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Tyler Hudson - I Love Us     Country, Acoustic, Pop 23/07/2014
Tyler is Texas born artist who's raw but charming voice sings pop melodies atop fresh acoustic music, rooted in country, sprinkled with banjo. Original tracks birthed from real life experience.
This fun track highlights the different personalities of a man and woman, the tension this can cause in a relationship, but ultimately brings the realisation that their differences are what make them perfect for each other. "All the messes that we make, I wouldn't change anything, I love us.

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Other tracks by Tyler Hudson:  Behind Those Eyes  -  The World Is Waiting
Tylea - Burnt Orange Rose     Pop, Soundscapes, Atmospheric, Rock 18/08/2017
Tylea is an independent Brisbane songwriter/artist, formerly of Brisbane group, gota cola. This is her first release in 12 years since double album, 60 page discbooklet "Colour Your Insecurities" .
The track is an exploration of doubt and personal failing within in a long-term relationship which is sacred. It features: Tylea on vocals/keys, the album's producer, Jamie Trevaskis on saw/sound and Mia Goodwin on haunting vocals, Janey Mac on double bass, Dan McNaulty on drums, Scott Bromley on Trumpet.

Other tracks by Tylea:  Dark River  -  The Lake of Sand and Stone
Two Lions - Heading Home     Folk, Acoustic, Alternative Country, Roots 17/03/2015
Two Lions have a unique blend of boy girl harmony that takes you into their warm lounge room where a wonderful journey awaits.
Heading Home is an award winning song that is part factual and part mythical. Inspired by the changing landscapes of Australia, this unique and penetrating track won Two Lions the NCIEA Dolphin award for Song of the Year in 2014 and has recently been released on their new EP.

Other tracks by Two Lions:  Belly of the Whale  -  Golden Chalice
Twin Beasts - Wasting Time     Rock, Country 08/07/2014
In May, 2013, the band, then known as The Toot Toot Toots, began recording their much anticipated sophomore album, Badlove.
Love, loss and sexual frustration, Badlove.

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Twice Bitten - Now Is The Time (For Whiskey)     Country, Folk 02/03/2011
Annie Parsell and Mat Woolley - rock solid vocals and great guitar work, striking Australian country songs in the style of Emmylou Harris and Gram Parsons
While rehearsing our arrangement of Sin City, a Gram Parson/Chris Hillman song, we loved the simplicity of the waltz. so we put some lines down. and soon we had a full song about alcoholism no less. It really suits the country theme of down and out and continuing to fall.

Other tracks by Twice Bitten:  Stay With Me
Turk Tresize - Daddy Wazza Roller     Rock, Roots, Blues, Alternative Country 18/07/2014
“Turk Tresize embodies such raw talent and an obvious love for what he does. Soul Casino feels as though one is slowly discovering such a respectable and enlightening musician" -BluesRockReview
"Daddy Wazza Roller" is a song about a father who tried his best to teach his son not to make the same mistakes in life as he had, only to realize that his teachings only made his son become more like himself.

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Other tracks by Turk Tresize:  Miles 'n' Miles  -  Rollin'
Troy Kemp - Small Town Girl     Country, Rock 13/02/2016
Troy Kemp is one of Australia’s most recognisable country music talents, with multiple country chart #1 singles, a GG, & 2 CMC Awards under his belt.
Small Town Girl is a laid back cool country track – it’s a fun, summery, feel good love song, telling the tale of a young man head over heels in love with a small town country girl.

Other tracks by Troy Kemp:  Against The Grain  -  How We Roll Around Here
Troy Kemp - My Favourite Thing     Country, Pop 24/04/2019
With multiple Australian Country Chart and CMC #1 singles, a Golden Guitar, and 3 CMC Awards, Troy Kemp is one of Australia’s most recognisable country music talents.
Written by Troy Kemp, Phil Barton and Patricia Conroy 'My Favourite Thing' is a catchy, modern country track that focuses on the typical country guy. Whilst he loves his music, drinking whiskey, driving on backroads and watching the game, his favourite thing is always going to be his girl.

Troy Kemp - Beach Mode     Country 20/03/2018
With multiple Australian Country Chart #1 singles, a Golden Guitar, two CMC Awards and a decade of touring under his belt, Troy is one of Australia’s most recognisable music talents.
'Beach Mode' tells the story of a guy struggling with being back at work after being on holiday. Every time he feels the breeze he is transported in his mind back to the beach, the palm trees, the waves, the girls and the party that was his summer vacation.

Troy Kemp & Jayne Denham - Hung Up On You     Country, Pop, Rock 06/10/2018
Australian Country Artists Troy Kemp & Jayne Denham have paired up to record and release the catchy new “cross-over” duet, 'Hung Up On You'.
'Hung Up On You' is a song about regrets after a break-up. About a guy who has said some things he wishes he could take back and the girl that is waiting for him to do so. Think of classic duets from the past then add a modern country spin, flawless vocal performances, and a catchy hook.

