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Wayne Stevens & Marlon Cook - Me & Johnny Walker     Rock 23/02/2013
A track written by Michael Woodley and performed by Wayne Stevens & Marlon Cook.Sounds of Tom Price features tracks by artists from Western Australia’s most elevated town.
Singing the blues about relationships

James Kenyon - 35 Degrees     Folk, Alternative Country 21/02/2013
James Kenyon carves out the contours of the human heart, overlaying emotional peaks and plateaus on the topography of the landscape in which he has spent years living and working.
35 Degrees is taken from James Kenyon's (Melbourne) latest release THE NORTH POLE (Vitamin). Thought provoking
"providing a Road Map Of South Eastern Australia" - Rhythms Magazine Feb 2013

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Darren Scott - In The Past     Country, Alternative Country, Folk, Blues 14/02/2013
Australian country music's newest 'larrikin' Darren Scott tells it like it is - 'It ain't as fun as in the past!'
‘In The Past’ is a fun, tongue-in-cheek rant from a grumpy old man, disillusioned by today’s society and its ‘fun police’.

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Other tracks by Darren Scott:  Back On The Road
Mark Hilton & the Two Few - Lookin' At You     Country, Roots, Blues, Folk 14/02/2013
The Two Few are country blues and urban folk. Dobro, banjo, mandolin & violin collide in foot-tapping hoe-downs, slinky mood pieces and beautiful sad ballads. Beatles go hillbilly.
Growing pains and the turbulence and confusion of life can almost get you drowned. Somehow music and a good friend can get you through it. Without drums, this track takes you on a big acoustic wave. The aching words, keening violin and strident dobro tug at your heartstrings.

Other tracks by Mark Hilton & the Two Few:  Bali Moon  -  Too Hot For Kissin'
Catherine Britt - Troubled Man ft. Tim Rogers     Country, Pop 09/02/2013
Alt country and roots singer songwriter Catherine Britt will release her 5th studio album ‘Always Never Enough’. Recorded at Cedar Creek Studios, in Austin, Texas and co-produced with Bill Chambers.
'Troubled Man’ is the third single from her ARIA & CMAA nominated album “Always Never Enough.” The song features indie’s favourite front man, Tim Rogers. Tim says "It's a perfectly written duet and I’m so glad I got the opportunity to sing like a man. For once."

Other tracks by Catherine Britt:  Charlestown Road  -  Always Never Enough
Ralway Bell - Whale Bone     Rock, Alternative Country, Folk, Blues 01/02/2013
Ralway Bell is a country tinged balladeer who delivers a raw, yet textured tone, which helps paint the landscape he gallantly guides you through.
Whale Bone starts out stripped back and simple then build and swells to the size of the ocean it originally came from.

Other tracks by Ralway Bell:  Captain J.R.
John Bacon - Goin' Down South     Blues/Roots, Live Performance, Rock, Rockabilly 31/01/2013
John Bacon is a Melbourne based bluesman with a hard rockin' attitude!3MDR Mountain District Radio 97.1fm is a community station nestled in the forest covered Dandenong Ranges, near Melbourne.
This original song by young musician John Bacon is about a day in the life Mississippi Blues man. Recorded live at 3MDR Mountain District Radio 97.1fm, nestled in the forest covered Dandenong Ranges, 35km east of Melbourne.

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John Callaghan - This Day Would Come     Country, Easy Listening 31/01/2013
John Callaghan is an Aussie Country singer/songwriter who is very proud of his heritage. He likes to sing about the places he has been and the people he has met.
This is a song I wrote and performed for my wife Louanne on our wedding day and has become a favorite of many people who constantly request it at my gigs

Other tracks by John Callaghan:  Down & Out Cowboy  -  Forever Dosen't really mean Forever
Mark Rigney - Twistin     Country, Rockabilly 26/01/2013
Mark has been an independent vocalist and a busy session musician for his guitar and banjo work for artists for over 25 years, having performed overseas on many occasions.
This song was written after playing to audiences that still rock and roll dance today. It creates a perception that the early R&R music is still relevant today as there are still so many people "Twistin" to the music of the 50's and 60's

Other tracks by Mark Rigney:  Modern Day Country Song  -  Barra Creek Breakdown
Ken Lawson - Brought Up Rough     Country, Alternative Country, Easy Listening 25/01/2013
A true to the bone country artist who tells the stories of the people.
This is a song about a young girl who is brought up on the land and is rough and tough.

