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The Sunny Cowgirls - Kids Forever     Country, Pop 12/04/2013
Sisters, Sophie and Celeste, are The Sunny Cowgirls. Their contemporary take on the Australian country music tradition has made them favourites with critics and fans alike.
The latest single from The Sunny Cowgirls, 'Kids Forever', is a bright and happy track, extolling the virtues of staying young at heart. Written by one half of the duo, Sophie, 'Kids Forever' will have you up and dancing, just like a little kid.

Other tracks by The Sunny Cowgirls:  Green And Gold
The Sunday After - Home     Pop, Acoustic, Country, Folk 12/07/2014
'The Sunday After' is the musical creation of Amelia Gilchrist & Ryan Enright.Debut single "Home" out May 23 (proudly supporting Alzheimer's Australia).
"Home" was written about Amelia's mother diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease 5 years ago. She is such a kind & loving mother it has been heartbreaking to see the devastating affects of this disease take hold. The lyric "i'll guide you home tonight, just like you would me" really hits home.

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The Stetson Family - Run Daddy Run     Country, Alternative Country, Acoustic, Folk 14/07/2015
The Stetson Family bring a fresh twist to the timeless sound of bluegrass and Americana with story-driven songs infused with lush harmonies, telling tales of journeying down life's crooked highway
Run Daddy Run is the ominous bluegrass way of saying "Dad, you're late home and Mum's not very happy about it".


Other tracks by The Stetson Family:  Every Second Beat of My Heart  -  Lover Where You Going Now
The Stetson Family - Oh Winding River     Folk, Country 17/09/2012
The Stetson Family bring a rootsy and original edge to the familiar and timeless sounds of bluegrass/ with songs that are at times dark and dusty, lovelorn and heartbreaking.
Oh Winding River starts gently with one voice and builds to an anthemic crescendo with a chorus of voices. It's uplifting and moving! It's written as a reflection of how a river can be a metaphor for life, ebbing, flowing and eventually washing out to sea.

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Other tracks by The Stetson Family:  Fool's Gold  -  Smokey Valley
The Stetson Family - Brother     Country, Alternative Country, Folk, Acoustic 17/11/2017
Celebrating their 10 year anniversary in 2017, The Stetson Family continue to deliver their spirited, free-wheeling bluegrass and gritty alt-country infused with lush harmonies.
'Brother', written by Nad Budge, is about her two brothers and their place in her life, being there for each other through good times and bad and having each others backs covered.

The Spurs - Stampede     Country, Instrumental 29/09/2017
Michael Cole, Jared Adlam, Reece Baines, Zachary Miller and Karlee Cole have traveled the country time over again playing for some of our leading Australian Country Artists.
Stampede highlights the musicians' diverse musical influences, ranging from the tasteful twang of Brad Paisley to the laidback chill of a John Mayer tune.

The Spoils - I'll Be Gone     Rock 27/10/2009
This Melbourne based band have toured throughout Europe and within Australia, their popularity has lead them to share the stage with likes of Bonnie Prince Billy, Catpower & Richard Buckner.
First single lifted from "The Crook, The Cloak & The Maiden"

Other tracks by The Spoils:  Come Back Again  -  Love Betray Me
The Soorleys - Destination     Pop, Folk, Alternative Country, Acoustic 07/05/2015
The Soorleys are a tousled bohemian outfit. Sisters Beth, Laura, Shelley and Millie are up front, with husbands Sam and Christopher in tow.
'Destination' is a delightfully sweet folk & alternative country number, lifted from their forthcoming sophomore EP scheduled for release late 2015. The song is carried by its strong rhythmically driven drums and eclectic male / female melodies, that shine light on the bands ability to orchestrate beautifully layered harmonies.

The Smog Brothers - Warplane     Pop, Country, Comedy 15/04/2015
Its hard to believe these two dumb-wits , Fernando & Lupi Smog are masters of interweaving counter point melodies. Never completely serious! Their video 'Warplane' missile just misses them! Shame!
A lighthearted look at the modern day fighter pilot and their machines. The air to air communications used mid way are actual recordings of a sortie during the Vietnam conflict!

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Other tracks by The Smog Brothers:  Outta Sight  -  Every Silver Lining Has A Cloud
The Smog Brothers - I Don't Like Music     Country, Blues, RnB, Rockabilly 01/02/2018
The Smog brothers, always looking for the ultimate riff.......they've found it! Now people who don't like music have 'The Smog Brothers' not to tap their feet too!!
A tounge in cheek ditty thats light and breezy with a killer harmonica break!

