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Polly Medlen Band - All Banged Up     Country, Alternative Country, Folk, Pop 07/11/2012
With multiple awards and nominations for songwriting, Polly Medlen and her band, release their new EP Hotel Loves, swaying between the genres of alt-country and pop/indie/folk.
A track about love gone wrong, about screwing things up and wearing the scars to prove it.

Other tracks by Polly Medlen Band:  Get Inside It  -  Counting Sheep
PJ Michael & The Banditas - Leave a Light On     Blues/Roots, Alternative Country, Country, Folk 30/11/2016
Canberra based blues troubadours PJ Michael & The Banditas have emerged from the studio with their latest EP “All Night Long.” It's a sweeping journey of toe-tapping escapism and heartbreak.
Leave a Light On is inspired by my present office job and wanting to escape to live with my brother in the deep south of Tasmania on Bruny Island, which is also where I grew up.

Other tracks by PJ Michael & The Banditas:  All Night Long  -  Love You & Die
PJ Gordon - Ngemba Country     Country 16/02/2011
Classic Koori country
PJ plays homage to his traditional nation and the place of his birth

Other tracks by PJ Gordon:  My Bag is My Home  -  Take Care of our Land
Pixie Jenkins - Alone Again     Country 13/04/2018
Golden Guitar Winning, Fiddle playing extraordinaire, Pixie Jenkins.
"Alone Again" is a song about a morose subject, suicide, but itʼs also about family and the loss associated with love and longing. When I first heard this song in my teens, I thought it a beautiful melody but the words didnʼt really speak to me as they do now.

Phoebe Jay - Higher Than This Day     Country, Alternative Country, Pop, Folk 22/12/2016
Phoebe Jay is a young country music singersongwriter, living around the cane-fields of Bundaberg and her main style is all about country.
Talented young singer's melodic tones and harmonies mixing traditional, classic country with a twist creating a new & vibrant sound.The song talks about not being limited by the people around you and to seek to trust in yourself and fly higher than this day to achieve your goals in life.

Other tracks by Phoebe Jay:  No Glue  -  Rollercoaster
Phoebe Jay - Free Air (feat. Tommy Emmanuel)     Country, Easy Listening, Pop, Acoustic 29/11/2018
Young Australian Country singer Phoebe Jay joins with one of the world’s greatest guitarists Tommy Emmanuel to raise funds for Rural Aid's Suicide Prevention Campaign with Free Air.
The song is a lullaby sung to a person who through economic and emotional stress has come to the point where they believe there is only one choice, taking their own life. Air is free, so come follow me I’ll lead the way with Rural Aid providing a real solution to these heartbreaking reality that rural families face.

Phoebe Jay - 14 Cents At the Gate     Country, Alternative Country, Folk, Alternative Country 20/07/2016
Australian Country Music singer/songwriter Phoebe Jay has penned a powerful original debut single in support of the dairy farmer’s crisis. Telling from the perspective of a 14 year old girl
Australian Country Music singer/songwriter Phoebe Jay has penned a powerful original debut single in support of dairy farmer’s crisis. Telling the story from the perspective of a 14 year old girl trying to understand why farmers are paid well under the production cost of producing milk. Hence "14 cents"

Phil Smith - Homeward Bound     Folk, Acoustic, Alternative Country 12/11/2013
Phil Smith is a beautifully versed singer-songwriter telling stories of life and love.
Homeward Bound is a deeply personal song about wondering if you’re ever going to see a loved one again after they’ve passed away. The beautiful simplicity and swell of the music allows Phil’s lyricism to take centre stage and likens him to famed storytellers like Paul Kelly and Neil Finn.

Phil - Me N My Guitar     Country, Rock 26/08/2019
PHIL (Philipe Schizas), is a country singer/songwriter hailing from Melbourne, Australia. A lone wolf at heart, he’s wiser than most as he writes with his vices out in front.
Me N My Guitar takes on the classicism of country rock with a gruff take on heartbreak. The resulting single is filled sorrow soaked with 100-proof and guitars that scrub at the regret.

