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The KNiKi + Mike Beale Project - Year and One Day     Country, Blues, Rock, Acoustic 13/11/2015
Their stage presence has an instantly identifiable and energetic delivery. Renowned Australia wide for not just the stellar musical performances and captivating stage presence, but also for the great songs
Kniki's lyric describes how after a certain period of time after a loss , people just expect you to forget. But that's not always possible and One year and one day after the loss, its just as difficult to deal with and accept, as it was on the first day

Other tracks by The KNiKi + Mike Beale Project:  Nowhere Else  -  Drop Down - The Dirty Mix
The Kellerberrin Singers - Shine     Country, Australian Indigenous 04/06/2015
A culmination of CAN WA’s 3 year music workshop program with the Quairading and Kellerberrin communities delivers a collection of original ballads tells tales of love, loss, life, culture and country.
Gospel style, choral piece sung by first time Noongar singer songwriters from WA’s Wheatbelt.
Supported by award winning artists Gina Wililams, Guy Ghouse and David Hyams.

The Junes - Work For Me     Country, Folk, Alternative Country 13/07/2010
Wielding guitars, fiddle, mandolin, ukulele and the diabolical piano accordion, The Junes weave a broad range of musical influences from calypso, soul, gypsy, 70s rock, folk and roots country swing.
"The Junes gather their love of vintage roots music and great sense of fun in "Work For Me" - which concludes a vignette about flirting with the pool cleaner - Genius"...-Rhythms Magazine

The Jimmy Watts Band - Try     Blues/Roots, Roots, Psychedelic, Folk 20/12/2012
Raw and rootsy troubadour Jimmy Watts reflects on the Brisbane 2011 floods in his latest release "January's Pages". His first studio album with a full band.
A dark look at life on the road featuring some quirky acoustic guitar finger picking, some effect laden bass and the toms and percussion of every weary travelers worst nightmare.

Other tracks by The Jimmy Watts Band:  Blank Page  -  Freddy One Eye
The Jen Mize Collective - Another Man's Treasure     Country, Folk, Acoustic, Alternative Country 02/06/2010
The Jen Mize Collective A blues/roots band that is: 1 part American Soul 1 part Canadian Rock & 2 parts All-Around Aussie Goodness
Another Man's Treasure- is a song about hope. A girl is left by her father, but she later receives the love of her step-father...she's now another man's treasure. Done wrong by a man only to find a better one down the line. One man's trash is...

Other tracks by The Jen Mize Collective:  Murderer's Row  -  Humour Me
The Jay Seeney Band - Tread Gently Ft. Hayley Jensen     Country, Easy Listening 02/05/2017
When you’ve seen Jay Seeney and his band perform, you know it; vibrant, tasteful, bursting with energy & one of a kind.
An emotional ballad through and through, this is a track that pulls on the heartstrings through the story of a relationship in trouble. Rich in its sonic tapestry, the music is linked deeply with the melody. This is The Jay Seeney Band like you’ve never heard them before.

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Other tracks by The Jay Seeney Band:  Think Again  -  Ride It Out
The Jackson Roses - Can't Find You     Country, Folk, Rock, Roots 27/04/2016
The Jackson Roses are part of a new breed of Australiana, stylised by Country, Folk, Rock and Pop. 100% original music with a laconic twing.
Can't Find You talks about the lost soul, needing to constantly keep moving through life from town to town looking for meaning and the need to find solace in whatever their current situation is.

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Other tracks by The Jackson Roses:  Crystal  -  Day Begins
The Hunter Express - Hoping You Don't Mind     Country, Alternative Country, Roots 13/10/2016
Bursting onto the music scene with their track, Home, they now have recorded a soothing EP, originally recorded to tape and dripping with feeling and simple metaphor.
Sweet, sweet nostalgia. Hoping you don't mind is the first release from the debut EP. The song is throwback to its ‘70’s roots, mindfully written and beautifully arranged.

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Other tracks by The Hunter Express:  Down To The Wire  -  Bluestone Lane
The Humbuckin' Pickups - Dunedin Star     Folk, Acoustic, Country 09/12/2015
"Rootsy Australiana inspired folk" Award winning songwriter, Ewan Cloonan's songs are about Australian characters he’s known, characters he’d like to be and the things he’d like to do!
"I'd like to tell a tale to any of you that will listen. It's got shipwrecks, deserts, war and death and dangerous rescue missions. A comedy of errors so ill-fated you can't laugh. The story of the cursed Dunedin Star." - The true and brilliantly told story.

Other tracks by The Humbuckin' Pickups:  Louis  -  Il Guapo
The Holy Men - Two Rats at Tobruk     Country, Folk, World 16/05/2014
Australian contemporary country music from South of the Goyder Line. The Holy Men are Amber Joy Poulton's backing and touring band.
ANZAC song - author's version.

Other tracks by The Holy Men:  The Country Dance  -  Friends for Life
The Hillbilly Killers - Calamitied Anatomy     Country, Alternative Country, Rockabilly, Folk 17/05/2013
The Hillbilly Killers are Australian music Artists Tim Rogers, Bill Chambers, Catherine Britt and friends. Their first instalment is here, They Call Us The Hillbilly Killers.
‘Calamitied Anatomy’ was the first co write between Catherine, Tim and Bill and combines traditional country with Tim's tongue in cheek punk lyrics.