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Other tracks by The Smog Brothers:  The Insurance Rant
The Singer - New Blue Moon     Folk, Acoustic, Alternative Country, Roots 18/05/2015
'The Singer' (Melbourne native Mike O'Dowd) has lived and performed in Sydney, New York, LA, Toronto and has been based in Montreal for the past 2 years.
A finger picked, Ambient Country/Folk song.

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Other tracks by The Singer:  Annie Don't You Cry
The Silverline - Let The Rain Fall     Country, Rock, Blues 13/09/2019
The Silverline deliver beautifully crafted songs that capture the imagination. "Let the Rain Fall" is their debut single that is 'country with a cause' that grapples heartache, yet evokes hope.
LET THE RAIN FALL is a powerful country-rock single recorded at Hillbilly Hut and mastered at Sterling Studios by renowned engineer Randy Merrill who mastered "A Star is Born" soundtrack. LET THE RAIN FALL is "country with a cause" dedicated to Australia's rural communities who are our real life heroes. Proceeds from the song are being donated to Rural Aid.

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The Sideshow Brides - Red Light Eyes     Country, Roots, Folk, Pop 28/03/2017
Hailing from a small town in the Hunter Valley NSW, sisters Layla and Rhianna Fibbins of The Sideshow Brides craft a haunting blend of harmonies and lyrical storytelling.
Set amidst a dark, rainy night, this song is about the descending spiral of tumultuous love. Building from a sparse intro to the haunting cry of the pedal steel guitar, the music mirrors the melancholic searching and ambivalence of the lyrics.

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The Sideshow Brides - Dead & Reborn     Country, Roots, Acoustic, Alternative Country 16/08/2017
The Fibbins sisters were bought up around horses, campfires and a rich tapestry of music. Crafting a unique blend of countrynoir/roots/folk music with haunting harmonies & captivating melodies.
Dead & Reborn is like wading through water on a dark, still night. Featuring three part harmonies meandering around emotive lyrics, on a raw and stripped back musical landscape. The song narrates a tale of re-emerging from the shadows, with glimmers of gained wisdom and stealth.

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The Shivering Timbers - Seven Seas     Folk, Alternative Country, Blues, Acoustic 22/03/2014
Drawing upon the traditions of blues, folk, Irish traditional and country and twisting them to form a beautiful mongrel sound is raging and raucous, lamenting and melodic.
A trueish story about a long voyage to visit a lover who, it is discovered, has found someone else. Funereal brass and delicate lyrical phrasing gives way to a squalling instrumental centrepeice, evoking the journey home.

Other tracks by The Shivering Timbers:  Chasin' Chickens  -  Bring on the Joy
The Sherrahs - Far Side Banks Of Jordan     Country, Christian 19/10/2016
The Sherrah’s are a band based in South Australia who are well known for their harmonies.
The song Far Side Banks Of Jordan is one of The Sherrahs most requested tracks. A country gospel classic written by Terry Smith.

The Shady River Strays - Running Around     Country, Alternative Country, Acoustic 10/04/2019
The Shady River Strays are an Alt-Country/Americana acoustic duo. Drew Gallus and Elly McKinnon produce songs about love, loss and life in general in sweet harmony and country style.
Running Around is the first track from The Shady River Strays Debut self titled EP released in late 2018. Written by Elly McKinnon, Running Around describes the human response to a love that sweeps someone off their feet. With Drew Gallus playing guitar, dobro and mandolin, and vocals in harmony with Elly, Running Around may just cause a similar reaction.

Other tracks by The Shady River Strays:  Gravel and Bones  -  Built For Two
The Settlement - She's Alright     Blues/Roots, Folk, Country 15/10/2016
A five-piece rare alternative/folk outfit, sticking to their southern stomp roots. Their journey is to develop and spread an Australian folk/roots sound.
Calvano explains that “It’s about the little devil inside everyone that wants to come out and play. Sometimes we run with the devil and that’s fun for a bit, but everything gets flipped upside down when you meet that special person that makes the devil quietly disappear”.

The Settlement - Clean Trouble     Folk, Blues, Country 25/02/2017
Listing Cat Stevens and Bob Dylan as influences, The Settlement have roots in folk but pride themselves on staying honest to their own sound and never conforming to any scene.
The song and accompanying video is a tragic love story as Adrian Calvano explains “The song is about a guy reading a letter his partner had left him explaining that she has done him wrong (cheating, lying, stealing) and left.”

The Rusty Datsuns - Don't Wait     Folk, Acoustic, Country 02/09/2013
A fresh take on modern folk, with a healthy bluegrass twinge, The Rusty Datsuns formed under extra-ordinary conditions during the infamous Brisbane floods of 2011.
Don't wait is a soul stirring ode to the monotony of the daily grind.


Other tracks by The Rusty Datsuns:  Riverbank  -  Honeybee