Troy Cassar-Daley - Wouldn't Change A Thing     Country, Blues 20/09/2018
Throughout his thirty years of making music, Troy has been awarded numerous accolades including 4 ARIAs, 36 Golden Guitars, 2 APRA Country Song of the Year awards.
Alongside 42 singles and signature album tracks, Troy has also included two new tracks, including the new single ‘Wouldn’t Change A Thing’, a testament to Troy’s enduring vitality as a songwriter.

Troy Cassar-Daley - Things I Carry Around     Country 30/07/2016
A hugely successful artist, loved by country music fans across Australia, he is acknowledged as a true country superstar.
In this haunting country song, Troy taps our collective experience through the objects we cling to, and how powerfully they can evoke memories across time.


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Other tracks by Troy Cassar-Daley:  Halfway Creek, Timber Cutting Man
Troy Cassar-Daley - Sing About this Country – Live at NIMA 2012     Country 14/05/2013
Multi-award winning and NIMA 2012 Act and Album of the Year nominee performs his hit ‘Sing About This Country’ live at the Awards. This is Troy’s salute to Australia and he’s urging us all to be proud of it and to take care of the land we live in.

Troy Cassar-Daley - Sing About This Country     Country 28/09/2009
The legendary Troy Cassar-Daley has established himself as one of Australia's finest and most evocative singer-songwriters. He's also know as one of the most likeable blokes in country music!
‘Sing About This Country’ is Troy's salute to Australia, its geography and all of its co-habitants and he’s urging us all to be proud of it and to take care of the land we live in.

Other tracks by Troy Cassar-Daley:  Big Big Love  -  Chasin' Rodeos
Troy Cassar-Daley - People Get Ready     Country 07/10/2010
As a fitting finale to what has been a huge year for Troy, he performed one special concert which was held at The York Theatre, Sydney on Wednesday June 23rd.
Taken from the Troy Cassar-Daley Live 2CD - DVD also available

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Other tracks by Troy Cassar-Daley:  Yesterday's Bed
Troy Cassar-Daley - Home     Country, Australian Indigenous 13/08/2012
Troy Cassar-Daley is at the top of the Australian Country Music scene with a reputation amongst his peers as being the most loved and respected singer/songwriters in country music.
This song has a special place with me. When I started writing this track I was about to go back to Grafton with my kids for a family catch up so I wrote this song to prepare me for it.

Other tracks by Troy Cassar-Daley:  Live & Learn  -  Country Is
Troy Cassar-Daley - Another Australian Day     Country 12/10/2015
Troy Cassar-Daley is a songwriting stalwart in the Australian country music scene, and hails from Brisbane, QLD.
In the words of Troy Cassar-Daley, “This song celebrates our small and big towns, of which I've had the pleasure of spending many a day and night playing country music for people over the last 25 years.”

Other tracks by Troy Cassar-Daley:  Freedom Ride  -  Take A Walk In My Country
Troy Barrett - Mothers Eyes     Country, Alternative Country 01/06/2012
Troy Barrett is an experienced musician from Melbourne, Victoria who has moved on from his hard-rock days to embark on an alt-country journey.
'Mothers Eyes' is the second single off Troy Barrett's debut solo EP, 'Long Time Comin''. This bitter-sweet country duet asks the question "How do you think you would turn out? Would you have your mother's eyes?".

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Trouble Peach - I Don't Want To Know     Rock, Country, Alternative Country 03/06/2017
Former members of The Toot Toot Toots/Twin Beasts play dreamy rock music with lead violin. Currently working on reimagined version of Neutral Milk Hotel's 'Aeroplane Over the Sea' in Spanish.
'I Don't Want To Know' focuses on the plight of Australia's asylum seekers and the government's apathy toward them. All money raised from single donated to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.

Other tracks by Trouble Peach:  Hija Comunista
Tristen Bird - Yonder Comes The Sun     Country, Folk, Blues, Alternative Country 23/12/2017
Tristen's forthcoming release 'Yonder comes the sun' features a who’s who of the Americana music scene and is currently under production with Grammy award - winning producer Matt Ross Spang.
Yonder Comes The Sun is a high energy single that introduces Tristens band featuring Jimbo Hart on bass guitar (Jason Isbell & the 400 unit), drummer Clint Hyndman (Something for Kate) guitarist Stefan Hauk, violinist Xani (The Twoks), Organist Liam Kealy, vocalist Michael Barclay (Paul Kelly) & vocalist Scarlett Mitchell.

Other tracks by Tristen Bird:  Anywhere You Wanna Go