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Luke O'Shea - Right Now Station     Country 06/04/2020
Drawing inspiration from the humorous and heartbreaking, O’Shea crafts and delivers his celebrated songs to connect with his audiences on a surprising deeper level.
It's said there are seven key mindsets - Anger, Disgust, Contempt, Fear, Sadness, Surprise & Happiness - and metaphorically speaking - IF we are the Station Master that allows these different 'Trains of Thought' to either STOP or PASS ON BY - then become aware of what train your currently riding and be sure to look for the positive ones!

Cass Hopetoun - Shots     Country 03/04/2020
Australian Country Artist and sushi enthusiast, Cass Hopetoun is here to party. Check out her debut single 'Shots' on all streaming platforms now.
Cass Hopetoun's debut single ‘Shots’ is due for release in late March 2020 and was co-written with Country artist Blake Dantier and produced by Matt Fell at Love Hz studios. It is a song about a coming of age and quite literally refers to the relatable activity of drinking ‘Shots’ with friends.

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Clelia Adams - Looking Forward Looking Back     Country, Easy Listening, Roots 03/04/2020
Internationally acclaimed, multi award winning singer/songwriter Clelia Adams returns with a splash! Her cover of iconic Slim Dusty song "Looking Forward Looking Back debuted at #8 in March 2020
Looking Forward Looking Back, written by Cold Chisel's Don Walker has become a massive hit for Clelia Adams 20 years since first released. It embodies her two musical words - the tradition world of Australian Bush Balladeers and her Rock and Roll years at Go-Set Magazine and WEA Records both in Sydney and London back in the 70's.

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DATSON - First Snake of the Season     Country, Alternative, Experimental, Indie 03/04/2020
Taking his DIY punk aesthetic to the extreme, Datson plays all roles on this release, crafted from a palette of loops and dreamlike fantasies of cowboys, cars and cards.
Outrage, Obscenity and Madness
The original inspiration for the tune is Elizabeth Gertsakis’ reinterpretation of crime illustrations from 1870s Victorian newspapers.

COUNTRY LOGIC is a combination of loops from the Logic music program and some real instrumentation. The album captures the two worlds I inhabited; one hurtling into the 21st century and the other retreating towards a 1950’s rural life.

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Other tracks by DATSON:  Dante's on the Line  -  Digilante
Andre Camilleri - This Train I'm Riding     Country, Blues, Folk, Roots 03/04/2020
Arguably one of Australia's most prolific songwriters, Andre Camilleri blends Americana, Alternative and the Blues to create unique sonic landscapes of timeless beauty.
This Train I'm Riding is the single of Andre's 45th studio album 'Weary Heart', to be released later in the year.

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Iain T. McKelvey - Peaches and Cream     Country, Blues, Folk, Rock 03/04/2020
A Sydney singer/songwriter blending elements of folk, blues, country and a penchant for over-thinking in to sounds that will hopefully soften the blow of the existential horror of existence.
It’s a song that has been bouncing around in various forms for several years before finally taking shape. Peaches And Cream is a Western murder ballad, following a lover seeking vengeance on the man who stole his love. There's a dark sense of romance to a partner seeking a resolution that way. Like a country gothic tale.

Iain T. McKelvey - It Would Be This Way     Country, Folk, Rock, Indie 03/04/2020
A Sydney singer/songwriter blending elements of folk, blues, country and a penchant for over-thinking in to sounds that will hopefully soften the blow of the existential horror of existence.
A rollicking country song about learning to let go of what you can't control, loving what you have and respecting those around you whilst also respecting yourself.

I hoped to build a musical journey similar to ones we take in life. It's expansive, with a couple of twists and turns but hopefully excites along the way.

Raechel Whitchurch - I Found Home     Country, Alternative, Pop 03/04/2020
Raechel Whitchurch is a country singer-songwriter from regional NSW. Her new single, ‘I Found Home’ is from her forthcoming album and she'll join Adam Harvey for his yearlong national tour.
When asked about her new single, "I Found Home", Raechel says:

"At the end of the day, no matter what you do, see or achieve in your life, there is nothing as good as coming home to someone you love".

Raechel wrote the single in her backyard, on a Summers's afternoon, while her kids played under the sprinkler.

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Rob Hirst and Jay O'Shea - Pearl Shell Buttons     Country, Blues, Pop 03/04/2020
Rob Hirst (Midnight Oil/Backsliders) and Jay O’Shea (O’Shea), both outstanding musicians in their own right have delivered their debut album ‘The Lost and the Found’, perfectly uniting their music sensibilities.
An imaginary western in which evil confronts innocence, recorded in the ‘Southern Gothic’ style by producer Brent Clark, referencing dark ‘60s classics such as Bobbie Gentry’s ‘Ode to Billie Joe’.

Orchestration courtesy of Daniel Denholm, the string arrangement on Pearl Shell Buttons echoes the wide-screen cinematic songs made famous by Glenn Campbell, written by the great American tunesmith Jimmy Webb.

