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Allan Caswell - Drunks Like Charlie     Country, Alternative Country, Folk 29/07/2017
Multi Award Winner and Independent Artist of the Year - Allan Caswell
Caswell wrote Drunks Like Charlie with his friend Manfred Vijars, with whom he shared the 2016 Bush Ballad Of The Year Golden Guitar. “Manfred is my go to co writer when I write bush ballads … he is a great bush poet and he gets me”

Allan Caswell & Michael Carpenter - Back When I Was Older     Country 23/09/2016
Michael Carpenter releases surprise new single! A duet with co-writer Allan Caswell.
Back When I was Older was born from a co-writing session between multi-golden guitar winner Allan Caswell and prolific songwriter/producer, Michael Carpenter.

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Alister Marshall - That Summer     Country, Alternative Country 15/02/2017
Alister Marshall is an Australian country music artist. Marshall's songs represent what is great about country music - the art of storytelling.
An easy listening country love song about a summer love story, the song is accompanied with 60s vibe guitars and backing vocals. Packed with heartfelt and honest lyrics, it is Marshall's most personal release to date.

Alister Marshall - Friday Feeling (A Drinking Melody)     Country, Alternative Country 16/12/2016
Alister Marshall is an up and coming Australian country music artist.
Centred on the joyful feeling that is experiencing the end of the working week, and having a good time and a drink with those who matter the most in the process. The song hones in on this feeling and helps the listener relive special moments of their own.

Alison Ferrier - Waiting For The Rain     Country, Folk 09/12/2017
London-born, Melbourne-based musician Alison Ferrier is a prolific songwriter and talented guitarist, performing regularly in Melbourne with some of the town’s best musicians.
One to include on your next road-trip playlist, 'Waiting For The Rain' has all the hallmarks of a great country rock 'n' roll song, with its driving chorus, killer pedal steel and laid-back grooves...

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Alison Ferrier - Be Here Now     Country, Alternative Country, Roots, Folk 08/05/2015
Singer-songwriter Alison Ferrier combines country, folk and blues on her second LP ‘Be Here Now’. Produced by Jeff Lang, ‘Be Here Now’ is Alison’s first recording to feature The Stillsons.
Be Here Now: The sound of a Christine McVie-fronted Fleetwood Mac playing a Lucinda Williams song. Tasty electric guitar and pedal steel add sweetness and tang in just the right measure to a song about staying focused on what is really important.


Other tracks by Alison Ferrier:  Damned If I Do  -  Made For Each Other
Alisha Smith - Tippy Toes     Country, Instrumental 02/08/2019
Alisha has toured right around Australia four times with her partner Keith Jamieson and their daughter Caitlyn.
A great catchy instrumental which was written by an american lady called Boots Faye in 1963. Keith Jamieson and Alisha found this song on Facebook being played by Ed Peekeekoot from Canada and loved it so Alisha decided to record it with Caitlyn playing some great fiddle.

Alicia Adkins - My Hometown     Country, Folk, Alternative Country, Acoustic 10/08/2013
Alicia Adkins is a country folk singer/songwriter from Austin, TX. With a varied style and distinctive voice, Alicia's lived and places including France, Italy, India. She now resides in Australia.
My Hometown tells the story of a traveler weary of the road, longing for the sweet memories of home. Featuring Pete Fidler on banjo, Josh Bridges on bass, and Alicia on vocals and guitar, it ruminates on themes of Texas, family, and the beauty of coming home.

Other tracks by Alicia Adkins:  Love 'em and Leave 'em  -  Birds of a Feather
Ali Shield - City Of Dreams     Country 16/10/2018
Rising star Ali Shield released her Debut EP 'The Lounge Room Sessions' recently. The EP is inspired by the lounge room performances she did as child to her family.
City Of Dreams is about chasing a dream that seems so far away yet knowing without giving it a shot you would regret it. It’s about hoping that there is a short cut to your city of dreams, realising you have to enjoy the journey & that maybe you’ll have enough ‘fight’ to achieve anything.

Ali S - I Need A Beer     Country, Alternative Country 19/05/2017
Ali S
I Need A Beer, is a song written for every person how has ever questioned their choice of career, for every mother and father who loves their children but loves bed time too and for every person who likes to sit back, relax and unwind with a beer.


