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The Royce Twins - We Will Be The Rain     Country, Alternative Country, Pop 02/04/2015
The Royce Twins are Gabriel and Michael Saalfield - Singer-songwriters. "We will be the rain" is a new single to remember those who have and continue to serve. #Wewillbetherain
“We will be the rain” is about a soldier who is away from his wife and daughters. The experience has changed him but he is determined to get home and spend his life with his family. A tribute song from the perspective of the solider.

The Royce Twins - Fly     Pop, Rock 11/11/2015
The Royce Twins are Gabriel and Michael Saalfield - Singer-songwriters. "We will be the rain" is a new single to remember those who have and continue to serve. #Wewillbetherain
Fly made it to the Semi-Finals of the International Songwriting Competition in 2014 in the hotly contested Top 40/Pop category.
Fly is a Pop/Rock self empowerment anthem that hits the mark and brings back the power guitar solo. The song is about coming together to follow your dreams.

The Royce Twins - Brave     Pop, Country, Rock 22/06/2015
Gabriel and Michael Saalfield are The Royce Twins. These singer-songwriting brothers deliver strong lyrics, epic harmonies and a style of music that's all their own.
Brave is the second original single released from their self-titled Debut EP. When you think of Brave, you might think of a hero saving someone. Brave can also be a personal journey which this song encapsulates.

Brave is about finding the courage to let love in, regardless of the consequences.

Other tracks by The Royce Twins:  I Won't Give Up  -  Heartstrings
The Round Mountain Girls - The Constant Rhythm     Country, Roots, Pop 12/03/2016
Having matured, (ever so slightly) from a rag-tag bunch of casual muso’s into arguably, one of the country’s most thrilling live acts
The Constant Rhythm is a poignant, banjo laden recognition of the person in your life without whom the world would seem an empty place. It’s a happy song which builds in 2/4 time to a festival anthem, sing-along at its climax, in classic RMG style.

The Rough Diamonds - Bring It On     Country 30/05/2017
Sister Duo from the Central Coast of NSW.
“Bring It On” is one of the tracks off the album, this song is a tribute to all hard working aussies, who like to get together with their mates, have a cold one and unwind after a hard week!

The Rob Parnell Band - Meant To Last     Country, Rock, Pop, Easy Listening 08/11/2019
Smooth country rock from Port Pirie, South Australia.
An uplifting country song about the joy of relationship commitment.

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The Redneck Gentlemen - Four Shots Down     Country, Rock 29/05/2018
The Redneck Gentlemen are Australia's hottest new Country-Rock, Party band!
“Four Shots Down” is the latest Single release by Australian Country Rock band The Redneck Gentlemen!

Featuring a Brand new Clip by Stagefright Productions, filmed in the band’s home town of Tamworth at the famous SSS Bar, “Four Shots Down” is sure to get you rocking!

The Redneck Gentlemen - Apple Pie Whisky     Country 19/12/2017
Tamworth Based Country Rock Band!
The song is based around a Whisky called Apple pie Moonshine, the band's beverage of choice.

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The ReChords - Don't Know Much     Blues/Roots, Rockabilly, Country, RnB 09/10/2012
Formed in 2009 over a mutual love of roots / Americana records, The ReChords fuse western swing, hillbilly and rhythm and blues in an engaging live experience.
The track was produced by Lindsay Gravina from Birdland Studios and sees the band taking on a new musical direction, whilst remaining true to their trademark sound of rhythm and blues, western swing and hillbilly with touches of country and gospel.

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The Re-Mains - Road to your Heart     Rock, Alternative Country 23/10/2012
The Re-Mains are an underground country rock and roll outfit with an ardent following across Australia and Canada. These three songs are from our forthcoming fifth studio album, Vregedonomy.
Road to your Heart is a lilting alt-country ballad celebrating the tortuous paths to love. The bittersweet roads that make it worthwhile. Featuring the band's trademark country rock and roll groove and a rollicking dobro accompaniment it's a contagious feelgood album opener.

Other tracks by The Re-Mains:  Morning light  -  My hands are on fire
The Random J. Rogers Music Collective - Country'N'Wreck'Em     Country, Alternative Country, Rockabilly, Acoustic 25/05/2017
From the western desert to city streets, this artist mixes country, folk and rockabilly rhythms into a distinctive genre that speaks for itself.
The wrong side of the tracks is where this song is at, breaking out with with a funky beat and poking fun at the musical establishment while dropping a few subtle hints about social inequality and the battle against it.

