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Texas Strangers - River Of Tears     Country 02/12/2018
Central Coast based Texas Strangers are a 5 piece county rock outfit.
Aussie country with a Nashville / Americana edge, this is a great first single from the bands forthcoming album. Acoustics twang, pedal steel and violin slides, Fender Rhodes tinkle, drums shuffle and Steve’s classic Johnny Cash style vocal telling a tale of alcoholism and abandonment but with a happy ending.

Texas Strangers - Always In The Rain     Country 01/03/2019
Central Coast based Texas Strangers are a 5 piece county rock outfit. Their forthcoming album ‘Borderline' will be released through MGM.
Having received a strong response to their first single from ABC Country, this second single from the 'Strangers’ is sure to follow onto play lists. Piano and electric guitar along with strings and slide over the top of a tight rhythm section cap off the classic Nashville style production.

Tess McKenna - Gippsland Train     Country, Alternative Country 13/11/2009
Make Me Wonder is warm, dense and speaks of love and loss, at times so sadly beautiful you can almost taste the tears.
'Her vocal skill is awesome & under appreciated, with purity of tone & an ability to handle technically difficult movements in the melody line with apparent ease…Tess McKenna is a local artist of world-class quality '
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Other tracks by Tess McKenna:  Make Me Wonder  -  The One Way
Terry Clark - Oxygen Thief     Country, Rock, Pop 19/12/2013
Country Rockers, Power ballads, perhaps even poppy crossover tunes? Whatever you make of it, this is compelling music that you’re gonna put on repeat! Enjoy Terry Clark Music
A new fresh sound that makes you wanna get up and dance and a Melody that will be in your head when you wake up ! Terry Clark is Australia's next big thing!

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Terry Clark - Christmas (I'm coming home)     Country, Rock, Alternative Country 18/12/2013
Too Country for Rock and too Rock for Country - You decide!
I've spent a lot of time working away from my family and friends chasing coin and missed out on precious moments I can never get back. I've worked with thousands of people over the years whom I'm sure can relate to my song. Enjoy and please feel free to share

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Tennessee Ham - Guy Like You     Country, Alternative Country 02/08/2019
The Tennessee Ham band is a good yarn over a hot cuppa, early morning drives down the coast and an alt-country misadventure through the small town australia.
Guy Like You is the first released single from the soundtrack of the forthcoming alt-country musical, Slaughterhouse Road. In a small coastal town on Australia's East Coast, we follow the budding romance of Tam and Jim (played by Sydney musicians Annie Hamilton and Mark Harding) against the backdrop of a jaded small town built around an abattoir.

Tenielle - Better Than Leaving     Country, Pop, Acoustic 19/01/2011
Tenielle Neda Musulin started singing from the cradle, played church hymns on her mum’s organ at 6, wrote her first song at 9, first picked up a guitar at 14.
The emerging country talent sings sweet and soulful melodies with honest, emotional lyrics, inspired from love, life, and everyday experiences.

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Ted Sutherland - For Now and Forever     Country 31/10/2018
Oldest songwriter around, having Aboriginal background (Wiradjuri) but a very anglo upbringing. A love song, humorous song and one about my background. I am not a pro singer.
This is a country love song that contains a pledge of unending love. The song is sub-titled "our wedding song" and was written to be sung as a wedding song for anyone who feels the lyrics capture their feelings and devotion to the one they love.

Other tracks by Ted Sutherland:  One Big Mob - Wiradjuri  -  Hair, Yeah!, Yeah!
Team Love - Limelight     Country, Folk 05/04/2019
Alt-country heartbreakers hailing from Melbourne and the Wombat State Forest. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll love, Team Love.
Sad country ballad about trying to make it work but not getting there.

Heartbreaking lyrics, haunting vocals, soaring violin, raw guitar, potent piano

Other tracks by Team Love:  Mean  -  Sad Little Life
Taylor Pfeiffer The Banjo Girl - You Were The Stranger     Country 21/06/2014
14 year old Taylor is a 5-String Banjo player, Yodeller and Singer/Songwriter. Taylor, a country and bluegrass musician has performed on National TV Shows, Spicks & Specks and Sunrise.
You Were The Stranger is a Country Bluegrass Song written by Taylor Pfeiffer and has entered the Top 30 Country Radio Singles Chart. Features Taylor on Banjo and vocals, Bill Chambers on Guitar, Dobro and Bass. Michael Muchow on Mandolin. It's a song about friendship.

