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Alex Crook - Echoes     Country, Folk, Acoustic, Roots 15/08/2019
Alex Crook is a 25-year-old singer-songwriter from Brisbane, Australia who has crafted a unique blend of pop-folk.
Inspired by relationships and human interaction, Crook’s songwriting follows his own experiences, and stories from people of joy and hardship. “As humans, we all have highs and lows which really inspires my writing. If anyone has experienced a similar situation they relate to the song or create their own meaning.” Alex Crook’s debut single “Echoes” is a snapshot of this.

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Alex & Bec Crook - Suitcase     Country, Pop, Acoustic 18/03/2017
Alex & Bec Crook are a Brisbane brother sister duo, with country folk pop influences and due to release their debut EP 21 Nights.
21 Nights opens with Alex & Bec Crook's first single 'Suitcase', a bouncing, kinetic slice of folk pop that sets the spirited tone of this release. Bec's backing vocals prove a sweet counterpoint to Alex's dynamic voice.

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Other tracks by Alex & Bec Crook:  Dead and Gone  -  Be With You
Alanna Deutrom - 103     Country, Pop 12/05/2015
Known for her energy, originality and charismatic personality, you can’t pass by without noticing her clear honest lyrics. Her songs have a strong pop sensibility with a sprinkle of Country.
103 is a fun spin on life, encouraging everyone out there to tick as many things as possible off their bucket lists so that when they get to their 103rd Birthday you are left with no regrets.

ALAN and TRACE - Country's What I Am     Country 18/04/2019
ALAN and TRACE are a new exciting country music duo. With collectively nearly 90 years of stage, performing and writing experience behind them.
New Single from ALAN and TRACE. Describing the joy and simplicity of growing up on the land.

Al Buchan - 1963     Country, Rock, Easy Listening, Alternative Country 07/02/2015
After years of helping some of Australia top selling musicians get started, Al Buchan has kicked off his own career with a feel-good country rock track about life in Australia.
This is feel-good song that will strike a chord with baby-boomers, conveying the message that we only get what we deserve in this life and that life is good. Add it to Hot Country Rock, Aussie Good times and feel-good drive.

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Aimee Hannan - How Strong You Are     Country 08/10/2015
Singer / Songwriter Aimee's a powerful singer who connects with her audience on all levels. Her prowess as a performer is recognized and applauded in and around the Sydney circuit.
A power ballad written to help encourage woman to stay strong and keep going no matter what

Other tracks by Aimee Hannan:  All Kinds Of Crazy  -  Invisible
Aimee Francis - Seventeen     Country, Alternative Country, Easy Listening, Gay Alligned 23/08/2019
Americana-rock-country artist Aimee Francis is back with her new single, 'Seventeen', written about a 6 week stint in Los Angeles with her best friends, whiskey and her fake ID.
'You picked me up every Friday night
With a fake ID and a flask to hide
Holy sh*t those nights would never end...
Kissing strangers in unknown places
Six weeks in LA killing brain cells
We're three musketeers drinking beers at the Rainbow Again...'

Aidan Roberts & Caitlin Park - Don't Act Like Your Heart Isn't Hard     Country, Folk 04/07/2013
‘Song Reader – Sydney Sessions’ is a compilation featuring some of NSW’s most critically acclaimed musicians. Each track is an interpretation of songs originally featured as sheet music on Beck’s ‘Song Reader’ album.
Aidan Roberts & Caitlin Park's interpretation of USA musician Beck's 'Don't Act Like Your Heart Isn't Hard' from the compilation 'Song Reader - Sydney Sessions'

Aidan Roberts - Now That Your Dollar Bills Have Sprouted Wings     Folk, Country 04/07/2013
‘Song Reader – Sydney Sessions’ is a compilation featuring some of NSW’s most critically acclaimed musicians. Each track is an interpretation of songs originally featured as sheet music on Beck’s ‘Song Reader’ album.
Aidan Roberts' interpretation of USA musician Beck's 'Now That Your Dollar Bills Have Sprouted Wings' from the compilation 'Song Reader - Sydney Sessions'

Adrian Whyte - 2022     Country, Alternative Country, Rockabilly, Roots 30/07/2012
Dark, alternate solo country with a unique and somehow modern feel, self accompanied by a full fingerpickin' electric sound.
A song about the end of the world - again! Humans rebuild and live modestly, but it all goes pear shape once again. 'Perhaps what they say in those movies are true...? We're all just parasites there's nothing we can do!!!!!'

