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Gav Brown - Spirit of a Cowgirl     Country, Alternative Country, Roots, Acoustic 23/07/2019
Gav Brown's Road Less Travelled is the follow up Album the Sound Circus Album which had #1's on plaympe charts and single chart success with Artist Dream Peter Pan Tracks.
Spirit of a Cowgirl is a tale about loving the characters that contribute to our amazing society and to appreciate us all.

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Other tracks by Gav Brown:  School's Out  -  Don't Think Twice
Kell - Coming Home     Country, Rock 23/07/2019
Kell is a dynamic rock and country rock alt singer/songwriter hailing from Lithgow near the Blue Mountains in New South Wales Australia.
‘Coming Home’ is an upbeat anthem that takes you on an emotional journey of freedom. With a blend of influences such as Melissa Etheridge, Chrissie Amplett, Stevie Nicks, Janis Joplin, Dolly Parton, Mellencamp and Jimmy Barnes, it is easy to see why Kell covers the alt rock country genre so well.

Helen Townsend - Drinking All Over Again     Country, Alternative Country, Roots, Blues 22/07/2019
Helen's music is soulful, edgy and embraces Americana roots. Crossing genres of blues, country and folk, her timeless voice delivers stories which entice and captivate from the very first word.
Drinking All Over Again is an upbeat fusion of New Orleans meets Latino with a Honky Tonk twist. Inspired by a visit to Nashville Tennessee, this track features Trumpet and Honky Tonk Piano, telling the tale of the hard working musicians stomping the pavement day in and night out!

Kim Wright - Forever & Eternity     Country, Easy Listening 22/07/2019
Kim Wright gives listeners pure, traditional country music through his originals, written in the style of artists including George Strait and Alan Jackson.
Forever & Eternity is a traditional country song about the wife leaving.

‘I hear the car door slam, my baby’s leaving me’ is the first line of this country heartbreak song with commercial appeal for country radio. Liam Kennedy-Clark and Luke Marriott feature on backing vocals with just the right amount of instrumentation behind it.

Other tracks by Kim Wright:  Educated X-Rated
Shaky Stills - Freaking Out     Country, Alternative Country, Roots, Blues 21/07/2019
Shaky fronts an unmistakable sound & style, with Ed Bates' pedal steel driving Country & Western, Tex Mex, Rhythm n Blues, Western Swing & Americana shuffles to dance along to.
Acceptance of who and what you are and do & giving your whole person to something or someone!

Paladin - Against The WInd     Country, Alternative Country, Easy Listening, Roots 19/07/2019
Paladin an Australian singer/songwriter who releases his own music independently. He is a multi-instrumentalist who plays drums, guitars, bass and keyboards.
A cover of Bob Seger's Against The Wind. This is one of Paladin's personal favourites.

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Tyran - Bang Bang     Country, Rock 18/07/2019
Australian Country Rock singer with a vibrant show
TYRAN’s latest single “Bang Bang” is an infectious outlaw country track infused with a touch of heavy rock!

“Bang Bang” tells the story of a man who is riding the highs and lows... almost daring life to take another shot at him while taking everything that’s thrown at him on the chin... with no regrets!!

Adam Toms - Dirt Farm Outlaw     Country, Rock 17/07/2019
Adam is known for his big voice in his live shows as well as his mixed banter and sense of humour.
Adam Toms releases a great new country single ‘Dirt Farm Outlaw’. Inspired by his own Father In-law who has for many years been experiencing the farming frustration of many across our land. One of his favourite sayings is, "If I could farm dirt I’d be a millionaire". This is another Toms penned song that will resonate with many.

Michelle Walker - Trying To Be Me     Country 17/07/2019
North Queensland songstress Michelle Walker is fast becoming a well-known name as an Australian country music recording artist and award winning song writer.
What example are we setting for our daughters, friends and family? How do we get back to being comfortable in our own skin? Michelle Walker reflects upon these questions in her new single, ‘Trying To Be Me’.

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Angus Gill - Welcome To My Heart     Country, Country, Country 16/07/2019
Angus Gill is a brilliant young singer/songwriter
Welcome To My Heart

Bec Willis - Fly     Country, Folk 16/07/2019
Bec Willis is a South Australian singer songwriter who has just released her third full length album, ‘Other Side Of Town’.
‘Fly’ is a delicate and beautiful country folk ode from a mother to her sons as they depart on a journey. The writing and producing of this track is tender and real, and the song will strike a chord with anyone who has had to say goodbye.

