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Souly Us - My Soldier     Country 10/05/2019
Award winning country/pop singer songwriters that in 7 months have released 2 singles and an EP and are rising talent on the Australian Country Music scene.
A touching track that pulls on your heart strings.
Partly written in a letter format this song tells the story of a soldier away at war. His wife and son are longing for him to return home.

Souly Us - Meant to Be     Country, Pop 18/09/2018
Ben & Kate have a unique, soulful sound. This amazing, self-taught young duo radiates chemistry and connection. Kate’s warm angelic voice & Ben’s artistry on guitar form a poetic sound.
An up-beat, catchy, summer love song.

Souly Us - Collided     Country, Pop, Rock 20/09/2019
Award winning country/pop duo writing songs from their heart and soul. With lyrics ‘hold your head up high, keep trying cause you’re a fighter’, they're well worth a listen.
Tells the story of two people in love that are parted at an airport. It's their love story.

Other tracks by Souly Us:  Coming Home  -  Fighter
Souly Us - Alive     Country, Pop 30/08/2019
Upcoming talent on the Australian Country Music Scene. Winner APRA AMCOS/TSA New Songwriter of the Year 2019.
A song that will uplift you. Make you feel like you are alive and can conquer anything.

Sophie Rainbow - For Jess & Billy     Country 09/10/2018
The girl who hopes her music will be as memorable as her last name; Sophie Rainbow is a spirited performer and storyteller hailing from the country’s capital, Canberra.
Sophie Rainbow’s debut single is a heartfelt dedication to the example of love she grew up watching between her Sister and (now) Brother-in-law. ‘For Jess & Billy’ was written before the couple’s wedding in 2017 and has become a favourite among audiences ever since for it’s nostalgic and joyful nature.

Sons of May - Up Before Your Eyes     Rock, Country, Folk, Pop 21/03/2014
Sons of May are an Indie/Folk/Rock band from Melbourne, Australia.
A brooding Folk Rock tale, Up Before Your Eyes explores the struggle of self imposed limits. From humble introspective beginnings it builds in intensity and surges with an empowered optimistic release.

Other tracks by Sons of May:  Oh My Friends  -  Lucille
Sonny Rolfe - Little Bit of Blues     Blues/Roots, Country, Roots 24/08/2015
Sonny is a mature songwriter, influenced by war, rock'n'roll, folk from the '60s/70s - Woodstock era - he has won many awards & nominations over the years.
This track features the expressive saxophone playing of Lindsay Gould - the perfect song for a blues trio telling the story of human nature.

Other tracks by Sonny Rolfe:  Too Bloody Hard  -  Somebody Listens
Sonny Rolfe - Ceduna     Country, Blues 17/12/2014
Sonny is a songwriter who uses the guitar, harmonica and as many other artists as he can to create his music.
Temptation on the road home . .

Other tracks by Sonny Rolfe:  Big Mack  -  Travel Speak
Sonny Rolfe - Adelaide SA     Country, Folk 19/02/2016
Sonny is a senior songwriter with many Awards/nominations to his name. He plays the Harmonica, Guitar and Button Accordion, loves boating, nature (is a conservationist). He writes, records and produces.
A foot-loose, fancy free traveller, a man with a soft spot for the ladies . .

Other tracks by Sonny Rolfe:  Don't You Dare  -  Waltzing The Moon
Sonny Keeler - Wayward Son     Rock, Australian Indigenous 17/05/2014
Exciting guitarist and gifted songwriter living in Adelaide, SA.
About growing up on the wrong side of the law, and what it is like for many Indigenous young men in community. Rolling with the punches and coming out the other side wiser and stronger.

Other tracks by Sonny Keeler:  Graces  -  Early Warning
Somerset Barnard - Girls and Ganja, No Cocaine     Country, Blues, Roots, Alternative Country 27/11/2012
Somerset Barnard remembers going through his father's record collection "I remember listening to Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash and thinking that's what I want to do!"
Girls and Ganja, No Cocaine is about living life plaing music and enjoying chilling out with the finer things in life!

Smith and Jones - Small Town Woman     Country, Alternative Country, Blues 28/07/2017
Smith & Jones are a duo hailing from Bathurst and Tamworth respectively. Made up of keyboard player and vocalist Abby Smith and guitarist, harmonica player and vocalist Sophie Jones.
Small Town Woman is a subtle and intimate peek into the dreams and desires, as well as the pain, of a woman living and working in the country. Raw and quietly elegant, this single is a contrast to their lively debut, Baby Blue, but holds the listener with its honesty.