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Other tracks by Rob Hirst and Jay O'Shea:  Shouting at the Sky  -  Wild
Brook Chivell - In My Life     Country, Rock 03/04/2020
Brook has made a name for himself as producing modern country that sits just as well in the Australian country scene as it would in the American market.
With soaring melodies, Brook Chivell pours out his soul in this hopeful and very personal male power ballad. He's had his heart ripped out once or twice, but this ever-romantic singer-songwriter writes from a hopeful place, that love truly exists. Recorded with Stuart Stuart, the track features beautiful electric guitar licks, cinematic strings and vocals to make other romantics melt.

Lance Birrell - I Believe In Beer     Country 03/04/2020
Lance Birrell. I Believe In Beer
I Believe in Beer is a Honky Tonk swing song that will get you in the groove.

Anita Spring - This ain't pretty     Country, Pop, Easy Listening, Country 03/04/2020
Anita Spring has been known in the music industry as one of Australia’s finest vocalists and in 2020, she will get the attention she so richly deserves.
I'm so proud to share this song with you, "This ain't pretty". In a climate that is incredibly uncertain right now, I think my song sheds some reflection on relationships and how hard this time may be for couples, families and for those at home alone. In times of crisis, organisations like Lifeline Australia are there to help. Love Anita

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Errol Gray - I've Towed Every Van     Country, Comedy 03/04/2020
With his acoustic guitar and politically incorrect Aussie sense of humor, Errol has his audiences in stitches with his songs and stories that reflect everyday situations and misfortunes.
When asked by a grey nomad to write a song about how many different caravan brands were available, to fit them all in a song, Errol had to revert to the Geoff Mack classic 'I've Been Everywhere', and he still couldn’t fit them all in.

Destiny Band Oz - I'll Be With You     Country 31/03/2020
Destiny Band Oz is the performing name of Australian singer-songwriter-musicians, Thomas & Tessa Libreri, who only released their first song to Australian radio in 2017.
From Destiny Band Oz's latest award-winning album called 'Changes', ‘I’ll Be With You’ is a spiritual reflection on life when faced with a life-threatening diagnosis. Lead vocals, guitar and composed by Thomas Libreri, backing vocals by Tessa Libreri.

Travis Sinclair - Before The Drought     Country 31/03/2020
Travis Sinclair has made a name for himself as an independent country music artist that is willing to take a stand for the things he believes in.
Golden Guitar winner Travis Sinclair is back with a brand new single ‘Before The Drought’ and as always it’s country to the core. Written by his brother and Starmaker Grand finalist Jake Sinclair, ‘Before The Drought’ is about what Travis has seen many of his mates go through on their farms throughout Australia.

Ben Mastwyk - Livin' on Gold Street     Country, Easy Listening, Folk, Soul 30/03/2020
Melbourne country-rock artist Ben Mastwyk writes his songs on the move. Planes, trains, rivers and highways set the mood.
Ben Mastwyk moves from darkness to light and finds himself both figuratively, and literally “Livin on Gold Street” 2019 he moved into an apartment block named “Bullion Place” on Gold Street in the Melbourne suburb of Collingwood. Like many that found themselves on this fortuitously named street, Mastwyk’s arrival signalled the start of a new golden era for the artist.

Jetty Road - I Don't Wanna Be Alone Tonight     Country, Pop 30/03/2020
Melbourne-based trio, Paula & Lee Bowman (identical twins) and Julian Sammut are Jetty Road, described as a tapestry of pop and country, with a hint of folk.
We’ve all been there before. Fallen in love with someone you thought was just a friend...I Don't Wanna Be Alone Tonight is an upbeat track about taking a chance on love and throwing caution to the wind.

Andre Camilleri - No One     Country, Blues, Alternative 27/03/2020
Arguably one of Australia's most prolific songwriters, Andre Camilleri blends Americana, Alternative and the Blues to create his unique sound.
This is my favorite track atm. I love the vintage Hammond played by my long time friend and musical collaborator Mark Nunis. Once you go in the studio, it's weird how some songs turn out great and others maybe not so much..

Other tracks by Andre Camilleri:  Son You Don't Want To Get In This Game  -  Hard Times
Ian Wilkinson - My Old Pen.     Country, Country, Country, Country 27/03/2020
I am a Country Bush Ballad Singer Songwriter.
A song about what I could of done if had the chance to do what is available today.

Other tracks by Ian Wilkinson:  Out Where The Gidgee Grows  -  Women Of The Outback.
The Cartwheels - Kookaburra Calling     Country, Folk, Roots 27/03/2020
The Cartwheels' Dave and Wendy met in the 1990s when they were in The Happening Thang and The Sparnetts, respectively. Their new self-titled album, their fifth, was recorded in Nashville.
The Cartwheels’ recorded their self-titled album in Nashville and Kookaburra Calling took on an Aussie-Cajun feel.

Wendy Phypers and Dave Patterson bring the sights and sounds of the Australian bush to life in the new song, Kookaburra Calling, inspired by their frequent camping trips by the iconic river.