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Mikayla J - Can't Tame Me     Country, Alternative Country 08/12/2015
An energetic and versatile performer, Mikayla J's hard hitting and lyrically driven country music utilises honest storytelling and catchy melodic lines to empower her audiences.
"Can't Tame Me" is the debut single from contemporary country artist, Mikayla J.

"This song is an anthem which reminds people to not be afraid, but to never let anyone hold them back ." says Mikayla.

Miguel Cruze - To You In Time     Country, Pop, Chill 22/10/2018
Miguel Cruze - smooth vocals, catchy guitar, meaningful lyrics and a message in each song. Australian grown Portuguese-Indian artist.
This song is about time, an amazing girl, a magical place called (ATX) Austin Texas and the memories we made. The song is a reminder to say what you want to say before the moment escapes you.

Midnight Cinderella - Miss Unfortunate     Pop, Britpop, Psychedelic 11/10/2014
Midnight Cinderella is a Dream Pop band with Steam Punk heritage from Australia. Led by 17 year old singer/songwriter Madison Wallace.
Miss Unfortunate is the central character in the mini musical "Teenage Spiral - Act 1" composed by Madison Wallace from new Australian Dream Pop band Midnight Cinderella. To escape realities of her life, Miss Unfortunate finds her own entertainment within her fertile imagination. Alice in Wonderland gone Steam Punk!

Other tracks by Midnight Cinderella:  Teenage Spiral  -  Cliff Face
Micks - Catch Me If I Fall     Country, Pop 01/04/2016
Micks, is a Brisbane based Artist and Songwriter. Micks began writing songs based on life events from a very young age, composing her lyrics and melodies on self-taught acoustic guitar.
"Catch Me If I Fall", is Micks' fifth official single. Combining classic country characteristics with her unique pop flavour, Micks delivers a story based on the musical relationship she shares with her father; former 80's rock drummer.

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Mickey Cooper - Burrows     Folk, Acoustic, Alternative Country 06/10/2016
As a kid from outer Melbourne, Mickey Cooper could be found in front of the living room stereo, re-working the lyrics of 90’s pop songs and recording them onto cassettes.
“The lyrics came a few days later when I was in the bath (the effect having obviously worn off), watching a tree flinching against the freezing wind outside. I used that image to draw a parallel with the physical effects of an ongoing anxiety condition I was experiencing.”

Mick Thomas - Gallipoli Rosemary     Folk, Country 17/04/2012
Boasting an ear for warmly-weathered folk and a knack for nailing the minutiae of Australian life without resorting to clichés, Mick Thomas' potent reflections have revealed quiet revelations for decades.
A Rosemary bush called the Gallipoli Rosemary came back from Gallipoli with a friend's great-grandfather. The last thing he did when he left the battlefield was rip it from the ground. It’s about what connects you to the past and generations of cuttings and of men.

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Other tracks by Mick Thomas:  My Mother's Guitar  -  Goodbye Slowly
Mick Thomas - As You Lay Sleeping     Country 28/09/2009
Legendary Australian singer-songwriter Mick Thomas presents 'Spin! Spin! Spin!', an album where collaboration is key. It features a stellar lineup of guests like Paul Kelly & Tim Rogers.
Mick describes the production of As I Lay Sleeping, as "unspoken dialogue between an overly comfy couple, the product of a few days with acoustic guitars in Felicity’s living room – and a neat sequel to one of the Weddings’ biggest hits, Step In, Step Out."

Other tracks by Mick Thomas:  Can I Sleep On Your Floor?  -  Spin!Spin!Spin!
Mick Lindsay - If You're Sleeping     Country, Folk 30/08/2019
Mick’s selection of musicians has led to a powerful, and precise band, which displays a vigour that will stand up to the most discerning music critics.
If You're Sleeping is set to be a hard hitter, with new-found swag and honeyard tones. Brining an intimate vibe, mixed with his own distinctive sound and flavour.

Mick Lindsay - Afterparty     Country, Pop 04/02/2020
2020 is set to be another banger of a year, with Mick’s calendar filling-up rapidly before seeing him head back to his second-home of Nashville to continue bringing us killer-tracks.
“Afterparty” is a sharp styled twist that creates a delicious harmony of country and pop. When attraction and connection collide, all you want is an afterparty for two, a smash song with cheeky lyrics and Lindsay’s smokin vocals.

Mick Daley - Tiny Violins     Folk, Alternative Country, Acoustic 19/11/2015
Formerly frontman for country rock and rollers The Re-Mains, Mick Daley has recorded a killer solo album with Melbourne's Matt Walker. Seven songs tilting with politics and swarming with humanity.
'Tiny Violins' is the result of a conversation with a friend now working on the coal seam gas fields in Queensland. Acknowledging the toxic reputation of his job he can’t help but defend his right to reap the dubious benefits of first world luxuries despite their very human cost.

