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Suzannah Espie - I'm Sorry     Folk, Country 11/06/2015
An intoxicating mix of country, folk, blues, and soul. A gentle, sweet trill that can move grown men to tears, or an Aretha-esque hellcat belt that can raise the roof...
‘I’m Sorry’ is about a private moment where a woman finally admits to her feelings of being a complete failure in their role as mother, the veil of pretense finally falling. Lyrically, it's inspired by a talk given by award winning author Clare Wright, along with Rachel Power’s book ‘The Divided Heart’.

Suzannah Espie - Bluebird Boots     Folk, Alternative Country 22/10/2012
"Suzannah Espie must be one of this country’s finest singers. Her voice is versatile – and respectful of the various styles she embraces" – Stack Magazine.
Taken from Suzannah Espie's brand new album 'Sea Of Lights' out now through Vitamin Records.

Suz Dorahy - The One     Country, Folk 10/08/2017
Multi-Instrumentalist and singer/songwriter, Suz Dorahy.
"’The One" is the story of me since I was too young to really remember,” Dorahy explains. “But the one thing I will always remember is, my next door neighbour was a little bit older than me and we were just the ultimate best friends from such a young age.

Suz Dorahy - Margharita     Country 09/11/2018
Newcastle based Alt. Country Sweetheart, Suz Dorahy.
The new single from Suz Dorahy was inspired by the hardships of the Post World War 2 Generations.
Men were exposed to the traumas of war and women were exposed to the hardships of life and survival during times of recession.

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Susie Scurry - The Elvis Hour     Country, Alternative Country, Folk 06/04/2018
In the spirit of golden-old classic standards, Susie Scurry's songwriting is clear and precise, original and familiar, honest and romantic.
Telling the story of an hourly program on the dusty end of the AM dial, 'The Elvis Hour' is a homage to the legend and lonely existence of ‘The King of Rock n' Roll’. Susie's voice croons over an old-school, toe-tapping score of lap steel sighs, bass, percussion and strings.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Cameron Dunsford, 3PBS, Melbourne (VIC)

Susan Lily and Darren Scott - Fly In, Fly Out     Country, Alternative Country, Blues, Roots 23/10/2015
With multiple award winning releases to her name, Susan Lily joins forces with critically acclaimed singer-songwriter Darren Scott to deliver a powerful piece of Australian country music.
With a diverse catalogue of country releases to his credit, Darren Scott has yet again forged a path into unique sounding musical terrain. Joined by award winning and chart topping singer-songwriter Susan Lily, Darren lays bare the reality of the ‘FIFO’ lifestyle in his self-penned song ‘Fly In, Fly Out’.

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Susan Lily - Here On The Road     Country, Rock, Alternative Country 11/07/2015
Let Susan Lily charm you with her genuine voice and love of music. With catchy melodies this gal can have you dancing and smiling afore you know it!
Though based on a true story, sometimes we aren't sure where we are going in life but know we need to keep moving. Adventure, freedom and simply being able to move on are things we all want in life. This song takes the listener on a journey, literally

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Other tracks by Susan Lily:  Daisy Jane  -  So Right, So Wrong
Sunny Cowgirls - Cowboy     Country 09/09/2016
Sunny Cowgirls have always sung about the places and people they know best celebrating the unique rhythms of bush life.
Irresistible lead single ‘Cowboy’ is a warm slab of country fun – and a sly wink to country bachelorettes everywhere. As the lyrics herald, 'A Hemsworth kinda cowboy, that’s who I’m gonna meet, I’ll keep lookin’ through those paddocks till I wind up on my feet.'

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Suga Owens - Stay A Little More     Country, Alternative Country 01/05/2018
Scottie aka (Suga Owens) was born in the Burdekin in North Queensland in the back of a corner shop that his parents owned.
The debut single Stay A Little More is a light-hearted but smooth account of 2 people finding the chance to spend more time together, and not worrying about anything but just that. Inspired by Josh Turner and Chris Young sounds, the production is smooth and playful.

Sue Ray - Shake it off     Folk, Country, Live Performance 20/12/2011
Big Sound Live showcases the best in emerging Australian music. The talented Sue Ray performed at 2011's Big Sound showcase.
Sue Ray as recorded by Brisbane community radio station, Beau FM, as part of 2011's Big Sound showcase.

