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Bucko & Champs - Completely Useless Gifts     Country, Folk 09/12/2011
Pairing up in 1996 for the album “Aussie Christmas”, Colin “Bucko” Buchanan and Greg “Champs” Champion have sold over 100,000 copies of this Christmas classic, re-released in 2011.
A brand new track from the new "Bumper Bonus Edition" of Bucko and Champs' Aussie Christmas

Saint Jude - All Ways Were Lost     Rock, Country, Folk, Pop 06/12/2011
Saint Jude are a new gospel-tinged country rock 5 piece featuring members of Little John, Downhills Home & Dynamo. They make music to dance, sing and cry to.
All Ways Were Lost is an upbeat soulful summer retreat. It’s a group of voices, a mess of guitars and a nifty bit with a glockenspiel. Most importantly, it's a solution to the doldrums, to the noise of the city, to the straight road and the long day.

Other tracks by Saint Jude:  Rain Is Falling Down
Peter Christie - Shine     Country, Christian 01/12/2011
Contemporary Country artist with Bluegrass / Gospel influences.
Shine is an inspirational song, encouraging people to Shine in their communities.

Other tracks by Peter Christie:  Somebody Loves Here  -  Open Spaces
Kathy Coleman - Hot & Bothered     Country, Alternative Country 22/11/2011
Profilic Singer/songwriter, 2010 Gold Medallion Award Winner for NSW New Talent, Finalist in the Country Music People's Choice Awards 2010, Finalist New Songwriter of the Year TSA Awards 2010.
Hot & Bothered will hit you right between the eyes with it's up tempo beat, catchy guitar riff & beautiful voice of Kathy Coleman. You will feel the heat while Kathy is singing about the people that work hard every day out in the stinking Austalian heat, where's the dam?

Other tracks by Kathy Coleman:  I'm Gonna Love You  -  Why Did You Go
Craig Woodward & The Lonely Dogs - Bondi Smile     Country, Rock, Pop 16/11/2011
Craig Woodward & The Lonely Dog's are a Sydney based Country/Rock outfit fusing contemporary song writing with memorable melody, harmony and a three day growth
Bondi Smile was written after a holiday on the Sunshine Coast Qld. It's a cheeky look at how a man's wandering eye's can get him into trouble with his girlfriend/partner and a fun way of introducing CW and The lonely dogs to the Australian Music Loving community.

Other tracks by Craig Woodward & The Lonely Dogs:  Never be the same  -  Black Angel
John Kennedy - Folsom Prison Blues     Blues/Roots, Country 15/11/2011
On this new 7 track mini album, John Kennedy celebrates his love of this roots music, covering some classics and lesser-known tunes from some of these great Sons of Sun.
Folsom Prison Blues is one of Johnny Cash’s signature country songs. John’s take on this classic is to reinterpret it as – well, a blues song.

Other tracks by John Kennedy:  Honey Don't
Craig Morrison - Hot Kinda Love     Country, Pop, Rock 11/11/2011
Music in his blood and multi-awards for his songwrites and band performances, Craig Morrison and his contemporary pop songs is a hot act you don't want to miss live!
Hot Kinda Love is the first single from Craig's album. The self-penned track was inspired by the notion “Everyone needs their own Hot Kinda Love, Everybody wants their own Hot Kinda Love and there is a Hot Kinda Love out there for everyone. I’m just spreading the word."

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Other tracks by Craig Morrison:  Fences  -  Heaven Knows
Jasmine Rae - Let It Be Me     Country, Pop 01/11/2011
Jasmine Rae has received a nomination in the Best Country Album category for the 2011 ARIA Awards for her ARIA Top 40 and Australia Country Artist #1 Album, Listen Here.
"Let It Be Me" is the fourth single from Jasmine's album "Listen Here." “Listen Here” is an ARIA Top 40 album and ARIA Top 5 Australian Artist Album. She’s a small girl with an enormous and soulful vocal range.

Other tracks by Jasmine Rae:  I Faked It  -  Hunky Country Boys
Buddy Goode - Cougarville     Country 01/11/2011
The One and Only Buddy Goode is the follow-up album to "It’s All Goode" (2008). This new album is chock-full of recently penned classics from this popular crooner and showman.
Cougarville is a modern comedy classic .In the words of one critic, the album is “as politically incorrect as you can get. I thought humour like this died out with the cavemen!”

Other tracks by Buddy Goode:  Dickens Cider
The Woodpickers - Georgeous     Country, Blues 01/11/2011
The Woodpickers and the recording project of Australian musician/songwriter John Murphy. The Woodpickers make acoustic music blending country/roots/blues/folk and bluegrass.
For my wife. A love song. One word: georgeous.

