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The Texettes - By A Living Thing     Country, Alternative Country 28/07/2010
The Texettes new CD release will "shake grab you, shake you and leave you bare". Spin your listeners into spring with "A Surefire Cure", 12 great orginal country tracks.
Up tempo start - a "Dylan meets Knopfler" style catchy country song. Nice guitar work. Considered single material by Mike Parkes Adelaide's Coast FM (reviewer). Feel the despair and heartache as generations of tradition are swept away when mines and mills close, farms are lost and towns die.

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Other tracks by The Texettes:  The Good Times  -  Cactus Flower
Kasey Chambers - Little Bird     Country, Folk 27/07/2010
Kasey Chambers is one of Australia's most successful country music artists. She is an multi platinum recording artist and ARIA award winner.
It’s not what you might expect from Kasey Chambers – a fresh, radiant song with its sunny hook burning an indelible mark in your memory – but Little Bird perfectly reflects the vibrant energy and shimmering optimism of Kasey’s latest music.

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Other tracks by Kasey Chambers:  Beautiful Mess
Left of Center - Sitting Pretty     Country, Live Performance 21/07/2010
Amrap Live Music Recordings_4BSR_Scenic Songwriters Left of Center recorded in house by Beau FM 101.5
Left of Center, with their haunting harmonies and their country rock attitude are a duo well worth your attention.

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Matt Joe Gow - I Let You Be     Country, Rock, Live Performance 21/07/2010
Amrap Live Music Recordings_3PBS_Easey Street Sessions Matt Joe Gow recorded by 3PBS as part of the stations weekly flagship live music program "Easey Street Sessions."
‘’Matt Joe Gow and the Dead Leaves fuse country, rock and folk to create one fantastic listen” – The Music Network, July 6th 2009

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Jordie Lane - Love Has Locked The Door     Country, Folk, Live Performance 20/07/2010
Amrap Live Music Recordings_3PBS_Easey Street Sessions Jordie Lane recorded by 3PBS as part of the stations weekly flagship live music program "Easey Street Sessions."
The track "Love Has Locked the door" is a melancholy tune featuring references to green ginger wine and a strip club crowded with vampires.

The Junes - Work For Me     Country, Folk, Alternative Country 13/07/2010
Wielding guitars, fiddle, mandolin, ukulele and the diabolical piano accordion, The Junes weave a broad range of musical influences from calypso, soul, gypsy, 70s rock, folk and roots country swing.
"The Junes gather their love of vintage roots music and great sense of fun in "Work For Me" - which concludes a vignette about flirting with the pool cleaner - Genius"...-Rhythms Magazine

Wagons - Goodtown     Country, Live Performance 07/07/2010
Amrap Live Music Recording_3PBS_Easey Street Sessions Wagons, a group of gentlemen with incredible talent, as recorded by 3PBS as part of their Easey Street Session.
This lilting folky number ‘Goodtown’ starts out soft – but not at all not twee – before flipping over into something much darker, both musically and lyrically.

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Bo Jenkins - King Biscuit Show     Country, Roots, Live Performance 07/07/2010
Amrap Live Music Recordings_4BSR_Scenic Songwriters Bo Jenkins, recorded by Beau FM 101.5 as part of Scenic Songwriters, a project showcasing talent hailing from the Scenic Rim of south-east Queensland.
Bo's music is a combination of Blues, Country and Rock. Bo was raised where music was a part of everyone's life.

As a result, the Blues have been in his blood all along and come as naturally to him as breathing.

Sal Kimber - Got You     Country, Folk, Live Performance 07/07/2010
Amrap Live Music Recordings_3JOY_Local and Vocal Sal Kimber, hailing from the country now calls Melbourne home, recorded by Joy FM during her appearance on the show, "Local and Vocal."
Sounding rural & rootsy, but with urban savvy, her songs are perfect stories within a beautifully arranged, and feature wonderfully sympathetic & innovative instrumentation.

Donna Layden - Go Back     Country, Acoustic, Folk 23/06/2010
Sunshine Coast based nurse/musician Donna Layden captivates audiences with her contemporary country - celtic inspired songs, transporting listeners on a journey of discovery embellished by beautiful mandolin and acoustic guitar.
up-beat acoustic country folk song about love lost and moving on

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Other tracks by Donna Layden:  In the Dark  -  Got to Go
Busby Marou - Blue Road     Country, Alternative Country, Country 08/06/2010
Duo Busby Marou has a unique alt/country song writing flavour. Their chemistry is what sets them apart from other performers. Cracking harmonies and a natural feel for each others guitars.
An addictive slice of melodic, warm country.

