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Harvey Russell - Rollin' Into Town     Country, Folk 30/08/2019
Harvey Russell began his alt-country career in Harvey Swagger Band in the late 2000’s before exploring country-folk in duo Peasant Moon. New solo Liquid Damage out Aug 30th.
Rollin' Into Town is a shuffling upbeat track about a transient lifestyle, a truck driving song in the rich tradition of country music. It features some sublime fiddle playing and pedal steel that conveys the heartache of loneliness and the rush of the open road.

Other tracks by Harvey Russell:  Gave You Flowers  -  My Blood Is Thinning and Weak
Michael Waugh - Big Things     Country, Folk, Roots 30/08/2019
Michael Waugh gives a profound new voice to the Australian experience. His insightful storytelling cuts to the heart of everyday life. It is honest, emotionally brave and compelling.
‘Big Things’ takes us on a family car trip to see the ‘big things’ of Australia. It's dad trying to do a u-turn with a caravan, mum reading a map upside down. It's also fires, rivers bursting their banks, casserole dishes brought by neighbours, the things which you don’t realise are big until you see them from a different perspective.

Mick Lindsay - If You're Sleeping     Country, Folk 30/08/2019
Mick’s selection of musicians has led to a powerful, and precise band, which displays a vigour that will stand up to the most discerning music critics.
If You're Sleeping is set to be a hard hitter, with new-found swag and honeyard tones. Brining an intimate vibe, mixed with his own distinctive sound and flavour.

Rachael Fahim - Even If I Wanted To     Country 30/08/2019
Rachael Fahim has continued to gain momentum in the Australian Country Music scene and is set for her second release of 2019 after massive success with her latest single 'Crush'
Rachael’s next release is about to drop and it’s a stunning mid-tempo duet with fellow Toyota Starmaker - Brad Cox. The song was written by Grammy award winning, Nashville writer Connie Harrington and its entitled Even If I Wanted To. The single will be released on August 30 and is available for radio additions now.

Souly Us - Alive     Country, Pop 30/08/2019
Upcoming talent on the Australian Country Music Scene. Winner APRA AMCOS/TSA New Songwriter of the Year 2019.
A song that will uplift you. Make you feel like you are alive and can conquer anything.

Camille Trail - Humming Chain     Country, Alternative Country, Blues 29/08/2019
Camille Trail is a singersongwriter from the country who has released her debut single 'Humming Chain', produced by the one and only Shane Nicholson. She's one to look out for!
Camille Trail wrote 'Humming Chain' about the African/American black slavery. Inspired by Billie Holidays' "Strange Fruit" Camille set out to write confronting lyrics that sat listeners back in their seat, to get minds ticking about the unfortunate events. Dark imagery is used in the song to pack a punch and points the finger to all who ignored what was happening.

Jenny Trindall - I LOVE THIS LAND     Country, Alternative, Country 28/08/2019
An Australian themed song written about loving this beautiful country we live in and that it's the simple things that mean the most.

Steve Charles - Mr Small town Guy     Country, Easy Listening 28/08/2019
Lover, Fighter, Musician, Songwriter Steve Charles has gone from busking in the gutters of Kings Cross to performing on some of Australia's most Icon stages surviving, reviving, songwriting.
Written by Steve after living in a small village just south of Tamworth in NSW

"Mr Small Town Guy"is a stroll through a small Australian country town touching on the lives of the locals, the daily goings on written in an easy listen and laid back country style (much like living in a small country town!) most requested at shows.

Other tracks by Steve Charles:  Welcome to Australia  -  The Bells of St Mary's
Jenny Trindall - SCOOTER BOY     Country, Alternative, Country 27/08/2019

Lonnie Lee - It takes me back     Country, Rock, Easy Listening, Roots 27/08/2019
Singer songwriter Lonnie Lee over 60+ years has released over 500 songs, many reaching #1 on parades of the time. His songs are country rockabilly Rock'n'Roll Easy listening and blues.
Another story song by Lonnie from album, North West Mail.

Tells of his growing up in Nth West NSW, learning guitar and songs after working all day then leaving for the city to succeed as a TV star with Gold Records. The creeks don't run, run run. Featuring a Johnny Cash muted guitar style with backing by his Leemen band.

Pecos Red - Knoxville     Country, Rockabilly, Alternative Country 27/08/2019
Pecos Red have experienced great chart success in Europe and America with their brand of Outlaw Americana and are now bringing their product home to Australian audiences.
Aussie band, PECOS RED debuts with Knoxville, a song already charting high across Europe and the continental U.S. thanks to its lively beat, outstanding guitar work and fine storytelling.