Other tracks by The Hillbilly Killers:  They Call Us The Hillbilly Killers
The Hillbilly Goats - Rabbit in a Log     Blues/Roots, Alternative Country, Folk, Roots 24/10/2015
"the Hillbilly Goats exhibit genuine passion and no lack of expertise or energy in their mission to present a taste of old-time Appalachian folk to Australian audiences..." Weekend Australian
Hillbilly Goats have released their fast and furious version of the old time hunting tune, ‘Rabbit in a Log’ as the first single from their upcoming album ‘Down Foggy Mountain’. They have put their unique stamp on it with big harmonies, furious harmonica and flat out fiddle.

The Hillbilly Goats - Rabbit in a Log     Country, Alternative Country, Roots, Acoustic 30/05/2017
Trad folk on steroids! The Hillbilly Goats are passionate about rearranging old time music and twisting it into their own with high energy and big harmonies!
Rabbit in a Log is a traditional folk song brought back to life with the Hillbilly Goat's twist and was nominated for Bluegrass Recording of the Year in the 2016 Golden Guitars (CMAA Awards)

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Other tracks by The Hillbilly Goats:  Cumberland Gap  -  Old Joe Clarke
The Hillbilly Goats - Cumberland Gap     Folk, Acoustic, Alternative Country, Roots 30/09/2016
Trad folk on steroids! The Hillbilly Goats are passionate about rearranging old time music and twisting it into their own with high energy and big harmonies!
Cumberland Gap is the second single released from the album, Down Foggy Mountain and is a trad folk song from the 1800's.

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Other tracks by The Hillbilly Goats:  Rabbit in a Log  -  Old Joe Clarke
The Heggarties - Wayside Chapel     Country, Folk, Alternative Country, Roots 19/09/2017
Born in the Adelaide Hills,The Heggarties are a rollicking 6-piece outfit that pump out their own brand of Australian Americana.There's country-rock,bluegrass,folk,rockabilly and more.Honest stories with catch melodies and lotsa' love.
Written mainly by Wren Heggart,this song is the heartfelt story of her parent's marriage by Ted Noffs at the Wayside Chapel in Sydney during the late sixties. Her mother,a young tearaway,left her small country town for the 'big smoke' and immersed herself in the beatnik culture.The rest is history.


Other tracks by The Heggarties:  Rollin' Ma Rollies  -  Marylou
The Heartache State - No Good Alone     Rock 27/02/2015
The Heartache State is Nick Barker and Friend new project. Justin Garner and Nick Barker have been playing together on and off for 10 years - Nick producing Justin's band
No Good Alone is the first track taken off Australian Stalwart Nick Barkers new project The Heartache State first full length album release. 4 mates and 10 new tracks of great australian rock that you can smell the carpet.

Other tracks by The Heartache State:  Back In The Game  -  Clockstar
The Harmonators - Woohoohoo     Country, Pop 25/03/2011
2009’s TIARA Awards Best Duo, and described as contemporary country at its best, The Harmonators are Rae Moody and Liz Kinninmont.
“Woohoohoo”, the infectious summer-inspired track, is the latest radio single for Liz Kinninmont and Rae Moody aka The Harmonators. Written by Sam Hawksley (Adam Brand, Melinda Schneider & Felicity Urquhart) and Danielle Blakey this is the first single to be lifted from The Harmonators’ recently released EP, “Something More”.

Other tracks by The Harmonators:  Jump That Train  -  Daylight
The Harmonators - Perfect Storm     Country, Pop, Alternative Country, Roots 19/06/2012
Contemporary country at its best, The Harmonators are fresh, vibrant and abundantly harmonic. Their latest offering, Big Mouth, is the perfect sophomore release from a pair of singing soul sisters.
Perfect Storm, the first song written for The Harmonators latest release Big Mouth, was co written by Rae and Matt Scullion. It likens a storm's characteristics to that of a relationship both can be powerful and turbulent, but still willing stand on the edge and get caught up in it.

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Other tracks by The Harmonators:  Save Her Soul  -  Big Mouth
The Harmonators - Wherever I Go     Country 23/08/2013
The Harmonators - 2007 CMAA Country Music College Graduate Rae & Liz a vocal/drama coach for the past 12 years - met while studying at the Australian Institute Of Music.
‘Wherever I Go’ - the fourth single from The Harmonators' 2013 Golden Guitar nominated “Big Mouth”. The last album track to be written during a time when Rae was missing home and realised that you take the people you love and care about the most, with you wherever you go.

The Guilts - Diamond     Pop, Country, Rock, Folk 27/10/2014
Wild Ballads, rhythm and blues, country and folk from Melbourne, Australia.
The true story of a sad love triangle celebrated through an epic singalong. Awesome vintage tones, huge bass and toms, soaring trumpet and classic guitar licks.

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Other tracks by The Guilts:  Red