Other tracks by Busby Marou:  Something For Me
The Jen Mize Collective - Another Man's Treasure     Country, Folk, Acoustic, Alternative Country 02/06/2010
The Jen Mize Collective A blues/roots band that is: 1 part American Soul 1 part Canadian Rock & 2 parts All-Around Aussie Goodness
Another Man's Treasure- is a song about hope. A girl is left by her father, but she later receives the love of her step-father...she's now another man's treasure. Done wrong by a man only to find a better one down the line. One man's trash is...

Other tracks by The Jen Mize Collective:  Murderer's Row  -  Humour Me
Merri-May Gill - Good Dog     Country, Folk, Comedy, Acoustic 06/04/2010
Merri-May Gill has come a long way from the sheep station near Bourke where she grew up. Writing and performing Country/Folk-Jazz Comedy Cabaret, she has toured extensively locally, plus internationally.
Good Dog is about a dog named trouble, a woman having trouble finding a nice bloke, plus car trouble. With a very catchy chorus and good driving verses, this is a great country song, which also features "Merri-May's sparkling wit" (Robert Dunstan, Rip It Up Magazine).

Other tracks by Merri-May Gill:  Round and Round  -  Home Brew
Rustflower - Big Country     Country, Folk, Rock 29/03/2010
Rustflower are an alt-country rock outfit that write songs that capture the essence of Australia and its people, telling the small stories from our big country.
Big Country captures the essence of the harshness and hope found across our vast landscape. Almost a celebration of the true Aussie spirit and a call to the future.

Other tracks by Rustflower:  Second Hand Heart  -  Gambled on the Ground
Col Finley - Paradise     Country 26/03/2010
Col Finley’s album give's an insight into where he is at. With his marriage earlier this year and the birth of his new baby boy, Col is now in Paradise.
Col Finley- Paradise

Other tracks by Col Finley:  My Stuff  -  Dirt
John Scholten - I Can Still Feel     Country 26/03/2010
John's album is an mix of originals and covers that showcase a style of music influenced from the Americana style of music captured by producer Bill Chambers
John Scholten- I Can Still Feel

Other tracks by John Scholten:  Hank Williams Blues  -  One Hit Wonder
Todd Stewart - No Reigns     Country, Rock 26/03/2010
2009 Toyota Star Maker Grand Finalist
Todd Stewart- No Reigns

Other tracks by Todd Stewart:  Australian Made  -  Give Me Water
The Lees - It Ain't Me Babe     Country, Alternative Country 26/03/2010
Welcome Road’ is a mature and sensitive work, honoring them as individuals, sharing stories, expressing points of view and celebrating the similarities, differences and idiosyncrasies of being a family.
The Lees- It Ain't Me Babe

Other tracks by The Lees:  Welcome Road  -  The Storm
Melissa Robertson - Ride of your Life     Country, Folk, Acoustic, Rock 03/03/2010
Melissa Robertson is a country/folk singer and songwriter her songs are packed with passion and honesty. A rich warm flowing voice self accompanied on 12 string guitar.
‘Ride of Your Life’ was shortlisted in the 29th annual ASA songwriting competition 2009. It’s a fun song with a great rhythm delivered with rich vocals and warm harmonies. It will have you coming back for more!

Other tracks by Melissa Robertson:  Wouldn't be without you  -  Where have all the flowers gone?
Brady, Stewart, Green & Young - Lanterns On The Levee     Country, Folk, Roots, Acoustic 03/03/2010
Vocal quartet that share lead vocals and apply their harmonies to country, folk, bluegrass, celtic, gospel and roots music. Arrow was recorded in Sydney, Melbourne, Nashville & San Francisco.
Lead vocal performed by Sandra Young. The song is a delightful mid-tempo mix of country, folk and Celtic stylings. It features superb musical contributions from the likes of Stuie French, Bill Chambers, Mick Albeck and Christine Wheeler on guitar, dobro, fiddle and flute respectively.

Other tracks by Brady, Stewart, Green & Young:  This Old House  -  Arrow