Smith and Jones - Baby Blue     Country, Alternative Country, Roots 19/04/2017
Smith & Jones are a duo hailing from Bathurst and Tamworth respectively. Made up of keyboard player and vocalist Abby Smith, with guitarist, harmonica player and vocalist Sophie Jones
‘Baby Blue,’ the first single from the debut album, is a banjo-led, harmony-filled track which explores the mind-set of a woman on the run. The accompanying film-clip (also produced by Michael Carpenter) was filmed at Mt Victoria Manor and features Xenia Pridmore as the lead actress.

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Smith & Jones - Your Achin' Heart     Country 15/02/2018
Fresh off the back of a hugely successful 2017 for alt-country duo Smith & Jones comes the third single from their debut album: the piano driven ‘Your Achin Heart.’
Featuring lead guitarist Matt Ferry, Your Achin’ Heart is a song about a broken-hearted man, suddenly alone in a world he no longer understands. Adrift and disconnected, entirely taken up by memory and long-forgotten joy, he grapples to grasp on to any small token of reality.

Smith & Jones - Secondhand Heart     Country 12/02/2019
Smith & Jones are an Australian Duo, comprised of Abby Smith & Sophie Jones.
Secondhand Heart ​deals with the everyday frustrations: the endless search for love and emotional fulfilment, and wanting to escape the everyday but being tied to a form of unsatisfying, mundane contentment. But never does Secondhand Heart ​wallow in sorrow, and it’s this refusal to be taken in by sadness that gives ​Secondhand Heart its intensity, and ultimately its beauty.

Smiley Martin - 8.03 to 8.30 (Eight o three to eight three o)     Country, Folk, Easy Listening, Roots 25/08/2017
Sydney singer/songwriter Smiley Martin captures the emotion of life with stories of change, contrasting the beautiful NSW coastal east with scenes from the big city in his folk/contemporary songs.
8.03 to 8.30 harks back to the good old times when life was much simpler. No TV, but the enjoyment of hard work and leisure time enjoying music on the radio. Shared moments with family, tuning the wireless to your favourite show and singing along with the big artists broadcast.

Other tracks by Smiley Martin:  Turn Me Around  -  Jacaranda
Small Town Romance - Timber & Stone     Country, Alternative Country 10/08/2016
Fronted by Jim Arneman and Flora Smith Small Town Romance have been steadily garnering a fan base of true country music lovers everywhere they play.
The driving melancholic duet combines the flawless vocal blend of Jim and Flora. The haunting song is intimate and regretful, nostalgic and foreboding. There is an uneasiness to the track that will stay with you long after your first listen.

2017 AGE MUSIC VICTORIA AWARDS NOMINEE: Best Country Album 'Small Town Romance'

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Small Town Romance - How It Goes     Country, Folk, Alternative Country 03/05/2018
Featuring water-tight harmonies and poetic lyricism, country outfit Small Town Romance present home-grown honky tonk that will stop you in your tracks one minute and have you dancing the next.
How It Goes is the new single form Small Town Romance. Situated firmly in the tradition of miserable, country duets, How It Goes tells of a mundane yet devastating break up. No fights, no public scenes, just the quiet tragedy of two people realising they no longer love each other.

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Skyscraper Stan and the Commission Flats - Oil City One-Step     Blues/Roots, Retro, Jazz 30/04/2013
Southern gothic, country blues and New Orleans meet in the filthy laneways of Melbourne City. Tenacious guitar, dramatic horns and clever lyricism. It's Troubadour rock 'n' roll.
An uptempo, layered tune about being in one place and wanting to be in another. Written when Stan was stuck in Canada trying to get back to New Orleans.

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Other tracks by Skyscraper Stan and the Commission Flats:  Moses  -  Fools and Handsome Men
Skyscraper Stan - This is your Captain Speaking     Country, Folk, Alternative Country, Live Performance 17/06/2016
Skyscraper Stan Woodhouse is a baritone voiced songwriter of impressive lyrical ability working across Australia in the troubadour tradition. He fronts Melbourne band Skyscraper Stan and the Commission Flats.
A song about being drunk and morose on a flight over the desert. Written while drunk and morose on a flight over the desert.