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The McClymonts - Two Worlds Collide     Country 14/08/2012
Since joining forces five years ago, Brooke, Samantha and Mollie McClymont have taken the country music world by storm with their exquisite three-part harmonies, soaring vocals and stunning onstage presence.
The McClymonts understand the impact of a simple song with a lot of heart. ‘Two Worlds Collide’, the title track from their latest album is about the strength of a relationship; about how two individuals balance one another and create something special when they come together.

Other tracks by The McClymonts:  Piece Of Me  -  How Long Have You Known
Wasp Summer - Dancehall at Louse Point     Country, Roots, Rockabilly 13/08/2012
Wasp Summer's sweet, smouldering voice is framed by the timeless sounds of alt-country, soul and folk; dobros, twangy guitars, warm organs, strings, harmonies and hand claps.
Dancehall at Louse Point is a Wanda Jackson-esque whirl around the parquet by a heartbroken 50's dance band chanteuse with a bottle of gin and a great dress.

Other tracks by Wasp Summer:  No Time For Compliments Now  -  Late August Early September
Troy Cassar-Daley - Home     Country, Australian Indigenous 13/08/2012
Troy Cassar-Daley is at the top of the Australian Country Music scene with a reputation amongst his peers as being the most loved and respected singer/songwriters in country music.
This song has a special place with me. When I started writing this track I was about to go back to Grafton with my kids for a family catch up so I wrote this song to prepare me for it.

Other tracks by Troy Cassar-Daley:  Live & Learn  -  Country Is
Will Day & The Alibis - You and I     Country, Pop, Rock 06/08/2012
Brisbane outfit Will Day & The Alibis sound tells the tale of their suburban rite of passage; the experiences of city life coupled with fond memories of their country origins.
'You and I' tells the story of a young man with a country upbringing who takes the girl of his dreams back to the town where he grew up. It is happy, bubbly and has all the right ingredients for a classic country love song.

Other tracks by Will Day & The Alibis:  It's a Regret  -  Brainy Hands
Baylou - Target On My Heart     Country 06/08/2012
Baylou are sister duo Victoria and Barb Baillie. As a duo, Baylou will bring an exciting and fresh new mainstream country sound to the Australian Country Music market.
Baylou’s debut single, ‘Target On My Heart’ was produced by globally credited Australian producer Craig Portelis (Short Stack, Human Nature, Shannon Noll) who also produced Adam Brand’s latest single, ‘There Will Be Love.’

We The Ghosts - Little Bit Crazy     Country, Pop, Rock 02/08/2012
We The Ghosts are a Brisbane based country quartet, comprising of the Tomlins brothers (Alex, Jake & Nick) along with charismatic front man John Cesar.
Little Bit Crazy is the brand new single from Brisbane based We The Ghosts. It is a heart wrenching ballad, the perfect amalgam of country and pop music.
Written and performed by John Cesar & Alex Tomlins & Recorded at Loose Stone Studios by Tyse Lee and Matt Bartlem.

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Tracey Bunn - Adelaide     Country, Rock 31/07/2012
A blend of rootsy-rock, country-swing, and 60s-flavoured guitar pop, Tracey Bunn's gutsy swag of songs express mixed feelings of desire, regret, and wanderlust, leavened with a healthy dollop of humour.
Featuring 60’s inspired rock guitar by fellow Aussie Anne McCue, this upbeat country rock song is about remembering a chance encounter at a folk convention in Adelaide.

Other tracks by Tracey Bunn:  Ballyreen  -  Melancholy Mood
Adrian Whyte - 2022     Country, Alternative Country, Rockabilly, Roots 30/07/2012
Dark, alternate solo country with a unique and somehow modern feel, self accompanied by a full fingerpickin' electric sound.
A song about the end of the world - again! Humans rebuild and live modestly, but it all goes pear shape once again. 'Perhaps what they say in those movies are true...? We're all just parasites there's nothing we can do!!!!!'

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Other tracks by Adrian Whyte:  Death Rides a Harley  -  Hindsight
Tamara Stewart - Sisterhood (Of Feeling Good)     Country 26/07/2012
Tamara Stewart is one of Australian country music's brightest stars. Tamara's numerous Golden Guitar nominations are a testament to her powerful voice and beautiful songs about fun, life and truth.
As the title suggests, Sisterhood (Of Feeling Good) is a feel-good song from beginning to end. With its contagious upbeat melody and girl-power chorus, Sisterhood is a song of celebration that really captures the fun and freedom that can go along with being a woman.

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Other tracks by Tamara Stewart:  Sisterhood (Of Feeling Good)
McAlister Kemp - Home     Country 20/07/2012
McAlister Kemp are born and bred country artists, Drew McAlister was born in Narrabri and raised in Moree and Troy Kemp was born and raised in Kempsey.
‘Home’ is the third single # 1 ARIA Country album - Country Proud.