Knoxville is the first exciting release from PECOS RED’S album PLAINS, regarded in the U.S. music industry as a shining example of the best of Americana.

Andrew Swift & Gretta Ziller - Second Hand     Country, Alternative Country, Acoustic, Easy Listening 26/08/2019
Andrew Swift & Gretta Ziller are two of Australia's leading alt country/Americana vocalists - they've spoken of doing a duet for a while - this is it!
Second Hand is a track about needing to buy second hand things with a little self deprecating joke about winning the lotto or finding a rich partner to take away financial stresses, we have all had the frivolous ‘one day’ laugh to ourselves! But really it’s about the upside of buying second hand things!

Phil - Me N My Guitar     Country, Rock 26/08/2019
PHIL (Philipe Schizas), is a country singer/songwriter hailing from Melbourne, Australia. A lone wolf at heart, he’s wiser than most as he writes with his vices out in front.
Me N My Guitar takes on the classicism of country rock with a gruff take on heartbreak. The resulting single is filled sorrow soaked with 100-proof and guitars that scrub at the regret.

Aimee Francis - Seventeen     Country, Alternative Country, Easy Listening, Gay Alligned 23/08/2019
Americana-rock-country artist Aimee Francis is back with her new single, 'Seventeen', written about a 6 week stint in Los Angeles with her best friends, whiskey and her fake ID.
'You picked me up every Friday night
With a fake ID and a flask to hide
Holy sh*t those nights would never end...
Kissing strangers in unknown places
Six weeks in LA killing brain cells
We're three musketeers drinking beers at the Rainbow Again...'

Dom Italiano - I Try     Country, Alternative Country, Rock, Roots 23/08/2019
Alt-country singer/songwriter/lead guitarist. Lives in the country, gigs in the city! (Mostly)
'I Try', produced by Damian Cafarella, is about getting to that point with someone, and just having nothing left for them... 'I try to cry, and I don't know why... I am dry'...

Emma Dykes - The Riddle Of Life     Country, Folk 23/08/2019
After graduating the Academy of Country Music in 2016, Emma drew on her experience as a rural Emergency Nurse to write about her lessons learnt along the way.
Dedicated to a dear friend that was diagnosed with a brain tumor late last year, ‘The Riddle Of Life’ is a reminder to everybody to make the most of our time. Life is unpredictable but it is important to not let it get away while there is still any ounce of hope.

Khristian Mizzi - Welcoming Song     Country, Folk, Acoustic, Alternative Country 23/08/2019
The songs of Melbourne artist Khristian Mizzi plant seeds in the mind, warm the heart, and capture the imagination. Poetic and articulate songs once heard are not easily forgotten.
The opening track to the brand new album 'Some Other Morning' and for most of the live sets Mizzi has played throughout the past year, The 'Welcoming Song' invites listeners to come and celebrate life and to be present in the here and now. A song of gratitude for love, beauty, truth and togetherness through music.

Pecos Red - Knoxville     Country, Rockabilly 23/08/2019
In Pecos Red, Australian audiences can party like never before to incredible home-grown music, steeped in the heritage of American greats including Marty Robbins and Johnny Cash.
Aussie band, Pecos Red debuts with Knoxville, a song already charting high across Europe and the continental U.S. thanks to its lively beat, outstanding guitar work and fine storytelling. Knoxville is the first exciting release from Pecos Red's album Plains, regarded in the U.S. music industry as a shining example of the best of Americana.

Shelly Jones Band - The Outback     Country, Folk, Easy Listening 23/08/2019
Popular husband and wife duo, the Shelly Jones Band (Shelly and Lester) are two accomplished singer-songwriters, well known for delivering strong vocal harmonies and great musicianship.
The Outback presents something a little different from husband and wife duo the Shelly Jones Band and is their tribute to the Australian Outback. Inspired by their many road trips inland, Shelly and Lester wanted to capture the magic of the mystical Outback they have fallen in love with.

Copperline - Please Don't Cry     Country, Alternative Country, Acoustic 22/08/2019
Copperline are a four piece alt-country/rock act who marry classic narrative songwriting with subtle and refined playing.
The song is a beautiful, shuffling country track that pulls on the heartstrings with some subtle, refined playing and Brad Christmas’ yearning vocal melodies.

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