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Savanah and the Strays - The LIght     Country, Pop 20/03/2019
Five piece country blues band based in Perth, Western Australia.
Upbeat country pop song about having hope and faith in life when things get tough.

Savanah And The Strays - Salt Of The Earth     Country, Alternative Country 08/01/2019
Savanah And The Strays are a five piece county blues band based in Perth, Western Australia. The band provides a lively alt-country sound behind Savanah's soulful story telling voice.
Salt Of The Earth is a lively tune laden with harmonies and enriched with the smooth sounds of guitar and organ. Written by Savanah Solomon, the song explores her love and respect she has towards her Dad.

Sarah Leete - Safe     Country 02/09/2017
Sarah Leete is a singer/songwriter and full time independent musician from North West NSW.
Safe is the first single off the debut album from Sarah Leete. It explores the vulnerability of love and relationships that manages to stand out from what is currently being played on the radio today.

Sarah Leete - My Happiness is Misery     Country 25/05/2018
Sarah Leete is an independent country artist from North West NSW. Her Debut EP was produced by Catherine Britt and released in November, 2017.
My Happiness is Misery is the second track to be lifted from Sarah Leete's debut EP. The song was written solely by Sarah, after watching an Australian Story on Melody Pool.
The song's sweet melody and airy production, present the lyrics which are themed about a struggle with depression.

Sarah Humphreys - Take your Time     Country 20/11/2014
Sarah Humphreys has recorded her third studio album ‘New Moon’ produced by Kasey Chambers. Due for release on November 14, ‘New Moon’ showcases Sarah’s soulful folk-infused vocals and heartfelt lyrics.
New Moon’s production captures Humphreys at a creative peak, with fresh songs that lay bare the joys and fears of life on the road, of love and loss, and being a parent. “Kasey I knew I could trust with my songs. She knows me – she knows my songs."

Sarah Head - Nothin' But Love     Country, Alternative Country, Pop 18/07/2015
Queensland-based singer/songwriter Sarah Head has been making her mark on the Australian and International country music scene with her heartfelt lyrics, sensational voice and captivating performances.
“Nothin’ But Love” was co-written with Ben Daniels and B.James Lowry–as a fun, upbeat exploration of love. The trio wrote the song with the radio platform in mind – particularly through the catchy lyrics, universal subject matter and pop-country vibe–to capture the true essence of love, in a fun way.

Sarah Head - Me And Jack     Country 24/11/2014
Contemporary country music singer/songwriter Sarah Head is a 2013 Toyota Star Maker Top 4 Grand Finalist, and has just released her Nashville-flavoured 6-Track EP "Nothin' But Love".
Me and Jack tells the story of one woman's struggle with relationships, dependence and alcoholism in an alluring, dark, contemporary country ballad. The vocal delivery is emotive and captivating, while the composition showcases the finest Nashville musicians in a high-class performance.

Sarah Head - Gypsy Soul     Country 05/03/2014
Contemporary country music singer/songwriter Sarah Head is a 2013 Toyota Star Maker Top 4 Grand Finalist, and has just released her Nashville-flavoured 6-Track EP "Nothin' But Love".
Gypsy Soul was co-written with Bob Regan and B.James Lowry. The track is about self-discovery - about that point in your life when you realise you’ve been underestimated, like you’re faking being happy with the mundane and that you’re ready to show the world exactly who you’re supposed to be.

Sarah Carroll and The Left Wing - Star Parade     Blues/Roots, Country, Alternative Country 25/02/2017
Sarah Carroll has performed at most of Australia’s high-profile festivals over a 25 year career. She will be launching her latest album Star Parade at Port Fairy in March.
Upbeat title track from Sarah Carroll's new album Star Parade. For anyone who loves a driving tune - this is for you.

Other tracks by Sarah Carroll and The Left Wing:  Lived Your Life Twice  -  After The Ride
Sarah Broome - Quarter Past Ten     Country, Jazz 10/12/2018
Female Singer Songwriter base in Perth WA. Performs at local country music venues and festivals. Released her first EP Keeping It Real Aug 17
From the EP Keeping It Real, Quarter Past Ten is all about seeing an older version of me in the mirror and this person giving me some life advice.

