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Pete Cullen - Coffee House     Folk, Alternative Country 12/03/2012
Pete Cullen (former member of The Daybridges) teams up with SBS' Rockwiz band to deliver new album 'Tom Whisky Blues'.
Drawing from the sounds of the 1950’s Cullen is able to create cinematic storylines. 'Coffee House' tells the story of a gambling cowboy, whose indecision is “laced with the bitter pill of regret”.

Other tracks by Pete Cullen:  Howling Wolf
Pete Cullen - Black Mountain     Blues/Roots, Alternative Country, Acoustic, Live Performance 21/07/2017
Every now and then you discover an artist who’s flown under the radar. Brisbane’s Pete Cullen one of Australia’s hardest working artist/musicians, but have you heard of him?
The first single off Cullen’s solo album is “Black Mountain”. Its old time sound takes you back to a distant past telling the story of a troubled man climbing a mountain with a fear of crashing down before reaching the peak.


Pete Cullen & the Hurt - Destroy It All     Country, Alternative Country, Folk, Acoustic 16/07/2019
Pete Cullen & The Hurt release new single 'Destroy It All" off their new album High Tide due for release early September 2019.
Pete talks about what inspired the song; ”Destroy It All came to me in late January 2019 when I was reading stories of farmers facing yet another endless drought in Australia. Around this time a natural disaster hit north Queensland. Farmers went from hand-feeding their stock to watching them being washed away in record level floods."

Pete Cullen - Take Me Out Drinking     Country, Alternative Country, Rockabilly, Roots 14/08/2018
Pete Cullen releases new country banger "Take Me Out Drinking for the Gympie Music Muster
To say the 2017 Gympie Music Muster was a “good old time” for Pete Cullen and his band would be a massive understatement. Four days of camping, jamming, poker, and performing to raucous crowds was the inspiration for Cullen’s new country banger, Take Me Out Drinking.

The Track was recorded with Golden Guitar award winning producer Matt Fell in Sydney.

Pete Byfield - Hounds are Howling     Country, Alternative Country, Acoustic, Country 14/04/2015
Pete has recently begun a solo career drawing on a rich life in rural Australia. His songs hold their own acoustically and benefit from this fine production work
A lament of the land, a situation not foreign to my family.

Other tracks by Pete Byfield:  White Dove  -  It Always Rains After a Dry Spell
Pete Byfield - Dark Train     Country, Alternative Country, Country 22/06/2016
Pete Byfield has an effortless voice that you feel you must have heard before. There is a depth of feeling and understanding that can only come from an old soul.
Dark Train references depression but don't hangup. Enjoy this light and dark tune

Other tracks by Pete Byfield:  Outta Space Outta Time
Pete Byfield - Atmissphere     Country, Alternative Country 11/08/2016
Vocals reminiscent of Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison and with a story to tell
The atmosphere has thin proportions but has a huge impact on our ability to live on this planet. A perspective in looking after it.

Pete Allan - Treading Water     Rock, Roots, Acoustic 13/01/2016
Perfectly described by Sea FM for its “smooth Sunday arvo feel”, Pete Allan's music matches his lifestyle – a blend of coastal warmth and down-to-earth honesty.
With an irresistible funk undertone, Treading Water goes straight to the hips – urging you to groove your way through the song no matter where you are or what you're doing.Treading Water is bombastic and full sounding, without adding unnecessary weight to Pete's feather-light musical agility.

Peta Mai - Fire     Country, Pop, RnB, Rock 28/09/2018
Inspired by country, rock and R&B, Peta Mai blends driven grooves with soaring melodies and classic instrumentation for a bold sound that's rich and engrossing, without sacrificing catchiness or mass-appeal.
‘Where there’s smoke there’s always fire’. As people, we seem to love investing in the wrong person and ignore all warning signs. I’ve always felt connected to fire as a symbol - it’s mesmerising, but if you get too close, it’ll burn you. This song is about the push and pull between the fantasy and reality of a toxic relationship.

Other tracks by Peta Mai:  We Could’ve Been More  -  Thank You For Goodbye
Peta Mai - After You     Country, Pop 24/08/2018
Peta Mai has a soulful voice, narrative lyrics and stirring musicality. She has shared the stage with Keith Urban and established herself as a fixture in the country music scene.
'After You' was written in Nashville with a couple of Peta Mai's favourite local writers, Caleb Lovely and Quinn Loggins.

