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Shane Howard - Solid Rock - Puli Kunpungka     Rock, Pop 24/09/2012
Shane Howard is one of Australia's most important and influential writers and singers. With a deep understanding of poetic and musical folk traditions he captures the nations spirit in song.
With the original version embedded in the national psyche for 30 years, comes this new version - a great symphony created with new voices for a new generation (including children from the APY Lands). Feat: Archie Roach, Amy Saunders, Natalie Pa'apa'a, Emma Donovan and Myra Howard.

Shaky Stills - COUNTRY GOLD     Country, Alternative Country, Roots 12/11/2018
Patty Carr fronts an unmistakable sound & style, with inspired soloing from Ed Bates and Matt Rodd on the pedal steel and 6 string electric guitar.
Country Gold is about being away for weeks outback looking for work, gold and ways to survive ...and missing your loved ones and appreciating them and what you've got.

Shaky Stills - Right Here Right Now     Country, Alternative Country, RnB, Rockabilly 27/05/2019
Shaky fronts an unmistakable sound & style, with Ed Bates on the pedal steel driving Country & Western, Rhythm n Blues, Western Swing & Americana shuffles to dance along to.
The song is about balance, addictions and looking for love.

Shaky Stills - It Ain't Easy     Country, Alternative Country, Blues, RnB 30/07/2018
Patty Carr fronts an unmistakable sound & style, with Ed Bates on the pedal steel driving Country & Western, Rhythm n Blues & Swampy shuffles.
An ode to today's life and the challenges within the day to day and being in relationship. Recognising the opposites and looking to brighter side and getting on with it as it's about just doing stuff and making the most of it.

Shaky Stills - Freaking Out     Country, Alternative Country, Roots, Blues 21/07/2019
Shaky fronts an unmistakable sound & style, with Ed Bates' pedal steel driving Country & Western, Tex Mex, Rhythm n Blues, Western Swing & Americana shuffles to dance along to.
Acceptance of who and what you are and do & giving your whole person to something or someone!

Shaky Stills - 16 Years     Country, Alternative Country, Roots, Blues 04/04/2017
Country and Western, Swing, Rockabilly and Indi-roots with a backbone rhythm section made of pure rhythm and blues. A players band, made from Australia's finest.
Lost love that keeps reappearing

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Other tracks by Shaky Stills:  Quarter to Three  -  Alone
Shakira Lea - I MISS YOU     Country, Pop, Easy Listening, Blues 22/02/2019
SHAKIRA LEA is an exciting young pop/country singer/songwriter with a very bright future. Hailing from South Australia's Eyre Peninsula, SHAKIRA LEA is the 2019 Whyalla Recording Scholarship WINNER.
'I MISS YOU' speaks of love, loss and finding peace. A modern country ballad with soulful vocals and strong instrumention that conveys emotional lyrics, SHAKIRA LEA wrote 'I MISS YOU' for a friend who experienced sadness and loss.

A beautiful voice sings beautiful words - a touching debut single!

Serina Pech - I Hope To See The Sun     Pop 20/05/2016
Young singer songwriter from Katherine, NT. Fresh, new, quirky sweet indie pop.
A beautiful, melodic and uplifting track - this song has a lovely tempo, it swings along - a real feel good track with an indie pop sensibility.

Seraya - Plan B - The Ballad of A Starter Wife     Pop, Alternative Country, Folk 28/09/2011
Featuring strings, catchy melodies, moody undertones and emotional deliveries, the tunes are infectious. Seraya's unique style crosses multiple genres, themes and styles without effort, making for a satisfying musical journey.
A cheeky, modern day tale.... think Goldie Hawn, Diane Keaton and Bette Midler in The First Wives Club.

Other tracks by Seraya:  Temptation  -  Innocent
Seleen McAlister - I Wanna Live Like That     Country, Alternative Country, Easy Listening, Pop 25/05/2013
Seleen McAlister is the rising star of modern, female country singers with a message of empowerment and meaningful songs that are speaking to audiences around Australia.
Catchy and full of meaning, I Wanna Live Like That is an anthem for living a joyous and full life. Dancing in the rain, making her mother proud and learning from mistakes. Seleen McAlister continues along the path of songs that speak volumes.