Pharaoh's Playground - Coming round the Mountain     Rock, Country, Blues, Soul 01/04/2014
Brisbane band Pharaoh's Playground to release new rock/soul album Three Days in the Belly of a Whale on April 26th. First single from the album is Coming Round The Mountain.
First single Coming Round the Mountain is a Blues Rock blazer with firey guitar lines and a distinct Black Crowes vibe.

Other tracks by Pharaoh's Playground:  Soul Crusher  -  Dried up and Lighter
Peter Simpson - Josie Lee     Country, Instrumental 16/09/2017
Writing and recording with his wife, Dianne Lindsay, Peter himself is now a multi-award winning artist including several nominations for Golden Guitar Bush Ballad Of The Year.
'Josie Lee' is a happy tune written to celebrate the birth of Peter’s youngest grandchild, Josie Lee. This track features Peter’s acoustic guitar playing coloured by the lovely sound of steel guitar and fiddle while still maintaining a strong ballad feel.

Peter Senior - Cool Ride     Country, Jazz, Rock 03/09/2018
Everything from theatrical pop/country to soft rock and respectful nods to Motown, Peter Senior’s grasp of the irreverent with the genuine is one of the hallmarks of his musical prowess.
This track is a genre-busting grower bursting with subdued energy and retro finesse. Sleek and smooth vocals build into a powerhouse performance from Pete, a multi-faceted artist whose crossover style is a melting pot of country, melodic pop and jazz.

Peter McWhirter - How Do I Let You Go?     Country 15/12/2011
2011 Country Music Awards "Best New Talent" nominee Peter McWhirter was barely out of his teens when he penned the opening track of his debut album Lucky As A Seven.
‘How Can I Let You Go?’ was written by hit Nashville songwriter and multiple CMA Award winner Craig Wiseman and Jo Don Rooney from Rascal Flatts.

Peter Green - Djilambardi     Indigenous 20/04/2012
Peter Green recorded by PAKAM's - this project features 48 original songs from remote Kimberly communities.
Written by a well known music identity Bob Nunyea of from this remote part of WA, Peter Green sings of a beautiful desert home. The amazing Ronnie Jamison of Looma plays the sweetest country guitar you can find outside of Nashville.

Other tracks by Peter Green:  Road Map
Peter Christie - Shine     Country, Christian 01/12/2011
Contemporary Country artist with Bluegrass / Gospel influences.
Shine is an inspirational song, encouraging people to Shine in their communities.

Other tracks by Peter Christie:  Somebody Loves Here  -  Open Spaces
Peter Christie - God Guitars and the Open Road     Country, Christian 16/08/2017
Country Gospel artist from the Blue Mountains west of Sydney.
God Guitars and Open Road - cowritten with Allan Caswell and Roger Corbett is essentially about the connections formed by travelling musicians and their audience.

Other tracks by Peter Christie:  Two Ways To Sunday  -  If I Don't Have Love
Peter "Smokie" Dawson - Stanley and Slim     Country 24/09/2019
Peter "Smokie" Dawson singer songwriter of traditional country music
My tribute to Stan Coster and Slim Dusty legends of Australian country music

Peter "Smokie" Dawson - Captain Moonlight     Country 24/09/2019
Peter "Smokie" Dawson is an independent Singer/Songwriter of Australian Traditional Country Music
Captain Moonlight is essentially a song written about a bushranger inspired by a modern day bushranger

Pete Fidler - Take That Train     Folk, Country, Acoustic 06/09/2016
Pete Fidler is a multi instrumentalist of the highest calibre. He's made his name as a sideman and now has stepped into the spotlight with this brilliant new album.
This song previously appeared on my Slide Night CD, sung by co-author Chris Bitcon. (He wrote the awesome bridge). One of my go-to songs (every sideman needs a song or two they can call up). Surprise banjo solo, please be gentle.

Other tracks by Pete Fidler:  Leaves Don't Fall  -  Buzz in the Room
Pete Denahy - You Actually Burn More Calories Eating Celery Than You Get From The Celery Itself     Country, Comedy 23/08/2018
Pete Denahy is a comedian and bluegrass musician hailing from Yackandandah in Victoria. He is best known for his Gen Y anthem, Sort Of Dunno Nothin'.
This is one of Pete Denahy's scientific songs. It is based on facts he heard from a taxi driver one evening.