Sue Ray is a gifted singer/songwriter whose distinctive, original sound is best described as a somewhat eclectic fusion of old school country and ambient contemporary styles.

Other tracks by Sue Ray:  Lever Evermore  -  Borrowed in Blue
Sue Ray - Red Roses     Country, Folk 18/12/2012
Sue Ray recorded for Live @ The Train Station, Beau FM's own in-house recording project.
2012 QLD Music Awards winner for Red Roses. Sue Ray is a gifted singer/songwriter whose distinctive, original sound is best described as a somewhat eclectic fusion of old school country and ambient contemporary styles.

Other tracks by Sue Ray:  Last Cigarette  -  Holding On
Sue Ray - Last Cigarette     Indigenous, Country, Folk 16/12/2009
Sue Ray is a gifted singer/songwriter whose distinctive, original sound is best described as a somewhat eclectic fusion of old school country and ambient contemporary styles.
Last Cigarette by Sue Ray is a rootsy folk country track that flows beautifully.

Subway Monk - Wait A Minute     Country, Rock, Blues, Psychedelic 24/06/2019
Subway Monk is a 4 piece band of very experienced musicians from Perth, Brisbane, Northern NSW and Sydney. They are based in Sydney’s Inner West.
Light hearted country rock/psychedelic featuring good foot tapping tempo and light lyrics

Stuie French - Song For Manaia     Country, Instrumental 14/09/2016
Stuie’s guitar can be heard on countless albums and more recently on all of the Productions that have come out of his Swingin’ Door Studio.
An original instrumental inspired by the late Chet Atkins. The song was written on the day Stuie and the band went in to record his first solo instrumental album. Chris Haigh was playing the melody that caught Stuie’s ear and together they worked to write the tune Song For Manaia.

STUDIO 35ONE - Waiting On a Friend     Country, Acoustic 13/08/2019
Studio Based Songwriters are now playing live. Original Songwriters writing songs that everyone can make a connection to... Real songs for real people
We all have those friends that we can count on... Waiting on a friend is about waiting for that special friend that you haven't seen for ages or the new friend that your waiting to meet. People relate to this song written from the heart....

Other tracks by STUDIO 35ONE:  Searchin  -  Bitter Tears
Stu Tyrrell - The Number of the Beast     Folk, Alternative Country, Acoustic, World 05/06/2017
Sydney singer-songwriter Stu Tyrrell plays stomping, roots infused trad. English and Celtic folk interwoven with Acoustic Metal and original songs of social justice and solidarity.
Iron Maiden’s “devil worshiping” classic The Number of the Beast re-imagined through the lens of Celtic folk.

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Other tracks by Stu Tyrrell:  The Saint of Kings Cross  -  Ny Kirree Fo Niaghtey
Stu Larsen - Paper Sails     Folk 10/05/2011
Stu Larsen has no fixed address, no job, few possessions and little money - just a lot of generous friends who let him sleep on their floor/couch as he travels.
Written in a tent on the beach in millipede infested Robe, South Australia about sailing in the ocean...but actually it's about the challenge of maintaining a long distance relationship!

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Other tracks by Stu Larsen:  This Train  -  Seaforth Mackenzie
Strine Singers - Anchoring Me     Folk, Acoustic, Alternative Country, Pop 05/03/2013
“Breeding earnest country pop songs and broad accents with jazzjacked harmonies, this unlikely crossover has created a beautiful frankenstein.”
A glimpse at the megaharmony beauty of Strine Singers. Cinematic yet simple lyrics.

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Other tracks by Strine Singers:  Try to Change  -  Fall Back
Strawberry Lane - Deloraine     Country, Pop 13/06/2019
We are two piece recording act based in Melbourne. We write and record songs in the pop/country genre.
Song set in the Tasmanian town of Deloraine. About a person who struggles to make a living on the land and eventually loses everything. He leaves and heads east looking for a better life.

Stoney Joe - Four Weeks On     Country, Folk, Alternative Country 06/07/2011
Straight-up fingerpickin' country guitar, ukelele and mandolin. Programmed beats and a vintage sh-101 synthesizer. Light and shade, outback beats and stories. Sub-bass landscapes, flowing melodies. Big hats.
The current single Four Weeks On is a musing on the fly in-fly out culture of the North West. It precedes Stoney Joe's debut album due later in 2011.

Other tracks by Stoney Joe:  Goin' Down to Freo  -  Brown Bread and Rice