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The Long and Short of It - Carry Me     Country, Rock, Soul, Alternative Country 26/09/2015
The Long and Short of It are a Melbourne based duo performing well-rounded country music composed of smart, non-formulaic songwriting, honest lyrics and “honey coated chocolate” harmonies.
Carry Me starts out hot from the gates with a banjo, that leads quickly into paced power chords. This is the song about a man in need of a helping hand, a man begging the lord for help. Simply put, it’s a feel good tune at its finest.

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The Long And Short Of It - A Little Crazy Kinda Nice     Country, Blues, Rock 05/04/2019
The Long And Short of It are an ARIA charting, multi-award-winning duo from Melbourne, whose superb harmonies have been described as “honey coated chocolate”.
A Little Crazy Kinda Nice is a country blues quirky love song from the multi-award winning duo The Long And Short Of It. This track from their album “You Made me Stronger” is not about being crazy in love, but rather Love that stems from being crazy.

The Long And Short Of It - Beatles Without John     Country 15/10/2014
A charity gig chance meeting just over five years ago led to David Baird - acoustic guitar/lead vocal & Patsy Toop - keyboards along with soulful harmonies forming the duo.
One would imagine, new single ‘Beatles Without John’, could possibly be a tribute to the fab four. And while the duo’s lead vocalist/guitarist David does cite them as one of his influences, after listening to the lyrics, it becomes apparent that this is actually a love song.

The Long & Short Of It - Kangaroo Rodeo     Country, Rock 05/12/2016
The Long & Short Of It are a multi-award winning duo from Melbourne whose well-rounded country sound consists of smart, non-formulaic songwriting, honest lyrics and superb harmonies.
The hit single, 'Kangaroo Rodeo' by The Long & Short Of It, is a light hearted song about the Aussie tradition of mates getting together to have a beer at an outback pub. “Cause when mates start shouting rounds round here, you can't just take a sip.”

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The Long & Short Of It - Just One Moon     Country 30/09/2017
The Long and Short of It are a multi-award winning duo from Melbourne whose well-rounded country sound consists of smart songwriting, honest lyrics and superb harmonies.
David sings, with his smooth tenor voice, “It circles the whole wide world from China to Peru, ain’t it amazing how it found me and you, when there’s so many lovers and just one moon”. Poignant really, as this describes the happenstance surrounding how David met his song-writing partner, Patsy.

The Long & Short Of It - Jesus Money     Country, Christian 15/07/2016
The Long and Short of It uniquely salutes the sounds of past and present artists. Every aspect of them bleeds country flair from the rhythm section to the harmonized vocals.
Based upon a true story of selfless giving to a woman who has hit upon hard times and is now homeless. This inspiring and uplifting song, has brought grown men to tears and causes the inevitable tingle down ones spine.

The Little Sisters - The Train Song     Folk, Country, Acoustic 25/05/2012
The Little Sisters are the frank, endearingly bratty siblings you never had. This sassy trio incorporate close harmony, comical lyrics, traditional sounds and contemporary twists into their trademark theatrical performances.
Every country band has a train song and this one by The Little Sisters is gorgeous. Vocally driven, with lovely harmonies and accompanied by some old school guitar pickin' and a thumping double bass to keep this song moving along the track. All aboard!

Other tracks by The Little Sisters:  My House  -  Dirt Track Girl
The Little Lord Street Band - Where Are We     Country, Alternative, Folk, Roots 10/10/2019
To see the Perth five-piece live is to understand the crossover appeal of their country-pub folk-rock amalgam. "Organically and unabashedly diverse sound, combining classic electric guitar riffery, four-part male/female harmonies"
Whilst parked up at 80 mile beach and depicting a relationship that's a little complacent, thoughts are flying around the small space between them, thinking where are we headed, what are we doing, are we doing this right, how did we get here, do we even want to keep doing this, where are you, where are we?

The Little Lord Street Band - Waking Up Next To You     Country, Blues, Folk, Roots 20/03/2018
Winners of the Best Country Act at the 2017 WAM Awards, The Little Lord Street Band, are going on their first ever national tour with their new EP.
In the fun-loving manner that makes up The Little Lord Street Band, this is a light-hearted, good-humoured take on a long-term relationship that any well-connected couple can relate to and laugh at because we all have our flaws that push the other halves buttons at times.

The Little Lord Street Band - Heartache Moon     Country, Folk, Blues, Rock 01/02/2018
Winners of the Best Country Act at the 2017 WAM Awards, The Little Lord Street Band kick off 2018 with their new single ahead of the release of their EP.
‘Heartache Moon’ is a joyful, upbeat number despite its sadder undertone. James and Natasha’s vocal styles and tones compliment each other as they share the verses, and in beautiful harmony, the band joins in for the short but sweet choruses chanting “heartache moon”.

