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The Earl Of Grey - Prince Charming     Country, Folk, Alternative Country, Rockabilly 13/09/2019
The Earl Of Grey is an Alt. Country singer songwriter based in Queensland Australia.
Prince Charming is a self effacing look at a lover who thinks he is with someone way out of his league.

Other tracks by The Earl Of Grey:  Port From A Pint Glass  -  Northern Lights
The Silverline - Let The Rain Fall     Country, Rock, Blues 13/09/2019
The Silverline deliver beautifully crafted songs that capture the imagination. "Let the Rain Fall" is their debut single that is 'country with a cause' that grapples heartache, yet evokes hope.
LET THE RAIN FALL is a powerful country-rock single recorded at Hillbilly Hut and mastered at Sterling Studios by renowned engineer Randy Merrill who mastered "A Star is Born" soundtrack. LET THE RAIN FALL is "country with a cause" dedicated to Australia's rural communities who are our real life heroes. Proceeds from the song are being donated to Rural Aid.

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Emma Jene - Feels So Good     Country, Pop 12/09/2019
Spreading positive messages continues to be the driving force behind Shoalhaven singer songwriter Emma Jene’s music career.
Feels So Good is about moving on from your past relationship which caused misery, enjoying moments without them & finally feeling good about yourself.

Graham Rodger - Knights Of The Saddle     Country 12/09/2019
Graham's skills in writing have been described as pictures painted in words. People describe them as ballads that will transport you to the theaters of your mind.
Knights Of The Saddle is a song in recognition of the old time drovers who, with horse and pack horse, brought the mobs of cattle across the far inland droving routes of Australia, such as the Barkly Stock Route and Birdsville track. These hard tough men epitomised the romantic figures entrenched in the writings of Lawson and Paterson.

Rory Ellis - The Letter     Country 12/09/2019
Rory has that voice you can’t buy. It oozes been there done that and the words that emerge from deep in his throat are rough enough to use as sandpaper.
We have all watched the romantic movies that tell the stories of a message in a bottle washed up on shore, after years of bobbing about in the ocean currents, only to find its way into the hands of destiny. This is a true story of a message in a bottle, and it is far from romantic.

Big Sky Mountain - Big Ole Heart     Country, Alternative Country 10/09/2019
A 7 piece all female Americana Country group for Sydney with a sound somewhere between The Eagles, Kacey Musgraves and Fleetwood Mac. Booked to play Tamworth CMF 2020.
A vocal driven homage to loss and re-discovery featuring the glorious harmonies of Big Sky Mountain.

A BOY NAMED ESME - Watering Down the Whisky with my tears ( sincerely for L.Cohen )     Country, Folk 09/09/2019
A BOY NAMED ESME is Nom de song and the folking country troubadour sounds of award winning songwriter Esme Macdonald.
A true story of when I saw Leonard Cohen playing live in Lisbon ten years ago. I was over there playing bass on a fado/indie album with a fellow member of THE PARADISE MOTEL. I was a huge drinker back then and with no wine available i spent the night drinking whisky. Cohen had me crying into my drink.

Jetty Road - Bumps and Bruises     Country, Pop, Easy Listening 09/09/2019
Melbourne-based trio, Paula & Lee Bowman (identical twins) and Julian Sammut are Jetty Road, described as a tapestry of pop and country, with a hint of folk.
Lines, marks, scars – they all make up your history, of who you are and where you’ve been. In a world constantly seeking perfection, people seem to want to erase it all. A song about learning self-acceptance. There’s beauty in imperfection.

Dan Mullins - Somewhere Along the Way (The Camino Song)     Country 06/09/2019
Dan Mullins is a Sydney-based singer/songwriter, broadcaster, podcaster and author. He has more than 35 years experience as a live performer at venues across Australia and overseas.
Dan wrote the song on the plains of Spain while walking 1000 kilometres across Europe on the Camino de Santiago, the Way of St James. Dan was walking in the footsteps of millions of pilgrims before him. Their energy delivered the song straight to his heart.

It’s a yearning we all hold ~ to find what we’re looking for.

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Dom Italiano - Ashes Of Desire     Country, Alternative Country, Acoustic, Folk 06/09/2019
Alt-country singer/songwriter/lead guitarist. Lives in the country, gigs in the city! (Mostly)
'Ashes of Desire' was produced by Damian Cafarella (he also plays pretty much everything other than some of the guitars on this track!) This tune is about addiction & recovery, and the turmoil of living in a modern world full of empty distractions...

