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Sara O'Connor - Sleepwalking     Country, Alternative Country 14/03/2019
Sara O’Connor, a new face to Australian country music was introduced to the genre by her country-loving partner Ben Soutter and to the industry by none other than Melinda Schneider.
About a time when Sara was performing across Australia at casinos and convention centres; she was creatively uninspired and had fallen into a routine. Realising there are lots of things we all do where we feel that way; shopping, attending meetings, feeding the kids, paying the bills etc. Sara appreciated that everyone can relate to this at some point.

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Sandra Humphries - Walk In Circles     Country 28/07/2017
South Australian, Multi-Award Winning Country sweetheart - Sandra Humphries.
Walk in Circles is the title track from Sandra’s new album, the song was penned by upcoming country music talent Matt James. The song encompasses everything that is country and everything that Sandra knows how to deliver. Love, leaving and unmistakably honest riffs.

Sandra Humphries - Drink Things Over     Country 21/03/2017
Known as “The Real Deal”, few can bring that true country feel to a song quite like South Australian singer-songwriter Sandra Humphries.
Drink Things Over, is the first single to be released from Sandra’s brand new, 6th studio album.
The song, in Sandra’s own words, is an Up-Yours, classic break-up song, with a cool country swing feel, reminiscent of the Hank Williams era. Co-written with longtime friend Bill Chambers.

Sammy White - Drowning My Sorrows     Country, Alternative Country, Blues, Roots 13/05/2019
Sammy’s sound is a perfect blend of her love for country with a hint of pop/soul, inspired by her favourite performers including Bonnie Raitt, Chris Stapleton and Amy Winehouse.
Co-written by Sammy with alt-country’s Lachlan Bryan, Drowning My Sorrows, is about hitting the bottle a little hard to cope with the things life throws at us (reminiscent of such greats as Bonnie Raitt, Chris Stapleton and Amy Winehouse).

SAMI - Crazy Love     Country, Pop 11/05/2019
Sami is an Australian singer/songwriter/entertainer, who is actively making a permanent name for herself in the music industry, for her ambition.Tours over 140 shows yearly across Australia, NZ & Canada.
This song is all about soaking up the best in life - parties, love, friends. Sit back and enjoy!

Other tracks by SAMI:  Brand New Strings  -  Stings Like a Bee
Sam West - True Love     Country, Pop 06/03/2015
Warm melodies, funky riffs, and thought provoking lyrics, wrapped up in stories of love, life and adventure best describes the music of Acoustic Pop Artist, Sam West.
A true depiction of the love you can have for someone but know that you may never actually get a chance to come together. "Maybe the timing is just not right".

Other tracks by Sam West:  Joy
Sam West - Happy Birthday Kris     Blues/Roots, Acoustic 12/01/2015
Gigging tirelessly beneath the endless blue and brilliant stars of the Queensland sky, Sam has earned a special place in the local roots scene – and beyond.
A light hearted and fun birthday song written for an old love. The name says it all really.

Sam Newton - Stare Into The Dark     Country, Alternative Country, Rock, Folk 02/07/2018
Sam Newton is a Sydney-based singer and songwriter. Stare Into The Dark is his new album. File under indie/country/folk with a rock'n'roll heart.
Stare Into the Dark is a distortion-driven punch in the guts that harkens back to the golden era of Australian Rock. Sitting above a bed of tremolo guitar, organ and loud, vibing drums is an imagery-infused recount of insomnia and the anxiety that can follow when you lie awake in bed in a pitch-black room.

Sam Newton - Hold You Down     Country, Alternative Country 02/09/2016
Sam Newton is “an adventurous musical mind set on creating both free-wheelin’ and carefully constructed and detailed songs.” - Chris Familton, Post To Wire
Hold You Down is a deeply personal song for Sam Newton. Its lyrics come from a place of truth that songwriters often don’t understand until combined with melody and chords. It speaks of emotional turmoil and the heavy burden caused by mental illness.

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Sam Newton - Hazel Eyes     Country, Alternative Country, Folk, Roots 21/12/2017
Hazel Eyes is the first single released from Sydney-based Sam Newton's forthcoming album Stare Into The Dark. The album is released in February 2018.
Hazel Eyes seeks to combine the raw energy of Dylan with the lyrical prowess of Van Zandt. It was written about the helplessness and desperation that we all experience when someone that we deeply care about is crying. It goes straight for the jugular and offers no apologies.

Sam Conway - Barkly Way     Country, Australian Indigenous, Blues 01/03/2019
Sam is a blues country musician. He plays guitar and piano and enjoys a sing along around the campfire.
Barkly way is about when I worked out on the Barkly Plainlands in Qld/ NT border. A place that was dry and beautifun in its different seasons. The people love their country and their culture and their cattle and their land.