Justin Landers - A Campfire Waltz     Country 16/07/2019
Independent vocalist with guitar, based in the New South Wales Central West city of Orange. Justin is well known for his versatility and entertainment value all over the central west.
A Campfire Waltz tells a story about a couple who go camping to get away from the stresses of the city and everyday life, to rekindle the flame of their love. To get back to the basics where their relationship was first established.

Laura-Therese Davis - Rather Live In The Country     Country, Rock, Pop 16/07/2019
Laura-Therese Davis is a singer, songwriter, trained pianist and self-taught guitarist from Sydney. Her connection to the land and love of horses have helped bring her to country music.
With a fun, bold, catchy chorus, the upbeat track makes you want to tap your cowboy boots and keep dancing into spring and summer. Featuring good friend Mal Eastick (Australia’s blues-rock guitarist, who found fame in 1970s’ award-winning country-rock band Stars), this is an anthem for all country folk to be proud of where they’re from.

Pete Cullen & the Hurt - Destroy It All     Country, Alternative Country, Folk, Acoustic 16/07/2019
Pete Cullen & The Hurt release new single 'Destroy It All" off their new album High Tide due for release early September 2019.
Pete talks about what inspired the song; ”Destroy It All came to me in late January 2019 when I was reading stories of farmers facing yet another endless drought in Australia. Around this time a natural disaster hit north Queensland. Farmers went from hand-feeding their stock to watching them being washed away in record level floods."

Brook Chivell - Fingerprints     Country, Rock 15/07/2019
After an engaging performance on the main stage at Tamworth Country Music Festival, Toyota Starmaker Finalist, Brook Chivell climbed the national charts and featured on Spotify playlists and compilation CD’s.
Fingerprints, is a contemporary country-rock song with 90's rock flavour. Everything we have ever done adds up, to help make us who we are: the good, the bad, the lessons, the trials and the triumphs. Make every second count. We only get one life. Fingerprints is about that journey.

Route 33 - Hands of Time (feat. Sarah McLeod)     Country, Rock, Pop, Easy Listening 15/07/2019
With music as effortlessly catchy as Route 33’s, crowd interaction seems a fait accompli. Now it’s time to hit the road and find all those good times that lie ahead.
A beautiful country rock ballad featuring Sarah McLeod (The Superjesus), Hands of Time explores a sadly growing issue in modern society, that of suicide. Based on a real situation of involving close friends of the band, the track delves into the effect that the suicide had on a those left behind. In this case the remaining partner.

The Woodpickers - One True Love     Country, Alternative Country, Acoustic, Folk 15/07/2019
The Woodpickers are a recording project of Blue Mountains writer/musician John Murphy. Country/Roots influenced songs featuring a variety of Australian and overseas artists
One True Love is a song about falling in love. The wonder, excitement and magic of finding your life's partner

Emily Hatton - Smoke And Mirrors     Country, Pop 12/07/2019
Emily Hatton is an Australian, Country Singer-Songwriter, based in Melbourne. A firestorm on stage, her energetic and charming presence delivers catchy hooks and personal stories with relevance and authenticity.
Bursting with energy, charisma and sass, 'Smoke And Mirrors' reinforces that while facades of insincerity fade, the real value and worth of every person has nothing to do with the money to their name.

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Paladin - The Beaches of Cheyenne     Country, Alternative Country, Easy Listening, Pop 12/07/2019
Paladin an Australian singer/songwriter who releases his own music independently. He is a multi-instrumentalist who plays drums, guitars, bass and keyboards.
The song describes the heartbreak of a woman who is overcome by grief because her last words to her husband were "I don't give a damn if you never come back from Cheyenne", after he told her he was riding in the rodeo in Cheyenne against her wishes.

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River Lane - Ghost Of A Girl     Country, Alternative Country 12/07/2019
Hailing from the regional South Australian town of Mannum, River Lane isn’t your run of the mill musician. River started working life on the tools as a tradie.
‘Ghost of a girl to me is about growing up and leaving my innocence behind. It's about accepting who I am now and the decisions I have made whether right or wrong but never forgetting where I've come from’ - River Lane