Other tracks by Sarah Broome:  My Walls
Sarah Broome - Country Girl At Heart     Country 19/11/2018
Country Music Singer Songwriter. Release first EP last year "Keeping It Real". Finalist this year a Boyup Brook Country Music Awards for Female Artist and Best Independent EP.
From the EP Keeping It Real, Country Girl at Heart is really a take on me.

Other tracks by Sarah Broome:  Music To My Soul  -  Heart Strings
Sara Storer - Come On Rain     Country 20/11/2013
Australia’s finest storyteller Sara Storer today presents her second single from the ARIA nominated album Lovegrass. The single is titled ‘Come On Rain’ and it’s the album’s opening track.
“This is a co write with my brother Greg Storer. It’s the perfect song to start the album. It expresses what matters most and what we pray upon,” says Sara Storer.
“It sums up once again the everyday thoughts and feelings of a farmer’s mental war with the bloody weather!”

Sara O'Connor - Upside     Country 14/11/2019
An impressive musical CV – jazz vocalist for 20 years performing all over Australia. Covering artists from Billie Holliday to Blondie, Sara recently made the comfortable move to country music.
'Upside' was inspired while suffering from road rage one afternoon. Sara remembers muttering words that she wouldn’t want anyone to overhear. This made her think back to when she was a little girl and in a grumpy mood, her Mum would say things like “if the wind changes your face will stay like that” and “turn your frown upside down”.

Other tracks by Sara O'Connor:  Ain't Home
Sara O'Connor - Sleepwalking     Country, Alternative Country 14/03/2019
Sara O’Connor, a new face to Australian country music was introduced to the genre by her country-loving partner Ben Soutter and to the industry by none other than Melinda Schneider.
About a time when Sara was performing across Australia at casinos and convention centres; she was creatively uninspired and had fallen into a routine. Realising there are lots of things we all do where we feel that way; shopping, attending meetings, feeding the kids, paying the bills etc. Sara appreciated that everyone can relate to this at some point.

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Sandra Humphries - Walk In Circles     Country 28/07/2017
South Australian, Multi-Award Winning Country sweetheart - Sandra Humphries.
Walk in Circles is the title track from Sandra’s new album, the song was penned by upcoming country music talent Matt James. The song encompasses everything that is country and everything that Sandra knows how to deliver. Love, leaving and unmistakably honest riffs.

Sandra Humphries - Drink Things Over     Country 21/03/2017
Known as “The Real Deal”, few can bring that true country feel to a song quite like South Australian singer-songwriter Sandra Humphries.
Drink Things Over, is the first single to be released from Sandra’s brand new, 6th studio album.
The song, in Sandra’s own words, is an Up-Yours, classic break-up song, with a cool country swing feel, reminiscent of the Hank Williams era. Co-written with longtime friend Bill Chambers.

Sammy White - Drowning My Sorrows     Country, Alternative Country, Blues, Roots 13/05/2019
Sammy’s sound is a perfect blend of her love for country with a hint of pop/soul, inspired by her favourite performers including Bonnie Raitt, Chris Stapleton and Amy Winehouse.
Co-written by Sammy with alt-country’s Lachlan Bryan, Drowning My Sorrows, is about hitting the bottle a little hard to cope with the things life throws at us (reminiscent of such greats as Bonnie Raitt, Chris Stapleton and Amy Winehouse).

SAMI - Crazy Love     Country, Pop 11/05/2019
Sami is an Australian singer/songwriter/entertainer, who is actively making a permanent name for herself in the music industry, for her ambition.Tours over 140 shows yearly across Australia, NZ & Canada.
This song is all about soaking up the best in life - parties, love, friends. Sit back and enjoy!

Other tracks by SAMI:  Brand New Strings  -  Stings Like a Bee
Sam West - True Love     Country, Pop 06/03/2015
Warm melodies, funky riffs, and thought provoking lyrics, wrapped up in stories of love, life and adventure best describes the music of Acoustic Pop Artist, Sam West.
A true depiction of the love you can have for someone but know that you may never actually get a chance to come together. "Maybe the timing is just not right".

Other tracks by Sam West:  Joy
Sam West - Happy Birthday Kris     Blues/Roots, Acoustic 12/01/2015
Gigging tirelessly beneath the endless blue and brilliant stars of the Queensland sky, Sam has earned a special place in the local roots scene – and beyond.
A light hearted and fun birthday song written for an old love. The name says it all really.