Other tracks by Ken Lawson:  The Man In Black Is Dead  -  Tara Qld
John Callaghan - The Lonely Boy     Christian, Country 23/01/2013
John is a singer/songwriter who is a very proud and parochial Aussie. John describes himself as a singing storyteller, transporting people to another place and time, through song
The song is a true story about an 8 year old boy I meet in Brisbane, Queensland many years ago whilst running a drop in coffee shop for street people, drug addicts and anyone else who want some TLC and a touch from God

Other tracks by John Callaghan:  Walk In The Way  -  A Spark in the Dark
Archers - Old Parades     Rock, Psychedelic, Blues 18/01/2013
Archers is the veneer of the Adelaide quintet behind the blissful explosions of floating melodies, punchy rhythms and tempered nostalgia.
Like the sounds of disillusioned youth marching through the empty parks and dimly lit alleyways of a forlorn city, 'Old Parades' weaves with a menacing groove and an air of redemption

Darren Cross Band - Every Creep In Town     Country, Folk, Blues 16/01/2013
Darren Cross Band is the new Lo-Fi /Folk /Country music ramblings of Darren Cross (Gerling /Jep and Dep /the E.L.F /Betty Airs /Bernstein Studios).
The debut single "Every Creep in Town", is a Buddy Holly meets Daniel Johnston inspired tale, an ode to the hopelessness and comedy of creepy people falling in love with the person who you, yourself, are in love with

Bree De Rome - Alright     Pop 11/01/2013
A bit psychedelic, a bit country and very 18 years old.
A smooth blend of country surf pop.

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Other tracks by Bree De Rome:  There I Go  -  I Expected More
Ken Lawson - Australian Voices     Country, Australian Indigenous, Alternative Country, Easy Listening 08/01/2013
A true to the bone country artist who tells the stories of the people.
Song for the Indigenous Australian people.

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The Pigs - The Colour Of The Light Coming Down     Country, Pop, Folk, Rock 04/01/2013
The Pigs: a band, and family, last name ‘Pig’. Never found without their trademark blue singlets, bare feet and hillbilly hats… also sport fine bluegrass inspired tunes and cheeky grins.
The second single from The Great Bluegrass Swindle recalls the moments in life that are just so beautiful, they couldn’t possibly be captured in any photograph or movie. This pulsating bluegrassy footstomper is infused with a rock n roll energy that never fails to bring the crowd to their feet.

Other tracks by The Pigs:  Adrian Married A Megaspunk  -  Gold Digger
Corey Stewart - Seeing Stars     Jazz, Folk, Acoustic, Soul 20/12/2012
I am a singer/songwriter, Musician and blogger from Adelaide, South Australia
This song attempts to encapsulate the feeling of loving someone so much that it physically hurts (in a good way).

Other tracks by Corey Stewart:  Don't Turn To Me Now  -  Half Hearted Man
Michele McNamara - Taken     Country, Folk, Acoustic, Australian Indigenous 20/12/2012
I have always loved to sing and started writing songs 7 years ago. My debut single is 'Taken', a song I wrote about the Stolen Generation.
'Taken' is a song about the Stolen Generation. It is about a little girl who was taken from her home and made to live as a white child. It gives her a voice when her voice was too small to be heard.

The Jimmy Watts Band - Try     Blues/Roots, Roots, Psychedelic, Folk 20/12/2012
Raw and rootsy troubadour Jimmy Watts reflects on the Brisbane 2011 floods in his latest release "January's Pages". His first studio album with a full band.
A dark look at life on the road featuring some quirky acoustic guitar finger picking, some effect laden bass and the toms and percussion of every weary travelers worst nightmare.

Other tracks by The Jimmy Watts Band:  Blank Page  -  Freddy One Eye
Grizzly Jim Lawrie - Ain't Coming Home     Blues/Roots, Acoustic, Country, Folk 19/12/2012
Filled with witticisms about the heartbreaks of day-to-day life and an unhealthy obsession with the afterlife, Grizzly Jim Lawrie's acoustic driven songwriting is passionate and lyric focused.
Opening the album, this haunting, steady track about a guy leaving home to take over the world evolves from an acoustic intro to a horn fanfare crescendo that leaves you wondering just how far this guy got…

Other tracks by Grizzly Jim Lawrie:  Song For The Road  -  Take Things Fast