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The Fairground - Our Love Is Everything     Country, Pop 22/01/2014
The Fairground are Katrina Burgoyne, Paul Cowderoy and Will Osland. One of Australia's newest country music groups.
‘Our Love Is Everything’ is the new single from Australian country group The Fairground. ‘We have been asked to do a track for all the couples out there so here it is’ The Fairground say. ‘Our first love ballad dedicated to all the couples in total bliss right now’.

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The Fairground - Gimme That     Country, Pop, Rock 13/09/2013
The Fairground are multi award winning Artists Katrina Burgoyne, Paul Cowderoy and Will Osland. Gimme That is their second single release.
Gimme That is the perfect Summer lust track. 'Gimme that thing I miss, little taste of you on my lips, that loving I can't resist, oh gimme that, gimme that'. It's fun with a slight twist of lust. An upbeat, catchy and easy to relate to track.

The Fairground - Burn The Room     Country, Alternative Country, Rock, Pop 21/06/2013
The Fairground combined have over 20 years experience, won countless awards, taken out numerous top 50 chart positions both at radio and TV and have seen two Golden Guitar nominations.
Their debut single Burn The Room is very different to that of their solo careers. It’s loud with a full sound and edgy lyrics. Written by hit songwriters Megan Connor (Rascal Flatts, Chris Young) and Shane Hines (Steve Holy, Jeff Jankins, MTV) it undoubtedly has a heavy American influence.

The Easy Stomachs - Desire     Country, Alternative Country, Country 30/08/2017
Alt/Country Country Original Singer/Songwriter
Wanting to be with someone who doesn't know you exist.

Other tracks by The Easy Stomachs:  Our New Song  -  Call It Friends
The Earl Of Grey - Prince Charming     Country, Folk, Alternative Country, Rockabilly 13/09/2019
The Earl Of Grey is an Alt. Country singer songwriter based in Queensland Australia.
Prince Charming is a self effacing look at a lover who thinks he is with someone way out of his league.

Other tracks by The Earl Of Grey:  Port From A Pint Glass  -  Northern Lights
The Earl Of Grey - Hollow     Country, Alternative Country, Folk 30/07/2019
The Earl Of Grey is an Alt. Country singer songwriter based in Queensland Australia.
Hollow is the debut release for Alternative Country singer songwriter The Earl Of Grey. Channeling 70's country sounds like Kris Kristoffersen, it takes the listener on a journey of heartache and regret.

The Earl Of Grey - Hollow     Country, Alternative Country 09/08/2019
The Earl Of Grey has spent time in every corner of the wide, brown land and the sense of freedom, adventure and inevitable heart ache is on display.
Hollow was written in an old apartment in the centre of Melbourne, quite literally as the first few lines say, above a restaurant. It’s a reflection of how sometimes, self destruction might help numb the pain of loss, but to blot out the good memories with the bad can leave us feeling empty and hollow.

The Deadwood Pioneer - Dirty Money     Country, Rock 15/12/2017
Wild western hard rock for hillbillies and country punk for drunks.
Dirty Money is the second single from The Deadwood Pioneer’s self-titled debut EP. For a hard rockin’ hillbilly this is slower and moody, and carries an updated western movie feel in a modern country rock song.

The Dead Words - Becalmed     Country, Live Performance 26/08/2010
Amrap Live Music Recordings_3PBS_Easey Street Sessions The Dead Words recorded by 3PBS as part of the stations weekly flagship live music program "Easey Street Sessions."
Unashamedly wearing their hearts and influences on their sleeves, The Dead Words take their cues from early Stones & Dylan and would sit comfortably on the airwaves with contemporaries such as Magnolia Electric Co or The Drones.

The Dead Maggies - Billy Hunt     Folk, Punk, Country, Alternative Country 17/10/2016
The Dead Maggies. Sing about dead people.Stories of tragic Tasmanian folklore set to upbeat toe-tapping and thigh-slapping cowpunk & folkpunk.
George "Billy" Hunt. Hunt disguised himself using a kangaroo hide and tried to flee across the Neck, but the half-starved guards on duty tried to shoot him to supplement their meager rations. When he noticed them sighting him up, Hunt threw off his disguise and surrendered, receiving 150 lashes.