Other tracks by The Woodpickers:  The Devil and Jesus  -  The Book Of Wonder
Gary Hunn and the wayward angels - She Falls Apart (I put her back together again)     Country, Country, Country, Country 27/10/2011
Gary Hunn and the wayward angels album Dust & Gin is a fresh take on classic honky tonk country made with an all-star band featuring guitar, piano and pedal steel.
The sad tale of a heartbroken man caring for his inconsolable wife following a tragic loss. She drinks too much, goes a little crazy and wrecks the place now and then, and he comes along behind her and cleans it all up. When she awakes she only remembers the pain.

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Other tracks by Gary Hunn and the wayward angels:  Broken Lives Are Mended Here  -  Cypress Winds
Adam Toms - Break Another Man     Country, Rock 26/10/2011
Adam Toms is one of Australia’s new breed of Country Rock. After growing up in country Victoria and later making a move to Melbourne,
A high energy country rockabilly song inspired by Australia’s natural disasters. The self penned track really hits home for many and with a one liner at the end of the song ‘She wont bring me down’ (Mother Nature) Toms pays tribute to everyone effected and working to rise above together.

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Other tracks by Adam Toms:  Keep holding My Breath  -  Fighting For
Rattlehand - The Ballad of Frederick Ward     Country, Alternative Country 19/10/2011
A blend of seasoned and classically trained musicians, Rattlehand are a delicious mixed bag of local talent boasting members from such indie stalwarts as The Black Arts, Grassroots Street Orchestra.
a mix between rock and country, a great track to get the party started with a bit of dirt on the dancefloor

Other tracks by Rattlehand:  Sonny and Rosita  -  Leavin
Paulie Bignell - Red Eye Flight     Blues/Roots, Blues, Alternative Country 18/10/2011
Paulie Bignell, lead guitarist of Melbourne band, The Detonators, has released his first solo album.
A rollicking number in the style of Chuck Berry.

Lanie Lane - Bang Bang     Rock, Pop, Country 17/10/2011
Lanie Lane's debut album is ‘To The Horses’, a collection of 11 songs that duck and weave through a heady mix of early rock ‘n’ roll, blues, and rockabilly, music.
Taken from her debut album "To The Horses" that was released today - 14th October 2011.

Other tracks by Lanie Lane:  Oh Well, That's What You Get Falling In Love With A Cowboy
Nicki Gillis - Always On My Mind     Pop, Country, Alternative Country 17/10/2011
Nicki’s music is best described as original country-infused rock, with quality interpretations of classic hits.
This is a classic song dedicated to all those people who for various reasons are separated from their loved ones. Nicki is passionate about families being separated on significant occasions such as Christmas, Birthdays and Anniversaries. A passion that was reinforced during her tours overseas performing for the troops in the Middle East, Solomon Islands and East Timor.

Other tracks by Nicki Gillis:  Remember The Wounded  -  I'll Go My Own Way
Benn Gunn - Every Minute I Wait     Country, Rock 14/10/2011
Is a punchy contemporary Country Rock, not too dissimilar to what is currently coming out of the US, but with the added bonus of a distinct Aussie pub rock influence
Every Minute I Wait is the Albums first single, a cheeky tune about too much work and not enough play.

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Other tracks by Benn Gunn:  Laughter and Beers  -  Keep on Drivin’
Brendan Radford - Sweet Maree     Country, Blues 14/10/2011
Is a gifted vocalist/guitarist who has performed and recorded with many leading Australian and international artists. He is a 3 time national bluegrass guitar champion.
This is a bright bluegrass style song about a woman who has left her husband and he is trying to convince her to come back. Cool solos on ac/el gtr and piano. Features a solo out section.

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Other tracks by Brendan Radford:  Snow  -  Stop the Night
Luke Dickens - True Love Never Dies     Country, Roots 12/10/2011
Brand of cool country- a little Johnny Cash, a little Joe Cocker and a whole lot of raw talent. 2010 Toyota Star Maker Winner and Runner Up Australian Idol 2008
A song about walking out on a relationship but crying behind closed doors. Originally recorded by Kevin Welch 1990, Luke and his band have revamped this classic track for a new audience.
From the very first note this track has a driving beat that instantly has you tapping your feet.

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Seraya - Plan B - The Ballad of A Starter Wife     Pop, Alternative Country, Folk 28/09/2011
Featuring strings, catchy melodies, moody undertones and emotional deliveries, the tunes are infectious. Seraya's unique style crosses multiple genres, themes and styles without effort, making for a satisfying musical journey.
A cheeky, modern day tale.... think Goldie Hawn, Diane Keaton and Bette Midler in The First Wives Club.

Other tracks by Seraya:  Temptation  -  Innocent