Sally-Anne Whitten - You Can't Hide From A Broken Heart     Country, Blues, Roots 18/02/2019
Tamworth born & raised, on a healthy dose of blues/rock/country. Sally-Anne was awarded Most Popular Female Artist & Most Popular Independent Album “Burgundy Street” at 2019 Tamworth Country Music Festival.
Co-written by fellow Tamworth artist, Allison Forbes, explores grief and loss. Having already booked a trip to USA, when a list of death and disasters occurred for her family, she was in two minds about going. With no refunds, the trip went ahead. The singer soon realised ‘you can't hide from a broken heart’, it will follow you everywhere.

Sally-Anne Whitten - Watch It Burn     Country, Blues, Rock 02/03/2018
Sally-Anne Whitten was born and raised in Tamworth on a healthy dose of blues, rock and country. Over the years she has honed her very own style of ‘funky country’
All about doing life your way and not being afraid to say good bye to people or things that are no good for you. A blues rock number, it’s no surprise that Sally-Anne was listening to a lot of Robben Ford and John Hiatt just before this track was born.

Sally-Anne Whitten - The Life You Left Behind     Country 28/10/2016
Sally-Anne Whitten was born and raised in Tamworth, NSW and is a self-confessed ‘Funky Country’ (a blend of country, rock and blues) artist.
A supermarket trip trigged an emotional outpouring that lead to the realisation of how deep and difficult grief is. Sally-Anne wondered if we ever really get of the loss of a loved one and wondered why, as non-permanent beings we seem to struggle with the concept of death so much.

Sally-Anne Whitten - My Place In The World     Country, Blues, Roots 28/08/2013
The Tamworth resident has been playing guitar & singing in touring bands since she was 15 and considers supporting Keith Urban on his 2000 Australian tour as a career highlight.
Written by the Tamworth local herself and close friend Allison Forbes. This is a lyrical tale about a musician’s constant struggle between sustaining a "real life" and chasing a career.

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Other tracks by Sally-Anne Whitten:  The Other Side Of Me  -  I Wish I Was In Memphis
Sally-Anne Whitten - Misfit     Country, Blues, Soul 31/07/2018
Sally-Anne Whitten was born and raised in Tamworth on a healthy dose of blues, rock and country. Over the years she has honed her very own style of ‘funky country’.
Sally-Anne and co get down and a little dirty here. Lyrically, Sally-Anne pulls no punches and mate Matt O'Leary has the starring role on harmonica. We all know those air-kissing, fake members of society depicted in the song.

Sal Kimber - Got You     Country, Folk, Live Performance 07/07/2010
Amrap Live Music Recordings_3JOY_Local and Vocal Sal Kimber, hailing from the country now calls Melbourne home, recorded by Joy FM during her appearance on the show, "Local and Vocal."
Sounding rural & rootsy, but with urban savvy, her songs are perfect stories within a beautifully arranged, and feature wonderfully sympathetic & innovative instrumentation.

Sal Kimber & The Rollin' Wheel - Come a Knockin'     Blues/Roots, Alternative Country, Rock, Folk 15/07/2016
Named by Rolling Stone as 'Australiana at it's finest', Sal Kimber And the Rollin Wheel are a band steeped in charm, authenticity and talent.
An alt country n soul rock pop number with rich momentum and drive. Fun and energetic. Driving keys and drums, with layered instrumentation and charming vocals. this track was added to Double J's best new music playlist.

Other tracks by Sal Kimber & The Rollin' Wheel:  Stumble in the Dark  -  Hell and Highwater
Sal Kimber & The Rollin Wheel - Do Right     Country, Pop, Alternative Country, Blues 17/08/2011
Sal Kimber & The Rollin Wheel is the collaboration of award winning, talented songwriter and vocalist Sal Kimber and her band The Rollin Wheel.
'Do Right' is an upbeat track about looking for the ultimate love. About not settling and waiting on that ultimate love to knock down your door and give you no choice but to say yes- keep me on my feet- keep me guessing, wanting more.

Other tracks by Sal Kimber & The Rollin Wheel:  Beat Gets Louder
Saint Jude - Laurelie     Country, Soul, Alternative Country, Blues 18/09/2013
Saint Jude are a Melbourne based five-piece playing gospel tinged country and garage blues with a rock'n'roll swagger.
Laurelie is the second single from forthcoming 'Saint Jude II'. A deep slice of Southern-fried country soul, Laurelie sees Saint Jude at their heart-rending finest.

Other tracks by Saint Jude:  Only You I Need