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The Dead Beat Daddios - Third Time Around     Country, Roots, Alternative Country 24/09/2015
Third Time Around is the much anticipated second release from this Melbourne-based country soul and roots three-piece.
Life is a marathon, not a sprint and Third Time Around is a story of optimism and humour in the face of love gone wrong. If at first you don't succeed, try try again.

Other tracks by The Dead Beat Daddios:  Box of Moonlight  -  Fragile Truce
The Daberfores - Are We There Yet?     Country, Comedy 02/12/2010
Three Mature Males Who Mainly "Cabaret - Style" Music, Including Original Compositions
A song about travelling with kids, and / or other difficult people. It has a happy ending !

The Curly Greenhorns - Soldiers Avenue     Country, Rock 09/04/2019
Nick Green grew up on Sydney’s Northern Beaches where he formed a band called The Curly Greenhorns (forever evolving) … A bunch of lads from the same area.
This is a song about a street lined with ‘memory trees’ going up through Harbord (Freshwater) on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, where Nick and the band grew up. A song about remembering not only the local heritage, but a national heritage …. A Rat of Tobruk remembered by his Grandson, who he never met.

The Crown Royal Band - The First Time     Country, Rock, Alternative Country, Pop 20/10/2018
Coming from SthEast Melbourne, Cam, Aaron and Ryan are The Crown Royal Band a pop/rock/country band with funky grooves and catchy hooks that will be in your head for days!!
The First Time is a song about love at first sight and the struggle with realising it to be true but not wanting to believe that it really exists!

Other tracks by The Crown Royal Band:  Never Give You Up  -  Can't Keep Me Down
The Corbys - Roadtrippin'     Country, Folk 13/04/2011
The Corbys are a family band from country NSW. Their self titled debut album delivers a fresh sound, gently fusing country, folk and rock together.
This is a fun, cruisey, sing along, windows down, wind in your hair kind of song about roadtrippin' across Australia. We have such an amazingly beautiful and diverse country here and what better way to truly appreciate it then by roadtrippin'.

Other tracks by The Corbys:  My Small Town  -  You're Breaking Some Hearts
The China Blue Experiment - Harlem     Blues/Roots, Pop, Alternative Country, Roots 25/05/2016
Blues/pop styled singer songwriter from the 'Wild West' of Kalgoorlie. TCBE produce "enchanting emotive a gritty" tracks with a lead vocal you will not soon forget.
This is a song about my son. An independent, confident and vulnerable little human.
The tracks got a big catchy chorus, a tight guitar hook and lyrics that reflect the start of his amazing story.

Other tracks by The China Blue Experiment:  One Horse Town  -  Tuesday Week
The Bushwackers Ft. John Williamson & Sara Storer - Waltzing Australia     Country, Folk, Alternative Country 25/08/2017
The Bushwackers are Australia’s best-known, best-loved bush band. In 2017 The Bushwackers are celebrating their 46 years of performance.
The Bushwackers asked Colin Buchanan to contribute a song to the new album, ‘The Hungry Mile’. He responded by writing ‘Waltzing Australia’ a song about the migrant experience, which has been a powerful narrative for Australia, featuring his friends Manuel and Anne who are migrants from Portugal and Vietnam respectively.

The Bushwackers - Leave It In The Ground     Country, Folk 06/07/2016
The Bushwackers are Australia’s best-known, best-loved bush band. In 2016 The Bushwackers will celebrate 45 years of performance.
Leave it In The Ground speaks unashamedly against coal seam gas exploration, fracking and the wanton destruction of our countryside. Leave It In The Ground is an anthem for the communities fighting for the rights of the farmers.

The Bushwackers - Dirt Under My Nails     Country, Alternative Country, Roots 19/04/2017
The third single from the Bushwackers new album ‘The Hungry Mile’ is ‘Dirt Under My Nails’.
The third single from the Bushwackers new album ‘The Hungry Mile’ is ‘Dirt Under My Nails’. Sung by lead singer and Australian icon, Dobe Newton, it’s a powerful song of migration, struggle and the forging of a new life in a foreign land.

The Bushwackers - Another Trip To Bunnings     Country 15/12/2016
The Bushwackers are Australia’s best-known, best-loved bush band. In 2016 The Bushwackers will celebrate 45 years of performance.
Ah!! Christmas and holidays on the horizon again and it’s vital to get the house looking great for the rellys to come and visit. Of course that means some DIY around the place and inevitably ‘Another trip to Bunnings’ is a necessity.