pop 25/03/2011
2009’s TIARA Awards Best Duo, and described as contemporary country at its best, The Harmonators are Rae Moody and Liz Kinninmont.
“Woohoohoo”, the infectious summer-inspired track, is the latest radio single for Liz Kinninmont and Rae Moody aka The Harmonators. Written by Sam Hawksley (Adam Brand, Melinda Schneider & Felicity Urquhart) and Danielle Blakey this is the first single to be lifted from The Harmonators’ recently released EP, “Something More”.

Other tracks by The Harmonators:  Jump That Train  -  Daylight
Chris E Thomas - One for the Roadie     Rock, Country, Live Performance 09/03/2011
Amrap Live Music Recordings_4AAA_2010 National Country Music Muster Chris E. Thomas, has been singing her little heart out since the ripe old age of 15.
The “Roadie” in the title is Norm Sweeney. A legendary figure from the exciting mid 60’s Aussie rock explosion, Norm continued on for forty years to help, watch over and inspire rock legends like Billy Thorpe, Max Merritt, Rose Tattoo and Brian Cadd until his untimely death in 2009.

Cory Hargreaves - Sweet Love     Rock, Country, Live Performance 09/03/2011
Amrap Live Music Recordings_4AAA_2010 National Country Music Muster Cory Hargreaves is a prolific songwriter and has won many awards for the absolute treasure trove of great songs he has written.
Without a doubt the thing that sets Hargreaves apart from the rest and really makes him stand out is his incredible singing voice and near flawless skill as a live performer.

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Liam Brew - Dog House     Country, Live Performance 09/03/2011
Amrap Live Music Recordings_4AAA_2010 National Country Music Muster Liam Brew is the first Gen-Y male to launch himself on the country scene, having won the 2009 Toyota Star Maker Quest.
Liam is blessed with a fresh and vibrant vocal style - pure country with a very cool, contemporary edge.

Vanessa Lea & Road Tain - Red Stiletto     Folk, Country, Live Performance 09/03/2011
Amrap Live Music Recordings_4AAA_2010 National Country Music Muster 3-piece country act, Vanessa Lea & Road Train fronted by Vanessa's distinctive pure, sweet vocals always provides a heartfelt and arresting performance.
She’s got ‘the voice of an angel’ according to big music executives, and now you can hear it on this Live Recording of her band's performance at the National Country Music Muster in Gympie, thanks to Brisbane Country Music station, 98.9fm

Halfway - Stevie     Country, Rock, Roots, Live Performance 09/03/2011
Amrap Live Music Recordings_4AAA_2010 National Country Music Muster Halfway is a Brisbane based band which was formed by John Busby, Chris Dale and Elwin Hawtin who originally hail from Rockhampton.
Since relocating from Rockhampton, Halfway become one of Brisbane’s premier rootsy rock bands, still observing their early influences of Big Star, Springsteen, Dylan and The Replacements. It will also be a worthwhile listen for fans of Bright Eyes, Ryan Adams and Drive-By Truckers.

Paul Greene - Work, Love, Dance, Trust     Country, Rock, Roots, Live Performance 09/03/2011
Amrap Live Music Recordings_4AAA_2010 National Country Music Muster Paul Greene is one of Australian music’s best kept secrets, fast becoming a regular on the festival circuit.
Performing solo with stomp box, harmonicas, a battery of acoustic guitars and a ton of soul Greene will also perform with a full band for the first time in a number of years.

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Other tracks by Paul Greene:  When You Move
Velvet & Wire - Wanted in Texas     Country, Live Performance 09/03/2011
Amrap Live Music Recordings_4AAA_2010 National Country Music Muster Velvet & Wire brings together three remarkable acts; award-winning guitarist Michael Fix, multi-talented Brendan Radford and internationally acclaimed duo Hussy Hicks.
The National Music Muster celebrates of the true spirit of country Australia. Held every August over six magical days and unforgettable nights, this iconic award-winning event boasts a medley of diverse programs rich with our country’s finest musicians and entertainers - including this one-off collaborative performance by "Velvet & Wire"

Twice Bitten - Now Is The Time (For Whiskey)     Country, Folk 02/03/2011
Annie Parsell and Mat Woolley - rock solid vocals and great guitar work, striking Australian country songs in the style of Emmylou Harris and Gram Parsons
While rehearsing our arrangement of Sin City, a Gram Parson/Chris Hillman song, we loved the simplicity of the waltz. so we put some lines down. and soon we had a full song about alcoholism no less. It really suits the country theme of down and out and continuing to fall.

Other tracks by Twice Bitten:  Stay With Me
Duke Wilde Band - The Band Plays     Country, Rock 02/03/2011
“Most exciting new band in Australian country music” - Country Update
A beautifully crafted song that tells of the excitement of going out and seeing a band play live. It was written after band member Nick Aitken visited Nashville where in every bar and club he went there was a brilliant band playing

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Other tracks by Duke Wilde Band:  Country Town  -  Why Don't We Hear Ol' Waylon Anymore
Wildseed - If I Only Had Time     Country, Rock 02/03/2011
4 x Piece Country Rock Band. Members include Didy Zenner – vocals , guitar. Alan Bruce – bass, vocals, Jason Aquilina – guitar, vocals. Geoff Zenner – drums, harmonica vocals
There never seems to be enough hours in the day to achieve what we would like. Imagine what we could do with a little more time

Other tracks by Wildseed:  The Backpacker’s Chant  -  Goose on the Loose