Jack McDougall - Let Me Out     Country, Indie, Pop, Rock 06/09/2019
Jack McDougall has established himself in the music industry as a singer-songwriter with an alt-country feel and has been co-writing with various artists, ahead of his debut single release.
Let Me Out covers the issues of mental and physical health and unable to communicate with people about how you’re feeling. You’re screaming for help, but no one can hear you because you won’t let it out. Let Me Out encourages people to see support and surround themselves with people they love and trust and respect each other.

CORNELL & CARR - Things I Leave Behind     Country 02/09/2019
"Things I Leave Behind" is the third single release from CORNELL & CARR's debut album "We Go Way Back' that charted at #2 on the iTunes chart in Jan 2019.
The track was inspired by the emotional rollercoaster that Matt Cornell went through last year, leaving his home in Sydney where he was born and raised: all the things I’m taking with me, are just a measurement of time, don’t mean as much as the things I leave behind.

Jason Carruthers - Storm On The Mountain     Country, Easy Listening, Folk, Alternative 31/08/2019
Jsson Carruthers plays song from real life experience
How devastating a drought can be.

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Other tracks by Jason Carruthers:  Kokoda With Your Mates
Allison Forbes - Hell Freezes Over     Country, Alternative, Folk, Roots 30/08/2019
Tamworth’s own rebel child is a breath of fresh air and an outburst of originality in songwriting. Allison Forbes is a new-age outlaw of country music.
A strong evocative song about overcoming the past. Realizing the mistake and moving forward regardless of how painful it is. A powerful and heftier alt-country sound for Allison Forbes in anticipation of her debut album ‘Bonedigger’ to be released in November. It pays homage to Allison’s rock background with her gravelly roots still imbedded into her love of gothic country.

Harvey Russell - Rollin' Into Town     Country, Folk 30/08/2019
Harvey Russell began his alt-country career in Harvey Swagger Band in the late 2000’s before exploring country-folk in duo Peasant Moon. New solo Liquid Damage out Aug 30th.
Rollin' Into Town is a shuffling upbeat track about a transient lifestyle, a truck driving song in the rich tradition of country music. It features some sublime fiddle playing and pedal steel that conveys the heartache of loneliness and the rush of the open road.

Other tracks by Harvey Russell:  Gave You Flowers  -  My Blood Is Thinning and Weak
Michael Waugh - Big Things     Country, Folk, Roots 30/08/2019
Michael Waugh gives a profound new voice to the Australian experience. His insightful storytelling cuts to the heart of everyday life. It is honest, emotionally brave and compelling.
‘Big Things’ takes us on a family car trip to see the ‘big things’ of Australia. It's dad trying to do a u-turn with a caravan, mum reading a map upside down. It's also fires, rivers bursting their banks, casserole dishes brought by neighbours, the things which you don’t realise are big until you see them from a different perspective.

Mick Lindsay - If You're Sleeping     Country, Folk 30/08/2019
Mick’s selection of musicians has led to a powerful, and precise band, which displays a vigour that will stand up to the most discerning music critics.
If You're Sleeping is set to be a hard hitter, with new-found swag and honeyard tones. Brining an intimate vibe, mixed with his own distinctive sound and flavour.

Rachael Fahim - Even If I Wanted To     Country 30/08/2019
Rachael Fahim has continued to gain momentum in the Australian Country Music scene and is set for her second release of 2019 after massive success with her latest single 'Crush'
Rachael’s next release is about to drop and it’s a stunning mid-tempo duet with fellow Toyota Starmaker - Brad Cox. The song was written by Grammy award winning, Nashville writer Connie Harrington and its entitled Even If I Wanted To. The single will be released on August 30 and is available for radio additions now.

Souly Us - Alive     Country, Pop 30/08/2019
Upcoming talent on the Australian Country Music Scene. Winner APRA AMCOS/TSA New Songwriter of the Year 2019.
A song that will uplift you. Make you feel like you are alive and can conquer anything.

Camille Trail - Humming Chain     Country, Alternative Country, Blues 29/08/2019
Camille Trail is a singersongwriter from the country who has released her debut single 'Humming Chain', produced by the one and only Shane Nicholson. She's one to look out for!
Camille Trail wrote 'Humming Chain' about the African/American black slavery. Inspired by Billie Holidays' "Strange Fruit" Camille set out to write confronting lyrics that sat listeners back in their seat, to get minds ticking about the unfortunate events. Dark imagery is used in the song to pack a punch and points the finger to all who ignored what was happening.