Seleen McAlister - Guilt Free     Country 17/02/2012
A Singer/Songwriter that writes from the heart, telling the stories of her life.
A fun playful track about the balance between being a Mother and having a little time to yourself without having to feel guilty about it.

Other tracks by Seleen McAlister:  There's No Me  -  Worth The Wait
Sean McMahon - Show Me The Way     Rock, Alternative Country, Folk 21/12/2017
‘From stripped back casual charm to royally rocking, Sean McMahon has built a bespoke musical home of his own’ —Chris Lambie ,Rhythms
‘Show Me The Way’ encapsulates Sean’s immense talent, weaving poetic lyricism with fuzz guitars and a cosmic country resonance without sacrificing his melodic songwriting pedigree

Scotty Mack - His Mates     Country, Country, Country, Country 09/01/2019
Country music artist from Charleville in South West Queensland.
Songs about life in general

Other tracks by Scotty Mack:  Only Thing Missing  -  Folks Like Us
Scott Riley - Hard Luck     Country, Acoustic, Rock 05/04/2019
Scott Riley is a West Australian based artist and has been writing songs for the past 17 years. He's a former member of The Shearwater Duo.
The song is about looking back on the trials and tribulations of growing up on a farm while at the same time wishing it was possible and devising ways to save up enough money to be able to buy the property one day.

Scott Graham - Running From Yourself     Country, Alternative Country, Pop, Chill 18/08/2017
This all original 2017 Debut solo EP ’Into the Sun’, Scott is building a repertoire of thought provoking and catchy country pop tunes. Produced by ARIA award winner Shane Nicholson.
On one hand a melodic country tune with atmospheric vocals while at a deeper level a journey of self discovery and an exploration of masculinity in today’s culture.

Other tracks by Scott Graham:  Into The Sun  -  Little Minds
Scott Darlow - Sorry     Rock, Country, Alternative Country, Australian Indigenous 18/11/2016
Scott Darlow is a man who wears many hats, singer-songwriter, aboriginal activist and world vision spokesman his debut solo album ‘Sorry’ is his very own dreamtime.
'Sorry' pays homage to Darlows Aboriginal heritage as a proud Yorta Yorta Mob descendant uniting the traditional didgeridoo & a formidable message. This unique blend of country, rock & pop allows Darlow to stand in a league of his own.

Other tracks by Scott Darlow:  Runaway  -  Just You
Scott Candlish - Two Feet     Folk, Roots, Country, Acoustic 07/02/2017
Scott Candlish is a Melbourne based singer songwriter now with a full band dynamic who crafts a blend of alt folk with rock and
The opening track of the EP Home Away From Home, focuses on how enriching and rewarding travel can be and the search for stability in a foreign environment.

Other tracks by Scott Candlish:  Monsters  -  Contact List
Scarlet's Way - No Fire, No Flames     Country, Rock, Alternative Country, Pop 01/05/2017
'Scarlet's Way' is a bands venture into Country Rock, with elements of Classic Rock and Acoustic Folk. Hailing from Perth, WA, Influences include The Eagles, Shania Twain, Faith Hill.
Country/Rock/Pop style track, influenced by Nashville's current country sound and production.
This single was released at the end of March and reached #7 on the iTunes country music charts.

Other tracks by Scarlet's Way:  Simple Life  -  Let the Devil in
Scarlet's Way - Move Your Body (Woah Oh Oh)     Country, Rock, Soul, Alternative Country 08/07/2019
Fronted by soulful vocalist, Katey Gabel, Scarlet's Way hail from Perth, where the duo perform regularly, between regional and interstate shows, making their mark on the country music circuit.
A vibrant neon glow with live music pumping onto a crowded street, Scarlet’s Ways new single “Move Your Body” is a salute to Nashville’s honky tonk highway. A rockin’ night out… and the morning after.

Scarlet's Way - Let The Devil In     Country, Soul, Jazz, Blues 19/11/2018
Fronted by soulful vocalist, Katey Gabel, Scarlet's Way hail from Perth, where the duo perform regularly, between regional and interstate shows, making their mark on the country music circuit.
Let the Devil in, is a seductive track that explores the desire to give into temptation. With lashings of Americana, this guitar driven track delivers a rich vocal with blues-infused melodies and polished overtones synonymous with modern day Nashville.