Other tracks by The Random J. Rogers Music Collective:  Purple Shoes  -  Baby's Got the Backseat
The Ragtone Ramblers - Shot In The Dark     Country, Roots, Alternative Country 28/07/2018
Playing in the pocket where country and jazz unashamedly mingle — a lively sound distilled from the great hillbilly/western swing acts with a hint of jug band for good measure.
Lively rhythmical gypsy jazz infused country stomper that showcases the character of the band’s vintage sound and energetic live shows.

Other tracks by The Ragtone Ramblers:  Carry Me Home  -  Midnight Highway
The Quick & The Dead - Chapter I     Rock, Rockabilly, Country, Alternative Country 25/11/2017
The Quick & The Dead combine elements of hard rock with a blues sound to deliver a masterpiece musical fusion. This is an act unlike any other in Australia.
Chapter I sends you back to the old west. A time when violence became intertwined with love, faith &alcohol. The country-inspired hooks roll off the riffs like whiskey from a tumbler as the vocals set the scene for our hero. It produces a fusion as exciting as the west itself.

The Prairie Oysters - On A Wing And A Prayer     Country, Chill 20/12/2013
The Prairie Oysters are an award winning three piece country rock outfit from Victoria who have been performing around Australia since 2005 with their killer set of original and covers.
On A Wing And A Prayer written by Tony Bonnici is all about dealing with change. It's got a laid back "Jimmy Buffet" feel to it with an "up" vibe to the lyrics. The song is dedicated to anyone who's lost a job or had to face a major change.

Other tracks by The Prairie Oysters:  HiLux Blues  -  A Hell Of A Way To Find Heaven
The Polite Society - Darkness & Glory     Country, Rock 06/12/2018
Delivering their own brand of barroom country with intensity and undeniable swagger, The Polite Society are an outfit not to be missed.
The debut single from Perth alt-country outfit The Polite Society.

Other tracks by The Polite Society:  Feel Ya  -  Sea of Gold
The Pigs - The Colour Of The Light Coming Down     Country, Pop, Folk, Rock 04/01/2013
The Pigs: a band, and family, last name ‘Pig’. Never found without their trademark blue singlets, bare feet and hillbilly hats… also sport fine bluegrass inspired tunes and cheeky grins.
The second single from The Great Bluegrass Swindle recalls the moments in life that are just so beautiful, they couldn’t possibly be captured in any photograph or movie. This pulsating bluegrassy footstomper is infused with a rock n roll energy that never fails to bring the crowd to their feet.

Other tracks by The Pigs:  Adrian Married A Megaspunk  -  Gold Digger
The Pigs - Olive, Call Me     Country, Alternative Country, Acoustic, Comedy 31/05/2019
Having played music together in the hillbilly mountains of Australia for years, in 2004 The Pigs decided to travel from the the outback to form the band in Sydney.
From chicken bones and freak cyclones to evil clones and seductive mermaid queens, The Pigs cover 19 ways to die in their latest single, Olive, Call Me.

The tongue-in-cheek, wicked love song tells of a man who is bleeding unrequited love, and will do anything for the love of Olive, who is already taken, performed in perfect Pigs style.

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The Pigs - Hillbilly Synthesiser     Country, Acoustic 30/11/2018
Having played music together in the hillbilly mountains of Australia for years, in 2004 The Pigs decided to travel from the the outback to form the band in Sydney.
The sounds of the 1980s and country music come together in The Pigs’ latest single, Hillbilly Synthesiser.
The song tells of the journey to a shack in the mountains of Australia where they find their friend building a homespun electronic instrument with moonshine flowing and the synthesiser making sounds like an old jug band.

The Pigs - Go! Robot Goat!     Country, Alternative Country 18/01/2019
Having played music together in the hillbilly mountains of Australia for years, in 2004 The Pigs decided to travel from the the outback to form the band in Sydney.
Go! Robot Goat! is a banjo-laden story of a goat named Oliver with laser eyes that was created from a secret government experiment, escapes and befriends a family who keep it hidden from the men in white coats.

Other tracks by The Pigs:  Sterilised! Humidified! Sleep Deprived!  -  T-Boneʼs Boogie (That Itch Is You)
The Perch Creek Family Jugband - Mountain Dew     Folk, Country 22/03/2012
Featuring Australia's top one-legged saw player, Who magazine's 'most handsome jug player', and more (equally notable) siblings than you can count, PCFJB sing/dance their unique music to young and old.
A good old fashioned hillbilly tune with some rippin' harp and fine harmonies.

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Other tracks by The Perch Creek Family Jugband:  Minnie The Moocher  -  Me Oh My