Other tracks by Mick Daley:  Othello's P76  -  Lonesome Side O' Down
Michelle Walker - What I Love     Country 14/02/2019
Michelle Walker is an award winning Australian country music recording artist and song writer.
“What I Love” is about following your heart’s desires and doing what you love in life. We are here for a short time so let’s make it a good time! This track features some of Australia’s finest musicians and is produced by Lindsay Waddington of Kross Kut Records.

Michelle Walker - Trying To Be Me     Country 17/07/2019
North Queensland songstress Michelle Walker is fast becoming a well-known name as an Australian country music recording artist and award winning song writer.
What example are we setting for our daughters, friends and family? How do we get back to being comfortable in our own skin? Michelle Walker reflects upon these questions in her new single, ‘Trying To Be Me’.

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Michelle Walker - Backbone     Country, Rock 22/08/2018
Australian and North Queensland songstress Michelle Walker is fast becoming a well-known name as a chart topping recording artist and sought after award winning song writer.
What is Backbone? It’s pure grit. Hard yakka. It’s the callouses on your hands and dirt in your eyes. It’s the unwavering love found between family and friends. Backbone is masterfully produced by Lindsay Waddington of Kross Kut Records (Gold Coast, Australia). It features some of Australia’s finest musicians.

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Michelle Russell - A Cotton Field Away     Country 20/03/2019
An Aboriginal Singer/Songwriter, proud of her heritage and music.
A Cotton Field Away is about breaking down the barriers that exist between black & white. Something symbolically represented in the words of the song by the cotton field. Something that may be akin to black Americans, but this divide between black and white exists also within Australia.

Michelle Plozza - Works Better in the Movies     Country, Alternative Country, Rock 06/05/2018
Michelle Plozza, international award winner is a natural born storyteller who can immerse you in her lyrics. Michelle is a 2017 Toyota Star Maker Grand Finalist.
‘Works Better in the Movies’ debuting at #22 on the iTunes Country Singles charts is an outlaw country style song that bursts all bubbles about fairytale endings, love works better in the movies, because life is good in Hollywood, no matter where you are.

Michelle Plozza - Salvation     Country, Alternative Country 14/09/2015
Singer Songwriter Michelle Plozza delivers a gathering of songs that explores the poignant complexity of life. Her debut EP captivates and acknowledges confronting issues of addiction, bereavement and abuse.
This track is inspired by when you find yourself seeking guidance through difficult times you often reach for your salvation.

Other tracks by Michelle Plozza:  Colour Me Happy  -  Lay Down Your Guns
Michelle Gardiner - Sing Me A Memory     Country, Pop, Rock, Easy Listening 09/04/2019
Michelle Gardiner is a little lady with a big voice! A wife/mum/singer/songwriter from Melbourne with a passion for fusing classic and contemporary country music falling somewhere within the country/pop/rock genres.
Its funny how a song can take you back to a moment in time. Somewhere you treasured but may have forgotten or misplaced. This catchy, heartfelt, feel good song will have you reminiscing about times gone by and tapping your foot along the way.

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Michelle Gardiner - Live it Up     Country, Pop 13/01/2020
Michelle Gardiner is a Melbourne based singer, songwriter, wife and mother who pours her heart and soul into the songs she writes and into all of her performances.
An upbeat, modern, country-pop sound, Live it Up was inspired by a phone call from a friend complaining about their day at work, and written to serve as a reminder to live life to the fullest while we have the chance – we shouldn’t forget to balance things out and fit a bit of fun into the mix!

Michelle Gardiner - Live It Up     Country, Pop, Rock 17/01/2020
Michelle Gardiner is a singer/songwriter based in Melbourne with a passion for country music. Her sound finds its feet in traditional country and finishes around Shania Twain.
Inspired by a phone call from a friend complaining about their day at work, Live It Up was written to serve as a reminder to live life to the fullest while we have the chance. Yes, we have responsibilities that need to be addressed, but don’t forget to balance things out and fit a bit of fun into the mix!

Michelle Gardiner - Am I Doing This Right     Country, Pop, Rock 26/09/2019
Michelle Gardiner is a Melbourne based singer, songwriter, wife and mother who pours her heart and soul into the songs she writes and into all of her performances.
This upbeat, catchy track tells the story of a mum just trying to do her best in a fast and furious world, always wondering if she is 'doing it right'. Racing around to try and make everything perfect, when what she should really do is slow down and smell the roses.