The Lennongrade Marching Band - Zimmerman - Don't come Knocking     Pop, Retro, Folk, Psychedelic 12/03/2016
Dominic Crea a.k.a The Lennongrade Marching Band is a Singer Songwriter with a talent to write in an array of genres. From Hard Rock,Ballads, Country and Christian songs.
Zimmerman is a song that reflects the writers negative view on people that are false in nature. I.e politicians holding vote for me posters of themselves, religious freaks and door to door sales-persons intruding on your space. It's a slowish rock ballad with a message... maybe tongue in cheek.

Other tracks by The Lennongrade Marching Band:  The Last Rites  -  Move On Charlie
The Lees - It Ain't Me Babe     Country, Alternative Country 26/03/2010
Welcome Road’ is a mature and sensitive work, honoring them as individuals, sharing stories, expressing points of view and celebrating the similarities, differences and idiosyncrasies of being a family.
The Lees- It Ain't Me Babe

Other tracks by The Lees:  Welcome Road  -  The Storm
The Leaping Lizards Band - Crawling From The Wreckage     Country, Instrumental, Folk, World 12/12/2014
2014/2015 marks the 30th anniversary of the Leaping Lizards as an Australian band! They specialize in rootsy Australiana music, & present it with wide appeal for a whole new generation.
This original Leaping Lizards track encapsulates exactly the description we've been talking about. A sound so expressly Australian in its conception, its development, its rugged delivery, right through to its live radio birth. Remember it takes more than a family to bring up a takes a whole community!

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Other tracks by The Leaping Lizards Band:  Poor Ned  -  Lorellevelous
The Leaping Lizards - Shedding My Skin     Country 29/06/2011
Finalists 2011 Qld Country Music Awards Apr '11, Best Group 2011 Victorian Country Music Awards Feb'11, Winners & Triple Finalist 2011 Australian Golden FiddleE Awards Jan'11,
The much awaited 4th single off the album. Written by Donna Reynolds and Ron Dimmick 3 days before their recording deadline, pretty much sums up how a little attitude & focus adjustment can pull a lifetime band out of obscurity and plant them firmly back in the Australian music spotlight.

Other tracks by The Leaping Lizards:  Good Old Days  -  Silver Eyes
The Lawnton Bowls Club - The Devil Came to Save Us     Country, Alternative Country 10/08/2015
It’s a bit bluesy, a bit rock and a bit Bushranger = Bushranger Rock’n’Blues
The Devil Came to Save Us is a spaghetti western shanty featuring the 7 member LBC Beer’n’Baritone Choir helpin gout on the chorus. It's about a night out with the Devil, in a fun way

Other tracks by The Lawnton Bowls Club:  Dirty Rock 'n' Roll  -  Leaving Town Today
The Lawnton Bowls Club - Lose Myself     Pop, Chill, Garage 16/09/2017
Alt Country Bushranger rock and blues with jangly pop thrown in...we're The Lawnton Bowls Club
Everyone has a jangly pop song in them...and this is ours. A song about summer recorded in the middle of a Melbourne Winter

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Other tracks by The Lawnton Bowls Club:  Old Man Sam  -  Sitting With My Girl
The KNiKi + Mike Beale Project - Year and One Day     Country, Blues, Rock, Acoustic 13/11/2015
Their stage presence has an instantly identifiable and energetic delivery. Renowned Australia wide for not just the stellar musical performances and captivating stage presence, but also for the great songs
Kniki's lyric describes how after a certain period of time after a loss , people just expect you to forget. But that's not always possible and One year and one day after the loss, its just as difficult to deal with and accept, as it was on the first day

Other tracks by The KNiKi + Mike Beale Project:  Nowhere Else  -  Drop Down - The Dirty Mix
The Kellerberrin Singers - Shine     Country, Australian Indigenous 04/06/2015
A culmination of CAN WA’s 3 year music workshop program with the Quairading and Kellerberrin communities delivers a collection of original ballads tells tales of love, loss, life, culture and country.
Gospel style, choral piece sung by first time Noongar singer songwriters from WA’s Wheatbelt.
Supported by award winning artists Gina Wililams, Guy Ghouse and David Hyams.

The Junes - Work For Me     Country, Folk, Alternative Country 13/07/2010
Wielding guitars, fiddle, mandolin, ukulele and the diabolical piano accordion, The Junes weave a broad range of musical influences from calypso, soul, gypsy, 70s rock, folk and roots country swing.
"The Junes gather their love of vintage roots music and great sense of fun in "Work For Me" - which concludes a vignette about flirting with the pool cleaner - Genius"...-Rhythms Magazine

The Jimmy Watts Band - Try     Blues/Roots, Roots, Psychedelic, Folk 20/12/2012
Raw and rootsy troubadour Jimmy Watts reflects on the Brisbane 2011 floods in his latest release "January's Pages". His first studio album with a full band.
A dark look at life on the road featuring some quirky acoustic guitar finger picking, some effect laden bass and the toms and percussion of every weary travelers worst nightmare.

Other tracks by The Jimmy Watts Band:  Blank Page  -  Freddy One Eye