Other tracks by McAlister Kemp:  Cold Beer, Hot Women  -  Country Proud
Zoe Louisa - Silhouette     Country, Pop 20/07/2012
Zoe Louisa is a Country Pop singer and songwriter who is inspiring young fans all around the world to follow there dreams with her motto 'Aspire, Astonish, Astound'
Silhouette was written by Zoe Louisa after an event she performed at where she saw someone in the crowd who caught her eye. She never got to meet him but maybe he will hear the song one day!

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Other tracks by Zoe Louisa:  Tangled
Harvey Swagger Band - Pioneer     Country, Alternative Country, Roots, Rock 12/07/2012
Sydney's Harvey Swagger Band provides sincere alt country and blues influenced rock. Roaming from main street to country back alley, often drawing inspiration from life's less celebrated experiences.
Pioneer is a story of an illicit love affair set in country Queensland. What to you do when you're love isn't approved by the authorities? Don't be tempted by false protection, be a pioneer.

Track features slide guitar, organ and gorgeous harmonies.

Other tracks by Harvey Swagger Band:  Tell Me What to Say  -  Up to No Good
Alexis & The Missing Pieces - Got To Be Real     Blues/Roots, Country, Folk 10/07/2012
Alexis' sound is the ultimate organic blend of folk-roots. The Missing Pieces are instruments that come together to deliver songs reflecting a complex observation of life.
With a full backing band, Alexis & The Missing Pieces create a sparse blues folk vibe. With subtle hints of country elements and instruments Got To Be Real gives a great insight to what the band is all about.

Jessica Townsend - Adelaide Road     Country, Alternative Country 09/07/2012
Jessica Townsend is a powerful singer and a gifted songwriter with rare depth, whose collaboration with award-winning producer Duncan Wood has produced a style and sound that is completely unique.
Adelaide Road, co-written with producer Duncan Wood, reflects on her two years in London. "Australia will always be home, but my time there was life-changing. There were huge highs and lows living on Adelaide Road. London can be your best friend one day and make you feel insignificant the next."

Breaking Hart Benton - Everybody's Lonesome     Folk, Alternative Country, Roots 02/07/2012
Beautifully crafted songs told in an intriguing voice... a blend of styles seeded in the British Isles and brought to bear in the back woods of America’s Appalachian mountains.
An interesting surrealist poem with banjo, fiddle and traditional undertones and a great rhythm. This song has been described by street press as having a "literary quality" that makes you realise that this isn’t just a casual experiment in songwriting, but an all-encompassing work of art.

Other tracks by Breaking Hart Benton:  My Michelle  -  Blind River
The Harmonators - Perfect Storm     Country, Pop, Alternative Country, Roots 19/06/2012
Contemporary country at its best, The Harmonators are fresh, vibrant and abundantly harmonic. Their latest offering, Big Mouth, is the perfect sophomore release from a pair of singing soul sisters.
Perfect Storm, the first song written for The Harmonators latest release Big Mouth, was co written by Rae and Matt Scullion. It likens a storm's characteristics to that of a relationship both can be powerful and turbulent, but still willing stand on the edge and get caught up in it.

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Other tracks by The Harmonators:  Save Her Soul  -  Big Mouth
Michael Meeking & The Lost Souls - Let Go     Country, Alternative Country, Rock 15/06/2012
Melbourne based country rocker Michael Meeking has gigged extensively both in Australia and overseas. His latest release, Ride On, is the culmination of hundreds of gigs, and a long road.
A mandolin intro begins this melodic mid tempo alt country track. Solid lyrically and musically, the track builds to an excellent vocal crescendo - as great alt country should.

Jim Haynes - Australia     Country 12/06/2012
Jim Haynes is a singer songwriter and entertainer in the country comedy Australiana style who was recorded and toured successfully for 25 years.
The lyric lists our iconic Autarlian events, characters and landmarks and unique characteristics.

Other tracks by Jim Haynes:  Don’t Fence Me In/Home Among the Gumtrees  -  Losin’ It
Ebonnie - Alone     Country, Folk, Rock 12/06/2012
Ebonnie is an independent contemporary country singer/songwriter from Western Australia. Her debut single Alone is a country/folk/rock track which she penned when she was just 17 years old.
Alone is aunique, upbeat, catchy contemporary country/folk track unlike anything else currently on radio. Lyrically the song discusses being alone and defeated, until the chorus sheds a ray of hope with the line "but i'll wipe my tears away, i'll find love someday, someone to carry me home".

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Other tracks by Ebonnie:  Crystal Heart  -  Close to you (rock version)
The Mid North - Rosewood     Country, Alternative Country, Acoustic, Roots 08/06/2012
The Mid North are an original rip roaring Bluegrass/Americana band from Bellingen NSW featuring banjo, mandolin, fiddle, double bass and guitar. You will be whooping and a hollering!
The girlfriend falls deeper into drugs and the boyfriend tries to take her away to a new town to save her and them.

USA band XTrain heard the demo via a friend and asked to record it on their next album.

featuring Mick Albeck on Fiddle, Jenny Shimmin on Banjo

Other tracks by The Mid North:  Pot Of Honey  -  Holy Water