Other tracks by Taylor Pfeiffer The Banjo Girl:  This Country  -  Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
Taylor Pfeiffer - Take Her     Country, Folk 13/10/2017
Taylor Pfeiffer 'The Banjo Girl' is the sweetheart of country music. She is both lovely and accomplished and both highly popular on radio and in person.
With a unique blend of instruments, banjo and brass, ‘Take Her’ playfully ridicules a relationship going nowhere. 'Take Her', written by Taylor Pfeiffer, produced by Simon Johnson and recorded in NSW and USA, lends itself to the genre of alternative country, whilst reminiscing a vaudeville style.

Taylor Pfeiffer - Not This Time Around     Country, Alternative Country, Folk 18/06/2016
16yo Taylor Pfeiffer is a singer, songwriter, banjo player and yodeller from Adelaide. Her first album, Five Strings Attached showcases her ability as a professional banjo player and musician.
Composed by Taylor Pfeiffer, Not This Time Around was inspired by the feeling of not fitting in when an adjudicator turned to the audience and laughed at Taylor’s performance, failing to accept country music as a genre. 16yo Taylor plays banjo, drums and sings all vocals on this track.

Other tracks by Taylor Pfeiffer:  Whoa Mule  -  Dixie Medley
Taylor Pfeiffer & Matt Scullion - Make Today Count     Country, Folk 05/04/2018
Taylor continues to show growth as an artist, with a strong emphasis on catchy hooks and memorable arrangements, whilst defying genre boundaries.
A duet between Taylor Pfeiffer and Golden Guitar winner, Matt Scullion, 'Make Today Count' delivers the powerful endeavor to fulfill and cherish every moment. Building from solo banjo into a string section and recorded in the USA, Make Today Count is from Taylor’s EP, 'Take Her', produced by Simon Johnson.

Taylor Moss - Take It From Me     Country, Pop 15/04/2019
Taylor Moss has come a long way in a short time, but this exciting young artist has found her stride in the Country arena.
Take It From Me is the latest release from Queensland pop-country starlet Taylor Moss, penned by Moss with Aussie ex-pat Katrina Burgoyne and Nashville local Mary Cutter. A super-catchy, modern country styled track, produced by Golden Guitar winner Matt Fell, it’s based on actual events in Taylor’s life.

Taylor Moss - Let Me Be     Country, Pop 30/09/2019
Taylor Moss has come a long way in a short time, but this exciting young artist has found her stride in the Country arena.
Let Me Be is a coming of age country pop song, through the eyes of a young woman making her own choices and living with the consequences. It chronicles Taylor’s personal account of growing into a woman and having the courage to stand up and do things the way she wants to, and was produced by multi award-winning Matt Fell.

Taya Lazare - Near the Sea     Indigenous 16/09/2016
Taya Lazare is a solo artist from NSW.This track is featured on the Young, Black and Deadly - Rising Stars compilation, produced by the Gadigal Music.
This track features Taya Lazare on vocals, with Leah Flanagan on guitar, Liz Stringer on keys and Dave Marsalis on percussion.

Taryn La Fauci - All of Me     Folk, Alternative Country 21/02/2015
Alt-Folk/Americana inspired singer-song writer Taryn La Fauci, originally from Townsville, is a 25 year-old artist whose music exudes a poetic, almost old-soul beauty similar to Natalie Merchant and Joni Mitchell.
The first Single off the Debut EP, "All of Me" revels in the concept of being present in all moments of your life.

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Other tracks by Taryn La Fauci:  Map of the World  -  Oceans Between Us
Tarlo Mack - Hipster Country     Country, Pop, Roots 19/10/2017
Alt Country from the Southern Tablelands of NSW - Vocally rich five piece outfit.
A light hearted, upbeat poke at "trendy" pop country culture.


Other tracks by Tarlo Mack:  Best out of me  -  Wyangala Dangler
Tara Favell - Happy Ending     Country, Pop 15/01/2016
Tara Favell is bringing her country-pop cross over style to the Australian musical landscape: writing, singing & telling stories about her life through her songs.
Tara's first release of 2016 is an upbeat country pop track called Happy Ending. The song revolves around the feeling of falling in love and the fear of it not working out - but then it does.

Other tracks by Tara Favell:  All I Need
Tara Favell - Fast     Country, Pop 02/03/2018
Tara Favell is bringing her country-pop cross over style to the Australian musical landscape: writing, singing & telling stories about her life through her songs.
Track 1 on Tara Favell's new EP 'Wild Heart' - Fast is a song about falling for someone too quickly, being reckless in love and not thinking of the consequences when you're falling for that person.

Other tracks by Tara Favell:  Nothing Like You  -  Starting Over ft. Josh Setterfield