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Other tracks by Adrian Whyte:  Death Rides a Harley  -  Hindsight
Adrian Thomas - Working Poor     Country, Pop, Roots 22/10/2018
Adrian Thomas latest release "Working Poor" is a heartfelt depiction of struggle and navigating our current social climate, Produced by ARIA award winning Nigel Pegrum, with Ben Hakalitz (Yothu Yindi)
"Working Poor" is a gripping portrayal of one man's struggle to make sense of the system and his fight to be something more than what he was given.

Adrian Thomas - When A Man Can't Cry He Bleeds     Country, Pop, Soul, Rock 23/12/2016
2016 Gympie Muster Emerging Artist, Graduate of the CMAA Academy of Music and 2015 Boxhill Tafe Outstanding Achievement Award winner, Adrian Thomas' music is the NEW breed of Country Music.
Self titled first single of the new E.P When A Man Can't Cry He Bleeds.

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Other tracks by Adrian Thomas:  Sunburnt Country  -  I've A Dream
Adrian Thomas - Starmaker     Country, Country, Country 10/02/2016
Blending uplifting, lyrically driven songs with sweeping melodies, Adrian Thomas Music draws comparisons with the storyteller nature of Paul Kelly and the vibrancy of Keith Urban.
Starmaker is a song about the Country Musicians journey from the head to the heart. Its a song about the hundreds of musicians who come to Tamworth Country Music Festival every year in search of their dream!

Other tracks by Adrian Thomas:  Dejablues  -  Wookin Panub
Adrian Thomas - Shake A Leg     Country, Funk 13/07/2017
Drawing on a plethora of life experiences, Adrian Thomas songs cover everything from current social/political issues and navigating through the game of life.
‘Shake a Leg’ is a celebration of the traditional dance and peaceful nature of Indigenous tribes both past and present. Featuring Internationally acclaimed Percussionist David Jones, the song is a call for Treaty and recognition of Indigenous people to start the healing process between black, white and the land.


Other tracks by Adrian Thomas:  Isolei Au Marau (Sigh, im happy to be here)
Adrian Thomas - Over the Rainbow     Country, Pop 19/08/2016
Drawing comparisons with artists like Darius Rucker, Adrian synthesizes beautiful lyrics and stories that arouse hope, empowerment and a strong connection to the land.
A song about accepting and mastering our emotions, the realization that Over the Rainbow lies our true self, free from sadness, fear, anger etc...

Other tracks by Adrian Thomas:  Aint No Thang
Adrian Thomas - Loverboy     Country, Rock, Pop 21/10/2015
With beautiful lyrics and stories of hope, empowerment and a strong connection to the country, Adrian Thomas is an artist with an earthy, uncomplicated sound and a deep, soulful voice.
Loverboy is an upbeat song that will get your toes tapping you singing along and feeling good!!! A story of boy meets girl, boy falls for girl, boy realises his bravado wont win the girl, its his heart that she's after!


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Other tracks by Adrian Thomas:  The Flame of Love
Adam Young - Ghost Song     Country, Acoustic 05/02/2016
Adam Young is an alt-country singer/songwriter who has been covered by You Am I and the Lemonheads. He is a former member of the Daisygrinders and Big Heavy Stuff.
Singer/Songwriter Adam Young (ex-Daisygrinders, Big Heavy Stuff) wrote Ghost Song in a farmhouse and was inspired by the sound of music drifting over from a neighboring valley. It’s Australian alternative country in it’s truest sense and features pedal steel from ARIA Award nominee, Jason Walker.

Other tracks by Adam Young:  The Queen of the Plains  -  New West
Adam Toms - Where Were You When     Country, Rock, Pop 14/10/2017
Adam Toms has won awards, toured the land, performed at major festivals and had several radio and Country Music Channel (CMC) chart hits.
Adam Toms returns with a song set to reach the core of most who listen. Told from the point of view of Adam asking a parent the very question, ‘Where Were You When’, for all the milestone moments in a young persons’ life.

Adam Toms - Too Young To Know Better     Country, Rock 01/02/2018
Adam Toms is known for his big voice in his live shows as well as his mixed banter and sense of humor.
This is the second single from Toms’s forthcoming album. Adam reminisces about his past years in this rockin' track with a with country grunt. Like most of us he admits he has made some mistakes in his younger years but he wouldn’t change a thing about those times.

Adam Toms - This Old Mandolin     Country 25/04/2019
The Victorian-based artist is known for his big voice in his live shows as well as his mixed banter and sense of humour.
Traditional country sounds are blended through the production and Adam Toms shows a gentler approach to his vocal delivery compared to previous singles when singing ‘This Old Mandolin’. Whilst this is a very personal song written by Toms, he recognises its universal appeal and how it can bring back good memories to those who have lost loved ones.