Perry Keyes - Raymond John Denning     Blues/Roots, Alternative Country, Rock 12/05/2015
Keyes sings about growing up in the Sydney neighbourhoods of Redfern and Waterloo, of embracing the working class culture that dominated the inner-city in those long-lost days, and of family.
Sunset on Silverwater
It’s a Saturday drive dream
Raymond John Denning, Jack the Hat and me
My father swerving us home
Angry drunk and stoned
The man I never wanted to be

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Other tracks by Perry Keyes:  Sh*tville  -  Sunnyholt
Pecos Red - Knoxville     Country, Rockabilly, Alternative Country 27/08/2019
Pecos Red have experienced great chart success in Europe and America with their brand of Outlaw Americana and are now bringing their product home to Australian audiences.
Aussie band, PECOS RED debuts with Knoxville, a song already charting high across Europe and the continental U.S. thanks to its lively beat, outstanding guitar work and fine storytelling.

Knoxville is the first exciting release from PECOS RED’S album PLAINS, regarded in the U.S. music industry as a shining example of the best of Americana.

Pecos Red - Knoxville     Country, Rockabilly 23/08/2019
In Pecos Red, Australian audiences can party like never before to incredible home-grown music, steeped in the heritage of American greats including Marty Robbins and Johnny Cash.
Aussie band, Pecos Red debuts with Knoxville, a song already charting high across Europe and the continental U.S. thanks to its lively beat, outstanding guitar work and fine storytelling. Knoxville is the first exciting release from Pecos Red's album Plains, regarded in the U.S. music industry as a shining example of the best of Americana.

Peasant Moon - Our Timing Was Wrong     Country, Alternative Country, Folk 25/10/2017
Americana duo Peasant Moon play melancholic alt-country and late-night folk. They have built a reputation for heart-on-sleeve songwriting with songs that remain dark, moody and steeped in heartbreak.
This simple heartfelt track is exactly what you want in a classic country duet, and Peasant Moon delivers beautifully. A timeless story of two lovers meant to be together but circumstances keep them apart.

Other tracks by Peasant Moon:  Over Again  -  Party
Peasant Moon - Leaving Tonight     Country, Folk, Alternative Country 01/09/2016
Blending late-night folk and intimate, acoustic alt-country, Peasant Moon have established themselves on the vibrant Sydney Americana scene.
Leaving Tonight, the leading single from the brand new EP - Songs from Austin: Live at Congress House is a head in the hands and heart on the sleeve unrequited love song, where the endless South Australian roads are the only antidote.

Peasant Moon - Back in Time     Country, Alternative Country 07/02/2017
Late-night folk and intimate, acoustic alt-country. Peasant Moon may sound tender and comforting but their songs often have an element of tension, with sadness and melancholy lurking beneath the surface.
'Back in Time' is a moody cautionary tale, laden with regret and empty bottles. The track propels steadily over a gently shuffling beat with shades of early Wilco and features some beautiful vocal interplay between Harvey Russell and Josie Rothwell.


Pav - Big Old Yellow Moon     Country, Acoustic, Pop 31/01/2019
Pav is Phil Paviour (rhymes with saviour). He is an experienced published songwriter, co-writing two charting songs with artist Steve Cheers. He likes cats and bacon. Not together.
Big Old Yellow Moon is a song of reflection as we look up to the amazing grandeur in the night sky and think about life and love.

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Paulie Bignell - Red Eye Flight     Blues/Roots, Blues, Alternative Country 18/10/2011
Paulie Bignell, lead guitarist of Melbourne band, The Detonators, has released his first solo album.
A rollicking number in the style of Chuck Berry.

Paula Standing - Running Away     Folk, Acoustic, Country 05/11/2014
Be swept away with soulful vocals and powerful stories of ordinary people backed with sweet acoustic guitar. Overtones of Lucinda Williams and Gillian Welch echo through these haunting melodies.
Running Away was a finalist in the 2014 SCALA songwriting competition (SA). It features Anthony Stewart and Emily A Smith on guitar and beautiful harmony from Lily de Leo.

Paula Standing - Pity Me     Country, Folk, Alternative Country 06/12/2017
Classically trained, turned Folkie - Paula Standing
The lyrics tell the story of a dysfunctional relationship bust up. This wasn’t the first time, so she saw it coming and predicted it was probably the last time.