Alfords Bullwinkles - Good To Be Home     Country, Blues, Soul 01/12/2012
How exciting when you find a new band that plays great Rock with an interesting twist of Country and Bluegrass thrown in! There's a Bully song in everyone.
Upon coming home after 1 year of being on the road I wrote this song. Globally everyone loves to be home, be it from holiday or from hospital, it's always good to be home.

Other tracks by Alfords Bullwinkles:  I Wish  -  Till The Day I Die
AlfanAnt - Southerly     Country, Folk 09/04/2019
AlfanAnt are a country folk-duo comprised of two individuals residing on different sides of Australia. Alf to the south in Launceston, TAS and Ant in Brisbane, QLD.
Following on from the witty and self-deprecating release of ‘Head In The Clouds’, AlfanAnt are now aiming fire at consumerist culture, and coastal developers with their next single ‘Southerly’.

The track exudes annoyance, exhaustion (and just a tinge of understanding) toward the continually repeated process of taking over once pristine coastlines and bushland to turn them into urban sprawl.

AlfanAnt - Head In The Cloud     Country, Folk 08/02/2019
Ant McKenna and Alf are the Alt-Folk Country Samaritans bringing fun, awesome tunes and mayhem to venues throughout the land.
There’s no beating around the bush with the first single off AlfanAnt’s forthcoming “Aurora Australis” album, ‘Head In The Cloud’. The easy-breezy ditty with infectious harmonies, great guitar picking and sweet songwriting belies the underlying meaning - expecting everything to change, but doing nothing about it.

Aleyce Simmonds - Stronger     Country 10/02/2014
Simmonds is no stranger to country music audiences. A 3 times Golden Guitar nominee, she rose to prominence in 2005 after winning the Telstra Road to Tamworth competition.
Stronger is the 2nd single from Aleyce's Golden Guitar nominated album, Believe.

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Other tracks by Aleyce Simmonds:  Believe
Aleyce Simmonds - Rejected     Country 02/11/2018
2018 Golden Guitar Winner - Female Artist Of The Year
My brother in law, Michael Cole and I, wrote Rejected. Mikey played me a riff that had been running around in his head for quite some time. The word ‘Rejected’ sprung to mind immediately for some reason.
I’d recently been through a break-up and so drew on all of those associated emotions to help write this song.

Aleyce Simmonds - Last Word On My Lips     Country 22/02/2018
Aleyce Simmonds is a 2018 Golden Guitar Winner and 2017 APRA Award recipient for Country Work Of The Year, Independent Artist of the Year and Independent Female Artist.
Last Word On My Lips is a heartfelt ballad co-written by Aleyce and her good friend, Allan Caswell as a gift to her sister, Karlee who was getting married to her soulmate and Aleyce’s lead guitarist and MD, Michael Cole.

Aleyce Simmonds - It Finds Us Anyway     Country, Pop 11/07/2015
Five time CMAA nominee, top five ARIA charting and multiple radio and music video number one country music Artist Aleyce Simmonds returns with new single 'Joshua'.
It Finds Us Anyway is an upbeat and catchy song about looking for love in the wrong places every day and still finding it anyway! It Finds Us Anyway is a crowd favorite and was the single chosen by listeners following an online survey!

Other tracks by Aleyce Simmonds:  Joshua
Aleyce Simmonds - I Could Dance With You     Country 13/11/2019
2018 Golden Guitar Winner for Female Artist Of The Year releases highly anticipated new single!
Co-written after a first date with Aleyce's partner, Aleyce says, "We spoke about our families and he told me his dad had an aggressive form of Leukaemia. I wanted to write something that would let him know that I would be here for him. For the night to hold him tight and safe, a month, or maybe even forever"

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Aleyce Simmonds - Greatest Companion     Country 25/09/2015
Five time Country Music Association of Australia nominee, top five ARIA charting and multiple radio and music video number one Artist Aleyce Simmonds brings us her brand new single.
Greatest Companion is a touching ballad, penned by Aleyce Simmonds after the realisation of all that late night radio means to so many. It is an unofficial tribute to radio presenters the world over who lend their familiar voices to listeners when they need them the most.

2017 APRA MUSIC AWARDS NOMINEE - Country Work of the Year

Aleyce Simmonds - Defeated     Country, Pop 02/12/2016
Aleyce has continued to enjoy a successful career as one of Australia’s finest Country artists since winning the Telstra Road to Tamworth Competition in 2005.
Co-written by Aleyce and Wollongong based singer/songwriter, Jeremy Edwards, “Defeated” shines a light on domestic violence. An issue that touches so many and is becoming increasingly prevalent in today's society.